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Found 1 result

  1. So everyone that I know and that has half a brain has now tested the RPF skill. And they all pretty much say what I already knew. Or, factually, that the Radio Positioning Skill strips the game of one of its better mechanics - the finesse of spotting and searching, and of using skill and situational awareness to find and kill concealed ships. It's not that big of a deal. That's what I've heard some say. They're wrong. There's this thing called the law of smaller numbers, or namely, that those numbers eventually add up to one very large number. Or in this case, random crutch mechanics designed to rectify broken parts of the game's general meta (the way smoke and spotting works in the game) eventually add up to a skill-less meta made up of one button actions and passive in game assistance that are misleadingly labeled as "captain skills". It's called lazy developing basically, and I've already seen this ruin one promising title called World of Warplanes. World of Warplanes was easy to play, and hard to master all the way up Beta update 3.1. And then they decided to make it easier to play, with barely anything to master. The idea was to attract less skilled players into the game, but it spectacularly backfired because even causal players get bored of a game that has a skill curve flatter than the Earth had back in the 15th century. And so now they want to mess up ships the same way. And they also say that those who oppose implementation of such skills as RPF are actually the minority. As an educated and intelligent grown up that has already invested lots of time and a fair amount of actual money into the game, all the way from the Alpha Test to now, I say: LET'S FIND OUT. Let's have ourselves a good old fashioned boycott! What's this boycott thing and how do I participate? Well first, you post in this thread saying that you support the cause, and then: - You stop playing the game This means you don't log into the game nor do you play a single battle. - You stop making purchases of WG's in game and premium shop offers You don't buy anything both in game or in the premium shop. I'm just curious to see how many will sign up and if we really are a minority. Maybe this will backfire in my face spectacularly as well, but I would rather try something than go through another WoWP. Anyone interested?