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Found 21 results

  1. The_Baptist

    bot detection? what's that?

    Edited How hard is to detect that WG? Do you not have the resources to create a simple program that flags accounts for a manual review after they spam battles for two days straight? Or you just don't care? I'm seriously asking.
  2. hedgehog22

    bots names

    Hi! In co-op battles we meet a lot of names of the bot-captains from various countries and navies. But I feel there is Japan underrepresented. For example some noteworthy names appears missing: Examples: Admiral Togo, who led the japanese fleet in the battle of Tsushima against the russian fleet. or Vice-Admiral Mikawa, who was temporarily successful in the battle of Savo island (Guadalcanal campaign) or even Admiral Yamamoto, the strategist behind the attack on Pearl Harbour, who was honoured by WG with a collection. And there are for sure more names available.
  3. Captain_KriegWurst

    CO-OP: Bots Vs Torps (A theory).

    Apparently there have been recent changes to the way Bots react to torps in Co-Op mode. They seem to slip past your torps like leaves on the wind. However, I play Co-op mode for the first battle of every session (I take the Southern Dragon out for a spin to see if my Internet connection is going to let me play or just teleport me round the map for 5 mind before DCing) and I think I've noticed something. They only dodge the torps aimed at them. Like most half decent players, whenever possible I launch multipurpose torps that have a chance of hitting more than one ship. Recently it seems to be that the ship I have targeted changes course, but my secondary target just blunders into them. So my suggestion is that people target their chosen ship as usual but before launching torps switch target with the X key and then launch the torps at the original target. I'll be trying this out myself over the next week or so, but I'd be interested to hear if it works out for others as well.
  4. gskgrek


    Od kilku dni mam wrazenie ze ktos juz testuje skrypciki. Dosyc czesto zdarzaja sie okrety plywajace "dziwnie" i majace problemy z reakcja na to co sie dzieje wokol nich Swoja droga od dluzszego czasu nie gralem w WOT-a i ostatnio wlazlem zeby nabic troche golda i az mnie przerazenie ogarnelo jak zobaczylem co tam sie dzieje :o Jak tak ma byc tutaj to chyba podziekuje
  5. Some time ago I was watching youtube when I got a video ad specifically aimed at offering me "boosting" in WoWs. It was very professionally made with a voice over offering their services in perfect English. It was clearly a high production value advertisement. I was surprised. Somebody clearly had a sizable marketing budget aimed at offering "power leveling" or "boosting", whichever you decide to call it. It's just fancy words for "botting". Then I got curious, so I did a quick google and found no less than seven different "boosting" sites on the first page of my search results. Apparently, botting in WoWs is big business. It started to dawn on me that not every terrible player you see out there are wearing their pants as a hat. Not all of them are "glue-eaters" as some streamer likes to call them. Those guys on your team that die needlessly within the first 5 minutes of the match are likely to be bots. Those guys that never talk or care about team play could very likely indeed be bots. The thing is that these botting services require that you use a premium account. So, Wargaming gets their money from this - which is smart, because that makes them less likely to care and deal with the problem. I guess the "logic" behind WGs apathy is that they shouldn't spend money on fighting something that earns them money. With this many different services offering botting for money, it's clear that botting is rampant on this game - and that's not counting the possible numbers of privately run bots. Frankly, it has been terrible playing lately. The quality of matches seems to have dropped into the toilet. I have noticed streamers mentioning this too. Thoughts? Ideas? I'm looking forward to hearing them, as well as the inevitable influx of "this is fine, you are wrong, WG never makes mistakes" posts.
  6. Cuanto más juego, más lo creo. WG usa bots para rellenar las partidas y cuando alcanzas una buena racha, WG te pone en una partida llena de bots para que sea más difícil ganar. Vosotros pensáis lo mismo¿? Que no nos engañen, hay bots en las partidas, cualquiera que haya jugado al menos unas miles de partidas se ha dado cuenta alguna vez de que hay algún barco de su equipo que no puede ser otra cosa que un bot. SOLO HAY QUE JUGAR unas miles de partidas y te das cuenta. HAY BOTs, No es un cuento. REALMENTE HAY BOTs. Que WG lo permita, o sean incluso suyos es otra cosa. Pero haberlos, los hay!. Un abrazo a tod@s.
  7. - You are in Operation Aegis, sailing closer and closer to an enemy battleship, taking advantage of the fact that its captain is busy shooting at one of your hapless allies, and finally, you are in range - you launch your torpedoes. - Almost immediately, the battleship changes course, in a direction that ensures that it will not be hit with a single one of those torpedoes. It is almost as if the AI captain knew the exact moment when those torpedoes hit the water. Considering he was busy training his guns on another ship, in a completely different direction from you, that was no mean feat. Does this sound familiar? I should probably say, at this point, that I realize at least some of the difficulties that programmers are beset with. Designing an AI (or should it be VI?) captain that is capable of presenting a balanced challenge to human players, must be a very difficult task. How should you deal with, for instance, the threat that a well placed torpedo spread represents? If the AI captain never changes course until it actually spots incoming torpedoes as per normal spotting mechanics, AI battleships would be nothing but food for the Torpedo God. If the AI automatically registers any incoming torpedoes as soon as they are launched, the problem becomes the opposite - only those spreads that are undodgeable from the start, will have any chance of striking home. I obviously can't say for certain, but I have lately been having the impression that some variant of the latter of the two abovementioned AI builds is represented in the current Operations - enemy AI captains will instantly know when torpedoes are incoming, and take steps to avoid them. Only, sometimes they don't. I had a game in my Perth about a week ago, where I decided to try and trick an enemy AI König captain. I launched only one of my torpedoes, and waited to gauge the reaction. The enemy battleship didn't react in the slightest, but sailed straight on. This prompted me to launch the rest of my torpedoes, and they all struck home, one after the other, sending the König to the bottom. I have been trying to figure out what made that torpedo launch different from all the rest. Why didn't the AI captain take evasive action this time? There might of course be any number of possible explanations, but one thing that struck me afterwards was, that I had probably launched all of those torpedoes from within my smoke cover. If so, this might imply that the AI program is simulating the fact that you can, if you have sharp eyes (and a good screen resolution), actually see the little splashes when launched torpedoes break the water after going over the side of the ship. But this is obviously impossible if a smoke screen is in the way. In other words, the AI programmer is doing her best to be fair to us: The AI captain will indeed know when torpedoes are being launched at it - but only if this information would also have been available to a sharp-eyed human player with his wits about him! I don't know if I am on the right track, here. I might not even be close. But I thought this would be a good subject for a discussion, and so here are my two cents' worth to begin with.* So, any thoughts on this? * I haven't even started speculating about whether AI captain skills include the common torpedo evasion tactic of randomly altering course ands speed. How you would try to gauge that, is beyond me.
  8. zappori

    whats with the [edited]Bots?

    Is WG actually banning bots in any way? It's getting rather annoying.
  9. I noticed today that if you are out of missions, and u have to start a normal random battle that its 99/100 times a battle vs. bots. (names between semi-colons) This is a really bad feature.. cause it means less xp, less credits, less joy from the game.. basically less everything.. I wouldnt mind a botgame every now and then, just to shorten the waiting times, but doing it like this, is kinda a let-down. Should be changed. grtz TomyGuns
  10. xenopathia

    BOTS - Are they WG Employees?

    Looking at wows-numbers page I found these suspicious characters: [edited] [edited] [edited] Are they WG employed bots to populate the games? Or what?
  11. I was wondering when there is gonna be a round killing the bot accounts so the rest of us can actually play the game? PvP they aint so much in but like some people i dont like it, its just another channel for people to smacktalk in and since i cant ignore the chat i go to the coop/npc fights. How ever the last 4 fights its been 4-6 ships that are bots... sailing repeatedly into islands, firing on eachother, reversed to the end of map and stucked... there is a heck lot more ackward behaviors screaming bots but these are more common. I feel like most of the time im playing a solo game like silent hunter and not with other players. Thank you.
  12. Technically they're not bots (although they try to do the same "effortless XP grab" bots do) but then they're not playing poorly either as they're not playing at all. I think we need a separate afk report category.
  13. Bonjour, Avez-vous remarquez une recrudescence des bots ou afk (à 0 points d'XP en fin de partie ou moins de 50 disons) ? Peut-être que je n'étais pas attentif avant ? J'en ai eu à chaque partie hier (13) (dans mon équipe ou dans l'équipe adverse peu importe). Question subsidiaire, quel est l'intérêt de lancer un bot qui prends 0 XP à fin ? Bonnes nav' PS : bien sûr il m'est arrivé d'être AFK (jeu qui crash, freebox qui fait une pause café...)
  14. nambr9

    Why even bother?

    Seriously, why do I even bother.... I usually do not rant at games, but this is just too much. Last couple of days I am being constantly either bottom tiered or matched with bots. I used to not believe that bots existed in WoWs, but this game opened my eyes. No matter what I wrote in the chat or pinged on the map - my team just went full bot and ignored everything. They sailed some predefined invisible line ignoring ALL game objectives. Why do I even bother wining? Why do I care about my stats? Its pointless, because I have no influence on them. It is all in my teams hands. You say carry harder? Sorry, but there is a limit and carrying 10 players is impossible. In this game I was playing with my buddy and I was denying B to the enemy while he tried C. I got pinned down by Atlanta and Belfast combining radar but I managed to kill the Shiratsuyu. My team ALL went all A and even if I removed the Shira (their biggest threat) they still refused to help me out on B. All they would need to do is push into B and kill the Atlanta and Belfast. Instead they went sailing the Caribbean even tho that Morten was spotting the enemy team and fighting them - ALONE ! I died within first couple of minutes of the game and I ended up in top 4 players. That is just sad. And frankly this is happening way more often than I can manage. I am constantly thrown into 100% "throw away" games where I can have little or no influence at all. And this is supposed to be fun? Arent I playing games in order to have FUN? To be honest I am close to abandoning the game completely. Dont get me wrong ... I love the game. Love it. I love watching vids, love hanging in the forums and with my fellow scrubs. It is the only game I play. But this? I rather go watch Project Runway with my wife.
  15. Captain_Bloodless

    Is this game flooded by BOTS or whatelse?

    So lately i have to feeling there are non human players in match. I'm not here to brag any stats or something but 3 games in a row top scorer with half team under 300-400 xp. You can see ships with no camo idle @ spawn that start moving after receiving 1 hit. Totally 1 sided games where 1 team ( mine or the other ) doesn't lose a single ship. Can WG just put a block on high tier ships having many games but very low PR / XP / damage / frags / or whatever u think is indicator of botting?
  16. Uriens_The_Gray

    Bots in Random Battle ??

    I managed to install WoWs via steam and created a new account. Nothing special so far. But unlocking the random battles and starting them, i noticed that there are bots in there. In both teams. Every team is also limited to ten members, on more, no less. Wait time for matchmaking is most of the time less than 30 seconds. Did i miss something? Random Battles are normaly suppossed to have flexible team size and only human members. Is this only for the steam client? Can someone confirm this behavoir for ships of tier V or higher? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi all, Apparently the "new" v0.7.0 "Training Room" will not have operational BOTs (moving/firing)! IMHO this is a big shame because current "unofficial" implementation of "Training Room" has it all... Leo "Apollo11"
  18. Smoking_Guns

    [edited] bots with strange behaviour

    Why are bots shooting at me in a battle ???? And how can a bot Hatsuharu fire torps true a chanel that is not straight ???? 4 torps in line ?????
  19. tinhat


    hello im new and playing coop and every game seems to have afk players in it this is spoiling the game for me and any other new players does the ingame report even work?
  20. snowpatrol

    KI in Scenarien und Co-Ops

    Hallo Leute, mal ne subjektive Frage über die total subjektive Empfindung… Kommt es mir nur vor, oder wurde was an der KI (Bots) von den Gegnern in den Szenarien und Co-Op Gefechten etwas verändert? Gefühlsmäßig spielen die jetzt besser, als 2/3 der Spieler in Random… Die Treffen immer(fast), weichen brav allen Torps aus, und zünden dich mit der ersten Salve an. Also heute 6x „Die letzte Grenze“ gespielt, 0 wins. Sagt mir, das ich Paranoia habe. Greetzzz...