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Found 20 results

  1. Hiro_016

    Report abuse and bot issues

    I played 2 game this early morning and already got 3 days chat ban... wow... and reason must be so stupid... yes i said stupid because I either get reported by a Yamato who was 'idiot' sailing, legit said for 'this team fill with 40% WR bot' or just plain reports from me simply just killing them... vid for Yamato: https://replayswows.com/replay/99477#stats all I said is "omg... move" follow by "i'm leaving this" OR i just get report by salty ppl who push on one side of the map and get crossfire by me in Shikishima. OR the game early which I said "omg this team fill with 40% WR bot" All of these doesn't matter which... for 3 days ban is seem pretty extreme to me. My real problem is not even that... you can't just have players get ban just because other player don't like them... is promote toxicity. Even if my ban is not from report which i highly doubt... since i have so many match were I legit just having war in the chat and i didn't get ban... let say it actually from me saying like "fking team fill with 40% bot" is ban still a fair punishment? To me this a lazy way to force player from speak up... I don't have any prove but I can't think of any benefit for player to code bot to play the game for them... especially bad one... you can't send money in this game anyway... no one gonna buy account with 400 PR stats. Again i don't have any prove for this but basic logic is still there... seem like WoWs just let these bot out just to make their playerbase seem bigger... Else these bot issues should have been fix long time ago... posting this properly eliminate my chance of me getting ST but i doubt i'll care about that anymore... no matter how much i love this game, is just hard when playerbase is not value. cause this issues is not just me that experience it... lot of ppl i knew having like 3 month chat ban... i dkn what they did but i know that these are good players... Also i won't submit a tickets... not sure why that are even open... i got like 20% issues solve success rate. They properly say "nah ah, sorry no can do"
  2. Enemy bot(s) in coop games run away from me (maybe from other players too, dont know this) from either start of the game or when they spot me. Sometimes it is just one bot who runs away, sometimes it is a group of up to three bots who upon seeing me all turn 180 degrees and run away from me. This makes the game even more unenjoyable, as I have to chase the bots the whole game and I play mostly battleships, which are mostly slow (with few exceptions). One of the reasons I play the coop mode is that I can actually shoot the enemy and even use my secondary guns, while in modes against people (random, ranked...) the gameplay is different, is more about hiding behind islands and in the smoke, therefore the use of secondaries (which I like most) is very limited. But if enemy bots runs away from me in coop battles, it takes all the fun even from coop game mode, becomes running and chasing game, not shooting and fighting. In my recent battle, enemy battleship changed course from the very beginning of the game: he turned 90 degrees right and run the whole game from me. He didnt run for other targets, nor for capture points, just running away from me to ruin the game for me. Warning, little joke coming: He is evil and he was probably trained in the coward academy! Screenshots and replay is added as an evidence to this horrible crime. Literally millions of other similiar crimes are described in my other post, which nobody paid attention to: 20200622_110453_PASB729-Georgia_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  3. First real assistance of World of Warships in Discord! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ For some time me and my compagnions have been working to support the community. Today i can proudly say: Warships statbot is ready to be released. Using this link: https://discordbots.org/bot/559397276389343232 And if you would like to join the support server you can use this link. https://discord.gg/hnjuWCf Last but not least. We are open for any suggestions to implementations and ready to assist at normal times :D ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You question what it does? It's assisting clan's upon recruiting and catching valuable data about player, clan and ships including other commands. Good luck and i hope you all enjoy it. Greetings from Warship Statbot's developer team. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________
  4. Das erste Echte bot von World of Warships ins Discord! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Seit einiger Zeit arbeiten ich und meine Begleiter daran, die Gemeinschaft zu unterstützen. Heute kann ich mit Stolz sagen: Warship Statbot ist zur Veröffentlichung bereit. Über diesen Link: https://discordbots.org/bot/559397276389343232 Und wenn Sie dem Support-Server beitreten möchten, können Sie diesen Link verwenden. https://discord.gg/hnjuWCf Zu guter Letzt. Wir sind offen für Vorschläge zur Implementierung und stehen Ihnen zu normalen Zeiten zur Verfügung: D ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sie fragen, was es tut? Es unterstützt den Clan beim Rekrutieren und Abrufen wertvoller Daten über Spieler, Clan und Schiffe, einschließlich anderer Befehle. Viel Glück und wer hoffen es gefällt euch allen. Grüße von Das Entwicklerteam von World of Warships Statbot (Entschuldigung für mein Deutch wer est nicht meine Muttersprache ist) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________
  5. Dear fellow commanders and WG, I guess I can't be the first one to bring this topic up. What's up with the bots in your own team, who don't even try to avoid your torpedoes? Enemy bots can do avoiding manoeuvres to avoid torpedoes, but your own team don't do a thing. And why the penalty for friendly fire applies like it was a real player? This is not about torping in front of your fellow ship (that's just asking for trouble), but your fellow ship running into your torps that you shot earlier when the line was still clear. Your own team bots know how to avoid collision, to the point they even stop. But torp avoidance? No, it's torp eating. Could this be changed? Cheers!
  6. Bon je lance ce sujet car, depuis plusieurs jour, quand je joue la nuit, je tombe souvent sur les même personne T9/10 et en ce moment, la nuit, impossible de faire une partie, sans avoir 1 ou 2 bot par équipe c'est assez énervant Comment je sais que c'est des Bot ? plusieurs chose Déjà c'est des psuedo que je retrouve donc chaque jours, je tombe au moins une fois sur eux en partie, les pseudo des bot sont également très liée genre il commence tous par "Captain___xxxxx" seul l’endroit ou il y a les "x" change, ou alors d'autre chose, 2 navire avec des prenom liée au même manga, mais qui ne sont pas en division, drôle de coïncidence Ont les reconnait également a leur comportement, soit il y a ceux qui font des allez retour sur la zone d'apparition soit ceux qui fonce dans le tas, qu'importe le nombre en face, et qui navigue tout droit avec leur izumo etc, il aborde le même comprotement a chaque fois entre deux partie De plus chose bizarre, ce genre de navire active, l'avion de reco, des que la partie se lance, a peine le gong sonne, qu'il lance leur avions de reco, sans rien autour, sans que rien n’est bougé Et donc en plus de se retrouver a chaque fois avec le score les plus faibles, j'ai essayer, vus que j'ai bien du croiser, la nuit 5 a 6 fois les même personne que je considère comme étant des bot, d'entre en contact, chaque partie de prononce leur nom, en espérant une réponse sur le chat et a chaque fois je ,'ai rien, aucun réponse, aucune parole J'ai l'impression de voir ça chaque partie la nuit,au moins un a chaque fois et quand tu vois que t'as trois Captain____machin dans ton équipe, 3 izumo qui ne joue même pas en div avec le même pseudo, qui claque tout les trois leur avions de reco au gong, qui navigue toujours de la même manière, avec aucun réponse sur le chat malgré mes interpellation ... bah ça te donne pas envie de jouer, je vais pas en PVP pour faire du PVE, c'est très chiant et ennuyant J'ai l'impression que le phénomène s'accentue, et j'en vois de plus en plus, y'as t'il un moyen plus efficace de s'occuper de ses bot hors report ? je veux dire avec le nombre de bot que je vois, 7 report c'est vraiment pas assez, et je suis persuadé que ce ne sont pas des joueurs, pour avoir jouer de nombreuse fois avec eux, sur plusieurs jours. bref 'yas t'il quelque chose qui est fais a ceux sujet ? car bon je vous avouerez que c’est loin d’être marrant .. y'as t'il quelque chose que je puisse faire pour faire avancer la chose de mon côté ? Support technique ?
  7. ZeddBG

    123 base exp for doing nothing...

    edited this post has been edited by the moderation team due to violation of rule #2.
  8. general00azetsk

    Chybny BOT

    Tak dnes som vdaka chybe programatora ruzovej, Ako je mi to jedno ale hergot opravte si to. Dnes som prisiel ze misie HSF Harekatze sa daju spravit aj v kooperativke , Tam je vacsia sanca na vyhru. Samozrejme aby sa dlho necakalo do timu vlozi botov , Nic zle by som povedal . Sprvoti som si myslel ze je to jelito na mahane ale ked som si to vsimol blizsie tak to boli len chyby bota a zleho naprogramovania. Prva chyba pusta torpeda cez vlastnych ,Ledva som sa s dalsim zivim hracom uhli. Preto som si myslel ze je to jelito.A ked nesiel nahlasit a mal jednoduhe meno je mi jasne ze to bol bot. Druha chyba bola ked sa nahanal s yorkom okolo ostrova(mali ostrovcek a kazdy na druhej strane ) na 3,5km tak vysypal torpeda do ostrova, ako nebit ostrova sa aj trafi. A tretia ta najlepsia bola ked som vysypal vsetko co mam na bota v lione, tak bot na mahane zapol turbo predbehol ma a vliezol do drahy torped. Ako ak sa na tomto maju ucit zelenaci no ani sa necudujem ze kvalita hracou klesa. Ked som zo zaciatku hral s botmi aby som sa naucil aspon dajake zaklady taketo hovadiny nerobili. Ja tu chvilu ruzovucky vydrzim a vy sa trosku zasmejte P.S. napadlo ma ci to nieje zamerne aby si hraci zvykli na tupcov v time ked bude hrat zo zivimi hracmi
  9. Hello, Kaiser, constantly spamming "Set a smoke screen" every 2 seconds for the duration of the game. Checked its stats and this is it - it is impossible to get to T IV with just a 1 game in Black Swan (note that there were no games in Hermelin! So, how could he get to Kasier?). Any explanation? Test account? TBH, we probably lost the game because of it....
  10. SIFIR_ToleranS


    Arkadaşlar ben artık bu oyunda kasıtlı % modu olduğunu düşünüyorum- dan çok eminim diyesim var- %55 kazanma oranına her çıktığımda seri ve farklı mağlubiyet alan takımlar arasına atılıyor gibiyim sürekli. Çünkü matchmaking denilen salak şeyin takım diye oluşturduğu topluluk salak salak gidip kendilerini batırtıyor özellikle DD ler ve çoğu cevap vermiyor ben oyuncuların kazanma yüzdelerini orantılı tutmak için Wargamingin yaptığı -malesef daha hafif bir tabiri yok çok afedersiniz- ibnelik olarak düşünüyorum bir kaç kez daha olması halinde oyunu bırakırım. Başlarım böyle işe. Herkese iyi eğlenceler %55 oranının altında olanlara tabiiki..
  11. Tazzelwurm


    Hallo, ich habe in letzte Zeit mehrmals beobachtet, dass einige Spieler sich wie bekannte Bots aus WoT verhalten - rumstehen in Base, sofort Kanonen ausrichten, wenn der Gegner gespottet wird etc. Kommt es mir nur so vor oder driftet WoWs in die Richtung von WoT? Bekannte Chat-Geschimpfe aus WoT gibt es hier schon nämlich.
  12. Moin Leute nachdem ich nun ein paar Wochen spiele habe ich doch so die eine oder andere Frage zum Game. Nachdem ich am Anfang co op Gefechte gespielt habe um zumindest nicht sofort unterzugehen, spiele ich nur noch Zufallsgefechte. Leider habe ich das Gefühl sie werden immer schlechter. In einem Zufallsgefecht ist man ja immer bei den Grünen, gesäumt von ein paar rosa Spielern :-). Komisch bei den roten ist nie ein rosa Spieler, bei den roten existiert auch sowas wie eine Strategie, da wird man z.B. durchaus mal von zwei Schlachtschiffen parallel angegriffen also von zwei Seiten, hab ich bei den grünen noch nie gesehen. Entweder sie verhalten sich wie ein Hünerhaufen und fahren in alle Richtungen oder sie stehen neben einem und helfen überhaupt nicht wenn man zusammengeschossen wird oder sie fahren munter in einen rein. Am liebsten dann auch noch ohne wieder zurückzuweichen, nee man kann den Verbündeten ja gut als Schutzschild benutzen. Mit Strategie um Gefechte zu gewinnen hat das nichts zu tun und die Weisheit, Kreuzer schützen verbündete Schlachtschiffe, na ja lesen können die grünen doch oder? Und zu guter letzt noch ne Frage. Der Sinn des Spiels laute ja "was würdest du tun wenn du ein Gefecht noch einmal nachspielen könntest". Nun, Tirpitz gegen Tirpitz gegen Tirpitz und noch ne Bismark? Leute wie wärs mal Tirpitz gegen Hood oder Warspite, Yamato gegen Alabama, Leander gegen Graf Spee. Muss doch möglich sein oder welcher Algorithmus stellt das zusammen? Oder sind dir roten aus Ihrer Sicht die grünen und regen sich über schlechte Strategie auf? Wo sind die Spieler die die ganzen tollen youtube Filmchen machen, dort sieht man z.B. Sinn und Verstand und nicht hau drauf und fahr rein. In dem Sinne, wie sehen uns. Moin
  13. I would like to address an issue that I have come across quite often in the last few days. Unfortunately the existence of bots/afkers is undeniable in the game and it is the second worst to people causing intentionally damage to friendlies. More or less, people are used to afkers, yet catastrophic for the game experience. In the case the ships they spawn in are DDs, CAs or BBs, it is a situation that can be fairly managed. However, in the not so rare case where the afk ship in your team is a CV, the tide of the battle turns instantly towards the opposing team. The effect is ecxponentialy more drastic as the battle tier increases. In my opinion, there should be some mechanics introduced to address this issue, or even afkers in general. I will quote one of my clan mate's sentence with which I totally agree with. Of course this leads to the main issue "how the game is going to detect a player being afk". I will focus my ideas only in the case of CVs being afk from the start of the battle. check if there are planes launched after an X amount of time since the battle start (not less than 90sec, not more than 180sec) If the former holds, check if the ship is moving (motion check starts from battle start and up to 30sec after the aforementioned check). This could be a check by itself, but since there are many CV players who think they are airfields and not ships, I propose this as a second level check. In the case both checks hold, player will be warned for being given an afk status after 30sec. This status can be negated if the player launches planes during the 30sec time window. If after the end of this time window no action is taken, the player should be given the afk status and no further action can be taken by him/her. The battle is terminated ad maybe some kind of punishment should be implemented as well for the future games. This leads me to the ideas of what happens if a player is given the afk status as described above The CV players of the other team are negated the ability to manual drop, or/and The time needed to relaunch planes is increased, or/and The AA deference of the ships (in the team with the afk CV) is increased by an X amount (e.g. 10%-20%), or/and The cool-down of the ships with available "defensive AA fire" (in the team with the afk CV) is buffed. Let me know what do you guys think about this and if you agree or not. Regards, Deviloid
  14. Tanio kupię rozegranie 300 (resztę dogram sam) bitew przez bota (może być w 1-2 dni). Oczekuję WR >40%. Może być grindowany Yamato albo Montana. W pierwszym przypadku zmienię nick na coś związanego z Grecją, w drugim na coś związanego z Japonią. Oferty proszę wysyłać na PW Falathiego, a On przekaże (?) je dalej: a) do osób wymyślających zadania do eventu (w szczególności te ze zrobieniem kilkuset bitew w miesiącu) b) do osób w WG odpowiedzialnych za wspieranie rozwoju bez-obsługowych typków (w skrócie bot) Nimitz, bądź łaskaw mnie zaraportować ASAP, na wypadek gdyby ktoś chciał potraktować mojego posta poważnie
  15. Hi all, How do you guys feel about level of fun / enjoyment in WoWs in past 3+ weeks (of "Great Naval Battles")? For me the past 3+ weeks were the source of greatest frustration ever... My experience: #1 In 1 out of 5 games (i.e. 20%) the MM is pretty balanced (sometimes gives small favor - sometimes gives small disadvantage) but generally it is OK. The teamwork exists, the chat is useful and tactical / strategic decisions are agreed upon. In short it is great to play such games and I don't really mind if I win or lose because it is great play and great teamwork - all is OK here! #2 Unfortunately 4 out of 5 games (i.e. 80%) are pure horror from the start. There is no teamwork and there is no chat. Usually the MM is terrible (in "Domination" we get 1-2 DDs and enemy gets 3-4 DDs), we also often get 1-2 Tier IX / Tier X capital ships and enemy gets 4-5 Tier IX / Tier X capital ships (like 1x "Montana" + 2x "Tirpitz" vs. 2x "Montana" + 1x "Yamato")... Also there are BOTs, AFKers and campers. I swear that I have never ever seen so many BOTs (I have seen DDs going straight to enemy base in "Standard" game without ever replaying in chat and, of course, dying instantly). I have seen CVs going in the middle of the "Two Brothers" at the beginning of the game (also not replaying in chat at all) and dying immediately. I also had a game where me in "Kamikaze R" and friendly "Hatsuharu" defended the base in new map ("Twins" ?) and we had "Furutaka" AFK in our base for 15 minutes. When it got long range torped it woke up and started to go straight (not firing at all) - then it died from gunfire (it presented more nuisance for us than the enemy - it prevented us from safe torping). In one other game I saw "Des Moines" BOT where it stood still for 15 minutes and only when enemy got close and when "Des Moines" got hit it started moving in straight line (not firing at all again except from secondaries) - and dying immediately. The AFKers are also ever present - they, apparently, just gather numerical number of required games for GNB and simply sap the strength out of the team (i.e. 100% dead weight)... The campers are terrible as well... for example I saw Tier X "Montana" hiding behind island - after several inquiries in chat why he/she is not helping us the replay was: "I am just waiting here for the game to end"... Again, in short, those game are absolutely terrible and disheartening... pure nightmare... What are your experiences? Leo "Apollo11"
  16. zappori

    whats with the [edited]Bots?

    Is WG actually banning bots in any way? It's getting rather annoying.
  17. Mittlerweile hab mich beinahe schon dran gewöhnt, in knapp jeder zweiten Runde einen AFK-ler im Team zu haben. Jetzt kommt sicher wieder die Leier von "Na und? Ich hab ein RL, was vorgeht" oder "Internet-Probleme" und "Der Hund muss Gassi..." oder sonstwas. Wisst ihr was? Das interessiert mich einen Scheiß. Euer egoistisches Drecksverhalten nimmt mir die Freude am spielen! Dann connectet doch bitte erst gar nicht, wenn ihr wisst das gleich der Paketbote kommt oder ihr 20 Minuten lang auf der Toilette einen abseilen geht. Ich hatte heute die eine Runde erst 2x AFK-Bobs, kurz danach sogar 3x. Da kann ich mich ehrlich gesagt gleich mit ausloggen... Das ständige Reporten von wegen "Spielt schlecht" oder "Bot" scheint ja nichts zu bringen, deswegen wäre es mein Anliegen, dass nach 30-45 Sekunden ohne Tastatur-Eingabe doch bitte die KI (künstliche Intelligenz - ein WoW-Bot) die Steuerung übernehmen sollte. Und zwar so lange, bis wieder eine Tastatur-Eingabe erfolgt. So hat das Team mit den AFK-Bobs wenigstens noch ansatzweise die Chance, die Runde zu gewinnen. Klar habe ich das ganze drastisch geschrieben, nur stößt es mir halt extrem sauer auf wenn ich in Reihe wegen solchen Leuten verliere. Immerhin zeige ich eine Lösung auf, vielleicht kann Sehales das ja ans Hauptquartier weiter leiten. Danke für's zuhören, weiter machen!
  18. I noticed today that if you are out of missions, and u have to start a normal random battle that its 99/100 times a battle vs. bots. (names between semi-colons) This is a really bad feature.. cause it means less xp, less credits, less joy from the game.. basically less everything.. I wouldnt mind a botgame every now and then, just to shorten the waiting times, but doing it like this, is kinda a let-down. Should be changed. grtz TomyGuns
  19. Ast3lan

    Dat moment...

    ... when i regretted having bought another Premium ship. Reason, sailing in my Atlanta out and being hit at 15Kms , full speed, not in a straight line by someone with an aimbot... err mod.. err whatever you call it these days..., by 1 guy firing salvo after salvo and hitting constantly. So that said, where can i get my money back? I quit WoT the moment WG made Gold ammo available for everyone, in this game im not in agreement with aim mods, sorry its just too gamebreaking and takes the fun away from the game.
  20. gskgrek


    Od kilku dni mam wrazenie ze ktos juz testuje skrypciki. Dosyc czesto zdarzaja sie okrety plywajace "dziwnie" i majace problemy z reakcja na to co sie dzieje wokol nich Swoja droga od dluzszego czasu nie gralem w WOT-a i ostatnio wlazlem zeby nabic troche golda i az mnie przerazenie ogarnelo jak zobaczylem co tam sie dzieje :o Jak tak ma byc tutaj to chyba podziekuje