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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone else get the feeling that most modules feel really, really boring? I may have missed an announcement (if so, please point me at it!) but right now the vast majority of modules are just...dull. All of the fire control mods are terrible - all (most?) are just +10% to range. Bleh. Ditto the vast majority of gun upgrades. I *think* that is because with the guns at least, every gun/torp is effective against every target you encounter. There is also virtually never a trade off you need to make - guns just get 'better'. So rather than upgrades making ships act differently, or become more specialized they just make it 'better'. You never need to trade penetration vs alpha vs DPS. You just trade better for worse. To me, it seems like a bit lazy game design - right now going from 256 mm mk I to 256 mm mk II is the same equivalent as a going from a sword of +1 smiting to +2 smiting. It's *boring*. I feel no compulsion to try and 'earn' an upgrade, it's just a meh step on the way to the next ship. Finally, there are hardly any of them. Some ships have like 1 or 2 modules to upgrade. That's really, really boring. One of the most fun (and interesting) bits of WoT was the upgrading and customization process - where you could take an underpowered tank, which had a hard time fighting it's peers, to a heavy-duty killing machine, capable of being useful vs even higher tier opponents. There was a real sense of 'oh yeah' when you'd have a great game vs Tier VI tanks when you were out in your T-28. A base-model Tier IV tank was pretty much useless against any Tier VI, but after upgrading, well... it was usable. So it felt like upgrades were actually accomplishing things. You went from 'useless' to 'not useless' in higher tier battles - that let you feel like your upgrades were 'worth' something - and were something to strive for. Here I feel pretty underwhelmed by the difference in tiers - a T4 is a T5 is a T6. <there will be suggestions here when I can come up with a good one>
  2. Hi everyone. I've come back to WoWs somewhere in June after a long pause because of various frustrations i had with the game. And so i reinstalled and was pleasantly surprised to find out when i randomly queued for battles with my various ships that WG has been busy implementing a pretty big number of maps (imo). However, lately i keep seeing only about 4-6 maps max. It's always the same - Strait, Two Brothers, Solomon Islands, Big Race, Neighbours. Very rarely do i ever see any other ones. I haven't seen an ice map in like ... a long time. Mind you, i play in the 4- 7 tier range for now (no tier 8s or higher yet). Well anyway, i read the latest update release notes and i was genuinely pissed and sad when i read stuff like "X map is now no longer available for tiers Z-Y because teams were taking too long to get to the action." What? Why? Why is that such a bad thing? I don't want to fight on fishbowl maps. Even so, i already consider that matches end way too fast as it is, especially when cap ticket rates are so darn fast if you control 2/3 or 3/4 flags. There's one instance i remember: i was in my Ark beta and when i barely got out of base, merrily shooting at targets and suddenly - match over and it was my first win of the day too. Suffice to say, the rewards were a pittance as i barely did any damage. There needs to be some mechanism that limits matches from taking too long (i.e. 20 min time cap) which is all and good but there also needs to be one that prevents them from ending way too soon too. And i bring this up because the small maps exarcebate this. I honestly don't like the direction where WG is going with these decisions. Anyway, rant over. Thanks for bearing with me. Anyone else feel this way?
  3. When I started playing this over a year ago it was enjoyable to play, now it has become boring to play because the recent changes.Playing in coop mode against bots is way too bias, bots are super accurate and players can't hit anything regardless of the ship and level or tier. I feel every game I play is just rigged and too far fetched and inaccurate.Rapidly getting fed up, help! The reward crates are always filled with the same crap every-time. If you specifiy a money crate it should contain money related products and not filled with crappy flags and paint.THe bots in coop mode have ten times more health points than real players and is completely un-balanced, playing random mode there are too many hackers which makes it really boring and unplayable. Does anybody else share my views on the recent changes made to the game? Please comment below.
  4. Kokos78

    Bored of playing alone

    I've seen topics about the release without many nations/tech trees but in my opinion the worst is getting a ''full'' game without clans/team mechanics. I'm at work and didn't had time to search for topics just a fast flaming topic of my own. Sry
  5. DFens_666

    Remove those reaction smilies!

    Not sure where the right place for this is, but i just go with the place with the most attention. Why did u introduce those smilies to react to post? I can understan positive feedback, such as Cool (alltho what does cool mean?) and Funny. And then we have 3 Negative smilies. All this does it creates hostility in the Forums, without any need. Ppl running deliberately after your posts, voting Boring/Bad because they disagree with you as a person. Its one thing to argue about it, but now we have "karma" system in the forums, where u actually see who is targeting your posts. I mean fine, obviously sometimes ppl piss each other off, but giving the possibility to vote posts will only make things worse in the long run. It should be judged what u say, not what the other one thinks of u because u said something he doesnt like once, thats why we dont need any Bad smilies for Posts! Helpful-smiley would be much better, and yet it doesnt exist. Cool and Funny can stay as far as im concearned. @MrConway @Tuccy Any insight why it was implemented like this? Any possibility to revert or change the current ones?
  6. dblkion

    Fubuki, Kagero, Shimakaze

    Hey, I recently got the Fubuki and I was wondering how are people doing with it because I find it absolutly worthless .. I though 15km torps were good but truth is any hit is pure luck or people not paying attention because the spotting range and agility of most ships enable them to easily dodge..