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Found 20 results

  1. I bought an airdrop container that had in it a bonus mission, the Vanguard Quest. For some reason I thought it stated that if you earn 5K base XP, then you get the Vanguard, and a 10 point captain. Now I did the mission this morning, and since I have the Vanguard, did not get any gold or anything else in lieu. However I welcomed a 10 point captain. Imagine my surprise when I find a 3 point captain. added. Has anybody else had this "bonus"? was it a 10 point or a 3 point? Memory not good these days. p.s. I am mildly miffed that they are giving away a ship that cost a lot of money to buy. I can understand why, as in the current meta, it is rather meh. Well crap really and hard work, not fun at all, and playing games is supposed to be fun? isn't it? But I suppose "targets" are need for the upcoming Napkin navy.
  2. Hey fellow Captains/Forumites, Here is an old, but still working bonuscode: TORPEDO Important 1: Restart your game after using the code. After your game restart, the Personal Combat Mission will be available. Important 2: If you already used this code in the past, you will NOT receive the Personal Combat Mission again. Mission: Win 5 Random battles (no tier restriction) Reward: 6 regular crates
  3. ORP_FALA_321

    Bonus po aktualizacji

    Witam,po ostatniej aktualizacji dostałem wiadomość,że mam do odebrania bonus jako rekompensata.Nie wiem jak to odebrać,miał ktoś podobny przypadek?Dzięki z góry
  4. Hey there, We have build up a clan so that we "casuals" can also enjoy the bonuses of being in a clan. Currently we have unlocked all the bonuses a clan can provide and we have room for up to 40 players. There is no skill requirement. Just be friendly towards clan members and to other people while playing the game. We had a Discord but it was not used very much. If there is animo for it again we will bring it back up. We have plenty of spots left so please DM in game, here or post below. Hope to see you soon!
  5. General_Kroes

    Bug? No premium and win bonus (multiplier)

    More got this problem? http://prntscr.com/92mskd
  6. Wir Sind ein neuer Clan und suchen aktive Mitspieler um unsere Clanbonus auszubauen und um am Clangefechten Teilzunehmen. Jeder ist Willkommen bei uns gibt es keinen zwang wollen nur dir Vorteile eines Clans ausnutzen. Im Clangefecht gibt es Gute Upgrades um vorran zu kommen. Disord Server ist vorhanden aber keine Pflicht.(Freidhof#7902) Stellt einfach eine Anfrage und ihr werdet Eingeladen und daran denken im Clubhaus macht man die Tür zu !!!
  7. Steve_Reve

    Kódy do WoWs beta

    ..pokiaľ by niekto mal nevyužitý kodík do closed bety a poslal mi ho do PM, má moju nehynúcu vďačnosť. ..zháňam pre kolegu, čo to nestihol.. Prípadne (pokiaľ by niekto mal info) sú ešte nejaké kódy k dispozícii a kedy a kde ? Ak by sa niekto dozvedel možný zdroj (stream, súťaž a pod.), kľudne nech to napíše do tohoto vlákna, určite podaktorí z vás majú tiež kamarátov, čo by radi na lodičky ..
  8. J'ai recu un mail wg me rappellant que j'avais participé et donc avoir ce qui été promis dans le test (1 jour premium et les flags) "You have participated in the World of Warships Public Test of the 0.5.13 update. We thank you for your hard work and given feedback. You can claim now your rewards here ( http://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/ ). Please note that the rewards for this test are only available until 1st of December 2016." Le soucis dans l'affaire c'est que si je clique le lien, j'arrive bien sur la page mais aprés... ou faut il aller ou cliquer ? Car je ne vois strictement rien... j'ai pensé suffit sans doute de cliquer le lien du mail et ca suffit, ben non, aprés avoir cliqué le lien rien dans mon port n'apparait non plus. Donc je suis coincé et je ne vois pas comment cela se passe pour récupérer ces bonus ?
  9. Griva

    Clan camo and other features

    I want to discuss here about some clan features. Most importantly I want to see other players opinion so that we can create some good idea that may be used by WG devs. Clan camo I didnt find any thread about it (there should be) and because this feature is very powerfull I want to talk about it: The idea is simple, players get some kind of "camo editor" prepared by devs and clan can create their own unique camo for members. Before we extend this idea, we should start with some obstacles: Camo in game provides always some bonuses but the problem is that we always pay for camos. Simply speaking we can't create perm free camo for clan members with the same standard bonuses and also we witout bonuses because it going to be useless. Another thing is that even if we can add standard camo and accuracy bonus still there are many camos with many additional bonuses so we have to give up one camo anyway. Solution to this problems can be naval base building. For example if we build "camo structure", clan members can get the possibility to buy camo for credits (or oil) and this way we have to still pay for camo. We can extend this idea by adding bonuses. If we get "camo structure" we can set or buy additional bonuses for our camo like +20% free exp or +5% credits or whatever we want imagine here. Also creating camo for all ships can be more complicated thats why clan camo can be used only on tier X ship. We can go even further and enable this camo only for clan wars battles what is still nice addition. As you can see this idea can be extended in many ways so I want to see your opinions about it and also some new ideas related to it. Clan flag This feature going to be implemented anyway (in some way) but maybe we can change form a little. I made Q&A question here and would be nice if you vote for implementation and also share some ideas about it here. Clan store When I say 'store' I mean building where we can buy some unique things, for example flag store. What if we add building where we can buy signal flags? I want to point out that flags can't be cheap here because this going to break balance in general. Other option can be to buy this crapy "unique equipement" or even create special "clan signal flag". Of course this flag would be used only in clan wars so it would not break balance of random games. I want to emphasize that everything above is very loose idea, not complete feature/solution, use it as base idea for brainstorming.
  10. Vitvelox

    Codice bonus Porto di Amburgo

    (Cit. Wikipedia) Il porto di Amburgo (in tedesco Hamburger Hafen), sul fiume Elba è il principale porto della Germania e il terzo porto europeo (dopo Rotterdam e Anversa). Per festeggiare l'inaugurazione del porto Wows ha pensato ad un codice bonus con l’anno di fondazione del porto di Amburgo (1189 A.D.). Missione personale e un container in regalo. Il codice... su su, basta poco per reperirlo.
  11. Sicklehead

    Improve Mission bonuses

    Hello fellow captains, though this topic is not directly related to the gameplay, it's still something i would like to point out: The mission bonuses that are rewarded to you are way too low. The rewards one gets (50k credits for example) are comparable to the rewards you get in World of Tanks, yet a ship in WoWs costs approximately 3.5 times more than an equivalent tank. The credit and XP income per battle is also higher by a large amout. So in my opinion the rewards should be at least 3 times higher than what they are now. What is your opinion on that? Greetings, Sicklehead
  12. FearGFX

    Bonus content codes?

    So ive seen a lot of business going on online about bonus content codes for the game with rewards like giving people premium for x amount of days, giving people gold and/or free premium ships. Where/how/why are people getting these codes? Also, i was very disappointed to find out about an special invite code only after i was playing for about a week and already invested some money in a little amount of gold.
  13. ninovr

    Otro código por el jerol

  14. simbad124

    Looking for a clan

    Looking for a clan only for the bonuses and play. No mic no ts no discord just play give oil and receive bonus.
  15. Leo_Apollo11

    PT v0.7.9 Bonus Rewards are available!

    Hi all, PT v0.7.9 Bonus Rewards are available! https://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/ Leo "Apollo11"
  16. Bubala_pl


    Witam Małe losowanko konkursowe w ramach promocji,całe info w filmie: Dodatkowo zostaną rozlosowane dublony i konto premium! *edit*
  17. MortenTardo

    New bonus codes

    120218OUESTLESHIP 150715NOTHSFSHIP 230217VERYCOLDSHIP 230817GUNSFORANYSHIP 160217GOTOUSSRSHIP 050117BETWEENERSHIP 020316SUCHABUZZSHIP 040117BETWEENSHIP 210815SUCHABIGSHIP 301116REVOLUSHIP Enjoy Edit: Disclaimer This is not my codes. I do not own or claim ownership of any of these codes. Purely reposting from reddit.
  18. Active0815

    1 Personen Clan Sammler

    Liebe Mitzocker, ich habe mir gerade die Infos über die Marinebasen und die Clans durchgelesen. Hierzu hätte ich eine Idee, deren Vorüberlegungen ich gerne kurz erläutern würde. Die Verbesserungen der Marinebasis bringen tolle Boni (z.B. 10% Reparaturkosten) auf die ich natürlich nicht verzichten möchte. Außerdem bekomme ich ohne Clan überhaupt kein Öl, weder für den Can, noch für das eigene Konto. (Beschreibung der neuen Mechanik) Mein Problem ist nur, ich habe momentan überhaupt keine Lust auf einen Clan. Ständig diese "Komm ins TS!!!!" Popups brauche ich nicht und auch für ein V25 Torp only Fun Event bin ich gerade nicht zu motivieren... Die stressfreiste Lösung für mich wäre also der "Ein Mann Clan", wobei es da sehr langsam vorangehen wird mit dem Öl.... Deshalb nun die Idee, welche, ihr ahnt es schon, sich an Spieler richtet, die KEINE Lust auf Clanleben welcher Art auch immer haben, aber trotzdem gerne die Boni der Marinebasis bekommen möchten: Wie wäre es einen Clan zu gründen, der völlig offen und sozusagen anonym ist? Kein Teamspeak, kein Training, keine Clanbattles, keine Anwesenheitspflicht, keine Diskussionen, keine Ränge, keine Meldepflicht und kein erzwungener Kontakt zu den anderen Mitgliedern. Jeder kann jederzeit ein- oder austreten. Niemand wird gekickt. Oder gut, sagen wir mind. 1 Gefecht alle 6 Monate... Es wäre so, als wäre man nicht in einem Clan, nur das man doch die Boni der Basis bekommt und das viel schneller als alleine! Ich könnte das noch ausführlicher ausmalen, aber ich möchte erst mal nur wissen, was ihr von der Grundidee haltet und ob sich da vielleicht 10 Leute finden lassen. Ich kann nicht abschätzen, ob es noch mehr wie mich gibt, denen es schon beim Gedanken sich einen Clan suchen zu müssen kalt den Rücken runterläuft.... Edit: Mir geht es übrigens nicht darum, dass ich diesen Clan gründen oder Verwalten muss/will. Ich strebe keine Macht an. ;-) Edit 2: Der Clan ist gegründet und wer will kann beitreten. Clanname ist: GTR_1 SMD_1 Kürzel: GTR Der Name kann auch noch geändert werden.
  19. DexterMaximus

    Possible Free ship for the EU

    First. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere! Second. Credit is due to the dudes in who found it, the chaps on the reddit board! Free ship!!!! yeah! So In brief You can get a free ship if you have the magazine or can get a copy or have an IOS device (Probably) What makes this sweeter is the fact that this is EU only!!!!!!!!! Can you actually believe that the EU is gonna get something ?