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Found 5 results

  1. Hi and thank you for a great game, I see that you have used a few houses to populate your villages from my home town on some of the maps :) So I thought I would suggest a new boat for the destroyer class (maybe). When I was young, these boats used to show up in the harbor from time to time. They were already old then and are scrap now, but I think maybe they could have a place in the game and could be fun to play. Norway did not have too many big naval boats, but through the years we have had some fine MTBs. Motor torpedo boats that were suppose to work out of the fjords. Show up, hit hard and run (I think). Others will know much more about the tactics. The boats were small, fast and had forward pointing torpedoes. Like a big speed boat. Think some of them could do 50 knots. And maybe they will have to in this game to stand out and play a different role. The Norwegian boats were British/Norwegian in the beginning and later all Norwegian design. Today Norway still retains a MTB (Corvette) weapon with the hyper modern anti radar "hovercraft" Skjold class at 60 knots. Maybe this is an old request and voted down, but it could be fun. While we are waiting for subs and the ability to lay mines :) Great game, Paul Some youtube links to MTB boats
  2. CaptainCharfield

    [KOBO] Recruiting

    [KOBO] Kongou's Bongos is recruiting, if you want to join, please message either me or DecrepitSundew3 in-game! We mainly play for fun in random battles, the only requirements we have are that you be 18+ and be able to play on EU servers and speak english.
  3. Hi, some of you may know me from WoT forum. I did play some boats for a bit but I sucked really bad so went back to tanks where I only suck a bit. Anyway, there's a 3rd party blog which has now twice posted that there will be no gold unification between WoWS and WoT like there is with WoWP and WoT. I assume they get the info from the RU forum just like they get info about WoT, generally it's pretty accurate. Now I have a bit of an issue with this if it is true. When the doubloons went on sale before the end of closed beta it was promised that they would firstly be refunded at open beta and then when the game went live they would be converted to gold. So some of us bought doubloons with the thought that we would use them to test boats and if we didn't like it then we would have the gold for tanks later. So I checked the FAQ here and it still says.... I know it's a long shot asking on the official forum but can anyone from WG confirm or deny this rumour?
  4. Zlocesta_Buba

    Croatian Navy - Missle boats

    Kralj Petar Krešimir IV is the first of a 2-strong class of Croatian Kralj ("King") class missile boats (fast attack craft). It is named after the Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV. It was built in the Kraljevica shipyard in 1991 and commissioned in 1992. It is an upgraded version of the Rade Končar missile boat class and is 8.5 meters longer. Kralj Petar Krešimir IV and its sister ship Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir are the only ships in their class. A potential third ship was under consideration in 1999, but the ship was never commissioned due to budget constraints. The Kralj class ships are currently the largest warships within the Croatian navy. However, plans exist to purchase or domesticly build four large corvettes or frigates. These will supplement existing missile boats and are scheduled to start entering service by 2012. Specs: Loa/B/H: 54.7/8.54/4.45 m Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir Displacement: full displacement 387 t Complement: five officers, 12 NCO, 16 ratings Construction: high tensile steel, AIMg4.5 Mn Speed & Seakeeping: continuous 32.8 knots (60.7 km/h; 37.7 mph), max 36.0 knots (66.7 km/h; 41.4 mph)/full o output up to sea state 4 WMO Range & Autonomy: 1700 nmi at 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph)/10 days autonomy Damage stability: two compartment flooding Machinery: 3 × M504B - 2 or 3 MTU 20V 538 TB 93 Electrical System: 3 × 110 kVA Combat System: 4 × 2 Saab RBS-15 SSM, 1 × Bofors 57 mm L70, 1 × 30/6 Ak 630 Gatling, 2x12.7 M2 Browning machine gun
  5. Well there isn't much info on Mirna class patrol boats, this is something i managed to dig up Displacement: 142.3 tons full load Dimensions: 32 x 6.68 x 1.76 meters/105 x 22 x 5.7 feet Propulsion: 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 6,000 bhp, 30 knots Crew: 19 Armament: 1 40 mm, 1 SA-N-5 Grail SAM position, 1 20 mm, 8 DC Concept/Program: Small Yugoslav-built utility patrol craft. Survivors of a larger class; many sisters stricken, in reserve, or in other navies. There are 4 Mirna class - radar equipment modernized in 2007 and new fast boats added in 2009-2012 OB-01 Novigrad (1980) OB-02 Šolta (1982) OB-03 Cavtat (1984) OB-04 Hrvatska Kostajnica (1985)