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Found 19 results

  1. Marc_7925

    ORP Blyskawica 1:400

    Meine Blyskawica von Mirage Hobby im Maßstab 1:400:
  2. Marc_7925

    ORP Blyskawica 1:400

    My interpretation of 1943 ORP Blyskawica (Mirage Hobby 1:400). She is also one of my favourites here at WoW:
  3. Marc_7925

    ORP Blyskawica 1:400

    ORP Blyskawica 1:400 (Mirage Hobby)
  4. Ocsimano18

    Blyskawica or Friesland

    Which Pan Euro ship would you get, Blyskawica or Friesland? I would need one for the Puerto Rico grind.
  5. C_H_O_U_X


    TVII prémium Polonais Bonne force de frappe avec ses 7 canons de de 120 mm Sans compétence particulière du capitaine, les torpilles sont "moyennes" avec 8km de portée 2 parties avec ce soir et globalement de bonnes impressions avec ce DD
  6. Dear WG, This year Poland celebrates 100 years of independence. November 2018 also marks 100 years of Polish Navy. Isn’t it a great opportunity to bring another premium Polish ship to the game and make Blyska captains more useful? ? There are many options. ORP Burza that survived the war or British destroyers commissioned by the Polish Navy.
  7. Krikkio82

    Pimp Ma Blys WG

    So it's a while since SF was removed and Blyskawica was the Premium who received the biggest indirect nerf IMO. Since this change WoWs became a Free To Play game to me, just be cause, fair or not, I feel teased from this change. I really don't like SF but this mechanic was the one to make Blyska really a good and adaptable ship. But let me explain why I think Blyska is so much worst now: Adaptable is what Blyska lost from this nerf, before you could play close - middle and long range, now is only a close combat ship, she is really good at that but only at that. Using AFR make you spotted from entire map as soon you use your gun, so is better give up on this perk. So no more long range HE spamming. Now you have to play face to face VS another DD or in smoke VS CAs and BBs. I can do this with a USN ship. I would never buy a premium to have same gameplay in worst concealment worst smoke ship.... When this change arrived I was pretty sure to be able to have fun and succes with Blyska anyway, just spec her for close combat and it will be fine. Sadly it's really not that way. Is a buff to this ship necessary from a balance prospective? Mmhhhh maybe not so much Is a buff to this ship FAIR ? Fu*k YES it is !!! This is my point of view. Just saying that a buff, also a little buff would be fair and damn about time !!!
  8. Hallo zusammen, Bevor jemand anfängt zu meckern: Es gibt noch keine Sektion der Polnischen Boote. Es geht darum, wie ich den Kapitän der Blyskawica skillen soll. Soll ich Sprengmeister (sind dann 11% statt 8%) oder mehr Reichweite (sind dann 14,4 km statt 12 km)? Beide sind nicht gut, denn ich möchte beim 5. Tarnungsmeister (sind dann 6,75 km statt 7,5 km) nehmen. Ich sag schon mal danke im voraus.
  9. Toujours pas la 'branche' polonaise dans l'arbre techno pour mon Blyskawica, dans la Il est tout seul dans sa branche, ok, mais bon ce serait bien de l'avoir quand on l'a acquit (surtout qu'elle existe mais il faut mettre Aslain pour le voir).
  10. Can someone give me a clear reason of why should I get the "Blyskawica" when I have the "Kiev"??
  11. Aber nur wenige Tage im Shop! Sammlerstück: Blyskawica - ultimativ 4.800 Dublonen (Blyskawica) + 300 (Liegeplatz) + 3.150 (in "bar" ) + 450 (= 30x Nebelwerfer II zu je 15 Dubl.) + 450 (= 30x Schadensbegr. II zu je 15 Dubl.) = 9.150 Dublonen, bei EUR 29,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 305,10 Dublonen/EUR. Sammlerstück: Blyskawica 4.800 Dublonen (Blyskawica) + 300 (Liegeplatz) = 5.100 Dublonen, bei EUR 19,23 ergibt sich ein Wert von 265,21 Dublonen/EUR. Passt ja zum Rabattwochenende für die Kolberg... Huch, warum stehen hier so viele Fettnäpfchen?
  12. Hey guys. Blyskawica is once more available in the premium shop but only for 2 days. There are two options: The first is unbundled, ship + port slot only for 19.23 € The second is bundled with 3,150 Doubloons + 60 consumables for 29.99 €
  13. Sammlerstück: Blyskawica - ultimativ 4.800 Dublonen (Blyskawica) + 300 (Liegeplatz) + 3.150 (in "bar" ) + 450 (= 30x Nebelwerfer II zu je 15 Dubl.) + 450 (= 30x Schadensbegr. II zu je 15 Dubl.) = 9.150 Dublonen, bei EUR 29,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 305,10 Dublonen/EUR. (besser als beim letzten Mal) Sammlerstück: Blyskawica 4.800 Dublonen (Blyskawica) + 300 (Liegeplatz) = 5.100 Dublonen, bei EUR 19,23 ergibt sich ein Wert von 265,21 Dublonen/EUR. (schlechter als der "kleine Wintersturm" damals) Nun ja, immerhin hat man die Wahl, nicht? Bonus-Kalki:
  14. With the Blyska being sold again it's a good time to remind people just how strong this ship is if played correctly, that is making use of its excellent stealth firing capabilities.
  15. Commander_Steph

    Credit Income of Premium Ship Blyskawica

    So after i have played many games with Blyskawica i realised that it's credit income is lower than other premium ships. When you have a really good game such as 2500 stock xp Blykawica only reaches 350k+ credits. While Kamikaze R or Tirpitz for example earns 300k credits at about 1300-1500 stock xp. I don't have screenshots to prove it but i have premium account and zulu flags on. And I usually make good stock xp with Blyskawica. Also another fact i can remember is while i could reach 500k credits with Blyskawica only 2 times and they were very hardcore games for me, my friend keeps showing his 500k credit income with his Tirpitz very often... And he hasn't done much. So overall; If people agree with me i would like WG to increase Credit income of Premium Ship Blyskawica. (And I'm not making this topic because i win too little with Blyskawica, I make good amount but when its compared to other ships... You got the point.)
  16. Commander_Steph

    Blyskawica's Gameplay Needs

    Problems: 1-) Blyskawica's full salvo damage to another DD's side decreases faster each salvo than Rival DDs. (I hit 4k first salvo for example, next salvo i hit 2.5k and 1.5k each afterwards. While they start with 3k damage and keep hitting 2.5k each salvo.) (Only some examples to make a point.) 2-) Real Blyskawica has 8 guns and the in-game Blyskawica has 7. 3-) While enemy CV's planes fly over me for 5 minutes i am lucky if i drop only 1. 4-) Detected at 7.5km and because it is tier VII it can't buy the upgrade for that. 5-) Torpeedo range is 8km and when you could hit full salvo to any TierVIII BB which has full hp it won't kill. 6-) Very low amount of fire chance. Suggestions: 1-) Increase the armor or HE damage against DDs 2-) Add another turret while keeping the HE and AP damage same. 3-) Can stay this way I guess. 4-) Could make it Tier VIII or look at 5th suggestion, 5-) Increase the torpeedo range. 6-) Can stay this way I guess. I don't have screenshots to prove any of those because it would require hell a lot of time to try capture those moments. But if people agree with me, WG could make some changes.
  17. Happy New Year! Yesterday I purchased the Blyskawica and while it is still available for sale I thought that I would share my opinion on the ship. Feel free to check out my review, and let me know what you think!
  18. Today I notice that there are some special missions available for destroyers. Because I love Blyskawica, I thought that I can make some easy +5% speed flags, but... How come there are no missions for Poland? I demand fair treatment of my country and to stop this racism! #polanstronk #wgcheaterz #plsrefund Seriously tho. Did they just, I dunno - forgot, or it was intentional? Sims, Gremmy and Fujin. They don't have missions too? I'm genuinely confused right now...
  19. Hi Captains. This is Kenliero Ship Reviews. New Videos are added in the end of the first post. If you want to see additional videos, like gameplays, subscribe for the channel and you will get notified when they are out. I have played World of Warships since Open Beta. When starting the series, I had played 11 different Battleships, 10 Different Aircraft Carriers, 11 Destroyers and 6 Cruisers, so I have quite good idea of how the classes work. I am starting this series with Polish Premium Destroyer Blyskawica. My reviews are filled with a lot of detailed information about this ship. Port stats, ship comparison and gameplay tactics. I hope you will find these useful, and I am always interested of getting some feedback: Tier VII Polish Premium Destroyer Błyskawica H34: Tier IV Russian Premium Battleship Imperator Nikolai I: Tier VII Russian Destroyer Kiev with Tier 7 Destroyer Comparison: Tier V USN Battleship USS New York - vs Kongo - Stats and Comparison + Gameplay: Tier V Japanese Battleship Kongo review vs USS New York - Stats and Comparison + Gameplay in ranked battles: Fuso Review vs New Mexico Stats Comparison + Gameplay: : New Mexico Review vs Fuso Stats Comparison + Gameplay: Warspite Review, Stats comparison vs Fuso and New Mexico + Gameplay: Nagato Review, Stats comparison vs Colorado, Tips + Gameplay: Minekaze/Fujin/Kamikaze Review Stats, Tier 5 Destroyer Comparison(+Gnevny+Nicholas) + Gameplay 7 Tier 7 Premium Cruiser Atlanta Review, Guide, Stats and Gameplay This list is becoming too long (and heavy to load) list... How ever you can find the videos from the youtube, using search word "Kenliero" (at least Isokaze, Tirpitz etcetc. videos uploaded after this)