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Found 11 results

  1. yaketymasq

    Černé vlákno

    "Jestliže nám lze prodat cokoliv, můžeme také cokoliv žádat." Protoze povazuji prodej "cernych" lodi za vrchol drzosti a nejapny vtip, chtel bych u teto drze komedie zustat. Podelte se o obrazky cernych veci (puvodne cernych, nebo prebarvenych na cerno), ktere byste si radi ve WoWs koupili nebo alespon videli. Pokuste se prosim pridrzet formatu: "nazev BLACK" + obrazek (pokud je vetsi, potom do spoileru). A zadny rasismus! Jsem zvedav na vasi kreativitu a napady Dekuji "Humoru zdar, černému zvláště!" --------------------------------------------------------- Krtek BLACK PS: tentokrat kratsi uvodni prispevek, at vam zase nevystrilim munici...
  2. Players who reach Rank 1 for the third or fifth time will have their coupon for the "Ships" category updated two weeks after the season's end, just in case they have already redeemed it. This is done in order to allow players to obtain Flint or Black in a comfortable manner by spending their coupon. If the coupon has not been redeemed, an additional coupon will not be added to the player's account.
  3. Admiral_Nightingale

    [BRAMS] Black Rams

    [BRAMS] Black Rams EU A small but active EU based clan is looking for members! We are currently building up more players for Alpha and Bravo team. searching for people who play well together and we're actively participating in clan battles.The clan is offering potential members a relaxed atmosphere and a community that helps each other grind stuff and has fun while playing as a team. Also, all economic bonuses are built, so any members will get all the benefits from being in a clan. Our typical activities include doing lots of random battles in 3 man divisions, sometimes operations if we feel like it, and last but not least, shitposting memes at our discord server. So, you might think, what might these amazing people want in return for all that fantastic stuff that was just listed? :D We're not super strict on stats, our emphasis is instead on potential members being willing to improve, work together with clan members, and most importantly, be willing to communicate on discord voice comms. We would like you to have at least one t10 ship (or be close to one), but we can negotiate on that part. What is absolutely critical is that you are at least moderately active (be on at least a few times a week so we don't forget who you are). All the above can be negotiated a bit depending on the circumstances; what is non-negotiable, however, is to have a non-cancerogenic mic that doesn't cause our ears to bleed, and be willing to use it on our discord server. It's difficult to do coordinated teamplay if you're not on voice, not to mention things are nicer when people get to know each other and again, you need to be on voice comms for that. To inquire about joining follow the discord link below, and just post that you'd like to join - we'll get to you as soon as we can! https://discord.gg/BmnJmJP Hope to see you soon, until then Black Rams wish you lots of fun and engaging game mechanics!
  4. Admiral_Nightingale

    black screen during game session

    hey everyone, Since latest update when i am in battle at random moments my screen turns black and i have to kill the client. I am using a geforce GTX 1070 Ti card. and double checked if all drivers and software were updated. this happened about 6 times now in the past several days. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  5. Hi all, Number of players playing "exotic" ships ("Missouri", "Musashi", "Nelson", "Kronshtadt", "Stalingrad", "Flint", "Black") in past week on EU and NA! According to most excellent MapleSyrup: EU http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20180901/eu_week/average_ship.html NA http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20180901/na_week/average_ship.html There were rather few players playing "exotic" ships last week: Missouri EU: 492 NA: 561 Musashi EU: 824 NA: 445 Nelson EU: 165 NA: 128 Kronshtadt EU: 232 NA: 136 Stalingrad EU: 127 NA: 84 Flint EU: 6 NA: 13 Black EU: 9 NA: 12 Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Thread on Reddit:
  6. _Montagne

    Rank 1 Rewards

    So this ranked season, I should be getting flint so I don't know the process before this update. But now WG don't give you the ships but instead gives you a coupon? Is this a special coupon that makes it free to buy? or do you still have to use steel for it? And why 2 weeks after, is It that hard to program "give rank 1 players coupon"?
  7. gandalfwhite_1

    black monitor entering battle

    Been playing this for a few days now, WOT no problems, WOW..sy I end up with a black battlescreen, for the first two runs I thought it was a night turn.. but not so. I have reduced graphics to virtually 0, still remains black. What's to do?
  8. danimollinato2

    Replay destructor "Black"

    Work in progress...
  9. jerkchicken

    Iowa/Missouri White canvas

    Hey, So my question is: Why does WG make on the Iowa/Missouri arround the turrerts white canvas while they are in real black? I annoyed with it, Just the fact that the black canvas would look better than those white canvas Lets take a look, Ingame: Real: I've seen that they where in the past black (US T9 Iowa) -> So WG I will be pleased if they can fix it, otherwise i will search for skins and i change it by myself. (if anyone knows how to do it) [edited] Greets, Splire
  10. Darky_Madness

    Uss Black OP as [edited]..

    Why break DD gameplay by bringing a dd out that you cannot counter whit a other DD ?? are you guys trying to keep you reputation of bringing broken ships in to the game because right now it looks like it. Baltimore Radar on a DD WTF.