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Found 8 results

  1. Srle_Vigilante

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    With the upcoming black Friday deals comes of course the appropriate containers. There is the free bad odds containers and there's the paid better odds containers. Now why am i making this topic? I am honestly concerned for WGs approach to lootboxes, with the current regulations of lootboxes that are coming up in the EU. Because, technically they are gambling. I personally have nothing against these types of lootboxes, but there are some people with actual gambling issues who just cant control them selves. But that's a subject for some other time. Is this really the right way of selling goods on the shop? And now for the actual reason for making this topic. I just wanted to start a discussion with the community here, to see your guys/girls input on this matter. Because in general around the gaming community the lootbox seems to be quite a negative thing at the moment. And with the new containers, come some spicy rewards as well. Even more then just skins. So i was wondering. Is this really the type of content that we want in our game? Don't get me wrong i love this idea of boxes and containers, but this latest one is really pushing the line in my opinion...
  2. Hi all, Did anyone get "Black" ship from 5 non-Premium "Black Friday" containers (rewarded for playing Combat Mission Chain ""Thankful and grateful")? "Black Friday in World of Warships: Huge Discounts!" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/black-friday/ "Premium Black Friday" container (bought in "Premium Shop" for real money): "Ordinary Black Friday" container (awarded in game for playing Combat Mission Chain ""Thankful and grateful"): Leo "Apollo11" P.S. All I got from first 3 ones was 2x Cammo...
  3. ThemistoclesGR

    Tirpitz B mission

    Hi fellas, Depending the pic i post, do i have to have tirpitz for the mission or i can do it with tirpitz b? Because i cant see it available since i bought the B version.
  4. ThemistoclesGR

    Atago + Atago B

    Hi fellas, For us who alredy have the Atago in port...wouldnt it be easier to just give us the black camo for the ship we already own? I think its more practical to just give us the premium camo instead of a new identical ship. Now i have to switch the captain all the time, change flags, buy again the upgrades etc etc....just not practical
  5. JollyRoger1516

    Black Friday Deals until ?

    Hey guys, just a quick as I only saw on the ships that they will be around for 13 days, therefore my question although I may have been blind to the answer somewhere: How long will the Black Friday ships and containers be available? Many thanks for the answer.
  6. Wrong year... Hi all, WoWs Asia posted "Black Friday" deals... https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/premium-shop-black-friday-2017/ Leo "Apollo11"
  7. burakss

    black friday

    bildiğiniz üzere adına black friday denen sanal alışveriş çılgınlığı olan 24 kasım yaklaşıyor ve wargaming ten bu güne özel yapacağı birşey varmı yokmu hiçbir ses seda yok umarım black friday ve siber pazartesi denen ve diğer oyun firmaları tarafından oyuncuları gerçekten tatmin eden indirimler ve teklifler geleceğinin haberi yayınlanmaya başlamışken wargaming te abuk sabuk tekliflerle değilde en azından bugün tamamen oyunlara yönelik teklifler ve indirimler gelir..
  8. hjsteg

    Armada bundle on EU

    Today a big bundle containing 45 ships was released in the premium shop. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/7415/ "The legendary Armada Bundle is back once more! Forget last year’s Armada Bundle, this year is our biggest and best deal ever!! A metric shipton of savings can be made here with 45 ships spanning all nations. Pretty much every Premium ship can be yours to own in this bundle, with a tastey 54% discount. You will also receive 45 port slots and a Custom Flag." As I have most of the ships in port already, will I get a full refund in doubloons if I buy the package, thus doubloons with a "tastey" 54% discount?