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Found 4 results

  1. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    2019 black ships are... patchy?

    Is there a reason why my black ships look... worn out? I've got three - 2018 Atago B (looks perfect, and awesome) and 2019 Graf Zeppelin B and Schwarzhorst Scharnhorst B The two latter look unhealthy though? Is there something I still need to do to paint them completely? Some lengthy grind for the black paint? For technical reference, I've already checked and rechecked that all my flies are in sync and I'm using no mods. Ideas? Thank you in advance
  2. Click the link for the prices in your currency, might be a bit different on EU, because of taxes: (EU is 8.45% cheaper for my currency, based on the Poltava Admiral Pack). https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/ We already have the offer in EU: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/ See the discount percentages here: No special sales on premium time/doubloons. Also, the armory have some interesting deals, like a one time buy of a premium container or 5000 coal for a few doubloons:
  3. ShaeVizla

    Wargaming Policy

    Hello Everyone. From i heard many players having same issue. I don't know anyone ever opened a subject about it but i'm sick of it. As you know Black Friday is started and many containers giving to players via Black Friday missions.The problem is where is the justice ? What is the luck of these containers ? Many Players getting Alaska B from mission containers. Some of them got Scharnhorst B from 250 dublon boxes. One of my friend got Sims B from 250 Dublon boxes. Got Scharnhorst B and Alaska B from the mission boxes. So What is the terms of this luck anyway ? I didn't get any ship from mission boxes of 250 dublon boxes. I bought 5 Premium boxes i got only Sims B. I bought Scharnhorst B and Massachusetts B via payment. It is also funny, because ships which come from boxes coming with 10 Point commander, via Payment ones got 1 level commander :) I'm sure many players having some issue as me, i know because many of my friends are having same issue with me. Some of them even bought 10 Premium Containers and get nothing except Premium and dublons. So I'm asking is that policy of Wargaming ? Gives rewards to Free 2 Play players ? and Punish players which buy things from game ( Premium, Dublon ship etc. ) Because i'm really really sick of this luck nonsense and i will no longer play after my premium over. I'm opening this subject, to try to be voice of everyone which has same problem with me. So if you are having same problem please comment on this subject. Thank you all.
  4. Moin zusammen, ich habe heute zwei Schiffchen aus den Black Friday 2019 Containern gezogen. Beide lagen ohne die permanente Tarnung im Hafen. Sie ist auch nicht bei der Tarnungsauswahl zu sehen. Bei den Benachrichtigungen habe ich dann gesehen, dass die Tarnungen entfernt wurden. Also automatisch. Sie sind auch im Inventar – aber ich habe keine Möglichkeit gefunden, sie wieder auf die Pötte raufzupinseln. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie das gelingen könnte?