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Found 16 results

  1. Abathour

    Secondaire inconstante

    Bonjour à tous J'ai remarqué que les secondaires de mon bismark ont un comportement plutôt aléatoire et ce n'est pas vraiment la première fois Elles s'active toute seules, normal vu mon build mais il leur arrive de na pas s'activées du tout même en ayant un ennemie à portée. C'est un ship que je joue peu j'ai peu être raté un truc. Je vous laisse un replay pour en juger RDV à 12:10 minutes: 20200623_133351_PGSB108-Bismarck_46_Estuary.wowsreplay et mon build Vous remarquez en tournant la caméra autour du bateau que la secondaire ne semble même pas réagir à la présence d'un ship sur mon bâbord, elle ne bouge pas, inerte. Sur le premier ship à porté, aucun soucie par contre sur le Ignis purgato à 7km7( 12:08) aucune activation, il arrive jusqu'a 4,3 km toujours rien..... mais elle s'activé d'un coup sur tribord pour un hipper à 8.3km qui apparaît plus tard vers 11:30 malgré la présence de l'Ignis. Du coup la secondaire en fin de match en ayant eu 3 ship à porté de secondaire n'a effectuée que 17 touches Vous en pensez quoi? déjà vu ca?
  2. Hello everyone, the KMS Bismarck is back with a vengeance, it was always one of the most fun German battleships to play in world of warships but now with the buff to dispersion that the German BB line has received in the most recent patch it truly has become a force to be reckoned with and even more fun to play. This video on how to play Bismarck in World of Warships comes with complete secondary captain non IFHE build guide including full ship upgrades and german battleship captain skills including review and features some high quality wows bismark highlights. I hope you all enjoy the video and until the next time, keep sailing it like you stole it o7 My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito I hope you feel free to drop by check out this and some of my other videos and Good Luck and fair seas to you all.
  3. please don't shoot me WG, can we also have a mug that changes it is icon when adding hot coffee or tea in it? Like having any type of ship (as the one you already have with Bismark) sailing and when you put hot coffee/tea it changes it is icon into Bismark having flames ^_^ Just a funny thought xD
  4. T0byJug

    SOD Pixel Ships.. When have Cobi

    Wargaming why have you said nothing.. about HMS Warspite Warspite 89euro 64cm long, Bismark 99Euro 69cm Long...... Dont they look Pretty... PS its my birthday in 20 days...... was going to get myself the Lego Starwars Slave 1 but that Warspite....... Ohhh baby Posted in Gameplay as we PLAY with Lego...... (and to reach a wider Audience)
  5. Butterdoll


    Yesterday I finally acquired my personal Big fat Lady, and oh boy, it's fat. I know, it's a stock ship and all, but I am annoyed with one thing, I was surprised how little fires I get from my secondaries. Even with my uber cruiser (gneise) tics, going in extremely close and... nothing. I had games, co-op where I'm brawling two, three bbs at the same time and it's no fires or 1 or two. Is my big fat lady with performance issues? My gneisenau can do that with a leg tied behind his head. How can I make it "sing"? thank you.
  6. Ciao a tutti, mi chiedevo se mai verranno nuovamente rimessi in gioco, previa missione, i container della collezione Operazione Dynamo (segue immagine per aiutarmi a capire quello che intendo... ) così come sta accadendo per i container della collezione Bismark...
  7. The question is quite self explanatory, should i buy it? you should also consider that on the Bismark i have the special camo of 1 year ago. I'm asking that question because stats wise is considered the worst tier 9 bb of the game. I had a lot of fun with the bismark...what should i do?
  8. AMONAS1

    Inexperienced players!

    After the event with the big reward of a T8 Bismark many inexperienced players had on their hands one of the most powerfull BBs in the game. A "good" "lucky" or "..........." player can go against a T10 BB and win. Personaly when i was trying to buy my T7+ ships when i was seeing a Bismark i was afarid!!! I did not engage it. Players in low tiers make many mistakes I did too and i learn from that. T8 Now when a Bismark is in my team I dont know if he is expirienced so that i can count at his support or he will.... I dont know what they are doing. T9 They are buying F. DER GROBE and they play the same way..... T10??? Realy??? T10??? Inexperienced players!!! I dont know how to solve this I dont expect somthing to be done but the Bismark "fear" i had is a gone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Theres nothing to be done to change it. Inexperienced players could be easily identify by their premium ships (some are not). Now you dont know the diference. Stupid actions, wrong actions, bad judgment will always be in the game. The Bismark lost its "edge". I hope that the Yamamoto compaign will NOT give a Yamato as a prise.
  9. Apparemment, ça daterais de 2015, un script aurait été déposé à hollywood pour un film sur le Bismark : http://deadline.com/2015/02/bismarck-wwii-black-list-script-universal-1201366489/ http://www.avclub.com/article/universal-making-another-famous-wwii-boat-movie-ab-214830 Ce serait cool car en dehors de << coulez le Bismarck >> et << expédition Bismarck >> je n'en connais pas d'autre. Edit : lol je n'ai même pas été capable de l'écrire correctement dans le titre du topic ... Merci Isithran j'ai édité le titre.
  10. dukeofwellington86

    German Battleship Line,

    I am thinking of starting on the German Battleship line. What are the pros and cons of this line of ships and would the Cruiser line be a better choice? Are they enjoyable to play?
  11. Wolfjank66

    Bismark KäptnSkillFail?

    Huhu, ich habe folgendes Problem und ich hoffe ich bin hier nicht falsch: nachdem ich meiner Bismark den 5ten Käpitänskill "manuelles feuern der Sekundärbewaffnung" ausgewählt habe, streikt im Spiel komplett die Sekundärbewaffnung, selbst bei 2km Entfernung zum Feind tut sich nichts? Kein einziger Schuß? Ruhe? Heißt manuell etwa die feilen jetzt grad die mumpeln? Hat vll jmd das selbe Problem oder weiß Rat? Danke schon mal.
  12. Admiral_Kai


    Hi guys anyone else have issues with Bismarck Dispersion? I'm lucky if I get 20k dmg per game I jump onto my Tirpitz and do over 100k with no dispersion issues its driving me nutz and I'm playing no differently or aiming differently
  13. wegen Geschäftsaufgabe geschlossen-sry-viel spass weiterhin
  14. BadassKaiser

    I drew the Bismark

    How good is my drawing? I tried to draw Bismark (atleast i tried) and these are the results. Sorry for shaky cam but there is nothing i can do about it for now. If you look to my older posts, you can find an model battleship that has made by me with only cardboard. I uploaded 4 photos for avoiding shaking problems. It's much better in real life but damn, my camera sucks. http://i.hizliresim.com/LENJYj.jpg http://i.hizliresim.com/8Q5G6d.jpg http://i.hizliresim.com/m5pVX2.jpg http://i.hizliresim.com/EpN7OD.jpg If you zoom out the browser, the picture will be better.
  15. Feel_The_Turkish_Puch

    Bismarck Savaş Gemisi

    İnternette bulduğum en detaylı yazıyı sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum, yeni gelecek olması nedeniyle benim gibi araştıran ve merak edenler olabilir. https://tanklarvetarih.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/alman-savas-gemisi-bismarck/
  16. SanjaMae

    Deutsche Schiffe in Wort und Bild

    Die Bismark als Modell