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Found 1 result

  1. A bit of IFHE talk on the side

    So, I'll make it short: I had originally planned to go with a lolIFHE build for whenever I reach the Henry IV., because 240 / 6 x 1.3 = 52 meaning it can penetrate the 50mm armour threshold seen on a good couple hightier ships (Khabarovsk and Mostkva troll armour, deck armour on german BBs, etc.). Because why the hell not. Now though with the upcoming planned changes to IFHE, I would trade an awful lot of fire chance and the initial value for beating that threshold doesn't exactly look like it would make up for it. It also reminded me how useless the IFHE skill is for heavy cruiser guns in general and makes for a poor captain skill consistency for some lines of ships, most prominently the russian cruiserline which consists mostly of ships that benefit greatly from IFHE (both 152mm and 180mm need IFHE to do consistent damage past the lowtiers) but once you finally reach the Moskva at tier X, suddely that captain skill is utterly wasted. So you either have to respec the captain if you want to use it on the Moskva, or you have to train up a completely new, specialized captain for it. Seeing how WG is planning different IFHE effects depending on gun caliber (less firechance reduction for calibers of 139mm or less, greater firechance reduction for calibers of larger diameter), how about WG adds a third step: increase the HE penetration benefit for guns of a caliber of 203mm or higher so those guns get enough HE penetration to defeat the 50mm armour threshold (at the expense of firechance of course). That would require roughly a 1.5x multiplier instead of a 1.3x one. So IFHE could look like this: Gun caliber =< 139mm: 1.3x HE penetration, -1% firechance reduction Gun caliber > 139mm and < 203mm: 1.3x HE penetration, -8% firechance reduction Gun caliber => 203mm: 1.5x HE penetration, -8% firechance reduction Anyone thinks this might be a worthwhile addition to the game (beware IFHE Zaos) or is it just me trying too hard to get a lolIFHE Henry to work?