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Found 43 results

  1. MrConway

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Captains, As many of you know, our games have a very passionate modding community that continues to create amazing content from patch to patch that allows players to customize their game experience. As we are passionate players ourselves, we know that this issue is often discussed, but not all players are comfortable installing mods even if they might like to. Our solution is the World of Warships ModStation - an awesome tool that will allow you to easily install update and remove approved mods from your client. Please be aware that the ModStation is still in Beta, for more information or to report bugs you encounter please see the thread below.
  2. Simple really: What came first: Closed Beta Test or Beta Weekend? thanks
  3. I heard that the game is expected to leave Beta status in Q1 next year once the big CV redesign is done and the Graf Zeppelin is rebalanced. I have quite a lot of credits and Free XP, are they going to be wiped when the Beta ends?
  4. key,s Para la beta cerrada de Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Para los mas veteranos quiza recordeis el juego Battlefield Vietnam y un mod llamado Eve of Destruction ( http://www.eodmod.org/ ), tenia una banda sonora muy buena tambien. Este juego en fase beta cerrada me lo recordo y lo voy a probar este finde. Espero que os guste a los que lo probeis. Un saludo. Algun video mas Aqui teneis toda la info para conseguir una key para este juego ; https://eu.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/1592462/boards/contest-and-giveaways-global/Giveaway/rising-storm-2-vietnam-closed-beta-key-giveaway Como conseguir una key (Ingles)
  5. Updated for! I changed the Alpha, Beta, and Beta Weekend flags to their equivalent Greek letters: α, β, and...with some artistic license for the Beta Weekend flag...βω ¹ There are two versions: "SD", using the same dimensions as the stock flags (2048x2048), and "HD", with four times the pixles (4096x4096). SD version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cg4o73s6l50h801/alpha-beta flags SD.7z HD version: Soon ¹ The "w" in βω is actually the lowercase letter omega (Ω). The /w/ phoneme (technically, the voiced labio-velar approximant) used to be represented in Greek by the letter digamma (Ϝ, ϝ, ϛ), which was pronounced like "wau". In Greek, the letter (and the sound) went extinct something like 2500 years ago (6th-7th century B.C.,), although the glyph lives on as the Latin letter F. In modern Greek, the sound can be represented by the digraph οὐ or the trigraph οὐα
  6. Good day lads, I am planning to make a unicum guide for the Arkansas Beta, but WoWS developers still haven't resolved the situation with the fact that you can't use replays from older patch versions, so I can't use any replays from wowsreplays nor mine. I personally no longer got the luxury to play game after game just to get content for the video (plus getting a decent match worthy for showcase is at the mercy of RNGesus and the MM), and here is where you come in. I ask anyone who has an Arkansas Beta to play several matches at your discretion, and if you got played a good match, post the replay as a reply to this thread (or upload it somewhere, who cares), so it is compiled in the video. If you are able to go an extra mile to record the following scenarios, please do: - Arkansas B getting torpedo walled by a CVs planes - Arkansas B deleting a ship with one salvo - mandatory torpedobeat moment - enemies raging in chat because you brought them democracy I will do my best to use the community's footage for the video. Obviously, you will be credited in the video for your effort. Everyone's footage which ends up in the video gets 500 dubloons each as a gift. This is a EU-only effort, by the way, so that we try to close the gap in content creation between the other servers. Action stations, ya landlubbers! EDIT: I just found out that there is a ninja patch on the 26th, meaning that replays become useless again. Anyone who has good replays, send them on my inbox or post them here until midnight the 26th, so that I can start to record the footage. If you don't have anything great, that is not an issue, you can postpone playing the Arkansas B after the patch tomorrow. Overall I'd like to be done with gathering the footage by the 30th of this month.
  7. hallo20000

    Beta-Alpha Tester

    Hallo, ich spiele WOWS schon länger und habe mittlerweile 663 gefächte gespielt. Jetzt Wollte ich mal fragen ( ich weiß falsches tema aber wuste nicht wohin) Wie ich beta oder Alpha Tester werden kann es Würde mir sehr spaß machen. ich habe Wows auch auf meinen YT Kanal fabi00 Ab und zu Vorgestellt. also FAls einer mehr Infos hat wie man beta- alpha tester wird Würde ich mich um eine antwort freuen. MFG ingame Hallo20000 YTfabi00)
  8. www.twitch.tv/starkim1999'' guys i just wanan say i wanted to start streaming world of warships and i would love you if u joined me
  9. BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC: ARMADA ( BETA - Juego PC ) Pagina oficial ; http://www.battlefleetgothic-armada.com/ Trailer oficial ; Video gameplay en español ;
  10. Novilol

    Bug report

    Hello! I managed to try out the game with a friend of mine.I found a few errors that I would like to share: On Cleveland I cant zoom out until the battle begins.At the research page the picture and the description does not match sometimes.On the ships the shadows sometime vibrate (asus gtx 750) If possible, give me an invitation, please! Novilol, Veteran tester, veteran wot player, wannabe captain.
  11. Hallo zusammen, ich spiele WoW nun schon etwas länger seit der offenen Beta. Nun habe ich gesehen das die fertige Version da sein soll in der man dann auch die ersten deutschen Schiffe spielen kann. Mein WoW-Launcher meldet mir das ich die aktuellste Version installiert habe. Dennoch sehe ich bisher keinen deutschen Tech-Tree. Muss ich eine neue, andere Version installieren? Gruß BluSonic
  12. so they saying they about ready for release... with 2 nations? any opinions. Personally id find it outright insulting if they going to try and pass a ww2 navy game as ready for release without at least some ships in the RN/KM/IJN lines and maybe Russian and Italian (and RCA if your being pedantic about fleet size but I was more thinking notoriety at this point) but could go ither way with them. am not talking the massive sparling choice of ships like we now have in tank but something to sink out teeth into would be dammed great. also am not convinced they have the balances right yet.. I could be wrong not logged the game time to decide yet
  13. Hallo zusammen, mich würde eure Meinung direkt zum Releasetermin interessieren. Wir haben zwar schon Themen zum Termin an sich, dort geht es aber eher um Wipe oder keinen Wipe und andere "Anfängerfragen". Es wird übrigens keinen Wipe mehr geben, hätte Wargaming übrigens für die die es echt nicht besser wissen, ruhig noch mal erwähnen können ;) Hier nochmal der Link zur offiziellen Ankündigung des Releasetermins am 17. September 2015. Was bedeutet das also für uns und was für Wargaming? Der Beta-Schriftzug wird entfernt, es erfolgt der offizielle Release des Spiels. Es gibt mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit keine echten neuen Inhalte bis dahin, kein neuer Patch, keine neuen Schiffe, keine neuen Maps, Spielmodi oder sonstiges. Es erfolgt kein Wipe Die erste Season für den Ranked Mode startet (praktisch das "Highlight" der Releaseversion) In den USA erfolgt der Verkaufsstart der Tirpitz am 17. September 2015 WoWs wird von Online- und Printmagazinen getestet, da das Spiel released wurde Neue Spieler & mehr Spieler, sowie mehr Aufmerksamkeit sind das klare Ziel durch den Release und wohl der einzige echte Grund für den frühen Release des Spiels aus meiner Sicht Events für die Spieler und Wettbewerbe ab Release, ein kleiner Pluspunkt. Aktuell wurde uns ja meistens gesagt, hey wir sind noch in der Beta, da gibt es eben noch keine Events, ändert sich mit dem Release Mir ist klar, dass man mit dem Release und der Ankündigung des Termins neue Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zieht, neue Spieler gewinnen will und gewinnen wird, sowie mehr Sichtbarkeit des Titels erzielt. Andererseits kommt mir der Release eindeutig zu früh. Warum? Es gab bisher erst einen größeren Patch. Dieser hat klar aufgezeigt, dass es noch an grundsätzlichen Features und deren Umsetzungen mangelt (MM, Balancing, Border Grinding, etc.) Balancing ist ein fortwährender Prozess, aber das MM und Border Grinding sind aus meiner Sicht eklatante Mängel gewesen und zum Teil immer noch, die für sehr viel Frust sorgen und sorgen können, auch weiterhin in Teilen. Ein Release im Oktober/November wäre sinnvoll(er) gewesen: Zeit für eine weitere mögliche Stufe im Wehrpass mit neuen Features Zeit für einen weiteren Patch mit möglichen Ergänzungen wie ersten einfachen Clan-Funktionen Zeit für eine Überarbeitung der "Daily Quests" Zeit für eine weitere Überarbeitung des MM und Border Grindings (Kartenrand entlang fahren) Zeit für die Implementierung der ersten DE/RU Schiffe, man hätte somit auch ein großes Werbewirksames Mittel für den Release gehabt, statt mit praktisch 0 neuem Content in den Release überzugehen Zeit für mögliche 1-2 weitere Maps Aus meiner Sicht der der Zeitpunkt verfrüht gewählt und der eher negative Aspekt überwiegt dem positiven Dingen teils deutlich. Warum wurde die MM Problematik nicht bereits während der CB bemerkt und entsprechend reagiert? Warum ändert man das Kartenrandfahren nicht einfach so, dass Spieler dort nach x Sekunden einen DoT/Damage over Time/Schaden über Zeit-Effekt verpasst bekommen? Es sind genug Spieler vorhanden und so lange das der Fall ist, sollte das MM ausgeglichener gestaltet sein. Auch was die Anzahl der Schiffstypen betrifft. Ja, mit dem neuen Patch verbessert sich einiges, aber auch hier ist immer noch klares Steigerungs- und Verbesserungspotenzial vorhanden. Das WoWs die Open Beta verlässt heißt natürlich nicht, dass man fertig mit dem Spiel ist, immerhin geht die Entwicklung und der Patchvorgang über Jahre beständig weiter. Aber dennoch finde ich den Release jetzt in 2 Wochen überhastet. Neue Spieler für sich gewinnen, Tests bekommen, mehr Aufmerksamkeit, Werbeoffensive hin oder her, aber man hätte dies besser zumindest auf Mitte/Ende Oktober legen sollen. Warum habe ich ausgeführt, so hätte man mit der Releaseankündigung die ersten DE/RU Schiffe bringen können, mögliche neue Features oder ein neues Feature + 1-2 neue Maps. Man hätte einen echten Mehrwert geschaffen für neue und mögliche wiederkehrende Spieler in WoWs. /discuss
  14. Spartan41

    Arkansas Beta no AA at tier 4

    the Arkansas Beta should be upgraded to the WW2 version I can deal with speed and range of guns but no AA at tier 4 makes the Arkansas Carrier meat please upgrade this wonderful ship just with AA everything else I can deal with
  15. Feuchte_Grotte

    WG and their way of dealing with things.

    Did WG suffered from a memory loss or something? Because I see same rooky mistake's in this game like I saw in WoT few years ago: - WoT: in the beginning HE were OP ( was able to take down a IS-4 in my Stug 3, when IS-4 was T9. ). Same here HE dots ticks way to often and way too much. - WoT: in the beginning the MM was a mess, here is worse. I see 2 Tier 5 carriers on my team vs 1 Tier 4 carrier in the enemy team. Or the other way around. Even in OB WOT teams were better balanced, and there were like 10k ppl online back then, so it's not about numbers, it's about MM itself. - WoT: spotting system was pretty much a mess in the beginning same as here. You see a boat in plain site then is disappearing, reappearing and so on despite the fact the distance between the 2 is constant. - WoT gun accuracy was random until the buffed the accuracy for all guns just to reroll it again last year. Same here. - WoT arty OP as hell in the beginning same as Carriers now. I assume just like arty Carriers will be nerfed to death in few months.. Does it really need to wait some years to bring this game where WoT was couple of years ago? There is plenty of feedback from WoT which matches this game.
  16. Cybernoodle

    P2W u went there, and died

    Consumables make the "game" pw2. I want my money back.
  17. When CTRL + mouse over an ammo type to get my gun range I sometimes get the range displayed to several decimal places and with no unit: eg. 9.8483 when I assume it ought to be 9.8km or 9.84km. No biggie but sure you want to iron these small creases out of such a great game. Edit: Got a screen grab. This was on the tier 4 IJN DD. As a Physics graduate it also makes me sad how ranges display to widely varying precisions. If you're going to say 9.84km then it should be 9.50km rather than 9.5km. Stop the discrimination against 0s - they are digits too
  18. First of all hello everyone and glad to be here, this is a great game and so far also been seeing traces of a nice and friendly community here, I been checking around the forums a bit and I wasn't able to find what I was looking for, maybe I didnt look good enough or maybe there just wasn't a topic with a obvious title to it, I am new to this game and that's why I came to post in the newcomers section, and I been wondering since I read there was a purge before from closed beta to open beta, I wonder if the game will have another purge again later on when fully released? since I am trying to go slowly for the tier X ships( example Yamato) and since I dont play always would be sad if would need to start from 0 again later and if so then I would prefer to wait til the game is fully out and without worrying about my progress being wiped... I been wondering about this since I also saw you could buy premium ships, which if I would ever see one interesting one I would also like to buy but at the moment there is nothing in sights, but anyways I wont buy anything if there could be a purge again later.
  19. Zdravím všechny mariňáky. Máte někdo informace, jak to bude ohledně open bety dále, co se postupu ve hře týče? Zůstanou mi lodě do ostré verze? Pokud ne, budou nějaké rewardy? Představa, že bych znova vyjel Yamato nebo Ibuki a pak o ně přišel, je dost děsivá...
  20. Witam serdecznie wszystkich z CBT. Jak już zapewne wiecie wystartowała Open Beta, a co za tym idzie, serwery zostały zalane przez niedoświadczone mięso armatnie, świeżego rekruta. Z naszą narodową tradycją, wypada aby starci stażem, wyżyli się ile wlezie przeprowadzili chrzest bojowy. W związku z czym zapraszam każdego kto czyje się sfrustrowany i chce odreagować; ma niezaspokojone potrzemy sadystyczne; hołduje dawnym tradycją obozowym/kolonijnym/ZSW; chce się po prostu rozerwać, do dywizjonu St. Louis. Wymagania: - Uczestnictwo w CBT - Posiadanie St. Louis - Posiadanie TS - Minimum jeden browar / flaszka - 3 perkowy kapitan - Zamontowane 2 moduły. - Zakupiony Kamuflaż. - Przynajmniej podstawowa znajomość mechaniki gry. - Kultura osobista Korzyści: - Dobra zabawa - Poprawa statysyk - Podtrzymanie narodowego etosu cebularstwa - Możliwość zawarcia nowych znajomości
  21. Scoia_tael_

    Open Beta?

    Hey leute, wisst ihr wann die Open Beta von World of Warships starten soll? LG, Tankrider2001
  22. Hello Captains! Was about time for me to make a bug report... First thing first, just to not fill the Forum Section with Topics, I will post all the bugs I will find here. Now let's go! Nagato last battery not moving. To be more specific, the last gun of the main battery was not stuck, it moved in the opposite direction as the rest of the main battery. The bug occurred when I pressed Shift to exit the Sniper Mode. Cleveland camera stuck during battle countdown Note: The camera gets stuck only on the Cleveland, not any other ship I possess. The bug occurs only during the countdown, when the battle starts the camera gets back to normal. Blocked Loading Screen Sometimes when the queue puts me right into a match (the queue screen doesn't appear at all) this happpens: the loading bar doesn't move and the countdown clock can be heard. The screen remains as in the screenshot until 3-4 seconds before the battle starts. Wrong Geodata Islands of Ice, Iceberg in E4. North, big island in the F9 zone. Corrupted sound Note: haven't tested yet the correct circumstances but, when you get hit several times sometimes the sound corrupts. More specifically, gun fire, engine sound, torpedo proximity alert, collision proximity alert and other GUI sounds stop working. From a friend's report, restarting the game does NOT always fix this problem. Also: sometimes when I do my intensive play sessions (30-40 battles) sometimes the sound corrupts (you can hear disturbs and artifacts) - using the "high quality" sound parameter. A restart may fix it. Daily Missions timing Note: unless I don't live on a different planet, a day isn't 60+ hours long... Chat Bug Exocet6951, on 05 April 2015 - 10:46 AM, said: Open a chat window, type out a message in between "[ ]" symbols, then press enter. The message disappears but the chat stays open. Type something again and press enter a few times, and you will have the text between brackets "[ ]" followed by the second text you wrote. As stated by Exocet6951, there's something wrong with the chat when typing symbols. This happens to me too when I use the "#" symbol. The opposite happens instead: when I type the "<" symbol - it won't display any text after the "<" symbol. ( minimap After this patch, I cannot pin a sector on the minimap anymore. A friend's report This is a screenshot taken by a friend of mine who's having this bug. The "black screen" occurs ONLY on "Big Race" map. I don't have any detail about his config, the only thing I know is that he plays the game with the "Low" preset, no triple buffer, no vsync, reduced GUI refresh rate and apparently not in fullscreen (since the screenshot is in 1366x706) Don't know the PC specs either, only thing I can say is a below-average tier laptop who's only real use can be as a toaster. Division bug When I was still playing with this friend of mine, it occurred that we cannot enter a battle, if we clicked on the button the "Queue sound" would play but we were still in the Port. The bug was resolved when both of us restarded the game, after both tried to "host" the Division and both we were bugged into the Port. Bugged gun turrets I don't know the exact cause for this bug, but I can tell that it occurred only two times. Both times were in my first match with a stock ship. Only in that case, I had no control whatsoever on my main batteries. Restart bug Sometimes I had to restart the game (read the bug above) and I couldn't join the match. The game stucks at the login screen and in the background you can hear the loading screen (match) and the match itself, with all the gunshots and stuff. Now for this one, is it intentional as if, we can't enter a match once started like on World of Tanks or it's just bugged?
  23. Hi, So what i seem to do a lot ingame is press ALT constant that will display information on your target, the only issue i have is that i hold ALT and press tab to see the team score For the people who don't know what happens ALT TAP will swap to the next program and i and up in my desktop feeling like a moron. One way to fix this is press ALT once to display information and press again to disable, not hold ALT. Now i binded team stats to a new key but it will happen and keep happing to other people and it should be an easy fix. Nibiru.
  24. When will they open beta or allow us to applicate for closed beta i've been waiting for a good 3 months now cause they didnt send me notifications that u can apply and i subscribed Share this untill they notice this and allow us to try out the amaizing game of World of Warships that i want to play like World of Tanks! Cheers dodolino
  25. Muy buenas a tod@s y bienvenidos a este nuevo hilo en el que, como jugador nuevo, veo completamente necesaria su existencia. Antes de nada yo quería hacer una preguntita a los mas veteranos en este juego, ya que es la primera vez que me sucede esto con una beta cerrada. Resulta que yo compre el Lote Universal del marinero, en el cual viene el destructor Sims de Tier VII, 1 espacio mas en el puerto, 3000 oros y acceso a la Beta cerrada. Pues bien, tras comprarlo no consigo encontrar la manera de descargar este gran juego y después de tantísimo tiempo intentando probarlo sin demasiada suerte que me pase esto... me irrita a mas no poder. Alguien me puede echar una mano??? Y si alguien tiene por casualidad el URL del acceso a la descarga del launcher agradecería muchísimo que o bien lo postease o me lo envíe por mensaje privado. (Casi mejor la primera)