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Found 6 results

  1. The_Great_SCH

    Benson (or T8) in T10 games (META)

    Hello all. I was reading all threads relevant to the Benson and the current High Tier META and made me open a new thread for the following reasons : - some threads are old and not applying to the current patch - some threads were opened Before the start of the new ARP Missions First things first, I am not an Unicum player, have some really good games and have really bad ones. Recently I started the USN DD grind and took me a short time to grind to T8 with little effort, while I was having a lot of fun. So I bought my Benson, played some Coop games to upgrade her and pressed "Battle" in a Random game. Guess what, my first T10 game in a DD, and boy was I LOST. I need the help of my fellow Benson owners, who enjoy her the most to help me figure out what my role would be in a T10 game, because I cannot seem to find my place.
  2. Greetings fellow captains! Habe mich an einem Funny Moments Video zu WoWs versucht, da ich auch so schon mit anderen Leuten aufnehme. Außerdem sind dann die ganzen Replays endlich mal zu gebrauchen Ist zwar aktuell nur ein Video zu Warships aber weitere sind geplant. Hoffe euch gefällts! Man sieht sich auf den virtuellen Meeren! DrPatex
  3. Greetings fellow captains! Since I am already recording some other stuff with friends and also playing a lot WoWs lately I tried to record this game aswell (Those replays are finally useful for me ) It's only one video related to Warships but I am planning on creating more because of the good response so far. I hope you guys enjoy it like I did editing May the RNG be with you! DrPatex
  4. Solus_73

    Invisible Destroyer

    I was torped by Bensen DD, when I followed it in spectator free mode it was more invisible than visible, how come ? can someone explain ?
  5. Favuz

    Benson or Edimburgh?

    Hello guys, i'm about to unlock those 2 ships (10k xp for Benson, 25k for Edimburgh) Unfortunately, i can't afford to buy both ships for the moment (need to save for Bismarck modules). I enjoyed both Mahan and Fiji (Fiji is objectively good, and i did suprisingly well with Mahan), so i would not like to sell them; Had to choose, i'll surely sell Mahan. Considering that both ships will get screwed by MM and i'll play them stock (i'm saving free XP for tier 9 hulls), what ship would you buy first? US is the only DD i'm currently playing, stopped with IJN at tier IV, while for cruiser i'm playing also russians (i'll probably start a new DDand Cruiser line soon, have still to choose which)
  6. CuddlyPanda

    Benson & Fletcher skill distribution

    Hello all, I was wondering about the last 2 then 3 skill points on my Benson and Fletcher captain. Currently I have 17 points, and I am thinking about getting TAE until I get my final point. I have noticed that the torpedo rearm on the Benson is slow-ish in situations. Also, what are your preferences and experiences with the Fletcher? I am thinking about running with TTM 3 and TAE, since the gun reload should be plenty fast. My build: 1.) BFT 2.) LS 3.) SI 4.) DE 5.) CE Feel free to discuss