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Found 8 results

  1. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Will Benham ever get released?

    Im probably beating a dead horse at this point ......but..... @MrConway @Crysantos is there any chance of you releasing Benham for sale (dabloons or cash) anytime soon? I was one of those unfortunate DD Main players that has supported your game all the way back to Closed Beta testing but didnt have the possibility to grind your somewhat poorly planned Benham event during the summer vacation time when family fathers like me has family and travelplans to attent to instead of isolating myself in front of the computer all summer. Since being a DD main and the Shimakaze being my first T10 I ever grinded, Benham was one of the most anticipated ships for me in this game, and at this time probably the only thing I would spend money on in this game as is. Im guessing you just every other company now more then ever need some hard earned cash flow right about now. I will not spend any money on other content or playing the container lottery for that matter. So, I ask again, is there a plan of releasing the ship, and can you shed som light on when and how?
  2. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Any news on when we can expect the Benham?

    @MrConway @Crysantos @WG_Lumberjack Is there any news on when we can expect to see the Benham for sale ingame? Its been half a year since the event and considering all the threads, me and many with me are quite pissed of that you choosed to put the event for this ship in the summer holiday period which pretty much ment that you had to scrap your holiday with your family to be able to grind this ship. I have been a DD main from CBT and Shima was my first T10 I grinded so I was as same as many others really looking forward to this ship. But since I have a familly and we had a holiday abroad planned I really didnt have a chance. It would also be usefull to know what kind of way/currency you are planning to make it available in? Right now many are just stockpiling everything to make sure they have it when it gets released and that must be counter effektive for you.
  3. I just thought it might be interesting to see if anyone actually get these ships that are dangeled in front of us to tease us to buy any of the Christmas containers. Of the whole list I choosen these four (Missouri, Musashi, Benham and Belfast) since imho I think these are what the mayority of the playerbase would consider the "Jackpot win" out of them all. Many of these are considered really rare and in some cases a bit OP. For instance I didnt include Kutuzov since its not really that OP/broken any more with likes of Colberts and Smolensks in the game. So I just wanna know, in the name of transparancy, who if any have actually gotten these mighty four out of the boxes. And I would like to see either a picture of when you got the ship (im guessing many would take a screenshot of a thing like that) or atleast a screenshot from the ship in your port with close to none XP on it. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Number of USN Tier IX "Benham" DDs in WoWs... Few days ago WG posted some InfoGraphics regarding the "Rouge Wave" event but they didn't post the most interesting info - how many "Benham" DDs were issued... "Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/rogue-wave-results/ If we take a look at "MapleSyrup" we see the following data: http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/ShipAvgList/ShipAvgList.html Week of 2019/07/06 = 112 Unique Player IDs playing at least 1 Random game in "Benham" Week of 2019/07/13 = 158 Unique Player IDs playing at least 1 Random game in "Benham" Week of 2019/07/20 = 350 Unique Player IDs playing at least 1 Random game in "Benham" Week of 2019/07/27 = 1102 Unique Player IDs playing at least 1 Random game in "Benham" Week of 2019/08/03 = 594 Unique Player IDs playing at least 1 Random game in "Benham" Week of 2019/08/17 = 776 Unique Player IDs playing at least 1 Random game in "Benham" If we take a look at "WoWs Stats & Numbers": https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3761125360,Benham/?p=7 We see that there are 612 players with more than 40 battles in "Benham" Overall... the numbers look rather low and possibly just 1000+ "Benham" DDs were issued in total... Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Hi all, Are you grinding (or will grind) USS Tier IX DD "Benham" for 800 "Fuel Tokens"? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. As much as I wish to have USS Tier IX DD "Benham" this summer grind is just out of my reach... simply no time for that lengthy time investment...
  6. I was supposed to get my Benham today but for some reason I didn't find the 100 fuel token mission and I only found coal daily missions. What happened?!!!
  7. Hi all, Keeping the "Fletcher" after acquiring "Benham" (and having" Gearing" as well)? The "Fletcher" was one of my favorite DDs in game. I kept her with her separate 19-point captain even though I have "Gearing" with "Alexander Ovechkin" 19-point captain (finally brought him to 19-points - there were other more pressing priorities for "Elite Captain XP"). Now I have "Benham"... So... is there any practical use to keep "Fletcher"? Comparison of two ships with AA special module installed: Leo "Apollo11"
  8. I've gathered 575 fuel tokens so far which means I only need 225 tokens. Token collection will end at 26-7-2019. If I complete the "Directive Mission" and "Daily Mission" I will get 200 more which leaves me missing 25 tokens. How am I gonna get those?