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Found 5 results

  1. Bosco_Boris

    Reporting Abuse?

    Hi all, I have been playing WoW for some time and this is my first time taking to the forums. This evening I encountered the first instance of seriously abusive behavior I've seen on WoW. It wasn't directed at me but it was very harsh and racist and not the kind of thing any of us want to see while having a bit of fun and blowing crap up! I took the player to task over it but battle was cut short (by crushing defeat). Unfortunately I didn't think to screenshot the conversation in the team chat, but is there a way of reporting this kind of behavior to Wargaming management? I wouldn't usually be much of a keyboard warrior but what I saw tonight was completely out of order. I'm not going to name and shame the player here, but I'm willing to bet its not the first time he's thrown his toys out of the pram. Any help would be appreciated, Bosco
  2. Haven't seen this posted anywhere on WoWs forums so thought I'd give you guys a heads up as it might mean a use for Karma etc. http://massivelyop.com/2016/08/02/wargaming-to-reward-good-behavior-in-new-rule-violation-policy/
  3. Lighthill

    Faster "Team killer" bans

    Known team killer, starts a match by destroying 1,5 friendlies and no ban?!?!? If you inflict any damage to friendly before any enemies --> Warning: Lock guns for 10 seconds. Second time: Ban! It shouldnt be possible to destroy friendlies!! When ban happens game could inform "There has been a mutiny on board" and player would be kicked and replaced.
  4. D0dger_1

    Ingame chat

    There needs to be some decorum within in-game chat. Granted not a lot of chat occurs in World of Warships Beta currently, but it's only a matter of time before the intolerant and antagonistic players ruin the online gaming experience for newcomers as in World of Tanks. I'm amazed at the lack of common courtesy and respect players extend to one another within the War-gaming franchise. Those players that insult others frankly need to grow-up, after all it is suppose to be an enjoyable gaming experience; not a platform for you to abuse others. For the record, everyone at some point began as a beginner and yet the cowardly minority hide behind their computers and make derisive comments without thinking about consequences. I fail to understand the acrimonious behaviour of insulting chat. What are they hoping to gain? Inspiration...more like a desperate plea to gravitate negative attention to themselves which is frankly pathetic and their actions utterly deplorable. And for all this, the War-gaming community has volumes of informative content available online to improve the playing abilities of new players. (So it isn't all bad..neh) I would like to see more condemnation from team players in retaliation to insulting players.
  5. chamorro

    Toxic Behaviour

    Well, I felt like somebody had to do this, Lets all raise our voices against insulting, whining or raging in battle chat in-game! Lets make this CBT the most enjoyable possible for all of us I would also want to ask for other players to post something similar in their respective language forums Lets show ourselves, the other testers, developers and everybody else that we can all behave like civilize people and have the most agreable experience in this great game! Even if this message only makes 1 person change his/her manners in-game, it would have been worth it for me See you all in the battlefield battleseas!