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Found 7 results

  1. So you made it to World of Warships. Congratulations, it is a very fun game to play... but the question is how? Since there are so many threads about what and how to do it, let's start a quick comprehensive guide of what to do. ​Ship Classes Nations Navigation and Maneuvering Combat: Gunnery Combat: Torpedoes Combat: Carrier Air Groups Combat: Active Skills Ship Classes Let's start right off with the basics. There are currently 4 different types of ships in game. While they still do have different characteristcs per nation and ship, the classes themselves mostly share a common goal. So I'm going to introduce the characteristics of each class to you. [CA] Cruisers Since this is the class you start off with, we'll start with them. Cruisers in general are the work horses of the fleet. They are average in almost everything - meaning they can fullfill any task in the fleet. Most of them pack a rather high rate of fire and some even sport torpedo launchers. They have some armour but it won't withstand a serious bombardment. A specialty, most cruisers are quite good at, is sinking destroyers (DD) with their main batteries and (usually) HE shells. The high rate of fire and usually large amount of guns makes them perfect for shelling enemy destroyers. They are also adequately protected against most destroyer guns and are maneuverable enough to avoid the enemy torpedoes when they stay at least 4-5 km away. Engaging battleships can work with a cruiser, however you do not want to eat a broadside, since that will severly cripple or outright destroy you. While some cruisers sport enough DPM to bring a BB in some serious trouble, one lucky salvo from a BB can take out a cruiser. If you have to engage a battleship, you have to use your maneuverability. Watch closeley when the enemy is firing, and turn to throw off his aim - that of course works better the further away the BB is. Once you advance in the game, your main role besides fighting off destroyers and other cruisers is aerial cover. Cruisers often sport the best air defence - besides carriers themselves. So in higher tier games it is a good idea, to support your battleships with your AA guns to mow those pesky torpedo bombers out of the sky. [DD] Destroyers The second class you can unlock are the destroyers. Their main purpose can easily be determined, when you know that they were also called torpedo boats by some nations. Your objective is to launch your torpedoes into enemy battleships or carriers. Of course you have some guns, but these are mainly for fending of enemy destroyers and can also be a problem for yourself as firing these makes you visible to the enemy. If you don't have to fire your guns, use low visibility to your advantage and sneak up on enemy ships, launch your torpedoes and get out and find some cover. The ability to lay smoke screens aids you in that approach - and also disabling your AA guns when you try to go unnoticed (default key: P). When you engage close range, keep in mind, that most battleships, cruisers and even some carriers have secondary guns, that can be very deadly to you, especially since they are AI controlled and will fire at you, even if the BB is engaged with something else. You're also sailing the fastest and most nimble ships in game. If you get fired upon, turn a lot, to make yourself difficult to hit. Try to avoid direct confrontations and launch your torpedoes into distracted enemies for devastating effect. [bB] Battleships The might of any fleet, these ships sport some major ordnance. Up to 46cm or 18 inches in diameter, they fire shells weighing up to and even more than one ton per gun at the enemy at up to 25 km. Reading that, you might think, why would anyone else sail some puny ship when he could go for a battleship? Well they have several drawbacks. First of all, they are huge if not outright gigantic. So anything shooting at you, will most likely hit. You have some tough armour around the most vulnerable parts of your ship, but not everywhere. Also, being huge means being heavy. Heavy things turn an break much more slowly than light things. So, if you see a spread of torpedoes incoming, it is often too late to turn away from all of them. So keep an eye out for torpedo bombers an destroyers. Don't let them get too close and turn before they get to launch their deadly cargo. Another drawback you have are your guns. Yes they are big, yes they can devastate enemy ships with a single hit, yes they can fire almost anywhere on the map. You pay for that in other departments. First, your turrets are turning slow - and when I say slow, I mean a snail is fast in comparison. Turning that huge piece of metal from one side completely to the other can take up to almost 2 minutes. That means, plan ahead where you're going. It's no good when you can't use your guns for two minutes, because someone popped up on your other side. Second, loading such a huge gun takes time - a lot of time. You can't just switch ammo types and blindly fire away and think something will hit. Again, you have to plan every salvo. Leading the target is extremely important, because your shells can fly more than 20 seconds when the target is far away. If you're in doubt, you might want to risk a ranging shot and see where it lands. The ALT key is your friend here, since it displays additional information like the distance to the enemy ship and the distance and flight time to where you're aiming. Third, such a huge gun on a floating platform has some serious deviaton. In the worst case, they can be off by about as much as your ships length. So shooting smaller ships might just splash water all around them. If you engage smaller ships, you might want to shoot HE ammo. While you can still severely hurt or kill a cruiser with AP ammo (since they sport some armour) your AP ammo is practically useless against destroyers or carriers. Battleships on the other hand, load AP and try to hit the center of the ship or directly below the turrets. That is where their magazines are for the big boom effect. So try to stay at range and plan your attack. Never go alone, because a single BB is just a juicy target. Always assist the rest of your fleet with your enormous firepower and big armour - and while you reload, they can keep the enemy busy. [CV] Aircraft Carriers The last class of ships you can unlock play out a little different. As the name suggests, these ships are all about aircraft. Basically you sail a mobile airport. That means, you have no offensive weapons that you can control on your ships hull itself. Therefore you might want to stay out of the range of enemy ships guns - however, that also increases flight time for your planes. So don't stay too far away. It can be a little tricky, but the best thing to do usually is to stay slightly behind the rest of your fleet an support them in any way you can. Also, you're not just some sort of artillery that sticks in the corner and doesn't do much besides launching bombers. While you always have some bombers and can launch torpedoes, you also have fighter planes. Use these for scouting, intercepting enemy bombers and shooting down enemy scouts. You're not only a long range damage dealer, you're also your fleets aireal shield. Support your cruisers in their air defence fight just as much as you use your torpedo bombers. Speaking of which, use your torpedo bombers wisely. That means, plan your angle of attack (by dragging it around the enemy ship) and try to use squadrons in conjunction, so that if he turns out of one spread of torps, he will turn into the second. Use different angles of attack and maneuver your planes clear of enemy air defence. to be continued with Nations
  2. I've created a series for complete beginners in which I'll be going through all the account levels (which experienced players have probably forgotten about) and explaining the basics of the game and the interface. I've created this topic separately from my main video topic so that if you know of a brand new player, you can send them here and they won't be confused and confuddled by all the other content. Here's the link to the playlist itself: StatsBloke's World of Warships Zero to Hero Playlist I'll post the individual videos here too in case you know someone who needs to know about a particular basic topic.
  3. As i am currently at the very start of WoWS i looked around in the WWW for advice and howto´s and thought sharing my findings can be beneficial for others too. If you search for WoWS knowhow you can find it here. iChaseGaming Youtube channel dedicated to WoWS and everything around it. The channel provides a high class "Captains Academy" where iChase the mechanics of WoWS explains and solid knowledge provides. my rating: 10 out of 10, must watch channel Captains Academy
  4. German_Dragon_Force sucht neue Mitglieder. _GDF_ Wir sind ein neuer aufstrebender Clan sowohl in wot als auch in wows vertreten. Uns ist es wichtig Spass zu haben und es gibt keine verpflichtenden Termine. Wir bieten: Discord -- ist wie ts Nette und Lustige Leute sowohl Anfänger als auch Profis Regelmässiges gemeinsames Spielen Gegenseitige Unterstützung Zocken in wows und wot Auf wunsch auch Schulungen Gemeinsames Divisionsfahren Was wir erwarten: Es ist uns egal ob du Anfänger oder Profi bist wir wollen ja voneinander lernen. Gute Laune und Spass am Spiel Installiertes Discard Kultivierter Umgang miteinander Kein Mindestalter kein Mindestskill Über deine Bewerbung würden wir uns freuen. Ahoi wir sehen uns auf See.
  5. Hallo zusammen, Wargaming.net bittet alle YouTuber die Community an eigenen Videos und Projekten teilhaben zu lassen. Daher auch gerne von mir den Kanal, für Einsteiger (sind wir alle oder?). www.youtube.com/Guowenn Platziert dort auch gerne euere Fragen zu dem Spiel, was ihr wissen und erklärt haben wollt. Diese Themen greife ich in kommenden Videos mit auf. Auch die Qualität ist in WoWs genau so wie in meinen anderen auch: [HD][1080p][angepasste Farbkurven] etc... Danke fürs Vorbeisehen ! Gruß Guowenn (aka de_LONE)
  6. WildBlueYonder

    Good non premium low tier ships

    Which ship (max tier V I'd say) is a good start for beginners, as in user friendly and effective? As of now I want to get better with DDs, and I've found the Tier II IJN DD to be quite good with upgraded torps, but I'd like to know if I should focus on some other branches because I've heard bad things of USN and IJN Tier III DDs. Thanks
  7. I'm interested in WoWs for some time and I want to start playing. I do want to be prepared for it, and not learn that you have to press W to go forward. So, what's the best preparation? I finished watching WG's YouTube videos. I watched some reviews, gameplays and streams. Or maybe it's a good idea to learn all the basic stuff on the Common Test to skip a part of the beginner's 'nooby' gameplay? What's the best line for beginners? I was thinking about the St. Louis and Cleveland line. But is that a good choice? How do spotting mechanics work? It's a quite hard thing to learn for me. Are there any mods like in WoT? What are the flags or signals for? Can you play a platoon with more players that only yourself? Is there an academy in WoWs which teaches new players, like in WoT, W-UNI and SGTA? I need a lot of answers and a lot of training. Please reply if you think you can help me, I can use everything you guys write here in this topic, TheHunterPL66