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Found 7 results

  1. Hello again British community (and everybody who uses this forum too) Some of you may know me as someone who posted months back a line split of IJN BB and BC trees; that work of mine was based on a very famous, in our forum at least, work done by three persons: @Criseox @manolojones and @imply_tha_best These three amazing people gave to us what they called the “Bola de Cristal” which means the “Crystal Ball” which future readers use for their predictions. They had a couple of them, like Russian French and Italian BBs. Sadly, our national forum was closed 15th of March this year; despite that discouraging event, the Spanish community moved to a unofficial forum and there, after a long break and a summer long of discussions and debates, we finalized the tree that very soon you all shall see. Why I say “we” and not “they”? Well that is because I joined them as my 19 birthday gift; that and the making of this very difficult although very rewarding full German capital ship line split. Hope you all enjoy it the same way as us. I’m going to post it little by little, about 2 tiers each day. Hopefully today I will be able to share with you the introduction plus tier 3 and 4. Plus, when I’m finished I’m goimg to share it to the Panzerkancker YT channel for even more “publicity”. I only ask the moderators that they do not ban me for double posting . That I and my own level of English My personal dedication to @1MajorKoenig @NothingButTheRain And all the others who had kind words for my job back in the IJN BB and BC tree Sorry But I can’t remember you all Hope you have an awesome time reading this and good luck on the rough seas! Edit: Scrap! I knew I lef one out! Thanks for the early like @ColonelPete
  2. Hi all, Any experience thus far with new BB/BC vs. DD rule (i.e. caliber above 280 mm = Damage per AP shell = 10%)? "Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia!" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0711-rule-britannia/ Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Der erste deutsche Schlachtkreuzer betritt die Arena: ST, German battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Tier VI Hit points – 52 300. Plating - 25 mm. Armor belt – 270 mm. Torpedo damage reduction – 27%. Main battery - 4x2 350 mm. Firing range – 17.8 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 4000. Chance to cause fire – 27%. Maximum AP shell damage - 10500. Reload time - 24 s. 180 degree turn time - 30 s. Maximum dispersion - 241 m. HE initial velocity - 815 m/s. AP initial velocity - 815 m/s. Sigma value – 2.0. Secondaries - 8х2 105 mm, range - 5,0 km, Maximum HE Shell Damage - 1200, Reload Time - 3,4 с. 14х1 150 mm, range - 5,0 km, Maximum HE Shell Damage - 1700, Reload Time - 7,5 с. AA defense - 12х1 20 mm, range - 2,0 km, damage per second - 36. 8х2 37 mm, range - 3,5 km, damage per second - 21. 8х2 105 mm, range - 4,5 km, damage per second - 134. Maximum speed - 28 kt. Turning circle radius - 800 m. Rudder shift time – 14,0 s. Surface detectability – 12,4 km. Air detectability – 12,4 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 11,0 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Repair party All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. Natürlich "etwas" modernisiert, obgleich dezenter als die Schlachtschiffe. Da die Stats sich noch ändern können sage ich dazu besser nichts... außer eine Sache: 12,4 KM Tarnwert? So sneakyfür ein 223 Meter langes 35.000 Tonnenschiff.
  4. FrankvC_Jr

    Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Hi all Around the beginning of March, I posted here a post gathering help for a project. The thing itself is a total rearrange of the IJN capital ship tree. As my community closed (the Spanish forum I mean), I was a bit hesitant to post it here. Then I decided to finish it first in our new external forum we made; but now I think is time to post it here for you English speaking guys to enjoy. I apologize in advance because I may do some mistakes, which I hope you understand. And finally to end with this intro, I would love to see the people who helped me on the first thread @NothingButTheRain and @1MajorKoenig read this, finally done, job. I hope you all like it. (A quick note: I decided to pick the most balanced ships/projects rather than trying to play the balance game with different years or configurations for individual ships or ship classes; that is why there is quite a few difficult choices) Ship list: -Kawachi Tier 3 BB -Myogi Tier 4 BC -Harima Tier 4 BB -Hiei Tier 5 BC -Iwami Tier 5 BB -Tsurugi Tier 6 BC Fast BB -Fuso Tier 6 BB -Unzen Tier 7 BC Fast BB -Nagato Tier 7 BB -Amagi Tier 8 BC-Fast BB -Tosa Tier 8 BB -Owari Tier 9 Fast BB -Izumo Tier 9 BB -Mikawa Tier 10 Fast BB -Yamato Tier 10 BB
  5. WG is planning to add two new high tier ships to the game. Kronshtadt Stalingrad Many players wonder which ship types these ships should get. I am interested to know what the community thinks. Maybe this could influence WGs view on the matter. @MrConway @Sehales Thank You
  6. A Detailed look at Project 1047 Quick foreword V2: NA user Lert suggested this design for me to take a look at after I had completed my first review of J3, and so I started to gather material to construct a review. However, real life intervened, and this review took the back seat for a while. Eventually, Lert decided to take a stab at reviewing it himself, and although I had roughly completed my own review, I donated my efforts for him to use in his own review, he being the Dutchman after-all, and so a lot more passionate about the ship in question. However, I am allowed to copy paste the review over here for your interest, so here it be. Personally, I think this ship is a decent bet for tier 6, tier 7 at a push with some buffing, but tier 6 is far more likely. Ok, as a Dutchman I think it's time to come clean and admit it. It's time to admit that it was us, the Dutch, that caused both world wars. It wasn't Serbians assassinating Arch Dukes left right and center that caused World War I, it wasn't Germany invading Poland that started off World War II, it was us. The Dutch. Twice in the 20th century did we attempt to design a proper capital ship to put us on somewhat equal footing with everyone else. The 1913 battleship designs in the early nineteen-tens and Project 1047 in the late thirties. Twice we wanted to play with the big boys, twice we started work on a proper capital ship design and twice that work got canceled on account of a world war happening. Now, I haven't yet figured out the mechanics of how designing a ship can cause a world war to occur, but I for one don't believe in coincidence. Y'all should consider yourself lucky we didn't go for a third. The 1913 battleship program was interesting, but they never really got a proper design pinned down. The most likely design would've been designed and built in collaboration with Germany though and consensus is that it would've been based on and resembled the Kaiser class, though there were British designs as well. Project 1047 on the other hand was a lot further along when finally canceled, and it's 1047 that I want to write about today. Artist's impression of what the last design of 1047 would've looked like were she ever built. Handsome she-devil, isn't she. In the 1930's the Dutch believed that armed conflict in the pacific was very likely. If war was to break out, we believed that the Japanese would have designs on Dutch owned territories in the Pacific theater, specifically Java and assigned properties. This threat called for an inrease of Dutch defense in the area, and the aging Java and De Ruyter class light cruisers were considered outdated and wholly inadequate to the task. Furthermore it was believed that if it did come to war, the Japanese capital ships would be engaging and kept busy by American capital ships, meaning that Java would likely be threatened by Japanese heavy cruisers of the Myoukou and Takao classes. So the design mandate went out for a battlecruiser capable of engaging the Japanese heavy cruisers and defeating them in direct confrontation. We Dutch looked east to Germany and saw that they'd just launched their shiny new Scharnhorst class battleships, but when we asked if we could have the plans to those, the Germans politely told us to bugger off. Various designs were drawn up for 1047, with varying degrees of feasability. Over time the Germans relented a bit in their decision to keepScharnhorst's design plans a secret from us, and it's on rough design schematics of Scharnhorst that the third and final draft of 1047 was based. It's this design that this thread is about. Scharhorst's Dutch cousin from abroad. Can you see the family resemblance? 1047 was projected for a 1944 commission date. Unfortunately, as stated before, this nasty little thing called World War II happened and threw a wrench in the works. Three were planned, and at least one of the three would've likely been called De Zeven Provincien. We Dutch had a habit of naming the most powerful and grandest ships in our little fleet that. Other probable names would include Tromp, Kortenaer,Evertsen, De Ruyter, Van Amstel or Witte de With. Being a battlecruiser, I will treat and tier her as a battleship for the purposes of this review. Without further ado, let's get to the good part! Tonnage: 28.000 tons normal, estimated 33.000 tons max load. Using dseehafer and Fr05ty's handy formulas, this would give her 48650 hitpoints which would put her at the low end spectrum of tier 5, slightly under New York and quite a bit under Kongou for health. Armor: 225mm main belt, inclined at 72 degrees 100mm main armored deck 200 - 250mm barbettes 150mm conning tower 40mm torpedo bulkhead This is thin armor for a battleship by any definition, though 1047 still has a thicker belt than a Kongou. In fact, in general I would consider her armor to be roughly on par with or slightly better than Kongou's in overall protection. Main armament: 3x3 280mm /54.5 This is where things become interesting. 1047's main armament would've been based on that of Scharnhorst, though with a few minor differences. For one, the projected ROF would've been lower than Scharnhorst's primary armament, with the Dutch guns reaching 2.5 rpm. It would've fired a 315kg AP projectile at 900 m/s, compared to Scharnhorst's 330kg projectile flying at 890 m/s. Very minor differences, but a difference nonetheless. 900 m/s is ridiculously fast for a battleship's main guns, and as such 1047 would've had a very flat trajectory and short time-to-target leading to very comfortable gunnery. Penetration wise, these guns would've boasted a very similar performance to Scharnhorst's guns, for which we have the following values: At point blank 604mm pen At 7900m 460mm pen At 10000m 348mm pen At 15000m 280mm pen At 20000m 225mm pen These are respectable numbers, though it shows how much the armor penetration falls off at range. You'll have to keep in mind though that for the tier, these guns are halfway and a compromise between a CA's and a BB's. It's likely these guns would perform very well against cruisers at any range but against battleships you'd have to get in close. Fortunately that's not that much of a problem, as we'll discover a bit later. The turrets would've been mounted in a 2-1 configuration, with two turrets superfiring afore, and a single turret aft. ROF wise, though their projected performanc lay at 2.5 rpm per barrel, WG would be free to fudge these numbers to make her competitive at whatever tier they put her in. Secondary armament: 12x 120mm, arranged in 3x double turrets per side Nothing special. But there's a trick to these guns: Anti-Aircraft armament: 12x 120mm, arranged in 3x double turrets per side 14x 40mm Bofors 8x 20mm Oerlikon 1047 would've boasted a pretty decent AA suite, with her 12 dual-purpose 120's, more than a dozen Bofors and a few Oerlikons thrown in for good measure. Speed: Now, there's a bit of contention here. The original design draft called for a 180.000 horsepower plant, but the design engineers weren't entirely sure they could fit that potent a drive package into the space allocated, so a proposal was made for a 160.000 horsepower plant instead. This would've been more easy to fit behind armor without increasing her tonnage. A consensus was never reached, though. However, Wargaming seems to be operating on a 'best scenario' philosophy, which makes it likely that were 1047 ever make it into this game, she would get the more powerful stable with 180.000 horses. This would've driven her along at a projected: *drumroll* 34 knots. Wooo! Imagine getting ready to engage the enemy's forward scout-cruisers and destroyers, and an uparmored Kongou with Scharnhorst's firepower comes steaming up behind them at 34 knots! That's bound to turn some heads! This speed comes at a cost, though. 1047 is a very long ship, 236 meters. This is 14 meters longer than Kongou. Though 1047 would've been fitted with a double rudder to help steer the thrust from her four props, this would still probably lead to a ship that's fast in a straight line, but does not like cornering very much and thus have low agility. No torpedobeats for us Dutch. Concealment: 1047 is a very low ship, with not that much of a superstructure. This leads me to believe that she'd have a very good for-the-tier concealment rating. As an example, Texas is a taller ship and boasts a 15.5km / 10.7km rating. 1047 is lower and would probably have something like 13.5k / 9.0km base. The drawback of being so low is that her fire director is also not that high above the water, which would adversely affect her firing range. However~ Gimmicks: 1047 comes with a hanger mounted abaft the forward funnel and a launch catapult, which means she'd get access to at least a scoutplane to enhance her range for short periods of time. Being treated as a battleship she'd also get access to healing potions, ofcourse. Maybe as an additional gimmick, WG could give her a shot of defensive fire, but I doubt that. Still, a man can dream. Artist's interpretation of 1047 at sea. If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much. Conclusion: Where to put 1047? Her hitpoints put her at the low end of tier 5, though her gunnery and speed would make her a strong candidate for tier 6. Personally I'd put her at tier 6 with ~3 PM on her guns, though a good argument could be made for tier 5, with the historically projected 2.5 rpm. Pros: - Fast - High-velocity, punchy guns - Good AA suite - But damn she's a goodlooking boat Cons: - Low-ish gun range - Soft - Sluggish to turn - Was never actually built Final thought: Of all the Dutch ships that've been proposed on this forum, I personally think that this stunner of a never-was would be the most fun to drive, and it is my sincere hope to one day be able to captain one. Probably called 'De Zeven Provincien'. We named all our best floaty boats 'De Zeven Provincien'. Literally. All of them. Shoutout and big thanks to Trainspite who helped me with preliminary writing, research and pictures!
  7. So I know this won't come for quite some time I assume, but I still just want to go over what we can expect to see later down the line. So on the top of my head I came up with this, but I need help to fill out the blanks or please tell me if you think my placements are bad. Tier 3-5: I expect to see paper ships here, but I can't find anything obvious Tier 6: I'm pretty sure Ise will fit nicely as it is basically Fuso. Tier 7: not really sure Tier 8: Tosa Tosa-class will do the trick as it has the same armament as Amagi. It's slower, but it makes up for it in slightly larger secondary battery and armor Tier 9: Kii Kii looks like an Amagi, but has better armor. So since Amagi is already pretty strong (I think at least), I think Kii could be a contender for this spot. Tier 9 contenders include the Fujimoto 30 project and Hiraga designs armed with 16 inch/406 mm main guns Tier 10: A-150 "Super Yamato" For many I guess this would sound insane as Yamato is already one of the strongest tier 10 ships, and I can understand that as the initial designs for A-150 was a displacement of 90 000+ tons and 3x3 20" or 4x2 20" guns, but let's not forget the design was reworked to be much lighter and only armed with 3x2 20" guns. With some balancing I think the A-150 could be balanced in game. Tier 10 contenders include the Hiraga design armed with 18" and Number 13 class. I'll write some specs later and do some polishing later, attach some photos maybe?