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Found 5 results

  1. Hello again British community (and everybody who uses this forum too) Some of you may know me as someone who posted months back a line split of IJN BB and BC trees; that work of mine was based on a very famous, in our forum at least, work done by three persons: @Criseox @manolojones and @imply_tha_best These three amazing people gave to us what they called the “Bola de Cristal” which means the “Crystal Ball” which future readers use for their predictions. They had a couple of them, like Russian French and Italian BBs. Sadly, our national forum was closed 15th of March this year; despite that discouraging event, the Spanish community moved to a unofficial forum and there, after a long break and a summer long of discussions and debates, we finalized the tree that very soon you all shall see. Why I say “we” and not “they”? Well that is because I joined them as my 19 birthday gift; that and the making of this very difficult although very rewarding full German capital ship line split. Hope you all enjoy it the same way as us. I’m going to post it little by little, about 2 tiers each day. Hopefully today I will be able to share with you the introduction plus tier 3 and 4. Plus, when I’m finished I’m goimg to share it to the Panzerkancker YT channel for even more “publicity”. I only ask the moderators that they do not ban me for double posting . That I and my own level of English My personal dedication to @1MajorKoenig @NothingButTheRain And all the others who had kind words for my job back in the IJN BB and BC tree Sorry But I can’t remember you all Hope you have an awesome time reading this and good luck on the rough seas! Edit: Scrap! I knew I lef one out! Thanks for the early like @ColonelPete
  2. Hi all, Any experience thus far with new BB/BC vs. DD rule (i.e. caliber above 280 mm = Damage per AP shell = 10%)? "Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia!" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0711-rule-britannia/ Leo "Apollo11"
  3. FrankvC_Jr

    Full IJN BB and BC tree (Done)

    Hi all Around the beginning of March, I posted here a post gathering help for a project. The thing itself is a total rearrange of the IJN capital ship tree. As my community closed (the Spanish forum I mean), I was a bit hesitant to post it here. Then I decided to finish it first in our new external forum we made; but now I think is time to post it here for you English speaking guys to enjoy. I apologize in advance because I may do some mistakes, which I hope you understand. And finally to end with this intro, I would love to see the people who helped me on the first thread @NothingButTheRain and @1MajorKoenig read this, finally done, job. I hope you all like it. (A quick note: I decided to pick the most balanced ships/projects rather than trying to play the balance game with different years or configurations for individual ships or ship classes; that is why there is quite a few difficult choices) Ship list: -Kawachi Tier 3 BB -Myogi Tier 4 BC -Harima Tier 4 BB -Hiei Tier 5 BC -Iwami Tier 5 BB -Tsurugi Tier 6 BC Fast BB -Fuso Tier 6 BB -Unzen Tier 7 BC Fast BB -Nagato Tier 7 BB -Amagi Tier 8 BC-Fast BB -Tosa Tier 8 BB -Owari Tier 9 Fast BB -Izumo Tier 9 BB -Mikawa Tier 10 Fast BB -Yamato Tier 10 BB
  4. WG is planning to add two new high tier ships to the game. Kronshtadt Stalingrad Many players wonder which ship types these ships should get. I am interested to know what the community thinks. Maybe this could influence WGs view on the matter. @MrConway @Sehales Thank You
  5. Der erste deutsche Schlachtkreuzer betritt die Arena: ST, German battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Tier VI Hit points – 52 300. Plating - 25 mm. Armor belt – 270 mm. Torpedo damage reduction – 27%. Main battery - 4x2 350 mm. Firing range – 17.8 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 4000. Chance to cause fire – 27%. Maximum AP shell damage - 10500. Reload time - 24 s. 180 degree turn time - 30 s. Maximum dispersion - 241 m. HE initial velocity - 815 m/s. AP initial velocity - 815 m/s. Sigma value – 2.0. Secondaries - 8х2 105 mm, range - 5,0 km, Maximum HE Shell Damage - 1200, Reload Time - 3,4 с. 14х1 150 mm, range - 5,0 km, Maximum HE Shell Damage - 1700, Reload Time - 7,5 с. AA defense - 12х1 20 mm, range - 2,0 km, damage per second - 36. 8х2 37 mm, range - 3,5 km, damage per second - 21. 8х2 105 mm, range - 4,5 km, damage per second - 134. Maximum speed - 28 kt. Turning circle radius - 800 m. Rudder shift time – 14,0 s. Surface detectability – 12,4 km. Air detectability – 12,4 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 11,0 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Repair party All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. Natürlich "etwas" modernisiert, obgleich dezenter als die Schlachtschiffe. Da die Stats sich noch ändern können sage ich dazu besser nichts... außer eine Sache: 12,4 KM Tarnwert? So sneakyfür ein 223 Meter langes 35.000 Tonnenschiff.