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Found 15 results

  1. DFens_666

    Suggestions for OP Hermes

    So... this one is really bugging me. This operation can start with 7 Cruiser players, and you will get 3 BBs. One secondary mission is, not to have less than 3 BBs. If you have 1 random BB, you will still get those 3 Bot BBs, which means you can lose one. If you have 2 Random BBs, you will get 2 Bot BBs + 1 CM, so again you have one spare. Suggestion: Change the mission to not lose more than 1 BB, so in either case you can lose 1. Having 7 Cruisers is already harder, because those Bots really shoot well, and they focus one target, so its tough being a Cruiser. Only exception are those with a Heal, which can atleast heal the fire damage after the repair circle is gone. 2nd Suggestion: Those AP Bombs are totaly unbalanced vs Cruisers. Ive seen twice the T1 bombers deal 15k damage to an Indianapolis, while the GZ deal 17k to me in my Fiji. First time atleast he needed 3 runs on me, but the last time, he just straight bombed me to death with 3 bombs (ofc all hitting me), dealing 17k+ damage They seem to be EXTREMELY hard to evade, and because they are GZ (derpderp) they citadel Cruisers with ease. Would be hard enough if they would be normal DBs and not AP DBs. @MrConway @Tuccy
  2. SovietFury43

    Welcome back to World of Battleships

    Hello again people! After a few months break i decided to resume playing World of Battleships! Boy do i already regret it. The first thing i am greeted with is the removal of stealth fire with nothing to compensate for certain ships that relied on it (Akizuki), and no commander skill reset to compensate for the skills that are now useless on certain ships. Next i come under fire from secondary's by two German BBs at 11km, YAY! German BBs are still the special needs class of World of Battleships! Next match i take the Belfast only to realize to my sheer horror that the smoke on the British cruisers is STILL bugged! What in the actual [edited]Wargaming?! Are you [edited]kidding me right now?! But ok, i manage to survive that somehow without losing to much health. Only problem is after that i get citadeled by a Colorado twice while angled right after that losing 90% hp. So i take out my Fletcher only to be greeted by yet another nasty surprise! Every time i even dare fire my guns my ship lights up like a god damn Christmas tree for the whole enemy team to see and shoot! Forget any kind of stealth play at this point, the moment you dare attack anyone the whole enemy team knows where you are! The BB population explosion has gotten even worse from what i can tell because literally every match has at least 6 BBs on each team (and over half of those are German BBs)! Carriers are still barely played at all. DDs now can't rely on stealth any more, i suppose Wargaming thinks DDs are supposed to slug it out directly with German BBs or [edited]around with torpedoes for half an our that the German BB is going to detect with his hydrophones and dodge with his cruiser level turning any way. And BBs STILL readily citadel cruisers while they are angled and dodging. At this point they can literally rename the game into World of German Battleships. There is no point in playing anything else any more. To hell with this game, i am going back to War Thunder. Wargaming you fucked it up! AGAIN!
  3. As a completely subjective view and truly non quanitative assessment.... Does any else feel that BBs are feeling harder to play after this patch? BBs seem to be receiving more citadel hits and from more angles....and also seem to be catching on fire much easier. They also seem to be less accurate. Also have cruisers been buffed so that killing BBs is easier? Cruisers AP seems to be much more effective for those who have good AP shells.... Before anyone says just look at the patch notes...I am thinking under the hood changes rather than directly telling us something has changed... Any thoughts?...Although might just be me and had a bad weekend....and all the good players are out... Thanks
  4. (disclaimer) because only scrub non-wallet warriers play low tiers i will only talk about tier 7+ german bb 1. durability first and most important you gotta talk about the durability of german bbs. it sucks. german bbs cant take hits, and so i will recommand as with most other bbs that you snipe. this playstyle is enhanced by excellent dispersion and sigma of german bb (see gneisenau, bismarck). when playing german bb expect to see citadel offten, especially through front. this is why many player call german bbs a "line of pensacola" (quote marks so its true). german bbs also fall behind in hp because they are weak and have little superstructure so they dont get as many wg hit points. 2. guns as i mentioned earier, german bbs have very good and accurate sniper rifles. you immediate see this from bayern and gneisenau who like the other higher tiers are extremely accurate and i recommend sitting back as far as possible with spotter plane so you can snipe at very unmanoefubaevfrable dds from very long range (gearing, fletcher). like the uk rn bbs german bbs also feature excellent he so i recommend he spamming to because bb ap is fairly weak especially against dds, if you want the big hits you wanna fire he!!1!1!1111!!1 3. manoefubaevfrablility german bbs are fairly manoefubaevfrable, so you can expect to dodge shell at long ranges, especially slow ones from noob easy ship like akizuki they are very manoefubaevfrable to the extent that you dont ever need steering gears mod and instead can use the fire one because you gotta buff the low survivability of these sniper battleships 4. my unicum lodout equipemnt: tier 1 slot (slot 1) - magazine mod 1 (to reduce high chance of detonation, as seen when bismarck was detonated by hood irl) tier 5 slot (slot 2) - main battery mod 2 (to increase meh turret traverse, reload is overrated anyway) tier 9 slot (slot 3) - gun fire control system mod 2 (to increase your sniper range) tier 3 slot (slot 4) - propulsion mod 1 (means you dont lose engines so much when you get those punishing, often citadels) tier 6 slot (slot 5) - damacon 2 (to increase bad survivability) tier 8 slot (slot 6) - target acquisition mod 1 (you can expect to be torpedoed a lot whilst border humping captain skils: rank 1 - first take incoming fire alert (to try and dodge the enemy shots from other sniper battleship) rank 2 - first take last stand (to make sure that even if you lose your engine you can keep going) rank 3 - first take survivability expert (to increase bad survivability), once youve taken all of the other skills get emergency takeoff and DE (emergency takeoff to make your spotter plane take off when youre on fire and de to buff bad battlehsip fire chance) and finally vigilance (to protect yourself from sniper homing torpedoes, srsly these things are dangerous, i drive straight as possible but they still hit) rank 4 - first take ifhe to increase he effectiveness 4. my unicum consumable lodout for your consumables you must always take NON-PREMIUM consumables this is because premium consumables are a scam created by WG to promote and slowly introduce a p2w culture into world of warships thanks for reading my super important guide, hopefully you can be more unicum battleship like me after you read this if youre in a battleship dont forget to drive straight at quarter speed (or not move if possible) and put out single fires for more dodge and survivability thanks for storozhevoignevni for proof reading pls tell me if you want the font size larger because your potato eyes cant read it
  5. Butterdoll

    Bag of basic questions

    Well, at this point my compass kind of broke. I'm pretty much clueless. Through out my grinding so far I favoured agile cls with great ROF but then Budyonni appeared and stole the show. I love that ship, Specially after I slapped a premium camo on it. Nothing new with it, I remember the time, back in the days, when I thought Omaha was the crap. But Buddy's shadow eclipsed T7 ships (Which by the way it's a desert). Recently I've unlocked a new ship Gneisenau, I didn't took it to random yet, but I'm testing it in co-op, I'm doing the same thing ( in the offensive) that I do with buddy, only better. I don't have the other hull yet and let's see in random, but so far Gneisenau show potential. Yeah! I'm a cruiser main, used to HE bbs, so now I'm a bit embarrassed to put this basic questions to tell you the truth. Which are the Brawling BBs? Which BBs have turtle back armour except the germans ones? Where the best spot to land AP shells in a turtle Armour BB while brawling or when taking advantage of a broadside? Now premiums. Again, Budyonni. Are there any premium ships Budyonni alike? ( Sharnhorst- the G wagon that scares the plebes and runs from the Authorities at the same time, that saying it's still in my head) Gneisenau can take both down, isn't it better? Having Gneisenau and going finally for Bismark Is it worth having the Tirpitz? How is Perth? Ships that I scratched from my list. Molotov Makarov Atago thank you for your patience.
  6. Hallo, Ich habe mal eine Frage an alle Schlachtschiff-Kapitäne. Warum fahren 90% aller BB Kapitäne so, dass die Kreuzer im Team, sowie die ganzen DDs in den ersten Sekunden abgeschlachtet werden. Und das nicht nur seit dem aktuelle Update. Sowas ist einfach dämlich und nicht hinnehmbar. Es kann einfach nicht sein, dass das gesammte Team 10, 15 Kilomer hinter einem campt. Das heißt auch, dass KEIN effektives Unterstützungsfeuer möglich ist. Also, was wird dagegen unternommen? Und noch ein Disclaimer, alle Kommentare, die beleidigend sind, werden ausnahmlos gemeldet und wenn ich auf meine Meldungen keine entsprechenden Reaktionen sehe, werde ich solange nachfragen, bis ich Reaktionen sehe. Hey_Your_Dead @MrConway @Sehales
  7. TheWhiteJack

    GK Concealment stats

    Can anyone please tell me the value of concealment in the GK with only the concealment upgrade, with only the captain skill, and with both of them? If you knows any site where you can see the stats of ships with upgrades, etc. let me know please Currently i have a full secondary build, and i have to choose between the target acqu. system and concealment upgrade.
  8. KapteinSabeltann

    BBs in ranked battles below rank 10

    This is going to be a rant. And I'm going to cry about "my team". But seriously ranked battels is starting to get on my nerves. I don't really think the "good players get matched with good players" really work. It seems to be more a case of equal rank players go against equal rank players... It's a nightmare! I seriously think I should just get a bot and let it play ranked for me for a week while I do something else - I bet I will be close to rank 1 after a week. I can't stand the amount of afk, clueless and sheer troll players... The title in the post says BBs but I guess it's unfair. But honestly CV's and BBs below rank 10 battles is such a nightmare - long range sniping while the team is getting slaughtered, cv's that don't move so on and so forth. Look at this screenshot. This was a loss - I guess I shoulda "carried" and I almost did but towards the end of the game our TWO BBs let ONE enemy BB cap our "home" cap while failing to kill it OR deny it the cap... they were 2V1 FOR !"#¤!"#¤"#! SAKE... Meanwhile I almost managed to sink the second enemy BB just before the timer went out AND I took the enemy "home" cap after sinking their cv, their defending cruiser AND chasing off the last BB. With 20 more seconds I would have sunk him too... Did over 100k damage - and this is the RULE not the #¤#"Q#¤#" exception! I swear playing competitive battles make me lose faith in mankind..... Guess I am done ranting (oh yeah the initial idea was no BBs in ranked battles below 10) I don't know, it's just horrible and I am pissed off..
  9. a while back, I read on the dev blog that USN BBs from T3 to T9 will receive some love, I'm not against this, USN is one of the oldest lines in the game and they deserve some love, But what about Tirpitz and Bismark? yes they can be fun to play with secondaries but in the current meta I rather take NC because of the MM and facing T10s more often, guns are more accurate, reliable and hit harder and I dont have to start praying every time I see AP dive bombers. what so you guys think? Derpitz vs NC, which one needs more love ?
  10. Commander_Cornflakes

    Kilometergeld für Schiffe

    Moin liebes Forum, da die britischen HE-Sniper schon vor der Tür stehen, habe ich mir mal etwas überlegt, mit dem man gegen Campen vorgehen könnte. Anreiz für den Spieler soll dabei die Ausbeute von Credits und EP sein. Und damit sich Spieler wirklich damit beschäftigen, soll dieser Bonus direkt als Multiplikator unter den Signalflaggen in der Endauswertung stehen und nicht irgendwo in der geheimen Formel verschwinden. Und zwar habe ich mir das so vorgestellt: Der Bonus hängt von zwei Faktoren ab: Strecke und Zentralität. Je weiter ein Schiff im Laufe des Spiels fährt, desto größer ist der Bonus. Und je näher sich das Schiff zur Mitte befindet, desto größer ist der Bonus. Angenommen, ein Schiff fährt die komplette Gefechtsdauer (und damit ist die tatsächliche Dauer gemeint, nicht 20 Minuten fix) mit voller Kraft in der Mitte der Map, dann soll der Spieler einen Bonus von 50% auf Credits und EP bekommen. Wer das Gleiche am Kartenrand macht, bekommt 0% und wer nur in der Mitte rumsteht ebenfalls 0%. Also je mehr man sich in der Nähe der Mitte bewegt, desto mehr Credits und EP bekommt man. Dabei würde ich einfach die Kartenquadrate als Maß für die Zentralität nehmen, also: EF56 100% DG47 75% CH38 50% BJ29 25% AK10 0% Daraus dann den Durchschnittswert für das Gefecht bilden, multiplizieren mit Gefahrene Strecke geteilt durch Maximale Strecke multipliziert mit 0,5 (damit maximal 50% Bonus möglich sind). Der tatsächliche Bonus dürfte dann einiges unter 50% liegen, wäre also nichts was die Wirtschaft komplett zerstört. So, jetzt könnt ihr losflamen
  11. Hey_Your_Dead

    Operation Letzte Grenze

    Hallo, ich fahre ja Operationen sehr gerne. Nur in letzter Zeit kommen nur Teams zusammen, die absolut nicht zusammenarbeiten können. Würde mann zusammenarbeiten können, verliert man keine 2 der 3 BBs am Anfang, usw. Auch schön ist, wenn alle den Spawn der Atlanta pingen und KEINES der Schlachtschiffe fährt da hoch. Nein wir suiciden um den CV zu erledigen. Und dann natürlich ist die Operation verloren. Wie immer, 9/10 Versuchen und diese 9 verkackt das Team immer. Ich sollte hier vielleicht mal eine Liste starten, mit den IGNs, die absolut keinen Schimmer haben, was in Letzte Grenze getan werden muss. (So eine Schwarze Liste, ist nicht mal eine so schlechte Idee)..... Denn ich bin es leid einem Potato-Team zu erklären, was sie wann zu tun haben und wo sie stehen müssen. Bitte WG aktiviert auch Teamschaden in Operationen. Vielen Dank, damit ich zu den BBs rushende Zerstörer versenken kann, bevor diese sich todbringende Verletzungen zufügen und eh keine Hilfe sind. Ein möglicher Ansatz das Problem zu lösen. Bringt den alten Schwierigkeitsgrad wieder UND aktiviert die Möglichkeit "Hohe Schwierigkeitsstufe", in der die Schlachtschiffe auch die Kreuzer focusen. Und nicht umgekehrt. Die Operation ist immer zum Scheitern verurteilt, da zur Zeit die Kreuzer zu tode gefocused werden und nicht die Schlachtschiffe (mehr HP). Der Schwierigkeitsgrad Normal ist mit den voheringen Einstellungen der Bots. Operationen waren immer gut um Schiffe upzugraden und ein bisschen EP zu farmen. Jetzt räumen die Bots mit den Spielern auf, als gäbe es kein Morgen.
  12. Hello all, I would like to start a discusion about a topic that has been bothering me more and more as of late, class vulnerability. Coming from a WoT background, the one thing I really enjoyed in wows from the get go was the ability to instantly delete an opponent, provided you played well and/or he made a mistake. Initially this held true for all classes in the game, though cruisers were mostly dpm focused even back then. The situation we find ourselves in now though differs widely. With the introduction of german bbs we saw the first ships that were not vulnerable to broadside citadels. I was very sceptic when they were introduced, but their overall armor scheme and miserable fire protection and dispersion meant they would pay a price for this. Fast forward and we have ships like the Republic which is not only a speed demon with 8 fast reloading and hard penetrating rifles, but which on top has one of the weirdest armor schemes, along with Kronstadt, in the game. The fact that even Yamato shells will deal pitiful damage most of the time just baffles me. It turned this game into the thing that drove me away from WoT: predictable HP trading in which dpm is everything. With underwater citadels, turtlebacks, and French cruiser spaced armor (so great when your two full AP salvoes against a Charles Martel yield no citadels from 6km on a flat broadside) we are seeing a rush towards invincibility to deletions. Well unless you have a king potato that eats all torps thrown his way. In all honesty: Please reverse this design decision. It is what drives this game to be so focused on bbs, greatly limits the rewards for skilled play and flat out ruins the game in a lot of ways. Heavy cruisers used to be able to citadel pretty much any bb at close range. Today it is pretty much only the yamato suffering from this. Why does one class have to be this immune to deletions while every other one is not? I would like to know what the rest of the forum and @MrConway think about this.
  13. wot_chikor

    Battleship (un)balance

    Hello guys . has been a while , today i want to talk about BBs , and this thread is going to be add / family friendly because WG really didn't like my previous post and they they performed " speech freedom " ban on me . ( not that its a big deal but since WG isn't in my christmas list i am mentioning it ) so , i want to talk about BBs in general and 1 in particular . so lets go : at tier5 : i have met the Galelo cesar and its clearly over powered not even funny compared to everything else in that tier , ( even at higher tiers ) at tier6 : i just finished the grind of new mexico , new mexico is too slow , would like it to have some speed buff . at tier7 : Gniesenau is so so bad its not even understandable how a ship with only 6 small caliber gun be so inaccurate . but hey , this game is balanced and Gniensenau is as good as Lyon , maybe i just suck at playing . at tier8 : very well balance , and i mean it , apart from saying again what i said again about Gniesenau for bismark , its too inaccurate and there is no need for that . at tier9 : we have fredric the great or as i like to call is fredy the j.e.r.k , hat ship is now the worst after izumo was buffed , then again maybe i am bad and i dont understand how the play the ships . at tier9.9: we have the amazing musashi and kronchdat and missouri , i got 2 of them and they are well balanced for a tier9.9 ,,, ( if that doesn't give you an ida how OP these ships are , i dont know what will ) at tier10 : the republique , or what i like to call '"the tier8 tier10 " why would you make 2 sisterships and pu one ( gascone ) at tier8 and one a tier10 ( republique ) ? and now to the star of the topic ,,, and i would like you guys to guess what it is . whats the ship that citadels / divastate strike you in your crappy little Des moins with just his 2 back turrets ? whats the ship that shoot you in your crappy little DD for 15k dmg each time and kills you ? whats the BB that is used in 90% of the time in clan battles and competitive ? whats the ship that has a 3 million module that allows her to turn into an orbital lazer guided cannon ? WG ,,,, fix the montana , its really really annoying to fight , she is too accurate , she has very good HE and 203 mm resistence , she is too fast . just nerf it , i would say remove the 3 m accuracy module , what you think guys ?
  14. Hey guys, lately i am getting in situation when there is no way to avoid torpedos from planes. They just drop 'em 150m away from me, 2 planes = 10 torps and my Nagato is gone. And if i shoot down one plane i feel lucky that game.. Really getting frustrated by this.. Ranger can basicly kill me on one, max two attacks and i can only watch. Doenst matter if there is terrain around or what ever. And what use is from seeing them comming to me from 15km distance if they can just basicly throw them torps straight on my head..
  15. DFens_666

    [IDEA] DWTs and BB play

    So, been thinking about some stuff, which seems to cause headache for certain ppl, atleast those who are active in Forums. Ill be seperating those 2 issues mentioned in the Title Deepwatertorpedoes So, WG is somehow forcing DDs to use DWTs, but for me it feels like, it is shafting DD play too much. With PA-DDs around, i was fearing that ppl will play for their own sake and not for the team/game aka capping and spotting. Im not saying that it happens often, but ive seen PA-DDs do that. Hugging the mapbroder trying to flank so they can torp the ships in the back. Now they want to give Asashio DWTs with 20kms. Imo its totaly wrong. Some ppl will throw those Torps (potentially hitting they own teammates) from who knows where, just because they CAN. Same reason BB player sit at maxrange -because they can. Do we need everyone to camp in the spawn nowadays? So in general: I feel DWTs on DDs arent bad in general, but the current implementation isnt optimal. One issue which would solve this, if DDs could switch Torps during the course of the match, like HE and AP shells. Why they dont do that? Im confused. They could easily implement a cptn skill for faster Torpedo reload, or just change the Expert loader that its working with Torps also. Another thing that came to mind was, why not give certain Cruisers DWTs? The best line for that would be Russian Cruisers imo. They have shortrange Torps which are very situational, and using them against BBs seems to be even more rare. So why not give russian Cruisers DWTs with ~8km range? The ones against BBs/CVs. Once again, this can be combined with the ability to switch torpedoes during the match. Potentially for Kirov - Chapayev, because Svietlana has 5km torps which seems fine on T4 (lowtiers shouldnt have DWTs anyway), and Donskoi has 8km torps, which is fine also. I could see them as usefull on other Cruisers aswell, maybe Yorck/Hipper, which could give them a little buff to performance. TL;DR - Being able to Switch during the game between Torps and DWTs. - DWTs for some Cruisers which have currently lowrange Torps. BB gameplay Not sure how this will sound to some ppl, but i would like some other thoughts on that one also. I think most ppl know how BBs are effecting the game. Boring to play at times, BB teammates who camp/snipe at maxrange, RNG is always a factor even in close combat... There has been a lot of commenting on whether BBs should be more accurate, or even less accurate. Imo the less accurate they become, the more boring and frustrating they become to play. Even playing aggresive in a BB can be fatal when RNG is not favoring u. Or when it is, u blast a Cruiser to port from 20km. Inaccuracy doesnt solve anything imo. So id rather make them MORE accurate, which punishes bad aiming, but rewards good aiming on the other hand, and its also rewarding the target when he is evading the shot. This would especially be helpful in BB vs BB combat, because it would punish misplays more (BB showing broadside constantly because not getting punished enough) At the same time, increase the reload. What? Make them even more boring to play u will ask? No, thats where the fun really starts: BB Secondaries MUST be used by the player, and wont act as autoshooting guns at everything they can reach. So that means, if a BB player chooses to stay at maxrange, he can sit there and make a shot per minute (f.e.). But for BB player which play more aggressively, they can actively use secondaries against targets in their range, which makes them much more useful than they currently are. Secondary fire against other BBs is pretty useless, and is relying heavily on RNG for fires. Which is imo bad. Ofc this would need a lot of balancing. Most BBs would need a substential buff to Secondaries, being Range/Reload/Accuracy. But they cant be as accurate as Cruiser guns, because they would potentially be OP then. Somewhere between current Manual AA dispersion and Cruiser dispersion. This would give the potential to make main battery shells useless against DDs, which is currently being looked at by WG anyway as it seems to me (BB AP devastating DDs). Or make BB AP only overpen DDs for 5% of the max damage. So in order to fight of DDs, u need to become more active and use your secondaries yourself. Would increase the skill level needed for BBs, when u just can blap everything with Main battery guns, also if u want to be more active, get closer. Im not entirely sure, how Cruisers would be effected by this, when a BB can actively engage them with main battery and Secondaries, also the potential of citadelling Cruisers with Secondaries is relevant (which sometimes does happen right now). On the other Hand, Cruisers are more safe by getting instablapped because of the longer reload. Removing the Citadel from Cruisers is out of the question because Cruiser vs Cruiser engagement would result in HE slinging, heavily nerfing RN CLs. This would certainly require a mandatory tutorial for every player, probably the point where WG wouldnt consider it, because to me it seems, that they are hesitant to provide decent tutorials. TL;DR - BB Secondaries wont function automatically anymore - Potentially make DDs invulnerable to high caliber shells / cut AP damage in half (currently 1/10) - Make BBs more accurate - Increase the reload for BB main battery guns.