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Found 21 results

  1. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiové bitevní lodi Mutsu (Japonsko, tier VI). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  2. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o bitevní lodi Conqueror (Velká Británie, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině) Upozornění: Parametry jsou jen předběžné a můžou se změnit.
  3. Capitaine_Clement


    Pas encore de sujet sur le navire donc en voilà un ! Voici mon impression dessus : https://capitaineclementwows.blogspot.com/2019/08/test-ohio.html
  4. Gaensebluemchen01


    Wundert mich, dass noch niemand über die Entwicklung im Schatten der Richelieu berichtet hat... WG bastelt parallel an der Lyon als Tier 7 BB. Zwar als sogenannte Reissbrett-BB nie realisiert bzw. vom Washingtoner Flottenabkommen verhindert. Aber 16 x 34cm Rohre klingt ziemlich brutal...
  5. Hi, machen wirs kurz: Ich suche ein aktuell recht gut spielbares Schiff mit fokus auf Sekundärbewaffnung. Die Massachusetts gefällt mir nicht, da sieh laut vielen sehr unpräzise sein soll... Vielen Dank Indez
  6. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiové bitevní lodi Nelson (Velká Británie, tier VII). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  7. At which tier(s) do you find your battles to be the most fun or most enjoyable to play? I found tiers 6 and 7 to be the "sweet spot" for me. can get enjoyable matches there most of the time, tho they are almost never a top tier in the matchmaker. A breakdown of each tier battles as i see it: -tier 2: lots of pew-pew ships doing pew-pew stuff :D its ok, but the queue times are long at times. -tiers 3,4 and 5: literally unplayable, lets just say those tiers suffer from Edit (language please) -tiers 6 and 7: just above the mandatory 2-3 carriers per side zone and radar ships are kind of rare, this allows for some unpredictable and dynamic battles. -tiers 8,9 and 10: anything that involves the possibility to be matched in to the top tiers is a full on camperfest. 20+ km snipers duking it out while no one dares to close the distance because of infinite radars and there is usually a (finger of god level) carrier present as well.
  8. Knight_of_One

    Dies Das Ananas :)

    Guten Tag Ich heisse Sebastian aka Knight_of_One bin noch 25 naja sagen wir in 7 Tagen 26 und ich suche Einen Clan. WoWs-Numbers : https://wows-numbers.com/de/player/502102158,Knight_of_One/ Letzter Clan : 2DSF Ich bin im Moment eher ein BB-Player als andere Klassen. Gern würde ich mich in einen größeren Clan gesellen, da ich mit großen Clans in WoWs aufgewachsen bin. Ich bin meistens Abends online und würde daher dann ganz gerne in Divis rumshippern. Ob mit normalen oder mit Testschiffen, wäre natürlich cool wenn sich im Clan ebenfalls CC´s oder Modder befinden für Ts-divis. Cw´s sind natürlich gern gesehen auch wenn ich sie eher aus Fun spielen würde wobei es natürlich in Cw´s immer ernst bleibt Falls es noch fragen gibt bin ich Ingame da oder hier. Auf baldiges Wiedertreffen euer Knight_of_0ne
  9. Introduction Hello! I decided to make this guide because I see a lot of Battleships doing things I would not recommend doing, and since I see myself as a fairly good Battleship driver I wanted to share my "knowledge" about this ship class. I'm not, by all means, saying that I know everything and that my guide is the only one you should follow, for there are many playstyles suited for a BB, I'm just here to share you my savoir faire. If my English is bad at any point in this guide I blame it on the fact that English isn't my native language, I will try to limit the mistakes but I can't promise anything. While low tier (tier 3-5) gameplay in Battleships is also an important topic I will adress the higher tiers (tier 8-10), since low tier games can be quite chaotic and low to mid tier BBs play quite differently I will MAYBE cover this in a later guide. This guide will mostly talk about positioning and will end with a small piece about priority targets Team dependent positioning Positioning in battleships is one of the most valuable skills you can learn, a BB is generally too slow to get out of bad positions quickly which will more often then not leave you on low health or in the worst case with a lifeboat with your unfortunate crew. Whenever you see a Battleship typing A B or B C in chat, this isn't just some small chitchat at the start of the game but a quite decisive factor to their game. Have you ever seen BBs raging that "We said B C and you went A" in chat? If you did, you might have seen one of the biggest fears happen a BB player can have, their team not taking in consideration the pain BBs are in when they need to forcibly reposition. Granted the BB player should've still looked at what his team is doing which brings us to the first point in the subject of positioniong: "Your team" Battleships are extremely team dependent, which means a BB player should look at his/her team the entire time. A BB player should always try to keep friendly destroyers near so he/she can support them in the dangerous endeavour of capping points and generally warding off the enemy team. Having DDs close to you also gives the advantage that they will spot Torpedoes that are outside of your own spotting range. Of course this benefit is mutual since you can ward your DDs from those pesky radar cruisers who will try to hunt down your little friends. Cruiser cover is also quite important for Battleships, their defensive AA is extremely valuable for dealing with aircraft and hydro or radar is very valuable to deal with enemy destroyers. It is quite tricky to work well with Cruisers tho, BBs tend to attract a lot of fire and if a cruiser pops up right next to them, the fire will almost all the time switch to them and if your escort was a bit to close to you, during evasive manoeuvres it might not end well for the both of you. BBs and cruisers should keep their distance but not to much so when the situation changes, f.e. a butload of planes coming towards the BB, the cruiser can close the distance and support the BB. For playing with CVs I would say that that's more up to the CV, who should at all time try to keep the team between himself and the enemy. Positioning on the map As for actually placing your ship on the map, always try to position yourself so you can cover at least 2 caps (for domination) for standard battles its a bit harder for BBs to decide where to go, just try to support your DDs as well as possible is generally the best decision to make. If you are playing a Destroyer, keep in mind that your BBs are not as fast as you, also try not to split up to A and C because this will result in your BBs having to either split their firepower or not support you at all. What I generally like to do is put myself in between 2 different caps or at a cap which will definetely see a lot of action (very often a B point) I will always try to place my battleship next to cover so only one side of my ship is exposed to fire, it is not adviced to go in the open and open up all routs off attack to your ship, be aware for rushing destroyers tho since they tend to see you as a nice meal when you get to close. It's quite self-evident that you don't snipe since a part of your role as BB is deterent and tanking damage, from long range this is very hard. There is no shame in driving backwards, if you keep your position while 2 Tirpitzes and a Gneisenau are charging you, you will only end up dead, while you can at least kite the for a while whilst driving backwards, letting your team have more time to shoot at them too. KNOW YOUR TIME: I've sinned against this a couple of times since I tend to play quite agressively but knowing when to advance is very important, I tend to go uber agressive when all enemy DDs have been sunk but that can get you in sticky situations nonetheless. Try to follow your team, especially destroyers, unless they are clearly making a mistake (when the entire enemy team is in that location and your dds just want to throw their life away f.e.) When enemy cruisers start kiting you, try to disengage, cruisers are very good at kiting Battleships and you only do them a favour trying to catch up to them. If they start following you it will be easier to hit them with your main battery since they have less time to avoid your shells. When your team is decisively winning you can go on the pursuit (and maybe tank some more damage for more experience =D ) KNOW YOUR SHIP: Some BBs are more fit to go agressive than others, Tirpitz for example has turtleback armour* and torpedoes + a very decent suit of secondaries so it is great for going agressive unlike ships like Izumo that turn like a brick and have a very big and easy to penetrate citadel. * : Turtleback armour is a citadel shape that is in the game which severely limits the possibilities of getting citadelled. Most German BBs have this citadel shape en most high tier German cruisers do too. Some specific tips An incredibly important tip for North: There is almost no situation that calls for BBs to go to the D point, you can't support anything except for D and it will take you ages to get around those mountains, I generally report every single BB that does that because this will handicap your team immensely. FOR YAMATOS: try to avoind getting in a brawling situation, your second gun turret can't aim down enough to hit anything under 5km when you are bow on. To add to this Yamato has severely fallen behind in the BB meta, for a general rule, when you can shoot your nr.3 turret you are over angeling your armour, showing a very easy citadel (citadel just in front and below turret 1) FOR KURFURST: It doesn't matter that you can't get citadelled so easily that you should forget how to angle. You will still eat tons of damage when you give your broadside to the enemy! Try to resist the urge of shooting all your turrets, your turrets are not in a good position and you will have to give a lot of broadside to use all of them. Try to forsake secondary build, I know it's fun to dakadaka but a survivability/stealth build suits the ship a lot better. FOR MONTANA: In my opinion the best BB at tier X and generally a joy to play. Your guns have great angles so you dont need to show a lot of side to use all of them, just keep in mind that when turning or giving full broadside, your hard to hit citadel becomes not hard to hit at all. Personally I like an AA/Stealth build but it performs just as fine (perhaps even better) with a survivability/Stealth build. I don't know how Republique plays so I can't comment on that, and I won't review conqueror because IMO that ship is not a BB. Consumable use Personally I like using spotter planes on my tier 8+ BBs because it helps with shooting over islands and is a huge aid for firing into smokescreens. You can very easily identify the position of a Minotaur from the semi-birdseyeview. Take premium consumables, not using premium consumables is one of the significant symptoms of noobism, a very grave dissease. A premium consumable can save your ship in multiple occasions thanks to the shorter "Cooldown" times they have. (and numbered consumables get +1 charge if you take the premium version, meaning extra medkits, yay!) Don't forget that you CAN buy these for in-game credits, they are relatively cheap and are very easily earned back. On top of this, don't forget to use your consumables, immediately symptom 2 of noobism, a medkit not used at the end of the game is basically wasted, and you definitely want to avoid sinking before you've used every single last one of them. Try to remember to pop your plane just before you die (if you can) the extra spotting it provides can save a teammate!. Consumables cost money if you use them or not, not using them would be idiotic. One last tip for this point, whenever I pop my repair party I wait untill I'm sure I can repair for the full duration, so you get the most ammount of HP out of each repair party, when you are on low HP I would advise not to wait that much, at high tiers even HE salvos can do a ridiculous amount of damage. Priority Targets To finish of this guide I will try to talk a bit about priority targets. -Whenever you get the opportunity to, shoot destroyers, this class is the hard counter of Battleships and it will help your team's chances of winning the game since DDs often decide who wins or loses a game. -Radar cruisers should also be a top priority, they pose a significant threat to your destroyer buddies. If you don't know by heart what cruisers come equiped with radar, learn the list, it's not that big and it will help your team a lot: Atlanta, Belfast, Indianapolis, Chapayev, New Orleans, Dimitry Donskoi, Baltimore, Moskva, Des Moines, MISSOURI, BLACK, HSIENYANG, CHUNG MU, YUEYANG, Edinburgh, Neptune, Minotaur. (these 3 last ones are quite fun to shoot at with battleships *evil laughter*) -If you don't see any of these ships, go for broadsiding targets but dont hold your fire too long if they are hesitant on showing their sides, you might get a penetration through the deck armour! Outro I will propably edit this guide if some new thoughts come to mind! If you have feedback you can always leave it in the comments! Have a nice day! Kathy. Guides to specific ships - How to play Yamato - How to play Montana - How to play Großer Kurfürst Edit: Added some points in specific tips. and a new point called "Consumable use"
  10. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o bitevní lodi Roma (Itálie, tier VIII). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině) Poznámka: Nezapomeňte, prosím, že technické údaje jsou jen předběžné a můžou se změnit.
  11. YabbaCoe


    Francouzská bitevní loď IX tieru Alsace Odkaz na EN Wiki
  12. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiové bitevní lodi Dunkerque (Francie, tier VI). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině) Starší vlákno Dunkerque
  13. Haatra

    Giulio Cesare

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o bitevní lodi Giulio Cesare (Itálie, tier V). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  14. Haatra

    Duke of York

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o bitevní lodi Duke of Your (Velká Británie, tier VII). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině) Upozornění: Parametry jsou jen předběžné a můžou se změnit.
  15. YabbaCoe


    Francouzská bitevní loď X tieru République Odkaz na EN Wiki
  16. Alamos80

    Russian BBs

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to express my view on Russian BBs. I understand game need to have multiple type of BBs and other ships. I believe there were a few surveys what most of us wanted. There was one particular question - which phrased somehow like this: Do you want real ships present in game? I know Stalin was great, Russians too. However around 1903-1905 I heard was the last battleship what was really made by Russians against the Japanese fight. After this even Stalin and the propaganda knew they can't make and upkeep even a single Battleships. I never even heard and seen any concept of Russian Battleship after that war between the Japanese and Russsians. Please provide real evidence to make me beleive this isn't became a fantasy/sci-fi game any more. I came here to play real ships. Captain Kuznetsov another great step on it to Over Power these not real ships. Many Thanks for the possibility to bring this theme on discussion on the forum. Hope others view will be present and objective against it.
  17. Salve e tutti di nuovo! Come neofita,avevo già iniziato la linea tedesca degli incrociatori (ho quasi sbloccato la Yorck tier 7) e delle corazzate tedesche (sono alla Konig verso la Bayern). Come comandanti,approfittando del reset gratis ho resettato ed ho a disposizione un comandante con 11 skill sulle BB ed uno a 12 sugli incrociatori. Tenuto conto delle attuali e magari anche delle prossime navi delle 2 due linee,come mi consigliate di skillare i comandanti? PS ho anche la Scharnhorst e spero che almeno uno dei 2 setup possa essere adatto anche a lei. Grazie mille di nuovo a chiunque voglia rispondere
  18. Haatra

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiové bitevní lodí Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (SSSR, tier V). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  19. Poitato_desu

    Nerf RU BBs

    Just nerf that crap to the ground, no ship should be imune to dmg from the front while having bs dispersion. eigher give ru BBs normal armor (aka 25mm from t5-t7 and 32mm from t-t10) or reduce the dispersion to german BB lvls, or reduce the max fiering range to 15km. alternatively give the superstructure 50k hp before it gets saturated.
  20. Echo_Vempex


    AHOI, das möge vllt das falsche Forum sein, aber vielleicht find ich ja auch hier einen der mir helfen kann (zumindest zum richtigen forum leiten). Folgendes: Möglicherweise erscheint nur mir das so, aber warum ist der Aufbau der New Mexico so kleiner als die Aufbauten anderer US-Schlachtschiffe, sowohl höherer als auch niedrigerer Stufe? Also die New York hat noch den großen Mast mit dem Radar, und die Colorado hat ebendiesen auch wieder, nur das Design der NM scheint ohne einen derartigen Radarmast auszukommen. Ich hab auch mal bei den gängigen BB's anderer Nationen (IJN, RN, Kriegsmarine) geschaut aber die Aufbauten dort erscheinen immer gleichgroß oder werden mit höheren Stufen kleiner. Schon mal *DANKE* im Vorraus Echo EDIT: rechtschreibung
  21. zodiac96

    Welche BB-Linie ?

    Moin Moin zusammen, nach einer 2-jährigen Pause traue ich mich wieder an WoWs dran. Zunächst möchte ich, als Noob, mit den BBs warm werden. Welche BB Linie könnt ihr empfehlen? Welche Linie ist im moment besonders stark/besonders beliebt/ besonders empfehlenswert? Die Japanos habe ich schon durch. Bei den Deutschen sowie Amerikanern bin ich bereits auf Tier VIII. Da möchte ich aber zunächst nicht weitermachen. (Möchte ich meinen Mitspielern nicht antun) Somit bleiben die Russen Engländer Franzosen Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar, insbesondere um ausführlichere Gegenüberstellungen. :) SG Zodiac