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Found 55 results

  1. Well first Forum Post lets jump in at the deep end. So the current British Tree is complete with the introduction of the CVs what about doing something like the US Cruiser Split & Japanese DD Split but with the Brits with the BB’s splitting it into a second BB Line also starting at T3. This as the general arrangement of the second BB Line: T3: HMS St. Vincent T4: HMS Neptune (1911) T5: HMS Audacious (1912) T6: HMS Revenge T7: HMS Prince of Wales T8: J3 Design (even though as BC design it is similar to the Hood plus an 18 inch armed BB at T8 seems a bit much although if anyone knows of a better suited second T8 please so say) T9: N3 Design T10: LIII Design Along with this BB Split there is also the possibility of a fully filled new ship type a Battlecruiser Line (this would only really be viable for the UK, Germany as they are really the only two that would befit from it) Please note I will not be including the Hood in this new Line as she sits fine where she is but more to the point by the time she entered service she was essentially a BB only classed a BC in name as she went faster the 30 Knots in fact the Hood was very similarly armed to the QE class with an armour to weight ratio of around 33% compared to the QE classes about 34% also Hoods main belt of 12 inches was only 1 inch thinner than the QE class 13 inch belt, but anyway I digress. The BC Line would look something like this: T3: HMS Invincible T4: HMS Indefatigable T5: HMS Lion (1910) T6: HMS Queen Mary T7: HMS Tiger T8: HMS Renown T9: G3 Design T10: K3 Design Having a second BB Line and a separate BC Line opens up the opportunity to add some great ships into the game that wouldn’t fit as BBs along with the ability of those who have grinded the current line two new ones to grind adding more ships to their port and who doesn’t like more ships. There are also several other ships that could be added but due to already constructed lines these could be added in as Premiums some for Coal/Steel/Free XP. Premiums: T1: N/A T2: Victoria – Pre-Dreadnought Battleship Royal Sovereign (1891) Pre-Dreadnought Battleship T3: Monmouth - Light Cruiser Caroline - Light Cruiser (Last surviving ship from The Battle of Jutland) Inflexible - Battlecruiser T4: Agincourt - Battleship Argus - Aircraft Carrier T5: Erin - Battleship Colossus – Battleship Princess Royal – Battlecruiser Hawkins – Heavy Cruiser Possibly Courageous in her original config – Cruiser Scorpion – Destroyer Suffolk – Heavy Cruiser Barham – Battleship – sister of QE & Warspite T6: No. GB101b Design – Battleship Ajax – Light Cruiser Glorious – Aircraft Carrier Dorsetshire – Heavy Cruiser Savage – Destroyer Norfolk – Heavy Cruiser York – Heavy Cruiser (Exeter’s sister) With Smoke & Spotter Consumable Royal Oak - Battleship T7: Rodney – Battleship – Free XP Ship Dido – Light Cruiser Ark Royal – Aircraft Carrier Howe (planned Admiral Class – Cancelled during construction would have been similar to Hood with some difference) - Battleship Jamaica – Light Cruiser T8: Repulse – Battlecruiser Swiftsure – Light Cruiser Sheffield – Light Cruiser T9: M3 Design – Battleship – Free XP Ship K2 Design – Battlecruiser – Free XP Ship T10: L3 Design – Battleship - Resource Ship I3 Design – Battlecruiser - Resource Ship Malta – Aircraft Carrier – Resource Ship Indeed this is a lot of extra Prems (36) but they would not all be implemented or available at the same time for example the Rodney would be in her configuration when she still had her X-turret Catapult so she would have a fighter/spotter but being the Free XP T7 available when Nelson Isn’t and maybe to counter her fighter/spotter her heal would be reduced. And M3 & K2 being available at separate times one rotated in as one rotated out. Same with the resource ships only having one or two available at a time, and inevitably a few will not be spectacular such as the two T2 BBs but I chose them especially the Victoria history and the fact Victoria is the only vertical wreck, they would probably be similar in play style to the Mikasa but maybe better accuracy. But anyway, these are just my thoughts on ships that I personally would like added in some more than others and chances are not all of them will make it but it is nice to hope, but personally I think the BB split & BC Line would be a logical choice opening more avenues for content and some very historically significant ships. Please do leave feedback and your thoughts in the comments below and let me know anything I may have missed. I’m also currently working on something similar for the US Line (including the addition of USS New Jersey) along with the German, Commonwealth and French Tech Trees.
  2. RaxSavvage

    A-150 T10 premium

    The title reallly , wanna see that thing, as a thing
  3. Introduction Hello! This is my fourth guide in my "how to" series. Links to my other guides: -> How to play Großer Kurfürst -> General guide on how to play Battleships -> How to play Montana Today I'll write about the oldest tier 10 Battleship in World of Warships: Yamato. A Battleship which has definitely been hit by "power creep" so to say, but it still holds its place as a extremely valuable tool for area denial. I'm making this guide with help from people of |OP| and people like @strangers123 (although Strangers absolutely dislikes the ship) Captain's Skillbuild As I said earlier Yamato is a ship that has greatly changed over the lifetime of this game. While the older builds often recommend a secondary based build, this is definitely not a thing you'd want to do now. There are 2 builds that I would see as usable, an AA build (questionable/very situational) and a tanky build. Personally I'd recommend using the tanky build since the AA build totally doesn't play in the Yamato's strength. Preventive Maintenance is there to avoid your turrets getting destroyed. While Yamato turrets are really tanky it does help, since your turrets turn so slowly it's likely that they will get hit in the side while turning. Direction center for catapult aircraft could be picked for extra torpedo spotting but I personally prefer having my main battery guns not break on me in combat, but it's up to personal preference. In the contrary Expert Marksman is a MUST HAVE on the Yamato, if you are going for the reload upgrade on your ship your gun turret traverse will slow down to a whopping 82 seconds (for a 180° turn) if you wouldn't use the Expert Marksman skill. While using it will bring that back down to 62 seconds (note that Isoroku Yamamoto is being tested with enhanced expert marksman making this even more valuable) Adrenaline Rush will help to increase your DPM (Damage per minute) once your hp goes lower (thrust me, it will). This will make you incredibly dangerous since your reload will drop down to +-23 seconds when you are at 50% HP. Basics of Survivability, a mainstay in tank builds, is a skill that will decrease fire and flooding duration, which is incredibly useful given that Yamato will be the focus of many cruisers. Superintendent will give you an extra heal which obviously helps in prolonged games, giving you an extra batch of repairable HP. Fire Prevention does the same as Basics of Survivability in helping you survive HE focused fire, it limits the max number of fires you can have on your ship, making the 2 most easy to hit fire zones into one big zone (the front and back of the midships) Concealment Expert is a skill I use on all my Battleships because it is just so valuable, it allows you to disengage and heal back up (in most cases). It can greatly stretch your lifetime in a battle where you are being pushed. Ship Upgrades Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Or for Manoeuvrability (Which I prefer) Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 4 is really the only one of these upgrades that could be disputed. While Damage Control System 2 is very useful for tanking, I do prefer Steering gears mod 2 to help your ship turn. Yamato really needs to be able to turn to avoid exposing it's weak frontal citadel which I'll talk more in detail about in the next point. General Playstyle Yamato is as I said one of the older Battleships in the game and it does show. Compared to all her tier 10 counterparts she still has a very easy to hit citadel because it sits quite high in the water. The octagonal shape of her citadel also makes it so that Yamato can get quite easily citadelled even when angled. In the picture below I indicated what I am talking about with a blue line. When Yamato is angling like this, that panel sits at a flat angle compared to you, making it easy to penetrate given that you are in a Battleship are ship with a high enough calibre to do so. This is why I prefer the stearing gears modification over the damage control, it allows you to more easily hide this weakness. Because when you are sitting completely bow on to an enemy Battleship, the only other Battleship that is able to penetrate your hull is another Yamato. For it's play style Yamato greatly depends on her massive guns, but these also limit her in some points. Yamato is great at denying complete areas of the map by sitting bow on and stopping enemy battleships from pushing into her, this will make her a priority target of most cruisers, hence why I recommend using the tank build. It is better to wait out the first few minutes of the battle to see where you are most needed, the thing you do need to keep in mind is that you need support. Yamato is a Battleship that works incredibly poorly when unsupported and has great difficulties getting out of harms way unlike Montana or Kurfürst who can more easily turn around. Unlike these ships Yamato doesn't have a lot of firepower in the back of the ship and is also relatively slow. You should see Yamato more as a fortress, once it sits somewhere where it has secured its flanks, it is incredibly hard to dislodge her from her position. Her 460mm guns can overmatch the bows of all enemy battleships that could come to assault her, making pushes against her not an easy task at all. Carriers and destroyers will be a pain to deal with as they can launch attacks from angles that Yamato has a hard time defending, although her very impressive torpedo bulge will definitely take a lot of the sting out of torpedoes. Try to keep the enemy in front of you while withering them down and push when your team is ready. Whatever you do, don't brawl, your slow turret traverse will make it very hard to track enemies, even battleships at close range, on top of that your number 2 turret cant aim down over your first turret at short range, diminishing your damage even more. And when enemy battleships get around you and get you angled they will start reliably citadelling you in the spot that I mentioned before. What you should do when the enemy starts pushing in is trying to back off by putting your ship in reverse, this will give you more time to deal as much damage as possible. When you know you are going down, taking someone with you with a ram could also be an option you are willing to take. Try not to use your back turret when you are closer than 15 km unless the enemy really isn't paying attention. When you are able to use your back turret, this also means that you expose that weak spot in your citadel. (you basically need to outweigh your risks and rewards) On top of this try to stick to targets that are in front of your guns, thanks to the very slow turret rotation you will lose a lot of time if you switch targets very often. In short: Don't give broadside, get a good position with your flanks relatively secure (preferably close to your own destroyers for support), unload accurate 460mm shells until your ship runs out of hp or you need to start pushing, try to limit turning your guns, do not brawl and don't forget that your citadel has a weird shape. Outro As all my other guides I will try to keep updating these, if you have any points you would like to see added, please do leave them in the comments. Feedback is always appreciated and I will try to implement it as soon as possible. Have a nice day! Kathy.
  4. Deutsche_Ketten

    Vorgänger von World of Warships

    Moin, ich hab irgendwann vor 2011 schonmal ein Spiel gespielt, welches WoWs sehr ähnlich kam. War auch irgendwie 10 vs.10 oder so mit Third Person Sicht aufs Schiff bzw. First Person beim Schiessen. Neue Schiffe und Module wurden mit Exp. erforscht und mit Credits gekauft. Es gab auch da eine normale Währung und eine "premium" Währung. Man konnte bei den Schiffen die Kanonen, Reichweite etc. upgraden alles genau wie bei WoWs. Ich könnte fast schwören es sei WoWs gewesen was ich damals gezockt habe, allerdings kam WoWs ja erst 2015 raus. Der Name war (glaube ich zumindest) World Of Battleships. An andere Schiffstypen neben Schlachtschiffen kann ich ich auch nicht erinnern. Die Frage was ich damals gespielt habe trage ich jetzt schon seit mindestens einem Jahr mit mir herum und vielleicht kann sich ja hier jemand auch an diese öminöse Spiel erinnern. Bei Google konnte ich auch nichts finden was irgendwie auch solch ein Spiel hindeutet. Ich möchte hier auch nicht eine Alternative zu WoWs suchen, es quält mich einfach es nicht zu wissen :D Grüße
  5. Currently I’m grinding the IJN line, which is going mostly well. Just researched the Amati and now currently gathering the credits to get it, thinking of going down a new bb line after that. Any recommendations? Currently my initial thoughts on the other bb lines: KM ones have excellent armor and secondaries but I have heard the guns are very derpy. USN are slow up till t9. RN BBs are just HE spammers, and I have no idea on how the french ones work or play.
  6. Introduction Hello! It's been a while since I last wrote my general guide on how to play battleships -> Link (Other guides -> How to play Yamato and How to play Montana) So now I would like to start sharing my experiences and tips on how to play some specific battleships. Today I want to make a guide about the Großer Kurfürst which I will just name GK from now on because it's less annoying to write. I'm making this guide with some tips gathered from [OP] and other players like @Runner357. Gun Choice GK has the option to switch between 2 sets of guns. While the 406mm guns give you a faster rate of fire they do often lack the penetration to hurt enemy battleships as much as the 420mm guns do. That being said, the 420's also do more damage/shell. This however is a personal preference and I do know people who play with the 406's and like them more. Captain's Skillbuild Just like any ship the GK is just a piece of easy target practice without a good captain and with that a good captain skillbuild. While there are a few ways to build the skills GK there is one build I definitely prefer over other builds. This build focusses heavily on survivability compared to f.e. a secondary build (a build that takes Manual Secondaries, Basic Fire Training and Advanced Fire Training) While the secondary build can be usefull in some occasions it generally lacks in flexibility. I take Preventive Maintenance to decrease the possibility of my main battery guns getting knocked out in a fight. Expert Marksman gives the usefull bonus of being able to turn your guns faster + it offsets the penalty your guns get to turret rotation by taking the reload module. This is a skill I tend to take on all my BB's Adrenaline Rush is a skill that gets more usefull the more your ship gets damaged, making it so that taking a torpedo or two isn't the worst thing in the world anymore (still try to avoid it tho) Basics of Survivability and Fire Prevention serve the same goal of limiting fire damage your ship will take. GK is extremely big, even bigger than Yamato, and will be a very tasty target for cruiser HE spam. Fires do a percentage based damage on your ship every second. If my calculus is allright this should be 0.3% of your HP/fire/second. This is 317 damage every single second on the GK for only one fire. Limiting this damage is extremely important in the GK if you want to keep tanking for your team. Super Intendent fits very nicely in this image as it will give you an extra charge for your repair party (and Hydroacoustic search!) which will greatly help your survivability. Concealment Expert is a bit of a controversial pick because the GK's detection will remain quite big, however I've found it usefull because it allows you to get a little bit closer before opening up, and it does open up some ways to dissengage if things go south. Ship Upgrades Stearing Gears Mod 2 could be switched out for Damage Control System 2 which grants an even bigger reduction on fire and flooding duration, however, personally I like to keep my ships somewhat manoeuvrable so I tend to stick to the decrease in rudder shift. This makes turning to avoid torpedoes a lot less painfull. Some could argue that taking the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 would be better than the Main Battery Modification 3 because the range on the GK is indeed quite lacking. However I end up engaging targets at a shorter range so having that extra reload suits the GK better. You do not want to be sniping in this ship. General Playstyle GK is a ship that benefits from a slightly more agressive playstyle than f.e. its tier X counterparts Yamato and Montana. The biggest difference is that GK has acces to the German Hydroacoustic Search consumable which has a range of 5.88 km for ships and 4.02 km for torpedoes. This allows you to be more agressive in pushes because your hydro provides you with a lot of warning for incoming enemy torpedoes. While your size will hinder you in avoiding all, it will severely limit the total amount of torpedoes you might take. This is even more important when fighting against Destroyers equipped with deepwater torpedoes, torpedoes that are extremely stealthy. The bow on the GK encourages an agressive playstyle even more since it's the only tier X BB that has 60mm of bow plating (marked in red by amazing paint skills) keep in mind that the parts marked in blue are still only 32 mm of armour tho. Your 60mm makes you relatively resilient when bow on to enemy battleships and cruiser AP, however the superstructure of GK is one of your weak points. A good player will shoot for your superstructure and do lots of damage by penetrating that instead. Furthermore your good citadel armour and turtleback shape* of your main armourbelt allow you to get away with some manoeuvres other battleships could only dream off. This however doesn't mean you can't be punished. GK gets citadelled very rarely but it definitely does happen in certain occasions. And even if you don't get citadelled when giving your side to the enemy, your ship will take massive penetrating damage, 30K damage salvoes on a GK are not unheard off. Your bad turret angles will lure you into temptation to show a lot of your side and that's why, when you are being focussed, it is better to keep your bow turned to the enemy and resist the temptation to kill yourself by showing broadside. The GK isn't renowned for its accuracy but that doesn't mean it's super bad, when you are not being focussed and you can use all your guns they might suprise you with their accuracy. GK has a lot of HP for a tier X ship and when used correctly you can make that 105 800 hitpoint pool last a lot longer too. Don't forget to angle, use your heals, limit fires by pressing the damage control consumable at the right time (never press it for 1 fire) and, to add to that point, make sure you pick the premium consumables (22 500 credits), not taking these, especially damage control party 2 and repair party 2, will give you a very big disadvantage on the battlefield. Try to focus the enemy Battleships at the start of the game, your lack of stealth makes it hard to ambush cruisers. When the moment in the battle is there to be aggressive don't be afraid to push. A pushing GK with hydro running is a big pain to deal with for the enemy team. Just try to not overextend that much. *turtleback armour is a shape of armour that will have the effect of giving you less citadels when you give broadside. Outro That's basically it for this guide, if you have any other points I could add please do mention them in the comments, I will try to implement them if possible :) Have a nice day! Kathy.
  7. I just got the tirpitz and am very confused on how to play her properly, when I try to play her mid range the guns do not hit anything. I know my aim could be better (I'm still getting used to her velocity) but i've managed to regularly get around 30000 to 40000 damage but i can't seen to get any higher. Any help on the general play-style of the tirpitz would be very appreciated. Also in my latest game i got deleted by a Taiho within 5 mins of the game start, any idea on how to survive that? (Apart from sticking close to friendly cruisers) I've currently got a 11 point captain with PM, AR, BFT, AFT, any suggestions of crew skills I could take. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply.
  8. Dr_Strangefruit

    Suggestions to help with Battleships

    Now I expect people will flame this but I play BBS as well as all the other classes so these ideas are from my own personal views. 1. Half the range of tier VII and upwards secondaries and any radar systems they may have access too. 2. Reduce the effectiveness of the AA damage wise. 3. Reduce the speed the rudder can shift. 4. ALL ships that border hug are subject to flooding as if torped as well as having yhe i ability to fire and weapon systems which would mean you need better situational awareness. These few changes would mean that BBs would have to once again rely on CLs to support them with AA defense and to help defend them from DDs. BBs might not then border surf and stick with the fleet. As I said these are just personal views from my experiences in the game.
  9. Hello! When are the British and German battleships going to arrive in World of Warships! I would like to see both British and German battleships in the game. Such as The Bismarck and The Scharnhorst for the German battleships, and for the British battleships, The Hood and the Prince of Wales, and also King George V. Would be Very Happy and Greatfull for this. So please concider this. With best regards: Medic85.
  10. Hi everybody! I started this thread very recently on the NA server and decided I should share what I'm doing with the EU server too. Anyways, with WoWS coming out in the near future I figured it would be awesome to learn a bit about some of the ships that are going to be in the game. Hopefully in the upcoming days and weeks I will be able to put up more episodes for all of you to enjoy. These videos are purely for educational purposes and there will be absolutely no ads on these videos. Enjoy and tell me what you all think ^_^ Episode 38 - The Other Scharnhorst / Shinyo Class Carrier Episode 37 - Gnevny (Gremyashchy) Class Destroyer Episode 36 - Nagato Class Battleships Episode 35 - Invincible Class Battlecruisers Episode 34 - Andrea Doria Class Battleship Episode 33 - Fuso Class Battleship Episode 32 - Baltimore Class Heavy Cruisers Episode 31 - USS Olympia Episode 30! - HMS Ark Royal Episode 29 - Langley Aircraft Carrier Episode 28 - Kaga Aircraft Carrier Episode 27 - Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser Episode 26 - South Dakota Class Battleship Episode 25 - HMS Dreadnought Battleship Episode 24 - John C. Butler Class Destroyer Escort Episode 23 - Montana Class Battleship Episode 22 - Scharnhorst Class Battlecruisers Episode 21 - Northampton Class Heavy Cruisers Episode 20 - Flower Class Corvettes Episode 19 - Nelson Class Battleships Episode 18 - Allen M. Sumner Class Destroyers Episode 17 - King George V Class Battleships Episode 16 - Iowa Class Battleships Episode 15 - Lexington Class Carriers Episode 14 - Mogami Class Cruisers Episode 13 - Littorio Class Battleship Episode 12 - Deutschland Class Panzerschiffe Episode 11 - Kongo Class Battleship Episode 10 - Bismarck Class Battleship Episode 9 - Fletcher Class Destroyer Episode 8 - Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 3 Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 2 Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 1 Episode 6 - Pennsylvania Class Battleship - USS Arizona Episode 5 - Admiral Class Battlecruiser - HMS Hood Episode 4 - Yamato Class Battleship Episode 3 - Essex Class Aircraft Carriers Episode 2 - New York Class Battleships Episode 1 - North Carolina Class Battleships
  11. SovietFury43

    Welcome back to World of Battleships

    Hello again people! After a few months break i decided to resume playing World of Battleships! Boy do i already regret it. The first thing i am greeted with is the removal of stealth fire with nothing to compensate for certain ships that relied on it (Akizuki), and no commander skill reset to compensate for the skills that are now useless on certain ships. Next i come under fire from secondary's by two German BBs at 11km, YAY! German BBs are still the special needs class of World of Battleships! Next match i take the Belfast only to realize to my sheer horror that the smoke on the British cruisers is STILL bugged! What in the actual [edited]Wargaming?! Are you [edited]kidding me right now?! But ok, i manage to survive that somehow without losing to much health. Only problem is after that i get citadeled by a Colorado twice while angled right after that losing 90% hp. So i take out my Fletcher only to be greeted by yet another nasty surprise! Every time i even dare fire my guns my ship lights up like a god damn Christmas tree for the whole enemy team to see and shoot! Forget any kind of stealth play at this point, the moment you dare attack anyone the whole enemy team knows where you are! The BB population explosion has gotten even worse from what i can tell because literally every match has at least 6 BBs on each team (and over half of those are German BBs)! Carriers are still barely played at all. DDs now can't rely on stealth any more, i suppose Wargaming thinks DDs are supposed to slug it out directly with German BBs or [edited]around with torpedoes for half an our that the German BB is going to detect with his hydrophones and dodge with his cruiser level turning any way. And BBs STILL readily citadel cruisers while they are angled and dodging. At this point they can literally rename the game into World of German Battleships. There is no point in playing anything else any more. To hell with this game, i am going back to War Thunder. Wargaming you fucked it up! AGAIN!
  12. having played cruisers for quite a bit I have noticed that I have citadel hit and received citadel hits in pretty much all classes in the game, save 1...now I don't know if I've just been unlucky, or that this class is just immune to citadel hits. -cruiser vs. cruiser..happens all the time -cruiser vs battleship...rare but you can citadel hit them if the gun is strong enough..battleships are better suited for this though -cruiser vs aircraft carrier, the citadel is located a bit high on the ship for most of them -cruiser vs destroyer...I can't honestly say I ever got a citadel hit ribbon from hitting a destroyer, with other destroyers, cruisers or battleships. nor can I remember receiving the "heavy damage" message after anything other then a torpedo hit when playing a destroyer. is it possible to citadel hit destroyers? do they even have a citadel to hit?
  13. There was a time where other classes pervaded the games in numbers that were simply too large to manage. Carriers and destroyers both have had their day of dominance. There are things that pervade the class, the developers, and the community at large that makes it so that battleships are such a problem where carriers and destroyers never were. The Battleship Class The problem with battleships has escalated to the point where event the most virulent defendants of the status quo can't even pretend that there isn't a problem anymore. Admittedly this was like waiting until we have to start rowing to work before we start cutting down on coal power plants, but progress is progress. Wargaming's slow and iterative changes to the class could most charitably be seen as a way to not cause the class collapse formerly seen in the carrier class and uncharitably seen as the development team having some perverse sexual attraction to battleships (glass houses, I know) but the change is welcome regardless. Carriers and battleships both can be played without employing different tactical considerations depending on targets and both essentially exist outside of the hard counter system that means that most cruisers are incredibly weak towards battleships and that destroyers are incredibly weak towards cruisers but that battleships aren't particularly weak towards destroyers. Even in the context of 'anti-battleship' cruiser lines like the French or Russians, the damage that the cruiser does to the battleship could be returned with interest with just a few lucky shots should the circumstances conspire towards it and the same could be said about carriers if the matchmaker was particularly vindictive that day. Many similar issues exists as, depending on the game circumstance, explicitly AA based cruisers could be ripped to pieces by carriers. There is a battleship plague problem however and not a carrier plague. Whilst this could simply be traced back to the fact that battleships are easy to play whilst carriers aren't, the problem is often more difficult than that and solving the issue by introducing artificial difficulty to the battleship class as an equivalent to the lags and UI errors of the CV class will fail to address the core of the issue. By making the interclass interaction more similar to that between carriers, destroyers and the other classes, battleships would be able to be brought in line. Whether or not this is desirable however is another matter. Currently, Wargaming's approach to re-balancing battleships is very much focused on how battleships interact with the other classes. The spotter plane nerf meant that they did not have the 5 minute resistance to torpedoes that the twin catapult fighters once offered. The changes to smoke mechanics meant that they would not be able to ambush cruisers and destroyers as easily. Among the changes closest to the top of the priority list was the ability of battleships to cause catastrophic damage to destroyers and their ability to use just one ammunition type for close to any circumstance. War Gaming has also stated that they objected to the excessive survivability of battleships. The issue has been raised multiple times and the changes that are being made are slow but there. This might be controversial but I do not see the ability for battleships to one-shot destroyers, never have to switch ammunition type, or even survive better than the other classes as the primary cause of the problem we see. I think the remaining issue with battleships can't be solved by changing the ways that battleships interact with other classes as much as it would likely need to come down to the options that other ships have in dealing with battleships. Whilst this may sound pedantic, it very much is and I don't know why you thought it was possible to read something written by me that doesn't collapse into pedantic arguments over terms that ultimately just ends with me declaring victory over whoever I was arguing with despite the fact that everyone who gets stuck in an internet argument has already lost. Anyways, on to the main topic. Carriers, destroyers & the Problem of Choice Wargaming largely depends on the classes to balance each other and this has led to endless grief for everyone involved. Apart from battleships. Obviously. Destroyers, battleships, and carriers all depart from the general template and have benefits that are essentially technically exclusive to them. At their worst, the game degraded into cheese tactics beyond comparison. The Shimakaze's wall of death is remembered to this day, the wall that dooms even the most agile of destroyers and covered the maps from border to border. Then of course there was the Hakuryuu with her quintuple Kamikaze attack, the name not coming from the fact that you could use her planes to commit suicide against enemy ships as much as from the fact that her torpedo bombers carried the payload of five Kamikaze class destroyers. There were various eventual nerfs to those ships, but even whilst it lasted they were not nearly as ubiquitous as battleships are as a class in the present day and that is largely due to the fact that conditional population control mechanics are built into the game to manage the numbers of carriers and destroyers in such a way that battleships simply aren't. The Lesson No One Learned Battleship players, more so than players of any other ship class, are fundamentally selfish and are encouraged to be selfish thanks to the game mechanics. This might not be a revelation to most, but the selfishness of the battleship and the way that game mechanics works makes it so that it promotes battleships. For those unfamiliar with game theory, it could be best simplified as a way to predict the actions of selfish and perfectly rational agents. Humans aren't perfectly rational, but over a large amount of time and with the smallest level of self awareness the actions of even an online game like World of Warships could be approximated as rational. Players can observe their own results and apply what they've learn, and so players will slowly move towards the state of maximum profit for minimum effort. Players without the imagination to do this could always just copy the tactic of players that do. When discussing the balance between battleships and other classes, the topic does often steer towards the things that other classes outdo battleship in. Destroyers are far stealthier than battleships, could go the entire game without being spotted, and could carry games on literally 1 point of HP. Cruisers have significantly better DPM, tools like radar, defensive fire, hydroacoustics, smoke screens, and a plethora of other things that could be employed for the team's benefit. Carriers have unparalleled reconnaissance abilities and the ability to herd the entire enemy fleet. Next to all of that, it may superficially seem like better armor and more health would be a small thing. This however is just an obfuscation of the issue. I would like to make one last note. When I look at battleships, I can't help but see the very worst parts of carrier gameplay back when full strike carriers were still a thing. Facing another full strike carrier is rare, but when it happens it was quite memorable. I grinded through the Lexington in full strike configuration back when she still had that. I faced another strike Lexington on Northern Lights one battle. We all but ignored each other, flying our bombers past each other to bomb the enemy into oblivion. It was a constant damage race and that game I won by a sliver. If I had lost that match, I would likely have blamed the team for their failings and posted a screenshot online so I could have a laugh about it. I managed 170k that match in a tier X game but I did essentially nothing to protect the team from the enemy. I didn't scout in order to maximize my cycle time and I didn't communicate with the allied team whatsoever. When writing this, I couldn't help but think back to what I did back then and how much it reminded me of the things I wrote here. Battleships reaped the benefits of cruisers, destroyers, and carriers. I reaped the benefit of my team staying in between the enemy and myself and used them as an expendable shield to farm damage. The game is ultimately selfish and comes down to how much players can personally get from the game and changing a few values on a few ships will not change that.
  14. dasCKD

    Adressing the Battleship Plague

    I would probably be getting far more attention if I just put all of this time and effort into a Youtube video instead. The battleship numbers have been discussed, but it has yet to be addressed by War Gaming. The pure power of battleships have been somewhat diminished by the catapult fighter nerf, changes to captain skills, and changes to the timer of the damage control party. In my belief however, the fact is that the fundamental issue that both causes and is caused by the high battleship numbers. War Gaming has claimed that they want to change the battleships to address the issue, but it doesn't seem like they understand the underlying issue. At least if they did, then they aren't acting in a way that would actually address the issue. On the failure of Rock, Paper, Scissors The RPS system is a system of class control. All classes are meant to counter each other to stop games entirely dominated by one class. The idea was that if battleships were getting too populous, then more people would start sailing destroyers. If there are too many destroyers sailing around, then more people would start sailing cruisers. This would mean a better distribution between ship classes, something that is necessary to maintain a healthy game and keep users playing with all of the new content. On in-class interaction With the fall of RPS, one way to address the class issue is the implementation of in-class balance. If a class needs another class to drive it away when it's getting too popular, then that requires the players to want to play the counter class. If a class can be designed in such a way that other ships of the same class gets in the way, then the population of the class will be self-managing. As this is better than even the RPS system, it is something that should be created if possible. Changes to ship classes These are changes made to the different ship classes in such a way that would minimize the impact and power that battleships wield in battle. Ideally, the changes should be made to the problem class. The issues with the classes exists regardless of whether or not there is a battleship overpopulation issue however, so these changes should probably be considered regardless. To destroyers To cruisers To carriers To battleships Changes to game mechanics Changes made to the fundementals of the game in order to attempt to make cruisers and destroyers a little less punishing and a little more confortable.
  15. Rarely do I see cruiser captains actively try to protect battleships, at least after the first couple of minutes of a battle. So how can we get those pesky cruisers () to want to stay with their heavier comrades? I haven't been to these forums for a while, so this may have been suggested before. Anyway, here it goes: If a battleship is inside a cruiser's AA range and that cruiser shoots down a bomber or torpedo bomber (this does not apply to fighters), the cruiser gets an extra XP and credit award for that aircraft kill (compared to a regular aircraft kill). Maybe even more credits and XP if said aircraft are on a bombing\torpedo run. I'm not talking about thousands of XP here, just a small amount, but still enough for cruisers to want to stay closer to their BBs. If that isn't enough, how about an award? Kill X bombers\torp bombers when a BB is inside the cruiser captain's AA range, and the captain gets the award! Are there any downsides to something like this? I sure don't see them... Maybe WG does...
  16. who_dares_wins

    Italian Battleships: What to expect

    Hello everyone! I did a bit of quick research on Italian Battleships (don't worry, I didn't just google it), and so, here is an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of RIN BBs and how they could be implemented. Strengths: + Outstanding range main battery guns with high velocities and penetration + Powerful gun broadsides + Generally high speed + Large amounts of guns + Large array of secondary armaments Weaknesses: - Poor armour - Low barrel life leading to poor dispersion values - Poor gun arcs, requiring the ships to expose more of their broadside to fire all their guns - No dual purpose guns, meaning that while the secondaries are good on paper, in practice they are at best mediocre. - No DP guns leads to weak AA Overall, the Italian BBs in their historical format would play rather like the Dunkerque, except trading gun arcs for a larger broadside. If Wargaming wanted to give the line a unique "flavour", what they could do is give them a unique Defensive AA fire consumable. Before all the CV players get up in arms about more ships getting the anti CV "I win LOL" button, let me explain what I mean. Duilio class BBs and later received anti-aircraft shells for their secondaries for barrage purposes only, due to the lack of a high enough elevation to properly engage aircraft. Because of this, RIN BBs could get a Def. AA that boosts the AA efficiency by 0-25%, and only lasts 30 seconds (regular version boosts AA efficiency by 300%). This means that CVs could "bait" use of the consumable without getting their squadrons vaporised. The tree could look something like this: Tier III: Dante Alighieri (12 12-inch guns, but no superfiring turrets) Tier IV: Leonardo Da Vinci* Tier V: Duilio (add unique def. AA here) Tier VI: Cavour** Tier VII: Francesco Caracciolo (Never completed 8 15-inch gun battlecruiser) Tier VIII: Vittorio Veneto (9 15-inch guns) Tier IX: Wargaming might do some fantasy upgrades nonsense on the uncompleted Impero Tier X: ??? (As this was done only using quick research, I was unable to find candidates for tiers 8-10. if somebody could find some it would be appreciated) *I cheated a little here. Leonardo Da Vinci was a Cavour class BB that was sunk before the class was refitted (and therefore never got it). Leo is at tier IV to free up the Cavour for tier 6 (see **). **What?! the tier VI is the Tier V but with weaker secondaries and AA? Yes and no. Cavour, when stock, is indeed that. However, the upgraded hull could be the planned final refit that was never completed, replacing the double 4.7 inch turrets with the triple 5.3 inch turrets from the Duilio class. This results in the ship having 9 5.3 inch guns per side, compared to the Duilio's 6. It would also have received a new, improved AA suite, including 65mm dual purpose guns. The end result it a Duilio with much stronger AA and secondaries.
  17. Bnaditcorps

    USN BB's

    This is off a topic i made on the NA forum exact copy paste no need to read it as all info there is here all here is there etc. So as many of you know the USN had lots of battleships and here i will discuss them. (USS Iowa firing a broadside) Key Blue font is how the ships met their end Purple is my personal opinion Plain font is the facts Coast Defense Types These ships were slow and clumsy, but as the name implies they didn't need to go very far to do their job. So to start off we will look at the USS Texas. Fate: Sunk as a target in Tangier Sound in Chesapeake Bay. We have this as the first "Battleship" in the USN. This was not listed with the "BB" hull classification. She only displaced 6,682 tons (US Ton). Her main armament was also very dismal for modern times, but was actually very good for the day it consisted of 2 × 12 in (305 mm) main guns with one one either side a staggered mount. And she had torpedoes 4 x 14in torpedo tubes (356 mm) that was dropped to 2 latter. Her speed at full flank was 18 knots (full flank definition here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flank_speed) Next we have the USS Maine (ACR-1) Fate: Sunk by explosion 15 February 1898 This was the the same as the Texas except she had 4 × 10 in (250 mm) not 2 x 12 in (305 mm) guns and went 17 knots at full flank. The last of these were the Indiana class vessels. Fates: Indiana Sunk in explosive tests; hulk sold for scrap 1924, Massachusetts Sunk as gunnery target 1921; now an artificial reef, Oregon Initially preserved as a museum; sold for scrap 1956. These are the the first ships in the USN with the "BB" hull classification (BB-1 through BB-3). These were the first US battleships to displace more than 10,000 tons (US Ton), they displaced 10,288 tons (US Tons). Their main battery consisted of 4 × 13 in (330 mm) and again these had torpedoes 6 × 18 in (457 mm) surface torpedo tubes. They could go 17 knots full flank. Pre-Dreadnought Types These were still slow, but had much more firepower and armor than the previous ships.(for the most part) The first of this type is the USS Iowa (BB-4) Fate: sunk as bombing target 1923 The main guns were 4 × 12 in (305 mm) and this was worse than the previous Indiana class ships, and the torpedoes were also not as good as they were 4 × 14 in (356 mm) torpedo tubes. In my opinion these are the reasons why only one was built. Next up is the Kearsarge-Class battleship (BB-5 through BB-6) Fate: Kentucky scrapped 1924; Kearsarge converted to Crane Ship AB-1 on 5 August 1920, scrapped 1955 The Kearsarge holds the distinction for being the only US battleship not named after a state. Their main weapons were 4 × 13 in (330 mm) and these also hold another distinction they are the first to not have torpedoes. These were also the slowest battleships thus far only going 15 knots full flank. We have the Illinois-Class up next (BB-7 through BB-9) Fate: Illinois transferred to New York Naval Militia 1921, renamed Prairie State 1941, scrapped 1956; Alabama sunk as target 1921; Wisconsin scrapped 1922. Main guns were 4 × 13 in (330 mm) and these brought back torpedo tubes (4 on each vessel). They brought up the speed back to 17 knots. Maine-class (BB-10 through BB-12) Fate: All scrapped 1922 This class dropped the main battery back down to 4 × 12 in (305 mm), and had 2 × 18 in (457 mm) submerged torpedo tubes. They brought speed up to 18 knots the first since Texas to go this fast. Virginia-class (BB-13 through BB-17) Fate: Virginia and New Jersey sunk as targets, remainder sold for scrap, 1923 The main guns stayed the same as the previous class the 4 × 12 in (305 mm) guns they also had 4 × 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes the largest torpedoes on a US BB thus far, and they also were the fastest USN BB's thus far going 1 knot faster than the previous fastest BB's (19 knots). ​Connecticut-class (BB-18 through BB-22, including BB-25) Fate: Scrapped 1923-24 These retained most of the features from the Virginia-class except for weighing 1,000 tons heavier (US Tons) and losing 1 knot in speed reducing speed to 18 Knots. This class also holds the distinction of being the largest class of USN BB's ever BUILT. Mississippi-class (BB-23 through BB-24) Fate: Decommissioned 30 July 1914 and sold to Greece. Kilkis (ex-Mississippi) and Limnos (ex-Idaho) sunk by German bombers in April 1941. These are the last ships of the Pre-Dreadnought era built by the USN and again had the 4 × 12 in (305 mm) guns that were popular among the USN Pre-Dreadnoughts.They also had another feature that was common among the USN Pre-Dreadnoughts torpedoes they had the same torpedoes as the previous 2 classes (2 × 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes) except they had lost 2 of the tubes. These ships dropped down to the old speed of 17 knots. More on the way! Don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed!
  18. German battleships of war patrol I've found a film witch published from the propaganda group of the Wehrmacht.It's in German but for who can not speak German it is also interesting. The film is about a surgery of the German naval forces in the North Sea where they sank British units. On the German side were e.g. the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. I hope it is interesting for you! :Smile_honoring:
  19. Crowarior

    Battleship change/rebalance

    In my opinion biggest problem with BBs right now is that because of their armor they are too easy and forgiving to new players and because of random dispersion skilled players are always artificially limited. I think that all classes should have equal or at least similar "skill floor" which is right now clearly not the case. First step to fix this issue would be to make BBs less RNG dependent and make them more consistent. Right now sniping from max range is not punished enough. Dispersion is still O.K. even at max ranges because of how dispersion works, you can still get few hits if you lead properly. On the other hand, if you are shooting at <8km ranges and doing your job as BB, you still get punished by that wild dispersion often enough for it to be frustrating. If WG increases dispersion at longer ranges to the point where you cant reliably hit a target even with proper lead that would be enough to make sniping BB players to move closer for more consistent damage. As a compensation buff close range accuracy <15km (depending on nation) to make BBs more consisntent at ranges where they should play at. NOTE: For better understanding of how exactly dispersion works please refer to iChase's video here. Next issue is that battleships are not punished for bad positioning. Since WG removed citadels from US BBs and and added BBs with impossible to hit citadels bad players are not punished for showing broadsides anymore. Adding citadels back to BBs would be a great step in right direction. Another thing that would be great is to make certain nations more vulnerable at certain ranges. So US BBs would be easy to citadel at closer ranges, but at longer ranges their armor scheme would be usefull. Same thing goes for german BBs. They would be more resilient at close ranges but they would actually be vulnerable to long range plunging fire which is not the case right now, they just bouce everything or get standard penetrations. Last thing I would like to see changed is BB mobility. They can keep their speed but change acceleration, decceleration and turret traverse speed. This would make BBs more like a chess piece that has to be carefully positioned for maximum effect, otherwise you should get punished for poor play.
  20. I feel that BBs DPM with their low rate of fire and accuracy is poor when you are unable to range your shots properly and hit does vital parts of enemy ships often enough. It's easier if enemy sails in a straight line on a constant speed, but hard if they zig-zags and/or change speed. The use of scout plane and "plane point of view" helps against the zig-zags, but still you have to estimate the relative movement of the target ship. It gets harder for those extra long shots where shell flight time is more than 12+ seconds (19+ km) cause your aiming reticle ends at 11 seconds and usually it does not align with the target ship heading. Suggestion: Give scout planes ability to "guide" shots to targets by providing a special round aiming reticle instead of the standard 2-axis reticle. How it could work: This only works when the scout plane is air-born. The special reticle is not available before a raging shot is made. The reticle changes after a shot/or salvo is made down range and shots does not hit an obstacle in mid flight (shot muss hit or splash near a targeted ship). Once the plane lands the 2-axis reticle returns. The argument about behind this was that battleships of that era had equipment to estimating the range to a target but as the radar was not advanced enough (perhaps except for americans), they had no actual way to track the target in 3D space (you see a 2d image trough scope). As the BBs have to play in second line anyways, these long range shots are what muss count the most. At the moment the scout is really only useful for long range shots up to 19 km or so or when looping shells behind islands so that your guns dont aim at the island. 12-14+ second flight time is long enough for enemy to evade the barage alltogether, this would make the Incomming fire alert (2nd level commander skill) a bit more usefull as it is now.
  21. gekkehenkie50

    OBT battleships vs cruisers

    Hi, I love the progress wargaming have made in WoWS, and i was one of the lucky few to have the privelage of playing in the CBT. Lately however I have noticed that everytime I play in my Battleships, I get sunk by cruisers, not at point blank range but at distances of about 12 Km, their superior fire rate is overwelming, the amount of fire caused aswell, i have been on fire in 7 places at the same time! And normally a battleship should be able to 1 shot such cruisers, after the 30 second reload i fire, nearly all the shells either miss or are dodged by the cruisers maneuverability, and the 1 or 2 shells that do hit cause about 2K dmg. now follows the 30 second reload in which i get peppered by HE. I fire AP or HE, it makes little difference. In the CBT battleships felt alot like a KV-2, now they feel like a KV-2 without alpha dmg :/ i also nearly never get citadel penetrations, even against afk players from pointblank range underneath their gun turrets at a right angle! It seems that BBs now do have armour and can bounce other bbs but have little defence against cruisers! destroyers are still ok as are carriers, but i think that the difference between cruisers and battleships should be changed.
  22. Nipple_Destroyer_MK_IX

    Why were the Battleship Gun Upgrades Removed?

    Why? That is the only question I have really. I have scoured the internet looking for an explanation but cant find one, so here I am asking if anyone at all knows why all the gun upgrades were removed and from my point of view, effectively heavily nerfing battleships in the doing so. If someone could please inform me, I would be grateful as I have no idea why no one else is talking about this. P.s - I am talking about them being removed during the transition from closed, to open beta.
  23. GPRadical

    Battleships need massive BUFF!

    Hi, After starting out with battleships I can safely say they are pretty much useless, yes ok their range is nice but that's it.... 1: Turrets and Ship manoeuvrability is WAY too slow.. (need to turn around? need to avoid torps? need to turn? not possible...) 2: Reload time... I mean really? one of the most advanced ships yet it has a 30+ reload timer so by the time you get 2-3 shots off the enemy is within their range and your dead.... oh and good luck with the accuracy of these ships.... 3: Counter measures? ok we cant move we are a big slug in the sea, why not give us counter measures against torps etc? 4: Range ok this is nice BUT with the accuracy good luck in hitting, 1 out of 3 shots might hit oh and even by that time the enemy is kicking your [edited]... 5: Heal? right ok so we can repair our ship, all good and all but is basically useless because once the enemy is in range of you they simply wipe you off the map with a few easy shots on the slowest, horrible ship in game. I know a load of you will say "I think their fine" "You're just a noob" and so on but that's not the case, playing cruiser, destroyer (most of time now) i can safely say i can easily get 1/4 kills per game, especially if I target those big heavy slugs that cant see me until i have that perfect torp shot! hahaha! No really, devs need to buff the crap out of these guys as they are basically useless.
  24. dasCKD

    Ship nicknames!

    I am starting this thread to compile all of the nicknames that I have heard for the different ships. Please help add to the list, I'll modify the original post to include the nicknames gathered by everyone here! IJN Cruisers T1 - Hashidate: T2 - Chikuma: T3 - Tenryuu: Tenryhue T4 - Kuma: T5 - Furutaka: the furious taco, the furry taco T6 - Aoba: T7 - Myoko: T8 - Mogami: T9 - Ibuki: T10 - Zao: The Klingon cruiser Destroyers T2 - Umikaze: T3 - Wakatake: the walkie-talkie T4 - Isokaze: the f***ing monster of tier IV, I see you Kaze T5 - Minekaze: the reefmaker, minimini, ninjaship T6 - Mutsuki: T7 - Hatsuharu: T8 - Fubuki: F***kbooki, Bucky T9 - Kagero: T10 - Shimakaze: the torpedo wall, the Tsunami, Schimmelkatze Battleships T3 - Kawachi: kawai T4 - Myogi: Moggy, Miyagi T5 - Kongou: the burning love T6 - Fuso: Fuso ro DAH! T7 - Nagato: secondary galore T8 - Amagi: T9 - Izumo: the floating coffin, shitzumo T10 - Yamato: Fort Knox, Yammy Aircraft carriers T4 - Hosho: Fo'sho T5 - Zuiho: XP bag T6 - Ryujo: T7 - Hiryuu: T8 - Shokaku: Zuikaku T9 - Taihou: T10 - Hakuryu: the sky hammer USN Cruisers T1 - Erie: T2 - Chester: chest hair T3 - St. Louis: the fake battleship, the pocket battleship, the machine gun, the circle of death T4 - Pheonix: T5 - Omaha: Obama T6 - Cleveland: cheatland, cleavageland, Clevebanned T7 - Pensacola: Pepsi Cola, Citadela T8 - New Orleans: Narleans T9 - Baltimore: T10 - Des Moines: Citadel city Destroyers T2 - Sampson: Simpson T3 - Wickes: Weakest, Dirty Tricks Wickes T4 - Clemson: Clem, clam T5 - Nicholas: Nick T6 - Farragut: Verygut T7 - Mahan: Mayhem T8 - Benson: T9 - Fletcher: the freedom T10 - Gearing: the democracy Battleships T3 - South Carolina: SoCal T4 - Wyoming: Fireming T5 - New york: The Brooklyn Brawler T6 - New Mexico: T7 - Colorado: Trololo(rado), Floating Turd T8 - North Carolina: NoCal T9 - Iowa: The tier 9.5 T10 - Montana: free xp and credits Aircraft carriers T4 - Langley: T5 - Bogue: The pest, Boogey T6 - Independence: Indy T7 - Ranger: T8 - Lexington: Lexy T9 - Essex: T10 - Midway: that bastard carrier KM Cruisers T1 - Hemelin: Herr Merlin T2 - Dresden: The tier 2 St. Louis T3 - Kolberg: the German St. Louis T4 - Karlsruhe: Crapruhe, Karlsruin T5 - Konigsburg: the glass cannon T6 - Nurgburg: T7 - Yorck: T8 - Admiral Hipper: admiral hipster T9 - Roon: Ron T10 - Hidenburg: hiddenburger USSR/RUS Cruisers T1 - Orlan: T2 - Novik: T3 - Bogatyr: T4 - Svetlana: T5 - Kirov: T6 - Budyonny: T7 - Schors: T8 - Chapaev: T9 - Dimitri Donskoy: T10 - Moskva: Destroyers T2 - Storozhevoi: T3 - Derzki: the Derpski T4 - Izyaslav: the Yoloslav T5 - Gnevny: T6 - Ognevoi: T7 - Kiev: T8 - Tashkent: T9 - Udaloi: T10 - Kabarovsk: Premiums Mikasa: Es su Casa Tachibana: Taco Banana, Tiny Diana: The other t2 St. Louis Imperator Nikolai I: The t4 Yamato, the Czar, Impregnator Murmansk: Murmy Gremyashchy: the gremlin, the T-59, Grem Reaper Mikhail Kutuzov: The unnerfed Mogami, Mikhail Citadelovitch, Michael Arkansas Beta: carrier bait, The Mighty Ark Atlanta: the fake cruiser, Craplanta, Waste of Money Mikasa: stormtrooper accuracy Atago: Attack Dog Yubari: the flack barge Iwaki Alpha: Iraqi Ishizuchi: the Itchy Scratchy Fujin: Reefmaker V2 Kamikaze: Reefmaker V3, banzai Atago: the citadel Warspite: The Grand Old Lady Emden: Ther other other t2 St. Louis Blyskawica: Anshan: The reskin Lo Yang: The 'War Gaming needs a new yacht', the paypal Benson Tirpitz: Water Löwe, Torpitz, Derpitz
  25. Baylor98

    The Amagi Wiggle

    I have finally learned the art of how to get the best out of the Amagi. It is fast, slim and has a lot of firepower facing aft. You get close-ish to the enemy, fire a couple of full broadsides then turn away and run. As you run, zig zag to evade enemy fire and the angle should allow you to use all 6 rear facing guns to keep scoring hits. Your speed, slender profile and aspect changes make you very hard to hit. Anyone else out there using the Amagi Wiggle?