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Found 146 results

  1. Not having much luck with this ship. Same guns as Hood and Warspite. I feel I do well in Warspite, or at least enjoy it. But Vanguard? I've heard its good at bow tanking? If anybody has it, and does well in it, I'd be grateful to have a few pointers.
  2. Kaseko


    Hier bitte alles zur Alsace rein.
  3. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    T9 IJN Azuma

    Hey All, So after checking out a lot of threads and reviews on the IJN Azuma, I decided to pull the trigger and get it. I have to say that despite all the negative press surrounding it, its a rather fun super cruiser to play when it isn't paired up against a 1v1 with a enemy battleship...let alone +2 BBs... Obviously this ship, unlike the Alaska or Kronstadt, cannot tank or bounce enemy battleship shells which seem to be the biggest weakness of it so it requires a long range or "evasion" style of play. I just took Flamu's last captain build as a starting point, but I noticed he didn't have a "revamped" newer released version. That said, I was curious what other Azuma captains are taking for skills and upgrades on this ship?
  4. BarnabaII

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Temat poświęcony, zapewne niemieckiemu "pancernikowi" premium, który nawiedzi wkrótce te wody. Choć historycznie miał to być krążownik liniowy (typu Mackensen czyli rozwinięcie typu Derffingler) albo jak po niemiecku "wielki krążownik", to tutaj staje się on pancernikiem. Co o nim sadzicie? Czy kupicie?
  5. AwesomeBoat

    T5 Bretagne?

    Hello, How do I play the Bretagne properly, most of my battles in this ship I do low damage. Is this ship just not great or am I playing it wrong?
  6. summon9fire

    Downfall of Bismarck

    The bismarck nowadays is really hard to work with, I can't even brawl with it consistently. A NC rips me apart like carving a cake. Downsides: - Not even the best secondary build anymore in tier 8 - Always get uptiered, turrets can't penetrate T10 BB's - Really bad spread - I had to save up a lot of in-game currency to buy it and upgrade it. - Bismarck always get taken out at the start of the game, because they're "dangerous" if they get up close (not anymore imo) - It's not fun anymore to play it, I had a blast with the gneisenau, Kaiser and König - No decent AA, mid-range Does the Bismarck need a buff? If so, why? If not, why? P.S. I know i'm not the best player, but my win rate with the Bismarck is the worst...
  7. Ygtozkn1903

    German T10 premium battleship Brandenburg

    Ship is one of the H class design battleships H-40A just with GKs triple turrets having simillar accuracy of russians just slightly worse. As everyone knows H-class battleships being succesors to Bismarck and Tirpitz . Ship is having similar but more fun German gameplay having very accurate 9 406 mm L/52 Drh C/34 in 3 turrets her objective is to break the enemy defense wiith her accurate gun in close range and her powerfull secondaries her armor is very simillar to GK having 100 mm on mid bow and mid aft but tip of bow and aft is 32 mm armor she's simillar to kremlin and Iowa real life measurements 64.575 tons 282,9 meters lenght 38 meters beam 11 meters draft 6 x Dual 406 mm guns 230,000 SHP 32,2 knots stats of T10 German Brandenburg Hit Points: 96,900. Armour: 19~456 mm. Bow-Stern Plating: 32 mm. Central Deck Plating: 50 mm. Citadel Armour: 380 mm. Superstructure: 19 mm. Propulsion: 230,000 hp. Weight in Tons: 64,679 t. torpedo protection:35% 3 x 3 406 mm L/52 Drh C/34: Firing Range: 21.250 km. Reload Time: 29 s. 180 Degree Turn Time: 35 s. Maximum Dispersion: 272 m. Sigma Value: 1.90σ. SHELL TYPES: 406 mm HE Spr.Gr L/4.4 Kz: Maximum HE Shell Damage: 4800. Alpha Piercing HE: 114 mm. HE Initial Velocity: 810 m/s. COF: 48% Air Drag: 0.276. 406 mm AP P.Spr.Gr L/4.4 : Maximum AP shell Damage: 12700. Detonator Threshold: 63 mm. Initial Velocity: 810 m/s. Air Drag: 0.276. Projectile Krupp: 2450. SECONDARY ARMAMENT: 8 x 2 105 mm L/65 Dop.L.C/38 Reload: 3.35 seconds Maximum HE shell damage: 1200. Range: 7.6 km. Traverse Speed: 3 s. Alpha Piercing HE: 27 mm. HE initial velocity: 900 m/s. COF: 5% Air Drag: 0.311. 6 x 2 150 mm L/55 SK C/28 Reload: 7.5 seconds Maximum HE shell damage: 1700. Range: 7.6 km. Traverse Speed: 5 s. Alpha Piercing HE: 32 mm. HE initial velocity: 875 m/s. COF: 8% Air Drag: 0.311. ANTI AIRCRAFT: 8 x 2 105 mm/50 Mk I: Long Range. Maximum Firing Range: 3.5-6.0 km. Chance of Hit: 75%. Area DPS: 121. Bubble Damage: 1610. Bubble Count: 4. 14 x 2 55 mm L/77 Gerät 58 Zwilling: Medium Range. Maximum Firing Range: 1.5-4.0 km. Chance of Hit: 88%. Area DPS: 679. Bubble Damage: 1190. Bubble Count: 9. 10 x 4 20 mm Flakvierling 38: Short Range. Maximum Firing Range: 0.1-1.5 km. Chance of Hit: 83%. Area DPS: 358. Sector Reinforcement: AA Sector Reinforcement: +25%: AA Sector Reinforcement Time: 12s. AA Sector Reinforcement Shift Time: 12s. MANOEUVRABILITY: Maximum speed: 31.5 kt. Turning circle radius: 970 m. Rudder shift time: 18.58 s. CONCEALMENT: Surface detectability: 17.66 km. Air detectability: 13.53 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke: 18.69 km. AVAILABLE CONSUMABLES: Slot 1: Damage Control Party. Work Time: 5 s. Reload Tune: 90s(60s). Slot 2:  Hydroacoustic Search. Charges 2 (3). Duration time 120 s. Torpedo Detection Range 4.0 km. Ship Detection Range 6.0 km. Reload Time 180 s (120 s). Slot 3: Spotting Aircraft: Сharges: 3(4) Duration Time: 100 s. Reload Time: 360 s(240 s). Distance: 2 km. Slot 3: Fighter Aircraft: Сharges: 2(3) Duration Time: 60 s. Reload Time: 135 s(90 s). Distance: 3 km. Slot 4: Repair Party: Сonsumables Amount: 3(4). Work Time: 28 s. Reload Time: 120 s(80) s. HP Regeneration Amount: +0.5% per sec. This is my idea of German T10 Premium Battleship its like kremlin X Germans having accurate guns with long range secondaries with kinda bad AA I used WoWs Gamer blog for stat refrence WG can change some of the stats
  8. Kaseko


    Hier bitte zum Schlachtschiff "Richelieu" rein
  9. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Texas
  10. Voici enfin des nouvelles fraîches concernant un autre navire italien, le cuirassé Roma Avec ses caractéristiques : https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/1958718631121141
  11. lovelacebeer

    HMS Hood play advice

    I was kindly given the HMS Hood as a gift a while back and whilst I do love having her I have never been able to really play the ship to its full potential, certainly compared to other battleships I have, so any advice or suggestions would be welcome. I realise that with the faster arming time her AP is great for dealing damage to cruisers, but much less likely to citadel battleships, so I have been going for the battlecrusier role in her, trying to use the speed to keep up with cruisers pushing flanks (when that happens) but I struggle with her poor accuracy. The Hood is extremely vulnerable to HE just like all British battleships but with so few guns the accuracy really is a massive draw back when compared to other battleships although all battleship players are at the mercy of RNG, meaning that I will probably loose a lot of health before I can finally finish off the cruisers I'm usually hunting especially if friendly cruisers have fallen victim to accurate BB fire. The one thing I do like about the Hood is her AA apparently a lot of CV players don't realise she has the AA boost so there is a certain satisfaction of taking out their first strike and only having to dodge the couple of torpedos that make it into the water. Can anyone who has the Hood suggest alternative ways to play her or is her wildly inaccurate guns her thing like they are with the Gneisnaeu and you just have to accept it?
  12. GunterPriemm

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    I can not find the way to get the prinz eitel friedrich with 84 artillery points as it comes in videos
  13. FukushuNL

    What a nose <3

    I think the Russian BBs are looking beautiful. Can't wait to start their line. Dunno if they are competative or not. I mean, I love those long E-Type-ish noses, but dunno if that is going to hurt them, apart from turning circles.
  14. LastBoyKraut

    Dunkerque oder PEF?

    An alle die beide haben: was spielt ihr lieber, in random und in ranked - und warum?
  15. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Arizona
  16. ReapingKnight

    AP Penetration Query

    Hello, I'm not sure if this has already been brought up but since one of the last patches, I and my clan mates a noticeable increase in Over-Pens instead of actual normal hits...mainly to broadside cruisers. As an example I was in the Giulio Cesare and had full broadside Emerald at 6-7km away and had 6 Over-Pens when I aimed where the citadel would be, this has happened with all BB's from 5-10. If it has been brought up already please close this thread and point me to the right place. Thanks,
  17. Pikkozoikum

    Kii needs a buff - petition?

    Hey guys, I play Kii since a while and generally I love this ship. In random battles I was always fine with that, but since ranked battles started I just noticed how bad this ship is. All the advantages, that this ship has are only secondary properties and the weakness lay in the primary properties. So I was wondering, is a petition for a buff possible, or at least a change/balancing, we don't have to call it buff. Would you change it? People argue with the "secondary properties", that this ship is fine. But: What are one of the main properties of a battleship? Fire power and sustain. Firepower means good main guns, sustain is mainly armor and HP. I think that this ship needs a buff of the main guns, similar to the amagis guns. Most ships have sigma values between 1,8 and 2,0. Bad dispersion like the german bbs have a sigma of 1.8. Even Amagi has 1.8 sigma. So there are also ships with good dispersion like the NC with 2,0. The Kii has 1,7... just why? It's one of the worst value in game, but it's so similar to the Amagi! Just to summarize the Advantages of the Kii vs. the disadvantages +Torpedos: Torpedos are no primary weapons, you don't use it often, it's more an emergency weapon +Good Anti-air: Only good, when there is a CV. How often do you fight against CVs? In ranked maybe 10% or less of the games. -Bad armor: The bad armor makes also the advantage of Torpedos weaker -Bad guns: Primary weapons. They shouldn't be that bad. The combination of bad japanese armor and bad guns make this ship just bad. If you would have good armor like germans, you couldp lay this ship as melee brawler and torpedos would be more useful as well. It feels like you play a Tirpitz with worse dispersion than a Bismarck. Just imagine the Tirpitz would have a worse dispersion than Bismarck, would you play it? If you are for the 3rd option to change something else than guns or armor, write it down here! I'm also glad to here of your experiences with the Kii in ranked! I'm for buffing the guns, buffing armor is more difficult because of realsim
  18. Which class determines victory? Answer the poll above - A really simple question which I find myself arguing over endlessly with clanmates. I find there is also a very big problem currently with the game because of my opinion on this. If equal numbers of ships on each team, which carries? Which class seriously and simply outright determines the outcome of a battle? We're talking random battles here and I've left carriers out of this poll on purpose.
  19. BarthalomewKuma

    Missorui vs DDs

    Simple question - is it me or other players also get 2 shooted by Missuori (no detonation just casual front gun ap shells) ? Attached just single screenshoot but it happens like all the time . What is most disturbing aswell is fact that he didnt even bother in any of those salvos to show broadside to use more shells, just used front guns without risking broadside to anyone ap shells or possible torps. Idk maybe I got things wrong or being 2 shooted from 18650 hp in dd from just 6 guns loaded with ap (not he) without detonation shouldnt be case ... Hard to say ! Now if it was 1 time bad luck - i would pass it. As fact it's my 5th post on forums since even if something piss me off i just consider it bad luck or just bad play on my part. But that is different story as the only offender in this case is exactly missouri which by no means need any support from any other ships. I will also answer to those who try to give me good advice to avoid getting in range of radar - well that wasn't possible as he was never spotted before and he was behind island. So no player mistake on my part there. So let's back to main topic - is it often for you guys to get 1-2 shooted by exactly missouri/iowa from just front guns without using even HE ? Because for me it happens all the time. Edit : I will add - this is not the case with German/ IJN BBs , not at all even not from yammy. Just Missouri/Iowa.
  20. Hello, I've came across this post again, and i was wondering if there is any updates on the situation, for I noticed many players dont even buy high tier ships, because of the high repair costs. (a tier8 cruiser for example, costs approx. 100k credits for full repair if not more) Couldnt find anything related on EU forums, so please enlighten me on the situation, i am convinced it would be nice to have a tad smaller repair cost overall, especially on tier9
  21. Reichskriegsmarine_Thor

    German Battleships

    Hi! I just want to ask anyone know when will be added the german battleship tech tree?
  22. So I am not really a newbie. I am at Rank 8, highest tier BB is a tier 5 US BB. But .. I still suck at playing BBs. Doing pretty well with cruisers oder destroyers no problem. But I still got the feeling that BBs are sooo inferior to the other two classes. With most of them I can hit sh*t because of the crazy dispersion, IF I hit someone it's almost never a citadel. Then there is the crazy 30s reload, the poor traverse speed of the main batterys ... and the list goes on and on and on ... I really don't understand how wargaming sees the BBs balanced. Making 2, 3 or maybe even 4 kills in a game is possible with a cruiser or a destroyer. Even making one kill is very hard with a BB. Usually enemy cruiers and sometimes torps just pick me apart. Have you got any tipps for me? Pretty please!
  23. Hey there, I'd like to get some answers why the C hull is worth buying on the battleship Fuso. The range upgrade is negligible for my playstyle, and the hull upgrade doesnt give anything but modifies +4 AA guns (how effective are they anyways? i never noticed my AA :| ) On top of that skipping can save a decent amount of credits, unless ofc there are some hidden details like different armor layout, better torpedo bulge, deck armor, etc...which are not listed anywhere in game or on wiki, i only found them on warshipstats site but the site still has some incorrect data so i dont wanna rely on it solely. Btw Fuso is awesome. Real Godzilla
  24. Attakare

    Secondary Armament on a Battleship

    Seems to do nothing as of late, destroyer or cruiser port side, low calibre artillery doesnt fire on them as does AA on the planes, only ever seen it fire on another battleship, which does almost nothing as it is smaller caliber by far (360mm main vs 127/150mm secondary).
  25. brandon9850


    ok so please bare with me, this is a one off post, as i dont give info or vids often but i was looking on youtube at some videos of warships when i noticed this documentary of the yamato and i though it was quite interesting. So here it is... https://www.youtube....h?v=oyWHLR7-Mmw