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Found 17 results

  1. Furius_Marius

    Problem with japanese Premium BBs

    Hello to everybody! I consider myself an average player. I'm playing from may 2019. I mainly play battleships, but sometimes cruisers and CVs too. I have the full line of Japanese BB, Soviet BB, American till N.Carolina and German till FDG. Cruisers I have full Soviet cruisers and Japanese and Italian till VII. British till VI. I love the design of japanese ships. But i think the japanese premium Battleships are in general very bad. Some good. Any great. The proof of that its that you see very few of them in randoms. Japan got: Ishizuchi: at most a good ship. Nothing more Mutsu: Okeish. quite average. Ashitaka: Great guns (but with some of the new ships more complex armour designs tends to overpen a lot.) at mid-close range sometimes dispersion gets weird, paper armour (you can get deleted by accident). Non existent AA. Kii: In my opinion its a worst Amagi. Musashi: The best premium jap BB. But just a worst Yamato (and Yamato have nowadays a lot of problems) a tier less. You will burn a lot. But still a good ship. (.But one i cant get anymore) Yashima: without changes seems like a really worst Yamato. Same long list of yamato weak points. And less shells, worst reload, worst shell speed. Soviets got: Lenin as a Great premium bb. British got: Thunderer as a great premium BB. And Nelson as a very good BB Americans got: Georgia: Great ship. Missouri: Very good. Ohio: GREAT ship. Massachusetts: Very good ship. Alabama: Very good ship. French got: Jean Bart: Great ship. Bourgogne: Great ship. Well... you got the idea.
  2. Kaseko


    Hier bitte alles zur Alsace rein.
  3. Captain_Riley


    After almost 5 years, countless ships, not to mention pointless spammy paper ships being added. It is high HIGH time that the USS Washington is also added to the game as a Tier VIII (8) Premium battleship. Not for Coal, not for Steel, nor for "le Credit Card". But as a tough campaign reward accomplishing tasks that can only be progressed with American battleships tier 5-10. For her characteristics, a carbon copy of North Carolina, all her stats, armor, sigma, stealth, rudder shift, all of it. Except for 3 things: 1) A much more powerful close range AA defense, as she had in 1945 55 single, 8 dual and 1 quad Oerlikon mounts. 2) Access to a 6th Upgrade slot, like the Enterprise, to able to equip the USS BB Accuracy Upgrade. 3) A 4th consumable after Repair, Heal and Spotter/Fighter, a 7 kilometer, 60 second Radar consumable. The Campaign would be available for 5 months, but after that, if you didn't finish it, you will never be able to get the Washington under any circumstances.
  4. Not having much luck with this ship. Same guns as Hood and Warspite. I feel I do well in Warspite, or at least enjoy it. But Vanguard? I've heard its good at bow tanking? If anybody has it, and does well in it, I'd be grateful to have a few pointers.
  5. Voici enfin des nouvelles fraîches concernant un autre navire italien, le cuirassé Roma Avec ses caractéristiques : https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/1958718631121141
  6. TheMasterDragon

    Italian Battleships. The top of the line

    Hi everyone! With the release of the Italian tech tree in the next update 0.8.9 (Hooray!) and its cruiser line, its quite obvious that Italian ships fans can expect a lot more in the future. And probably, one of the most awaited lines in the tech tree is the battleships line. The Italian BB line could be completed from tier III to X without too many problems. There are only 2 Italian battleships in game at the moment, both of them premium, the tier V "Giulio Cesare", and the tier VIII "Roma". Between the First and Second World War, several battleships and large battlecruisers were built in Italy, and amongst them, the most advanced and powerful ones were those of the "Littorio" class, composed by 4 ships: "Littorio", "Vittorio Veneto", "Roma" and "Impero". The "Littorio" class, as we have already seen with "Roma", is the perfect candidate to place at tier VIII, so it's logical to assume that in an Italian BB line we'll have the "Littorio" as the regular tier VIII. But after this, here appears a problem that those who are familiar with the Italian Navy will probably know too well. The high tier battleships will have to be based on blueprints and projects, as no other battleship was built after the "Littorio" class. But the problem is quite easy to resolve, as there is a candidate for both tier IX (almost certain) and tier X. The tier IX, in my opinion, will be the project called "U.P.41", that i'm sure lots of you already know. An improved and most advanced version of the "Littorio" class armed with 406 mm guns. This ship is the perfect successor for the "Littorio", and balancing features and name aside, i'm sure we'll see this ship at tier IX when the Italian BB line will be presented. The tier X should be something that resembles all the previous ships, and at the same time adds something valuable and notable to all the line. For this reason i think that the best candidate for the top of the line is the ship i'm gonna talk to you about. The Ferdinando Cassone Project In 1921 the italian engineer Ferdinando Cassone, published an article in "Rivista Marittima" in which presented the idea of a large (very large) battlecruiser like no other before. This ship was the largest and most powerful ever discussed for the Regia Marina. An innovative design with interesting featurs, Cassone's battlecruiser would have been one of the most powerful battleships in the world, but unfortunately remained only a blueprint. There are two variants of the project. I'm quite sure that most of the players who like Italian ships are quite familiar with this project just like the "U.P.41", 'cause the ship itself it's not a mistery, and a ship with these features wouldn't be too hard to place in game, the only real problem regarding the Ferdinando Cassone is literally its appearance. Beeing a project made in 1921, a ship like that would look out of place among the others, but we know that even this is not a real problem, because in the case the ship would be designated as the top of the Italian BB line, old or not, the developers would think to fix it. But not knowing if this will happen and if this ship will actually be inserted in game, i decided to try to give Cassone's battleship a new design myself. After having documented on the subject, and comparing the old ship to the newer ones of the Regia Marina, assuming that it would have been the successor of the "U.P,41", and after a long work of almost 9 months done in my free time (long but funny and satisfying), i've completed the new appearance of the ship, so without further delay, i present you what should be (according to me) the top of the line of the Italian bettleships. The "Regia Nave Imperatore Augusto"! First, i used the ship profile as model and colored it with Photoshop, for having a first idea of what the ship could become. As you can see, i chose the first version as model, since i thought that the second one, despite having a more compact structure was lacking the secondary turrets, that in my opinion, made the ship more interesting (and more beautiful) to other players. And after this began the real challenge. The creation of the hull, the bridges, the turrets and all the features and details of the battleship. Again, i made it with Photoshop and it was really (reeeeeally) complex to finalize, as the dimensions of the file, the quality of details, number of layers and groups is obscenely high (the program response was slowed down of 2-3 s sometimes) despite the Paint-like appearance, so here it is, my work completed. For the bridges and the turrets i took inspiration from both "U.P.41" and "Littorio" classes, creating an evolution from tier VIII to X as much natural as possible. The main armament of the ship is composed by 4 turrets with dual 456mm/46 guns, that is the largest caliber ever installed on an Italian ship. The secondaries are composed by 3 types of guns, the 152mm/55 that serve as normal anti-ship guns, the 135mm/45 and the 90mm/53, which are both used as dual purpose guns. And for last, the AA armament is made with 37mm/54 autocannons. The ship possesses also 2 catapults that can be used by a Scout or a Fighter. Some of the ship features such as part of the armor and engine power where specified by engineer Cassone and are quite impressive. The armor belt is 456/350/150 mm, and the deck is 50+120 mm, quite similar to battleships like Montana. The engine power is 216000 HP, that in the original project would have given a top speed of 35-40 knots, but the original project was also estimated to reach a weight of 45000 tons, other fonts claim 57000 t, but considering the new technology and the new structures added, i opted for a weight similar to that of ships like G.Kurfurst and Montana, 65000 t, and for a top speed of 31 knots, a good speed for a battleship of its kind. Here's a summary of its features and of some values it could have in game: DIMENSIONS: LENGTH: 274,75 m BEAM: 40 m DISPLACEMENT: 65000 t ARMOR BELT: 456 mm , 350 mm, 150 mm DECK: MAIN: 50 mm SECOND: 120 mm HIT POINTS: 99800 MAIN BATTERY: 456mm/46 OTO 1942 4x2 RATE OF FIRE: 2,31 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 26 s MAX AP DAMAGE: 15000 FIRING RANGE: 23,75 km SECONDARY ARMAMENT #1: 152mm/55 OTO 1936 2x3 RATE OF FIRE: 5 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 12 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 2100 FIRING RANGE: 6 km SECONDARY ARMAMENT #2: 135mm/45 OTO 1938 8x2 RATE OF FIRE: 9 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 6,67 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 1900 FIRING RANGE: 6 km SECONDARY ARMAMENT #3: 90mm/53 OTO 1939 16x2 RATE OF FIRE: 15 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 4 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 1300 FIRING RANGE: 6 km AA DEFENSE: 135mm/45 OTO 1938 8x2 FIRING RANGE: 5,2 km 90mm/53 OTO 1939 16x2 FIRING RANGE: 4,55 km 37mm/54 Breda 1933 12x4 FIRING RANGE: 3,51 km PROPULSION: 216000 hp MAXIMUM SPEED: 31 knots Obviously these features are arranged, i tried to adapt the original model to the actual ships and i think the result is quite well done. Features of the italian battleships as far as we have seen, are good (or even excellent) penetration and high damage with main guns, good mobility and agility, great armor and torpedo protection but weak citadel (especially "Roma", considering that the real ship citadel was placed under the water surface and not so easy to hit, and this is something that in my opinion should be fixed, but this is another story), and secondaries and AA weaker than other counterparts. Cassone's project is an example of what we could expect from a tier X ship. Powerful guns, great secondaries, good AA, good mobility and excellent armor. In few words, a well balanced ship. Obviously even this ship has its weak points, for example dimensions. 274,75 m of length is a big number considering that Yamato is 263 m long, and the super structure is also big so this would make her quite an easy target to spot and to attack. Also, the number of main guns is quite low, only 8 guns when other nations have 9 or 12 cannons on their side, so even if the damage is high and the reload speed is low the DPM can be outclassed by other ships. The armor belt is very thick and the citadel is well protected, but broadsides for short range or accurate shots from great distances could put the ship in serious trouble. And the AA defense is powerful but its firing range is still quite low. Anyway as i already said, these features are arranged and i haven't considered things such as dispersion and initial velocity of the shells, the chance of fire caused by HE shells, the possibility of having the Semi AP shells even on this line and its damage, the maneuverability and the concealment and so on... I've made all of this to give an idea of what this ship originally was and of what it could be if inserted in game, and i sincerely think that i've done it quite well. To sum up, i think that this ship is the best candidate for the top of the Italian BB line, and also being a real project instead of an invented one makes it even more suitable for this role. So i hope that when the time comes, WG will use this project for the BB line, and it would be an honor to see a battleship similar to mine in the tech tree (it would be an even greater honor to see my ship in game with my signature XD). P.S.: The name i chose, "Imperatore Augusto", is due to the fact that the Roman Emperor, Augusto, was one of the greatest rulers of the Roman Empire, and the nephew and heir of the greatest and most famous Roman Emperor of all times, Giulio Cesare. And having the "Giulio Cesare" as a premium tier V battleship, i think that this is a nice and appropriate name to give to the tier X. I plan to make a restyle of another project for a possible tier X premium Italian battleship, when i'll have enough time. And once finished, i'll prepare another article, but i don't anticipate anything not to spoil the surprise ;) Hoping to see the Italian battleships in game as soon as possible, thanks for your patience and for reading my article! Sites used for references: https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/cassones-large-battlecruiser-proposal-1921/
  7. Kaseko


    Hier bitte zum Schlachtschiff "Richelieu" rein
  8. Hello, I'm pretty new at this game I used to play a couple of years ago and I had a blast winning games after games but now when I picked it up I've been pulling my hair out in frustration. I lose games after games and I don't see how I'm doing anything wrong, I think I play great with high hit rate from my main battery and decent average damage per battle. However I've been matched with team8s who all die within 5 min half of us remain and there is nothing I can do to change the course of the match in our favour. And being a WG game, I'm victim to "tomato" and other elitist crap. It's extremely frustrating, is there something you can see from my statistics what I'm doing wrong because I can't see it.
  9. Why play battleships? This is why. Why play IJN battleships? Because you get rewarded with Yamato. Also, from tier 5 and up they are all very good ships. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. GENERAL INFO 2.1. Battleship pros and cons 2.2. Differences between IJN and USN 2.3. What kills you the most? 2.4. Battleship consumables 2.5. Secondary guns and AA guns 2.6. What are you good at? 2.7. What are you bad at? 3. Battleship gameplay and tactics 3.1. Where to aim (citadels), at which range and angle, and which shell to use 3.2. Target prioritization 3.3. How to deal with planes? 3.4. How to deal with ship-launched torpedoes? 3.5. Managing the damage you receive 3.6. Where to position yourself on the map? 3.7. Close quarters combat versus long range artillery duels, and effective and maximum range 3.8. Spotting Aircraft or Catapult Fighter? 3.9. Border surfing 3.10. Tactical beaching 3.11. Useful signal flags 3.12. Useful mods 4. Tier 8, 9 and 10 IJN Battleships 4.1. Tier 8 – THE AMAGI 4.2. Tier 9 – THE IZUMO 4.3. Tier 10 – THE YAMATO 4.4. BUILDS – Equipment and Captain Skills 1. INTRODUCTION So you want to play battleships! This is my guide to battleship gameplay and tactics, with some specific pointers for tier 8, 9 and 10 IJN Battleships, the Amagi, the Izumo and the Yamato. I am ShockPirat. At the moment of writing this guide, I have 1283 random battles and 67.26% winrate in my battleships. I have researched both the Yamato and the Montana, but still have to buy the Montana. I'll try to share my experience with you and hopefully help you to play your battleships better. English is not my primary language. I apologize for any errors I might have made. Abbreviations I might use in this guide: IJN – Imperial Japanese Navy USN – United States Navy BB – battleship CA – cruiser DD – destroyer CV – carrier AP – armor piercing shells HE – high explosive shells 2. GENERAL INFO 2.1. Battleship pros and cons Like all the ship classes in game, battleships have strong and weak points. PROS Highest health of all the ship classes Battleships are capable of taking incredible amount of damage before sinking. Tier 5 battleships have more health than most tier 10 cruisers . The best armor Battleships are the most heavily armored ships in the game. Using your armor well is essential to survive as a battleship. Repair ability Battleships are able to repair some amount of damage they take. Big guns Battleships mount the biggest guns in the game, and will have no problems penetrating smaller ships at most angles and inflicting heavy damage, if played well. Huge range Battleships usually have the highest gun range of all the ship classes in their tier. CONS Poor turret traverse Most battleships have very slow turret traverse and rotating turrets to the opposite side of your ship can take more than a minute. Always think how you will position your ship and pre-aim in time. Shell dispersion Battleships have built in RNG in their main battery guns to keep them in line. The dispersion (area away from aiming reticle in which your shells spread) is noticably bigger than with cruisers and destroyers. It is part of the balance, if they were as accurate as cruisers they could one-shot everything. Well, they can... just not as often Long reloads Battleships get to shoot only about 2 salvos (±20%) per minute. This, coupled with bad dispersion, can lead to a lot of frustration if you miss. Make your shots count. Poor maneuverability Most battleships aren't particularly fast, and they take a lot longer to accelerate, decelerate and turn than smaller ships. Big size Means you're easier to hit with shells and torpedos. 2.2. Differences between IJN and USN IJN are faster and have more range until tier 8, USN are better armored and turn faster with smaller turning radii until tier 8, USN have much better anti-air guns while IJN have better secondary guns. The biggest differences are below tier 8, at tier 9 and 10 they are very similar in playstyle. 2.3. What kills you the most? Torpedos Because of poor maneuverability of battleships, well aimed torpedo spreads you don't manage to avoid will do huge damage and sink you instantly. Also, torpedos cause flooding which will slow you down and cause % of max hp damage over time. All DDs, all tier 3+ IJN CA, tier 4+ German CA, tier 4+ Russian CA (except Moskva), Phoenix and Omaha, and Tirpitz carry torpedoes. Most of those ships will be able to sink you outright with a well placed torpedo salvo. Torpedo planes can drop them right at your side if you let them do it. Fires Since smaller ships are not capable of penetrating your angled armor, most will be firing HE shells at you. HE shells have a chance to cause fire on your ship. The highest amount of fires you can have running at a time is 4 – one per each section of your ship. More on managing fire damage later. Citadel hits from enemy battleships As you've surely seen in opening gifs, these are capable of dealing huge damage. Be aware of your angle toward enemy battleships. More on angling later. 2.4. Battleship consumables Damage Control Party This consumable will extinguish any fires, stop flooding and repair all damaged modules (but not destroyed turrets) on your ship. It will also give you temporary immunity to such effects – this lasts 10 seconds for IJN battleships, and 20 seconds for USN. Unlimited uses. Repair Party This consumable will regenerate up to 14% (0.5% of your max health per second over 28 seconds) of your health per use. Ingame health indicator shows you how much health you can repair. Can be used 3/4/5 times per battle, depending on your captain skills and whether or not you're using premium consumables. Spotting Aircraft or Catapult Fighter Plane consumable. Spotter plane is available since tier 4 for IJN, and since tier 5 for USN. Fighter plane is available since tier 7 for both. Spotter plane will circle your ship, increase your maximum range by 20% while it is active, and change the angle of your scope. It makes it a bit easier to aim at targets hiding behind islands. Fighter plane will circle your ship and attack and panic nearby enemy aircraft. Both the planes can get shot down by nearby enemy ship AA or enemy aircraft, which will end their effect prematurely. 2.5. Secondary guns and AA guns Both of those will automatically engage surface or air targets that enter into range. AA guns work like several auras around your ship, each with its own range – most often base ranges are 2 km, 3.5 km and 5.2 km, and they can be increased by equipment and captain skills. The angle of your ship to planes DOES NOT MATTER, any plane in specific aura will take full damage from it. Secondary guns behave just like your main battery guns – meaning, they won't shoot through your ship's hull or superstructure, they have their specific firing angles just like main battery guns. They are AI controlled. Dual purpose guns can engage both air and surface targets, and will do damage to both at the same time. You can focus both secondary and AA guns on a specific surface/air target by pressing ctrl and clicking on a ship/plane. This will make all available secondary guns focus just that target, and all AA auras damage just the focused plane squad. Focusing AA will also increase the AA dps by 30% - focusing secondaries give you no such bonus. AA or secondary guns won't shoot automatically if you take specific captain skills that prevent it, but will have increased effectiveness on focused targets. 2.6. What are you good at? pushing (with adequate support) – being close to enemy battleships hurt. As you advance, your enemies will retreat... or die. holding a flank (again with adequate support) – for same reason as above, enemies will be afraid to approach. one shooting clueless enemies – see opening gifs „tanking“ for your team – be a damage sponge, draw enemy fire to protect your smaller allies. You can take a lot of hits, they can't. 2.7. What are you bad at? flanking the enemy – even fast battleships are not very good at doing this. Battleships take a lot of time to reposition and turn, and can't disengage easily if several enemy ships start shooting at them – something most cruisers are capable of doing because of their much lower detection range. being alone – battleships require support. A lone battleship is very vulnerable to a dedicated carrier or destroyer player, or will quickly get burned down by several cruisers. You can carry your team to victory, but not on your own. 3. Battleship gameplay and tactics So now when you know what battleships are capable of, I will write about general battleship gameplay and tactics. 3.1. Where to aim (citadels), at which range and angle, and which shell to use Battleships are capable of huge amounts of damage per salvo, but only if they hit the citadel of enemy ship. What is the citadel? Citadel is the most armored part of a ship, shielding the most critical parts of the ship – engine rooms and magazine spaces. You will do the full listed amount of shell damage only if you hit and penetrate the citadel. Citadel is usually located under the ship's smoke stacks and turrets, in most cases at and below the water line. This is where you have to aim. All ships except destroyers have a citadel in game. Also, when aiming make sure ship you're aiming at is focused by you (has small white reticle on it, camera follows it). Game will in most cases automatically focus the ship you're aiming at, but just in case it doesn't, you can manually set it be pressing X. Focus is important because it helps your aiming and makes shells converge on the target - if you shoot at unfocused ship while having some other ship focused, the salvo will land in the middle of those ships and miss both. Also, after you fire you can press middle mouse button or Z to follow your shells. HE shells explode on contact with any hard surface (even the ocean surface), and will deal damage on most of hits. They have a high chance of breaking ship modules and can start a fire. AP shells have to hit adequate armor to activate their fuse and will explode shortly after, preferably within the compartments of enemy ship (33% of listed damage, or 100% if it hits the citadel). If AP shell hits lightly armored part of a ship, it might not activate and will pass through the ship without exploding, doing low amount of damage – this is called overpenetration (10% of listed damage). AP shells can also fail to penetrate the armor, or bounce off, and in such cases will do no damage. They will never start a fire, and those hitting below water line will not cause flooding. Both HE and AP shells are capable of citadeling enemy ships, but HE shells can only do it on very lightly armored ships (lowest tier cruisers and carriers up to tier 7). Since your aim is to hit and penetrate the citadel on every salvo if possible, you should shoot AP in most cases. Load HE only if you're intending to hit a destroyer with your next salvo, since they do not have citadels and HE will do more damage to them. You can also load HE if your next salvo will be shot at a well angled battleship, because it is likely most of AP will bounce off and do no damage. The angle of enemy ship also matters – it is harder to penetrate an angled ship. Most of your salvos should be sent at ships showing their side armor at no angle, as that is when they are easiest to penetrate. You can citadel some lightly armored cruisers even when they are angled, but your AP damage will be much lower vs well armored cruisers and especially battleships. Finally, range also matters. At short range your shell arc will be almost horizontal and you should aim at ship's belt armor to try and penetrate it. At longer ranges, shells have a hyperbolic arc and will hit the enemy ship at around 40o angle compared to the surface of ocean. This is known as plunging fire. In this case, it is better to aim for superstructure and deck armor. Hopefully these gifs can illustrate it better than I can with words. 3.2. Target prioritization Target prioritization changes depending on your range to enemy target. The closer target is to you, the higher priority it has. A battleship 5 km away will obviously be higher threat to you than a destroyer 10 km away. 1. Aircraft Carriers If nothing else is threatening you (too much) at the moment, send a salvo at enemy aircraft carrier. Aircraft carriers have huge citadels and battleships are capable of sinking them with one well placed salvo. 2. Destroyers If they are close enough and threatening you, don't trust your secondary guns to kill them. Use your main battery and blow them away. HE will in most cases do more damage to a destroyer and also break its modules, but if you got AP loaded, shoot it before reloading HE. It might overpenetrate, but will still do a lot of damage if most of the shells connect. If the destroyers are more than 11 km away, your chances of hitting them are slim – pick another target. 3. Cruisers Killing cruisers is what battleships are made for. Try to hit their citadels – just one or two citadel hits take away most of the cruiser's health, and more than that can end them in that single salvo. Try to kill cruisers quickly, in as few salvos as possible. This will remove guns from the enemy team and prevent them from adapting to the battlefield, allowing your destroyers to push in and do torpedo runs on enemy battleships. 4. Battleships As you already know, battleships are made to take hits. If they are showing side, you're capable of damaging them heavily in one salvo and you should do it – but angled battleships should in almost all cases be the last on your hit list. 3.3. How to deal with planes? As soon as you notice enemy planes and suspect they might be going for you, turn yourself so your bow or your stern is facing them. Ctrl click on the nearest torpedo squadron (in most cases torpedo bombers will be more dangerous than dive bombers) to increase your AA damage – every plane shot down is one less torpedo/bomb aimed at you. Turn as planes are circling you, make them take the longest possible route before they get a favorable angle. Torpedo bombers will aim to drop at your side, while dive bombers will drop from the front or the back. Eventually, torpedo bombers will get to a favorable angle and drop at your side – try to turn TOWARDS them, if the carrier drops too close torpedoes might not activate before hitting your hull. If you're turning away from them, you're just giving them more time to activate, as this gif illustrates. 3.4. How to deal with ship-launched torpedoes? These will most often come from destroyers, and might come from some cruisers. Many destroyers and some cruisers can launch them and remain undetected – to combat this the easiest think you can do it never sail in a straight line at constant speed. If you suspect a destroyer is nearby, regularly change your course and speed. A minor course change just after torpedoes are launched will make them miss. Since most of the times you won't know when the torpedoes get launched, change your speed and course every 20 seconds and you should be safe. Destroyers and torpedo cruisers might decide to torpedo-rush you. If they manage to get to your side and launch, you're done. Turn towards or away from them to show the smallest profile possible (if they launch at your bow or stern, some torpedoes might pass you and you just might survive), try to sink them before they launch, and call for help. 3.5. Managing the damage you receive There are three ways of managing the damage you receive. 1. Angling your ship. As explained above, it is much harder to penetrate angled armor. Angle yourself towards enemy battleships and they will not be able to do significant damage to you. It also helps a bit against HE – your superstructure will obstruct your stern/bow, enemy cruisers will have a harder time landing HE shells at those sections and won't be able to start a fire there. 2. Dodging enemy salvos. When playing a battleship, this is usually possible only at long ranges (15 km and higher). As soon as you see an enemy battleship shooting at you, put in reverse and turn away. The salvo should fall a bit in front and to the side of you. As soon as it falls, resume your speed and course. 3. Smart use of Damage Control Party and Repair Party. Do not repair a single fire as soon as you get it if the enemy ships are still HE spamming you – wait to get at least 2, and then hit DCP. In most cases you will want to repair flooding straight away, except in one case – if a carrier is attacking you, and he managed to land a torp on you and cause flooding, wait for him to unload the rest of his squadrons – you do not want to repair a flooding and get hit by torpedo bombers and dive bombers right after, get flooding and get set on fire, and not be able to repair. The amount of health Repair Party is able to repair depends on the type of damage you receive. There is light (fires, flooding, HE), moderate (regular AP penetrations and torpedo hits on torpedo bulge) and heavy (citadel hits and torpedo hits on unprotected hull) damage. You are able to repair 100% of light damage, 50% of moderate damage and very low amount of heavy damage. The health indicator shows you how much health you're able to repair, so using Repair Party efficiently shouldn't be too hard. 3.6. Where to position yourself on the map? In most cases, you will want to stay around the center of the map or push hard on one of the flanks. Do not go into tight straits – you need a lot of open space to do your maneuvers. Your gun range will cover most of the map, and that is why staying as near the center as possible is important. 3.7. Close quarters combat versus long range artillery duels, and effective and maximum range This depends on the ship you're using – some ships are better suited for brawling, some are better suited for sniping. In close quarters combat you will be able to do very heavy damage with every salvo, while risking taking the same damage yourself. If you're engaging an angled enemy battleships at short range, a neat trick is to shoot at his guns - you can knock them out or even destroy them, so he will not be able to shoot you back. In long range artillery duels you will do less damage per salvo, but also be safer. Don't forget to dodge enemy salvos, you got plenty of time until their shells reach you. Still, you should never stay too far away. Just because your Yamato is able to reach 26 km doesn't mean you should be 26 km away – at that distance you will hardly hit anything. Effective range is the range at which you're able to do consistent heavy damage to your opponents. It depends on your target and tier. Against destroyers, it is 10 km and less; against cruisers, it goes from ~10 km at tier 4 to ~15 km at tier 10; against battleships and carriers, ~12 km at tier 4 to ~18 km at tier 10. Sure, you might get lucky and hit hard at longer distances, but you won't be able to do it regularly. 3.8. Spotting Aircraft or Catapult Fighter? In most cases for random battles, Fighter plane will be superior. Spotter plane can come in handy if stationary enemy carrier gets spotted out of your regular range. Fighter will protect you from enemy air strikes. Both the planes will spot enemy ships and torpedoes they fly over. Spotter flies a bit further away but lasts only 100 seconds, while Fighter will last 360 seconds. 3.9. Border surfing Most players frown upon this tactic, but you can use it to survive. When you touch the border of map on any angle, you will slide along it for some time, but your ship will lose engine power and become slower. You can use this to avoid a torpedo salvo or shell salvo. Also, carriers can't drop as close to border so you can make their drops a bit harder to pull off. Don't stay touching the border for more than 10 seconds, because your speed will drop down too much and you will have a hard time getting out of it - especially with slow tier 7 and lower USN battleships. 3.10. Tactical beaching If you touch an island, you will stop immediately. You can use this to avoid torpedo or shell salvo. Just keep in mind you will be dead in the water and will probably have to reverse out, and battleships take a long time to accelerate. Use it only if you need it to survive a torp salvo, or against a single enemy ship. 3.11. Useful signal flags Hotel Yankee: -20% damage received when ramming the enemy, +50% to damage caused when ramming the enemy India Delta: +20% to the amount of HP recovered when the Repair Party consumable is used India Yankee: -20% to time of fire extinguishing Juliet Yankee Bissotwo: -20% to flooding recovery time November Echo Settleseven: +10% to AA mounts effectiveness Mike Yankee Soxsix: +5% to secondary battery maximum firing range, -5% to maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells, -5% to secondary battery loading time November Foxtrot: -5% to reload time of consumables Zulu Hotel: +50% to Commander XP earned in the battle Equal Speed Charlie London: +50% to XP earned in the battle India Bravo Terathree: -10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle 3.12. Useful mods Mods are legal modifications you can use to change the appearance of UI. Some of them can make gameplay easier for you. I will list several I think are useful for battleships. You can get all the mods from Aslain's installer here. Installation is very easy. Just download the .exe, start it up, put in "C:\Games\World_of_Warships" as address when it asks you to, check the mods you want on the list, click next and finish it up. Player's Panels with HP bars: shows health of your and enemy team on player panels at the side. Very useful, with one glance you can see how your team stands vs enemy team health-wise. Ship Contour Icons: changes ship contour icons to something you can actually recognize there are textual and icon versions Custom crosshairs: most will extend your crosshairs to the end of your screen, which makes aiming much easier at long distances. Pick one you like and use it. I like "Krab v3". Camera mods: enables you to zoom out more, which might give you better perception of the battlefield. Aircrafts with ship names: shows which carrier launched the aircraft. Useful if you're against several carriers of different tier in battle, as you will shoot down lover tier planes much faster. Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file: changes the appearance of your Situational Awareness and Incoming Fire Alert icons. Makes them much more noticable. Pick the one you like, I use "Trap Sense". Minimap with ship names and last position: very useful mod, shows the last known position of undetected ships on the map, and ship names on the map. Extremely useful against destroyers. Can also show a line along your line of sight, and line of direction of targeted enemy movement. Colored tracers: recolors AP and HE shells, to make them easier to recognize. Very useful - there is almost no need to angle vs battleship that is spamming HE at you. Improved chat: displays ship name in brackets next to player name in chat. You don't have to check which ship is writing what. Colored Borders Of Maps: colorize the borders of maps to make them more noticeable. More visible torpedoes in water: self explanatory. Fog Remover: removes fog (not destroyer smoke!) in battles, which reduces the load on your computer. Base capture time: shows the time your or enemy team needs to capture a point. Damage counter + in-battle clock: shows damage you did, except fires, flooding and secondary damage. Very useful for BBs as they do most of their damage by AP. Navigator: shows you the angle of your ship and targeted enemy ship. Very useful on long ranges when you can't quite tell if enemy is sailing slightly towards or away from you. Smoke boundaries: shows circles around destroyer smoke clouds. This makes smoke much easier to use. If your ship is fully concealed by smoke, it will be invisible unless enemy ship is 2/3km away (proximity spotting range), or using sonar or radar. Extremely useful mod. This concludes the general battleship guide. Following is specific guide tier tier 8, 9 and 10 IJN battleships, and my suggestions for optimal equipment and captain skills for those ships. 4. Tier 8, 9 and 10 IJN Battleships 4.1. Tier 8 – THE AMAGI pros: fast (30 kn) very agile for a battleship – turns well good AA on top hull turrets turn fast, and have good firing angles heavy broadside low shell arc accurate guns well suited for kiting – 3 turrets mounted aft good torpedo protection on upgraded hulls cons: weak armor – especially on stock hull. Even cruisers are capable of citadelling you bad torpedo protection on stock hull weak AA on stock hull very big citadel – because of big engines and five turrets (citadel is below the turrets and smoke stacks, a bit below the waterline) lowish range until you research FCS – which requires Hull C high detection range turrets tend to get knocked out easily – even lucky cruiser AP can destroy them low range of secondary guns – less than Nagato very unforgiving if you're not aware of your angle towards enemy ships bad penetration and shell damage with stock hull research order: Hull B. Freexp it if you can. It will make your AA many times better, increase your armor, health, reduce your rudder shift, and most importantly improve the damage and penetration of your shells. Propulsion. It's relatively cheap and gives noticeable 2 knots speed increase, and will make you turn faster Hull C. Just increases AA. FCS, if you feel you're missing those few kilometers... or just skip it and go for Izumo Playstyle Amagi is not a battleship. It is a battlecruiser. This means it is faster and more agile than other battleships, but has noticeably weaker armor. Of all the tier 8 battleships, it has the highest damage potential on a salvo and the weakest armor. Armor will be good enough when you're heavily angled, but only then. Each time you show broadside you're risking a lot. Be aware of your angle towards enemy battleships. Amagi is not very well suited for brawling with equal or higher tier battleships because of its weak armor. At the start of the game stay at range, angled towards the highest threat battleships, and take shots at enemy battleships and cruisers that are showing their side. You can go bow in if really needed, but it will cost you 60% of your firepower and it is simply not a tactic this battleship is suited to. Since your armor is weak for a battleship, you have to use your speed and agility to avoid damage. Never stop in an exposed area, you need speed to turn fast enough and your speed is what will keep you alive. Stay at around 15 km away from enemy battleships and if you see one shooting at you, immediately go full reverse, turn away from him and disengage. If a particular enemy battleship is insisting on shooting you and none else, angle towards him, wait for him to shoot, then open up your broadside to free up all of your guns, shoot and immediately close the angle. I can't tell this enough - you must be very aware of any ship you're showing side to. Cruisers that are smart enough to shoot AP at you will easily score 7-10k salvos on you, or even more if they manage to get to your citadel. Always try to position yourself so you're angled to every threat and actively try to dodge the shots – Amagi is agile enough for that. Make yourself a hard target. When most of the enemy battleships are sunk or near sinking, you can push in and mop up the remaining enemy ships. If an enemy CV is attacking you, make him chase you. Amagi is very fast for a battleship and can make planes circle it for some time before they get a favorable angle. Ctrl click the most threatening squadrons (in most cases those will be torpedo bombers), just sail in circles and wait for the planes to die. Be aware what you're showing side to when trying to avoid planes – it might be better to eat a few torps than to get hit by full broadside in your side! Overall, Amagi is a very enjoyable ship capable of high damage and it teaches you the importance of angling. Just be aware of your angle to enemy ships and you will do well. 4.2. Tier 9 – THE IZUMO pros: very good armor small superstructure – harder than other battleships to hit with HE smallish citadel – because of unique turret layout (no citadel after the smokestacks) good AA on top hull turrets turn fast low shell arc accurate guns very tight salvos – because of unique turret layout first in IJN line capable of going bow in and keeping most of its firepower the best range of secondary guns in game – tied with Yamato cons: weak AA on stock hull high detection range turrets are mounted high above the deck and very exposed, and all in the same place – stray shells will knock them out often, and if someone aims specifically for them you will have a very bad time. Losing more than one turret in a single enemy salvo is not rare unique turret layout – 3 front turrets. Takes some time to get used to it „blind spot“ directly behind the ship where no turret can fire bad firing angles on the third turret bad firing angles on secondary guns – you have to show almost full broadside to have them all firing most of the AA and secondary guns are mounted at or near the central superstructure, where most of the cruiser HE shells will hit you – you can lose most of your secondaries and AA in just a few good cruiser salvos very inert and turns like a brick bad penetration and shell damage with stock hull ridiculously bad rudder shift on stock hull – 26 seconds! worse torpedo protection than Amagi Research order Hull B. Again, freexp it if you can. Same as Amagi, it will increase your AA, health, reduce your rudder shift and improve penetration and damage of your shells. FCS or Hull C. Hull C will reduce your rudder shift to excellent 15 seconds base and increase your AA. You can skip FCS if you find the range adequate. Propulsion. It adds miniscule 0.8 knots to your max speed and is barely worth researching. You might as well skip it and get to Yamato that much faster. Playstyle Izumo has some bad reputation following it from CBT when it used to have much worse armor, and most of the people don't like its 3 front turret layout. The turret layout just takes a few games to get used to, and armor got much better since CBT. Izumo's armor is awesome. Moderate angling will reduce the amount of damage you take significantly, and with hard angling you will bounce everything except Yamato's 18 inch shells. The best way to utilize your frontal armor is to play like North Carolinas and Iowas do – point your bow towards the enemy, don't use your rudder much and just go forwards and backwards, use just your front two turrets and ignore the third one. Playing like this, the only thing that can kill you fast are fires, torpedoes and Yamatos. Watch out for any nearby planes and destroyers – you don't want to be going slowly if they pop up. If you're getting shot at, angle and ignore your third turret. If you expose your broadside enough to fire with it, you're exposed enough to get citadeled. It's not worth it. Because of good armor, powerful secondaries and fast rudder shift, Izumo is well suited for brawling. The problem that can come up when brawling is losing turrets. Izumo's turrets are mounted relatively high above the deck, very exposed and all put on the same place and often get knocked out by stray shells. If the enemy BB is smart enough to hit them, you can temporarily or permanently lose more than one turret per enemy salvo. Still, powerful secondaries will give you an edge in brawls. Stern armor is a bit worse than bow armor, and this coupled with the „blind spot“ means Izumo is considerably worse at running away and kiting, playing defensively, than at pushing in and playing offensively. AA is adequate. It is not on USN level, but will get the job done. Secondaries are fantastic and have 7 km base range, and up to 10.8 km range with all upgrades and flag. Any ship entering this range will wish they hadn't, especially if you also have secondary guns 5 point skill. The secondaries are limited by their bad firing angles, and only a few can fire when you're bow rushing someone. To have them all fire, you have to expose a good amount of your broadside. Izumo requires different, more passive playstyle than Amagi. Perhaps this, the turret placement and bad reputation following it back from CBT is what makes people think it's a bad ship. It is not, it is on par with Iowa and very capable of carrying games. Its playstyle is very similar to Yamato's, and it teaches you how Yamato will behave. 4.3. Tier 10 – THE YAMATO pros: great armor the best torpedo defense system in game – torpedoes hitting you on torpedo bulge will do 55% less damage good AA the biggest guns (and shells) in the game, overmatches frontal armor of all battleships very fast muzzle velocity – hitting targets 18 km away is not a problem (10 second shell travel time at that range) extreme penetration – capable of citadeling enemy battleships through the bow accurate guns – Yamato without accuracy upgrade is more accurate than Montana with the upgrade 26 km range awesome secondary battery, with very good firing angles and longest range cons: high detection range slow turret traverse same as Izumo, most of the AA and secondary guns are mounted at or near the central superstructure and you can lose them easily even more inert than the Izumo worse rudder shift than Hull C Izumo Research: none! Enjoy your tier X Playstyle The Yamato has very similar playstlye as Izumo, but improves on it. Almost everything on the Yamato is better – armor is better, guns are MUCH better, it has more secondaries which shoot faster and have much better firing angles, AA is better. The only things worse are turret traverse, rudder shift and general maneuverability of the ship – Yamato takes even more time to turn, accelerate and decelerate than Izumo. Pretty much everything I wrote about Izumo's playstyle can be translated to Yamato, so I won't write much about it. The most notable difference are main battery guns. Yamato mounts the biggest guns (18.1 inches = 460 mm) in game, and those guns have amazing penetration capabilities because of overmatch mechanic. What is overmatch? If shell caliber is more than 14.3 times bigger than the nominal thickness of the armor it hits, it will not ricochet. The highest armor value of front and after ends is 32 mm (Yamato, Izumo, Montana, Iowa). 32 * 14.3 = 457,6. 457,6 is less than 460 (the caliber of Yamato's shells). What this means in practice is that Yamato is capable of penetrating and even citadeling ANY other battleship in the game from the front... even other Yamatos. Yamato doesn't care about angles. No other battleship is capable of that. Another subtler difference is that Yamato can have most of its secondaries firing at the target while going bow in, with just moderate angling. Also, Yamato has much better torpedo protection than any other battleship in the game. Same as Izumo, nothing can challenge you frontally except another Yamato – and most Montanas are aware of that and will shoot HE at you if you're angled. Beware of torpedos, fires and HE spam. Don't stop moving if there are destroyers or planes around. Yamato is currently without a doubt the best battleship in the game. The only practical thing Montana beats it at is AA, and even then Yamato might deal with air strikes better because of its better torpedo protection. 4.4. BUILDS – Equipment and Captain Skills I decided to put captain skill and credit upgrades section separately because they all can be used with some degree of success on Amagi, Izumo and Yamato. The secondary build is much worse on Amagi, but everything else is comparable. You can also mix it up, though upgrading everything in one specific area is in most cases better. For instance, I use Main Battery Modification 3 on my secondary built Yamato, because I find it much better than upgrading secondary reload speed (4 seconds off main battery reload is HUGE). Battleships do not depend as much as other classes do on captain skills, and the only skills that will make real difference are Superintendent and Advanced Firing Training. Other skills, while nice in theory, won't matter as much in practice. Secondary spray and pray (brawling build – bad for Amagi, pretty good for Izumo, great for Yamato) Upgrades: Main Battery Modification 1 (because losing main turrets is BAD) Secondary Battery Modification 2 (to increase range of secondary guns) Secondary Battery Modification 3 (if you want to go full secondary), or Main Battery Modification 3 (better reload on main guns at expense of traverse) Damage Control System Modification 1 (less fire damage) Steering Gears Modification 2 (to avoid torps easier) or Damage Control System Modification 2 (less fire damage) Target Acquisition System Modification 1 (you want to get close, concealment won't matter) Captain Skills: Situation Awareness (it's nice to know when you're spotted, even if you got 18 km detection range); later Basic Firing Training (to enhance secondary guns), Basics of Survivability (to lessen the impact of fires), and Expert Loader (because there is nothing else to take) Expert Marksman (buff to turret traverse is always nice, especially for Yamato) Superintendant (+1 heal) Advanced Firing Training (to increase the range of secondaries) Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament (with this, your secondaries murder anything that comes into range... as long as you ctrl click on it) Playstyle for the build: Push push push! Get close to enemies and murder them with your secondaries. Still, be aware of enemy destroyers – your secondaries can't shoot what you can't see. Don't push until lurking enemy destroyers are dealt with. A big downside of the build is that some games, you simply won't manage to get into secondary range. Still, this is a viable build for random games, and in my opinion the funniest one. Stealthy sniper (great for all of them, though... I find Yamatos that don't push in sad ) Upgrades: Main Battery Modification 1 Gun Fire System Control Modification 1 (more accuracy) or AA Guns Modification 2 (better protection against planes) Main Battery Modification 3 Damage Control System Modification 1 Steering Gears Modification 2 (to avoid enemy BB salvos, and torps) Concealment System Modification 1 (lower detection range) Captain Skills: Situation Awareness (especially with this build, you have to know when you're spotted); later Basic Firing Training (to increase AA), Basics of Survivability (to lessen the impact of fires), and Expert Loader (because there is nothing else to take); or skip two of those and take Incoming Fire Alert Expert Marksman; for this build I must alsomention Incoming Fire Alert (with this build you're staying at range and can avoid enemy salvos if you turn as soon as they shoot) Superintendant (+1 heal) Advanced Firing Training (better AA) Concealment Expert (lower detection range) Build playstyle: This build drops your detection range considerably. Here are the numbers approximate numbers (using math and not actual ingame data because I don't have enough credits to test it all but the numbers should be similar to what you get in game): Amagi regular – 17.3 km / Amagi concealment – 13.1 km Izumo regular – 17.3 km / Izumo concealment – 13.1 km Yamato regular – 18.0 km / Yamato concealment – 13.6 km Just stay a little bit over your detection range and pick your targets. After you shoot, you get a debuff to your detection range lasting 20 seconds – each seperate shot will restart the 20 second timer so you should shoot all your guns at once, or you will decrease your invisible time. After those 10 seconds pass the debuff falls off, and provided there is no enemy ship in your regular detection range, you will become invisible. You can also „sneak“ upon an unsuspecting cruiser or battleship that is showing broadside and delete them in one salvo before they manage to react. If you're losing the battle on your flank, you can go invisible and disengage. It is quite a strange build to use and requires some practice, but works very well in random battles. I use it with my North Carolina (11.8 km detection range). Do not go back too far and snipe out of your effective range! 13-14km detection range you get with this is well within effective range of tier 8-10 IJN Battleships. The downside of this build is that carriers in game will make it not work as well. Battleship surface and air detection ranges are very close to each other, and avoiding planes is not as easy as avoiding ships. Also, enemy destroyers at your flank might keep you spotted for some time. Go Away Planes (if you hate carriers) Upgrades: Main Battery Modification 1 AA Guns Modification 2 Main Battery Modification 3 (it is just that great) or AA Guns Modification 3 Damage Control System Modification 1 Steering Gears Modification 2 or Damage Control System Modification 2 Concealment System Modification 1 or Target Acquisition System Modification 1 Captain Skills: Situation Awareness; later Basic Firing Training, Basics of Survivability, and Expert Loader; or skip some of those and take another skill Expert Marksman Superintendant Advanced Firing Training and Manual Fire Control for AA Armament Build playstyle: Nothing special to say. Carriers that try to attack you will regret it. The downside is, obviously, getting into games with no carriers. Repairer (best for Izumo and Yamato because of their higher health) Upgrades: Main Battery Modification 1 Gun Fire System Control Modification 1 (more accuracy) or AA Guns Modification 2 (better protection against planes) or Secondary Battery Modification 2 (for eyecandy, what I would take) Main Battery Modification 3 Damage Control System Modification 1 Steering Gears Modification 2 or Damage Control System Modification 2 Concealment System Modification 1 or Target Acquisition System Modification 1 Captain Skills: Situation Awareness; if you ever get to 19th skill point put it into Basic Firing Training Expert Marksman Superintendant; later High Alert Advanced Firing Training Jack of All Trades Build playstyle: This will reduce your Damage Control Party cooldown down to 90 seconds for regular, or 60 for premium; and Repair Party cooldown to 102 seconds for regular or 68 seconds for premium. It will also decrease the reload time of your plane consumable, but that is not too important. Take care not to waste your Repair Parties – with such a short cooldown you might take less damage while it is cooling down than you're able to repair. Don't be afraid to repair any fires you get, the cooldown on Damage Control Party is very short. Downside is, well... getting into games where you take no damage, I guess? Questions you might have about captain skills: Q: Why no Fire Prevention? A: Because it reduces enemies' chance of fire by percentage, not additively. If an USN Destroyer with 5% fire chance shoots you, it wont drop his fire chance to -2%, but by 7% of his regular 5% : to about 4.6%. It makes almost no difference. Q: Why no Vigilance? A: As a battleship, you will in most cases have some smaller ship screening for you. They might spot torpedoes before they reach you. Because of battleship poor maneuverability, spotting a torpedo spread a bit earlier won't change much. I find Superintendent much more useful. Feel free to ask any other questions, and I will try to edit them into the guide. And with this, my guide ends. I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry for the long read. Sharing knowledge is hard Just one more piece of advice, perhaps the most important of all in this guide: If you truly want to become a great WoWs player, play all classes! Yes, carriers too! By doing this, you will learn their class-specific tactics and how to counter them. Just by doing that you will be one step ahead of your opponent! Special thanks to Flambass for posing as Amagi for opening and ending screenshot.
  10. Hello fellow captains. this thread is ported (and improved) from my thread on the german forum (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/123362-japanische-schlachtschiffe-und-schlachtkreuzer/) Please excuse any mistakes in grammar or spelling because english is not my native language. My goal was to clean up the total mess that is called: "The IJN Battleship tech tree". A tree where you happily jump from Battleship to Battlecruiser and back. Therefore these were my goals I wanted to achieve: A new Tech Tree “Battleships” A new Tech Tree “Battlecruisers” All ships stay on their Tiers but move to their respected tree. All ships will be named correctly. That means Battleships will be named after japanese provinces and Battlecruisers will be named after mountains. I will not touch Premium Ships at all. Now for a few rules: Every ship in the new tree should make sense. It should not be straight OP (or too weak) and it should work with the other ships in the tree for a pleasant playthrough. Paperships are allowed Fantasy ships are allowed as long as they make sense and stick to the “IJN way”. Lend Lease, captured or bought ships from other nations are allowed if they make sense. So are you ready? Here we go. Overview: First let’s take a look how the Tree would look after the redesign without any changes or additions: Old Tree Battleship Tree Battlecruiser Tree Kawachi Kawachi Myogi Myogi Kongo Kongo Fuso Fuso Nagato Nagato Amagi Amagi Izumo Izumo Yamato Yamato Now let’s take a look at the same Tree but with the new ships added: Battleship Tree Battlecruiser Tree Kawachi -------------------------- Tsushima Myogi Owari Kongo Fuso Ontake Nagato Hotakadake Tosa Amagi Izumo Ryokami Yamato Fuji Battleships: T4 Tsushima (Modified Helgoland Class): Displacement: 24.700t Speed: 21knt With T4 we need our first new Battleship and we run straight into a problem. The japanese didn’t focus that much on Battleships between Kawachi and Fuso and I couldn’t find much that would fit on Tier 4. But luckily our forum user Takemikazuchi_1121 came up with a great idea: According to the Treaty of Versailles it was decided that the german Battleship SMS Oldenburg (a Helgoland Class which is effectively a better Nassau) should be surrender to the japanese. In reality the japanese never wanted the ship and sold it for scraping. In our alternativ version the IJN kept the ship, integrated it into their fleet and refited it with japanese traits. That includes a new target system for better dispersion of the guns. The gun range was increased and a catapult was mounted on one of the turrets for a seaplane. So that the ship would work as an upgraded Nassau on T4. The name of course is in honor of the famous naval battle at the Tsushima strait but it also stays true to the japanese system of Battleships carrying names of provinces. T5 Owari (Design A-55) Displacement: 27.200t Speed: 23knt At Tier 5 we need another new ship because Kongo will be moved to the Battlecruiser tree. The replacement is the Shipdesign A-55 This ship looks familiar? It looks like a Fuso? You are correct - well sort of. You see this is an early version of Fuso with 305mm guns instead of the 356mm on the “normal” Fuso. It’s also slower with a top speed of only 23 knt and with a displacement of 23.000 tonnes it’s also lighter than Fuso. T8 Tosa Displacement: 44.200t Speed: 27knt Amagi gone - hello Tosa. Both ships are very similar but Tosa is in fact the Battleship version with improved armour but also reduced speed. And that’s it already for the Battleships. Now for Part 2 Battlecruisers T6 Ontake (Design O) Displacement: 46.000t (less due to ingame changes) Speed: 37knt So T6. Let’s see what we can use here. How about the Design Projekt O: What? 18” Guns are stupid on Tier 6? You are absolutely correct, we can’t use these guns. But how about the idea that the ship was built but japan didn’t have the guns ready yet for this ship (looking at you Scharnhorst class). So lets put smaller guns on it. And there is a very japanese gun that might fit: The 41 cm/45 3rd Year Type. With only 6 of these guns I think we could make this ship fit on T6. Espacially because with these huge guns and the ludicrous speed of 37knt the armor is pretty much non existent. It might also be an option to use the crappier shells of Mutsu. T7 Hotakadake (Design Z) Displacement: 49.500 Speed: 35knt T7 also needs a new ship and here I would use Design Project Z. The ship is armed with 10x16” guns just like Amagi but with a completely different 2x 3+2 turret arrangement. Furthermore that’s a long ship. Amagi was ~250m long. That thing adds 40m for ~290m in length. And the armor is not as good as Amagi. It’s still very fast though - perfect for a Battlecruiser T9 Ryokami (Design I/J) Displacement: 50.000t (54.000t) Speed: 30knt Now let’s go crazy. The Izumo is not the best example of good WG ideas. So let me show you my not so well thought through Fan-Fiction moment. Lets meet Design Projekt I/J - because the Type 13 Design didn’t provide enough crazy ideas yet.. I just love the design of that ship. But I think we need a lot of famous russian balance for that one. T10 Fuji (Design A-140/J3) Displacement: 58.400t Speed: 28knt (maybe with an engine upgrade ~30knt) Last but not least T10 Looks like a Yamato? Look again. It might be based on the design that later became the biggest Battleship in history but this bugger is no Yamato. First you might notice that this design has 4 turrets. NO! - put your pitchforks away and calm down! These are NOT Yamato guns. They are still only 16” caliber guns and not the 18” monsters of Yamato. Also its way way way lighter with only 58.000t compared to 72.000t of Yamato. The idea in fact was to bring a true “small Yamato” as a battlecruiser and not Yoshino as a supercruiser. You tell me if I succeeded because that’s it for my idea of a double japanese Battleship/Battlecruiser line.
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    German T10 premium battleship Brandenburg

    Ship is one of the H class design battleships H-40A just with GKs triple turrets having simillar accuracy of russians just slightly worse. As everyone knows H-class battleships being succesors to Bismarck and Tirpitz . Ship is having similar but more fun German gameplay having very accurate 9 406 mm L/52 Drh C/34 in 3 turrets her objective is to break the enemy defense wiith her accurate gun in close range and her powerfull secondaries her armor is very simillar to GK having 100 mm on mid bow and mid aft but tip of bow and aft is 32 mm armor she's simillar to kremlin and Iowa real life measurements 64.575 tons 282,9 meters lenght 38 meters beam 11 meters draft 6 x Dual 406 mm guns 230,000 SHP 32,2 knots stats of T10 German Brandenburg Battleship H 1939 53,400 metric tons standard displacement 63,600 metric tons full load displacement 277.8 M lenght 37 M beam 10 M draft Armaments 4 dual 406 mm guns 6 dual 150 mm guns 8 dual 105 mm guns Performance 30 knots at 165,000 shp 19,200 nm at 19 knots Armor Main belt: 330 mm mid, 60 mm forward,90 mm aft Upper belt: 145 mm Torpedo bulkhead: 45 mm Decks: 100-120 mm main,50-80 mm armored deck Bulkheads:220 mm Turrets: 385 mm face,240 mm side, 130 mm roof Conning tower: 390 mm TX Brandenburg Ship name:Brandenburg Ship Tier:T10 Ship class:Battleship Ship Nation:Germany Health points:92,500 hp Torpedo damage protection:19% Main battery 3 Triple 406 mm L/52 Drh LC/34 guns Reload: 27 second 180 degree turn time: 32.7 second Range of fire: 21.1 km Maximum dispersion: 251 meters Sigma: 1.9 HE Shell 406 mm Spr.Gr.L/4.4 Kz Maximum HE damage:4,800 Fire chance:38% Initial HE velocity:810 m/s AP shell 406 mm P.Spr.Gr.L/4.4 Maximum damage:12,700 Initial HE Velocity:810 m/s Secondary armament: 6 Dual 150 mm L/55 SK C/28 guns Fire range:7.6 km Reload:7.5 seconds HE damage:1,700 Initial HE velocity:875 m/s 8 Dual 128 mm L/61 KM41 guns Firing range:7.6 km reload time:3.6 seconds HE damag:1,500 Initial HE velocity:820 m/s AA Armaments: Long range 8 Dual 128 mm L/61 KM41 guns N of explosion:6 Within explosion damage:1540 continuous damage:210 hit probility:75% Mid Range AA 12 Dual 55 mm L/77 Gerat 58 Zwilling AA guns continuous damage:375 hit probility:80% Short Range 16 quad 20 mm Flakvierling 38 guns continuous damage:215 hit probility:75% Mobility 30 knots 1010 m turning radius 16.3 second rudder shift time Concealments 16.7 km base concealment 12.1 km air detectability 17 km after firing inside smoke Consumables Slot 1:Damage control 10 second work time---90(60) second reload Slot 2:Repair party Charges:3(4) Action time: 28 second Reload time: 120(80) second heal rate:0.5% /sec Slot 3: Hydro acoustic search charges:2(3) action time:120 s reload time:180(120)s 4 km torpedo detection 6 km ship detection Slot 4: Spotter or fighter Brandenburg will have Soviet battleship accuracy formula rather then normal German dispersion.
  13. So me and my friend (he doesn't have forum account here, but he's in reddit u/Mecie_Napoleon) worked down with our battlecruiser and later fast battleship for Dutch Navy or Royal Navy of United Kingdom of Netherlands (in this alternative history Belgium revolution never happened and since Netherlands were completely neutral during Napoleonic wars they didn't lose they're colonies in South Africa (Boer states); This ship is highly based on Ishizuchi/Kongou and was actually Dutch reply to IJN Kongou since Netherlands and Japan are rivals (even in our life Japan was real threat to Netherlands since Dutch east indies were, well, obviously Dutch, tho). Tijger in 1916 (2 months after Battle of Jutland) Tijger in 1927 General characteristics. Keel length 205 meters Length of deck 220 meters (227 in 1927) Beam 30.5 meters. Draught 9.7 meters Normal displacement 29 000 tonns (30 000 tonns in 1927) Deep load displacement 33 000 tonns (35 000 tonns in 1927) Armaments Main battery 8*2 356 mm (14") MK I (gun based on Japanese 41st year type). Secondary battery 16 152 mm (6") mm MK IX. 8*4 100 mm dual purpose guns (1927) Anti aircraft 8 76 (3") anti-zepelinn (1913-1927) 20 dual and/or quad mounted (depends on the year and place of dislocation of the ship) 40 mm boffors. (1938). 18 20 mm orlicons (1936). Armor Main belt 229 mm (9"). Aft and Bow belts - 76 mm (3") Underwater belt - 76 mm (3") Casimate belt - 152 mm (6") Citadel armor - 51 mm and was increased to 76 mm. (turtle pack) Total deck armor - 95 mm (1913-1927) 131 mm (1927). Propulsion 30 Yarrow boilers with total power of 76 000 H.P (boilers were replaced with new Yarrow MK III boilers (fictional boilers model) with total 130 000 H.P in 1927) 4 Parson steam turbines. Speed - 25.4 knots (sea trial max 26.8 knots) 31.3 knots (1927) Range - 7000 miles on 14 knots. Crew - 1580 people and 1248 people in 1927 (1648 people at WW2) Ships Tijger - Lunched in Portsmouth in June 6 1912, commissioned in 12 April 1913. Fate Decommissioned in 1952 preserved as a museum. Leeowe - Lunched in Portsmouth in June 20 June 1912, commissioned in 26 April 1913, Decommissioned in 1953, preserved as a museum in Singapore than in Youkosuko (Japan, 2003) Panter - Lunched in 9 May 1913 in Rotterdam , commissioned in June 1914, sunked in April 15 1943 by IJN Musashi during first battle of Guinea. Leopard - wasn't finished, war began, when Germans acupied United Kingdom of Netherlands they planned to finished it but they abonden their plans. In 1923 when Netherlands signed Washington Naval treaty it was desided to build ship to the aircraft carrier - De Zeven Provincen, launched in july 1927 in Amsterdam.
  14. Tuccy

    Update 0.6.10

    Captains, The update 0.6.10 is upon us. It will require a server downtime on August 31/08 between 07:00 and 10:00 CEST (UTC+2). You can find the detailed patch notes on the portal by following links below: British Battleships | New Effects | Sound Changes | Interface | Technical Updates | Improvements and Fixes | New Content Or you can view them in the 0.6.10 Dasha video! Action Stations!
  15. until
    Enjoy some mission support until 09 September and win some handy rewards by earning base XP with your British Ships, including the always in demand Battle Hardened Camouflage—our little way of welcoming the new British Battleships to World of Warships.
  16. AwesomeBoat

    T5 Bretagne?

    Hello, How do I play the Bretagne properly, most of my battles in this ship I do low damage. Is this ship just not great or am I playing it wrong?