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Found 32 results

  1. Wij zijn wij en wat hebben we te bieden Voornamelijk een groep Nederlandse vrienden. We spelen graag competitief maar ook weer niet superserieus. Als je van humor houd, maar ook graag wilt leren van goede spelers, dan kan dit de clan zijn voor jou. Wij spelen graag in divisies, uiteraard. Clanbattles worden steeds meer belangrijk, graag willen we in de hogere league's komen. Spreek het je aan om clan battles te spelen en wil graag bij een Nederlandse clan, je hebt de clan gevonden! Voor wie het als muziek in de oren klinkt echter nieuw meld je zeker aan. Hoe dan ook kijk niet verder, doe een verzoek! Wat hopen wij van je te zien Ideaal je hebt: - een goed gevoel voor humor - goede stats - een wens om goed samen te spelen maar wel in een relaxte sfeer - kan tegen grappen, veel grappen - spreekt Nederlands - Discord https://discord.gg/hreZVQ7 - Heeft of wil graag Tier 10 cruisers ervaring op doen in clanbattles Over het algemeen bekijken we het op een persoonlijke basis. Laten we zeggen je stats zijn niet de beste, maar je bent bereid te luisteren en te leren? Dan nemen je toch erbij nemen, je kunt dan jezelf verbeteren met behulp van anderen spelers. Wij bekijken graag hoe of wat, neem contact met ons op. Hoe kom je met ons in contact - Reageer op dit topic (en waardeer het op voor gratis!) - Stuur een persoonlijk bericht naar Theller1947 of arber via wows of kom langs op onze discord. - Chat met een van de recruiters in Wows Behouden vaart en tot snel!
  2. If you want to play a lot of Clan Battles but worry that you’re not good/ dedicated/ lucky enough for a Typhoon league clan then HEATH may be the clan for you. We do insist that you use Discord, can speak English and will play for the team. We don’t expect you to turn up for 4 hours every CB day, attend loads of practice or fill in loads of forms. we’re all fairly mature, work, have real life issues and accept that you will too and that you probably just want to log on, shoot some ships with a team that vaguely know what they are doing, have a laugh and keep it all in proportion. this is a game, we want to play with others and hopefully that’s you. if so, please come along to our discord or send us a request.
  3. Afghanicus

    Co-op Battles

    Alright, I've been playing a lot of co-ops lately as I find it more relaxing, at least most of the time. For the ones who play them as well I'd like to see what do you think of their current state? I know this is no priority to change among so many craziness going on but still... some inputs might be useful. If not now then maybe in the future. From my experience my main issue is that the co-op battles are too easy. At least when you don't have terrible players in your team that is, that die before firing a shot. However, when trying to improve your game with torpedoes (playing a DD or even a CA with torps) it's quite frustrating. I'm pretty sure they designed the bots in such way that they have some kind of permanent long-range hydro. Doesn't matter which ship you're trying to torp... if it's at any distance more than a few km, they will avoid most of those torps, if not all of them. When I started playing co-ops (recently) I've noticed this but i thought it's a coincidence or they are really using that hydro at the moment of torping. But after many games I'm confident that this is not the case. Doesn't matter if the ship has hydro or not, as soon as you launch the torps they start altering they course by putting the rudder in hard over position. It happens every time. Except when torps are coming from both sides, in those cases they usually don't alter the course at all because I guess the AI system of avoiding them gets bugged. Have you noticed this? There are obviously some other 'flaws' like using the consumables as soon as the game starts which helps you spot the ships (approximate position) as soon as they launch their spotting planes or fighters which is the moment the battle starts. Also the smoke is useless for them because they never stay hidden in it. As soon as they are spotted, they use the smoke but proceed straight ahead leaving the smoke behind them and not using it at all. I would really like to see improved co-op battles and better AI. That way you would 'train' better for the Random/Ranked/whatever battles, especially with the newly obtained ships. But also I'd like to remove the "permanent long-range hydro" from the bots as training with torps in co-op is quite useless. Unless you're extremely close or launch a ton of them at the same time, they will most likely avoid (almost) all of them which is quite frustrating.
  4. CV storm is still on but everyone tasted how it works and what is going to happen next, thats why I want to know, what do you think from realistic point of view about next season? More precisely, personally I am very concerned about format of next season. There are probably 3 options what can happen. In first case everything will stay the same in 7 vs 7 format without CV. Second option is scary for me and it's 7 vs 7 but with 1 carrier allowed and the last, third variant is similar but 8 vs 8. Even if some aspects of CV rework succeed, in general it is big fail and lets be honest - WG don't know what to do with some problems created in 0.8.0. Personally, as I said I am scared that I will not enjoy clan battles anymore with CV meta and I would like to stay in current 7v7 format and here is why: First of all and the most important one, I really enjoy the surprise element in clan battles. Without CV ships are unspotted for first 2-3 mins and this gives possiblity to take some interesting or uncommon positions. Moreover it allows clans to use any strategy they want, you can lemming train one side or split 1-6, 2-5, half ships per side or pick even 3 different directions and all these strats are doable and viable in most of maps. Second, related to the first one - you need to put effort to spot enemy ships and control the situation to be not surprised by some strange counterattacks. I like it becuase it gives a lot of creativity to players. Thrid - game is enjoyable to everyone, whatever you play, BB, CA, DD, the game is fun. Ofcourse DD's are harder to play in competetive but still they got very important key role. By adding CV's to the setup, the game can be not fun. I don't know if CV's are going to be nerfed again to the ground or buffed strongly but if so in result CV gameplay will be fun and other classes doomed or CV gonna be weak and unplayable. The most funny part is that other classes will be not fun as before anyway, just becuase it's not fun when you are striked by some unreachable "God" player and I think if we had to choose game with or without CV, every sane person will pick game without carrier. Fourth - It will be almost impossible to run away to survive the game (on low hp). This is maybe just change of meta but I don't like it, if I manage to survive from enemy fire and go concealment - I am currently rewarded but with CV meta I think finishing these kind of ships will be the main goal of carriers. The worst part is I don't even have to be low HP, If I go alone somewhere I will be easy target for carrier or I will be forced to show my side. This results in poor tactical meaning of splitting ships across the map. Possibly no more flankers. Fiveth - In next update WG try to fix the radar problem for DDs. Assuming the best scenario: radars are not such big problem anymore, the new one is coming - overspotting. Instead of radar, planes will try to spot DD and this is very bad design for cap play. Currently people try to manage radars, keep 1 or 2 ships next to the rock, smoke them and sync all allies to do it. With planes it's possible to spot almost every time with possiblity to decap by rockets. This will result in selecting only DD with defensive AA. Sixth - CV player as deciding factor. I am not 100% sure but carriers will survive most of games. Ships in CB are oragnised so it will be harder to kill enemy CV. This way I can imagine classical end of the game as CV, CA vs CV or even CV vs CV. I don't think I want to see carrier duels as deciding factor aka Arti duels from world of tanks... and again there will be a loooot of overspotting in the last part of the game = no running away. // EDIT, Seventh - As @Tyrendian89 pointed below, because of spotting, ships have to take insanely passive and back line routes - this slow down gameplay a lot or it will force everyone to play very agressive from the very first minute. TLTR; Simply speaking overspotting will break tactical positioning/splitting of ships, creativity of players and DD's role in contesting caps. I think we partly find out how it works after KOTS but still for me personally idea of CV in clan battles sounds very broken. What everyone else think about this? @MrConway do you have any informations about next cb format?
  5. Salut à tous! LES GAULOIS FRANCOPHONES RECRUTENT , nous vous accueillons si vous le désirez , batailles de clans , sprint,classées, scénarii PVE y a des vieux et des jeunes , des bons , des moins bons. On compte sur la bonne humeur la participation si vous avez du TIER 8 et minimum 1000 batailles , c'est un plus ! UNE PLACE VOUS ATTEND Les avantages apportés par l'appartenance à un clan vous sont ouverts : - Pouvoir véritablement jouer en équipe et dans la durée - Plus de ressources, d'XP, et de crédits, réductions à l'achat de nouveaux navires. ALORS N'ATTENDEZ PLUS ! Venez nous rendre visite LGF-ENVOYEZ VOS REQUÊTE ET BON VENT A TOUS!"
  6. The Grey Wolves are now recruiting. We are a small, english speaking clan looking for more active players who enjoy the game. We only play for fun at the moment, but might take part in Clan Battles in the future to gain resources such as steel. Anyone who wishes to join are welcome. Right now we mostly play random and scenario battles, and our primary goal is the ensure that all members are having fun and feel welcome to the clan. If you wish to join, just send a request or type a reply with your ingame name and we will invite you. Hope you will join us in fighting out on the high seas.
  7. Welcome to Team ‘WolfPack Wants You’ Thread, Thing… Formed at the start of 2017, Team WolfPack is somewhere for a group of friends to play and enjoy each other's terrible banter. However, looking ahead to more competitive team play, we have now decided it’s time to open our aft and welcome aboard some new deck hands! We’re looking for mature members who are up for a bit of banter and not too easily offended! We're mainly looking for those who'd be interested in high end team/competitive play. We're heavily focused on Clan battles and trying to get ourselves into the King of the Seas. In the 1st Clan battle season we finished 38th overall on EU. In the 2nd season we finished 24th in the EU. In the 3rd Season we finished 34th in the EU. If you’re unsure on joining straight away feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/UHE7vTp How can you join? If you’d like to join feel free to either reply to this thread, PM me or join our discord server, posting a message in “Recruitment”. . Requirements [WOLF]: Join and be active on our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UHE7vTp (This is our main form of community communication) Win Rate 58%+ with a 55% solo WR *Other stats will be used including PR, Tier 10 stats and more. We aim for a PR of 1700+* 700+ Battles Looking to play in a division as a team and competitively. Atleast 2 Tier 10’s and 3 competitive tier 8’s Speak and Understand English 18 years of age or above EU Server account If you do not meet the above requirements you are more than welcome to join our discord and play with us however you may not be able to join the clan. If you’ve got any questions or queries, feel free to post below. Many thanks, Team WolfPack
  8. Admiral_Nightingale

    [BRAMS] Black Rams

    [BRAMS] Black Rams EU A small but active EU based clan is looking for members! We are currently building up more players for Alpha and Bravo team. searching for people who play well together and we're actively participating in clan battles.The clan is offering potential members a relaxed atmosphere and a community that helps each other grind stuff and has fun while playing as a team. Also, all economic bonuses are built, so any members will get all the benefits from being in a clan. Our typical activities include doing lots of random battles in 3 man divisions, sometimes operations if we feel like it, and last but not least, shitposting memes at our discord server. So, you might think, what might these amazing people want in return for all that fantastic stuff that was just listed? :D We're not super strict on stats, our emphasis is instead on potential members being willing to improve, work together with clan members, and most importantly, be willing to communicate on discord voice comms. We would like you to have at least one t10 ship (or be close to one), but we can negotiate on that part. What is absolutely critical is that you are at least moderately active (be on at least a few times a week so we don't forget who you are). All the above can be negotiated a bit depending on the circumstances; what is non-negotiable, however, is to have a non-cancerogenic mic that doesn't cause our ears to bleed, and be willing to use it on our discord server. It's difficult to do coordinated teamplay if you're not on voice, not to mention things are nicer when people get to know each other and again, you need to be on voice comms for that. To inquire about joining follow the discord link below, and just post that you'd like to join - we'll get to you as soon as we can! https://discord.gg/BmnJmJP Hope to see you soon, until then Black Rams wish you lots of fun and engaging game mechanics!
  9. Recently I realised that in this season it is way harder to get higher leagues (typhoon and hurricane), I wanted to share my thoughts and confirm if it's true. Let's start with hard data: if you check season 2 data you can see that in the previous season (according to WG data) 4,7 % of all clans got into hurricane league. If this is true (personally I don't belive it) then around 240~ clans (?) reached hurricane league. Even if this is not true you can check in game client just now that you can see at least 25 hurricane clans there for season 2 (last position ending with 112 points so there are way more). Personally I remember at least 50 clans in hurricane so it's still safe to say there was at least 50 clans there. Now If you check hall of fame for this season you can see only 14 clans in hurricane league and only 5 more clan wars days left until the end of this season. There are few reasons for that and one of them for sure is that this season is in the middle of summer but this can't explain what is happening here. I don't know how exactly mathematically prove my theory but I will try to explain it now: For this season WG introduced system of Alpha and Bravo division and thank you very much for it the idea itself is very good but I see WG totaly skipped consequences of this mechanic. At the beggning of this season it was insanely easy to get storm league - the reason for this was that whole season started with "dobule" points becuase everyone started with 50-150 points in each of their rating. In result the initial flow of points allowed everyone to go higher faster (first week). Currently becuase of ratings there are "not enough points" for everyone to get higher. Why? First of all a lot of clans used their both divs only for first part of season, this way points were distributed between double amount of ratings and these points "stuck" there now, stolen by everyone and closed in their Bravo division. It's even worse if you consider the fact that good clans stole twice number of points in their both ratings. As reference, clan rating is based on elo rating and I want to note that in this rating number ot points is not infinite, number of points is determined by number of participants. // EDIT - better explanation in spoiler I'm not going to complain hard about this but personally I think this is kind of unfair or rather WG broken their own system. All rewards were not changed, WG promised stalingrad for 3 typhoon but there was not consequence in difficulty level and whole point distribution. You can tell me "this season was more competetive" and it may be true but that was not intended - it's WG incompetence in this case and it was not announced at the beggning of the season. What is your opinion about this guys? Can you tell us something about distribution for this season? @Tuccy @MrConway
  10. Hi all, The 95th is a small friendly Clan and we're currently looking for more players for Clan Battles! No special requirements other than a friendly attitude and willingness to jump on TeamSpeak 3 and get involved in Clan Battles regularly If you're interested, get in touch o7
  11. thunder3oo

    Available for clan battles

    Hello. I'm looking for a clan (preferable mature members who don't freeze when they see someone swearing in chat). I'm interested in gathering resources (coal&steel that can be obtained by participating in clan battles). Aaand... I don't use any voice communication programs. As some of you know, statistics mean something, but also they mean nothing, since a lot of random battles are played in a chaotic fashion by many players (unfortunately). https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/505107199-thunder3oo/!/pvp/overview/ I just left a clan (they don't do clan battles there), so I'll be available for applying/accepting clan stuff 3 days from now.
  12. Tuccy

    Ranked Battles Season 9

    Captains, The Season 9 of Ranked Battles is coming soon - get ready and set up your ships! Start: April 27th, 7:00 UTC+2 End: June 4th, 7:00 UTC+2 Do you want to see more? Check out details in our portal announcement! Rules | Bonus Stars | Rewards | League of Sea Wolves | Ranked Ship Bundles What about trying the new season out? If you are interested, head to the Public Test for 0.7.4! Action Stations!
  13. Greetings to all sailors ! For all of you out there that are wandering the seas alone, join us so we can conquer them together ! With not much members, we are currently searchin for more player that are ready to play with us. Our clan is mostly here for having fun with others and connecting sailors from all over Europe while developing skills. With more sailors, we would be able to practice more and play some serious ranked and clan battles. We are an english speaking clan, but, since we are originally from Croatia/ex Jugoslavian area, dobrodošli su i lokalni jezici ! The request for joining our clan are pretty basic: - active sailor (a few times a week) - speaking english (ili hrvatski / bosanski /srpski / slično) - decency (any type of offending will be punished) - minimum tier 5 ships - more than 500 battles - win rate about 50 % ( +/- 5%) or more - Discord (optional for communication) There you go ! If you are willing to sail the seas and have some fun, join us ! Contact us over this post or in game. Some additional info.. - as an active sailor, we expect to take an hour or two in the game, a few times a week; inactive clan members are punished unless they have a legit and announced going offline - offending or provoking other players is punished; even if you are provoked, reacting to that is not considered okay; report and compliment the other players as they would deserve it - tier 5 and 6 ships are most commonly used on the seas so it would be nice to have one or a few; we also use lower tiers but it's still a request to have a tier 5 - the win rate and the number of battles (along with some other stats) will show us if you are a bit serious player or a new one; we are willing to help other players so they can improve their stats - except Discord, there is a Facebook group in plan, so we can communicate easier about the clan info - we are always open for some suggestions / ideas Your deputy commander, Tokar52
  14. Hey all, First i would like to point out that this is my opinion about Clan Battles. Feel free to comment, agree or disagree on it. My problem is not so much with playing the battles but with how it is set up. The season lasts for over 2 months. From Feb 10 till Apr 16. Battles are played on wednesday, thursday, saturday and sunday night. From 18:30 (CET) till 22:30 (CET). You get rewards for wins in your league and repeatable rewards for any wins as well. (3 x 30 oil for example). Why are we being forced to play this gamemode on certain days at certain times only? This is frustrating because you cannot determine on your own time of when to play CB's. You have to play them in that time cap. My clan ( and maybe other clans) have problems with getting enough players online at the start of the CB's. Which is frustrating. While other players get frustrated for not making it on time. I work 5 days a week with different shifts every week, so 1 week i really struggle to make it on time, while next week i cant play untill the end. At a certain point we reached a certain league group which is basicly our max. Sometimes we reach a bit higher and sometimes we drop down a bit. We are struglling between 2 leagues at the moment. The pain for completing the league rewards is, in my opinion, not worth the struggle. The 3 repeatable win rewards are good, but once i have them i wonder if playing anymore CB's is worth it. I do it for my clan only. Why cant they decrease the lenght of the season down to 1 month for example. And make clan battles playable 24/7 for that whole month. Leaderboards will balance out as well eventually. But clans can determine themselves when they play CB's. They will not be forced to play at certain times on certain days. The only reason i can think of that this wont happen is because the lack of clans playing at the same time and therefore messing up Match Making. With CB's playable 24/7 why not increase the repeatable win rewards a bit more. Lets say for example 5 x 30 oil instead of 3 x 30 oil. Or more flags, free xp, etc. Make playing CB's more rewarding so that clans will play more. And leave League rewards for what they are. These are some ideas i have and im wondering if any other clans have the same problem with Clan Battles. The setup they have now is messed up and causing a lot of frustration in my clan. Any ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you.
  15. until
    Commanders, There is a change in the skill / Upgrade reset conditions: Between 10 and 16 February, all players will be able to reset Commander skills and dismount the required upgrades for free. Condition to play at least one Clan Battle is cancelled. Enjoy and... Action Stations!
  16. Commanders, There is a change in the skill / Upgrade reset conditions: Between 10 and 16 February, all players will be able to reset Commander skills and dismount the required upgrades for free. Condition to play at least one Clan Battle is cancelled. Enjoy and... Action Stations!
  17. From the haunted depth below, The Flying Dutchman has emerged The Flying Dutchman is an active clan with experienced members. Respect and Fun is our main priority, but we also enjoy some competition. As a clan we like to play together in Divisions, complete Operations and compete in Clan Battles (we are in the Gale League). We have expanded our clan to 40 member spots. At this moment we have 9 spots open. To join -TFD- we ask you to: - Respect your fellow clanmember - Use English as your main language - Return to The Flying Dutchman before being 20 days in-active (without notification) - Earn your clan bonus within 7 days (the amount of oil you need to benefit from the clan bonusses) - Have atleast 1x Tier 8 ship or higher so that you can join us in Clan Battles - Discord voice chat for Clan Battles is mandatory We have the following Clan Bonusses active: +3% bonus XP to all American Ships +3% bonus XP to all Japanese Ships +3% bonus XP to all German Ships -10% to service cost of Battleships Do you have what it takes and would you like to join? Then feel free to apply ingame or contact me (RedRonie) or one of the commanders.
  18. From the haunted depth below, The Flying Dutchman has emerged The Flying Dutchman is an active clan with experienced members. Respect and Fun is our main priority, but we also enjoy some competition. As a clan we like to play together in Divisions, complete Operations and compete in Clan Battles. We have expanded our clan to 40 member spots. At this moment we have 11 spots open. To join -TFD- we ask you to: - Respect your fellow clanmember - Use English as your main language - Return to The Flying Dutchman before being 20 days in-active (without notification) - Earn your clan bonus within 7 days (the amount of oil you need to benefit from the clan bonusses) - Have atleast 1x Tier 8 ship or higher so that you can join us in Clan Battles - Discord voice chat for Clan Battles is mandatory We have the following Clan Bonusses active: +3% bonus XP to all American Ships +3% bonus XP to all Japanese Ships +3% bonus XP to all German Ships Do you have what it takes and would you like to join? Then feel free to apply ingame or contact me (RedRonie) or one of the commanders.
  19. Griva

    Clan battles summary

    I decided to create general summary of clan battles and create discussion about some changes and suggestions we need to improve gameplay of this gamemode. It would be nice if you comment or up-vote if you agree with following post but please be constructive as much as you can. I hope that devs take it into account and make it better. We got already around 1 month to try clan games and I think everyone have already some opinion and conclusion about this gamemode. My goal is to describe most of pros and especially cons and I think we should start with some pros. Pros First of all existance of clan battles itself is very big pros simply because this is the only "regular" game mode with possibility to create own team and play versus other players. This is something that many players have been waiting for and thank you that it exists whatever the form is. Credit reward for the game - finally after few years, wargaming decided to reward all players equally in team. For me this is something great becuase you are rewarded for WIN not for damage, spot etc. Thanks to this, players can focus on winning only and it does not matter how much damage you did. Lack of aircraft carriers - this is something for separated thread and we can argue night and day why this is good or bad but CV's with current balance would be very strong in clan wars game and destroyers would be in my opinion completely unplayable. I completely agree with argument that this is excluding CV players etc. but everyone knows how good CV players changes the gameplay so this is for me good thing. Cons Map rotation - simply speaking, playing whole month or more on only 4 maps is real joke. Especially when you get good RNG and I remember days we did around 12 games and all games we got on literally two maps only. Personally I don't understand why we didn't get in last update or next update even 1 map. Having 5 or 6 maps would be completely different experience and for me this is big fail. Is it really hard to follow this "triple-base pattern" and create something like this? Ammo rack explosion - I can understand when ship explodes in random game, it is still stupid mechanics yet I understand it but explosion fo ammo in clan wars? People don't have unlimited number of detonation flags and everyone can get only up to 6 flags per day from clan wars task. Detonation should be off or we should get detonation flag for every game. WG you wanted to create "professional" game mode or random circus? This is very bad especially combined with next point. Team size - this is not actually real con but I think we can count it becasue some reasons. 7v7 has got one big failure, if one of the ships get non lucky and get killed by detonation, magic balanced Montana salvo or any other random event, enemy team gets very big advantage especially if you kill dd with destination to cap. At this moment you can only yolo push or camp and lose in most cases. The idea of number of players was already tested zilion times in world of tanks on global map - 15v15 is tactical game and battles 7v7 are very random and even potato team can win vs very strong enemy because RNG. Of course i understand that there are many factors like clan size, number of players etc.. and creating bigger team can lower amount of clans playing this game mode but I think it would be nice and it should be possible to see teams in 9v9 format size simply because we get smaller impact of RNG and big tactical facilities. Battleships constraint - we know bb's are very strong and can delete any ship in one salvo sometimes but I belive we see it just wrong. It would be possible to make limit 2 per game but current map setups can't allow it. Ofc the easiest way is to balance BB class but otherwise we can put more caps (like 5) for example on the map and it just increase role of dd's and cruisers and taking 2 bb's would be even mistake. Anyway we should be allowed to take any setup we want and this should make sense. The problem now is that every map works exactly in the same way so there is only "one right setup". If we add more caps or make it more complicated we can get way more variations and one setup is good for one map, other setup beats other map - current meta is "rush B and def C" or vice versa. Maps balance - in general maps are rather balanced but as I said in previous point, all maps got the same meta and this results in the same setups on both sides aka: Montana, Des Moines, Des Moines, Moskva, Hindenburg, Gearing, Z-52. We can see probably other setups in "potato league" but this is only result of lack of ships. Also I should add that some places arenot balanced equally like Ice islands cap C or also C cap on mountain range. Clan evaluation system - One of the worst things in clan wars now. Many people expected clan battles to be something bigger, more organised thing, giving the possiblity to evaluate strengh of the team but we got something more like normal teamplay mode. League system give us very poor information about clan strengh. It is not possible to create any rating system, WoWs API don't give us any important info about clans, we don't have any elo system, hall of fame, clan recrutation station - just nothing. Win rate of clans means completely nothing because it is related to enemy you get and as you probably know if you create clan now, and start play clan wars atm you going to get very high WR because all strong enemies are in the highest league now. In general people wants to get any rating system giving real informations. It is not like league system is bad and must be removed - its rather some additional rating or some kind of factor proving that clan A is stronger than B. Clan battles prime time - too short. It is simply too short. Many people says about "if you want to play in team then play clan wars" but we can't because we can do it only at exact time and day. It is understandable WG want big attendence and it is way easier for MM to find teams but current time is simple short. Some people are in different timezones and for them clan wars starts at 18:00 and ends at 21:00 when the largest number of players is in game. I would vote to add at least 1 extra hour to current prime time to make it for eg. 19:00 - 23:00. I hope I did not forget any important thing. TLTR: Nice that we got any clan wars game mode and the current one is actually enjoyable but boring because we got only 4 maps, with the same meta and this results in mirror teams with mirror strats. Also we don't have any clan evaluation tools because league system says almost nothing about real clan strengh.
  20. Renowned_Invader

    [BSS] British Secret Service

    Good day Captains, I am Renowned_Invader Deputy Commander of BSS and I am looking for experienced players to join our clan. At the moment we are looking for experienced players with T10 Warships for Clan Wars, currently we only have 3-4 players in the clan that are experienced with T10 warships, we are still happy to accept people that do not have T10's yet, we have players with rented T10's but do not have any or enough experience in them resulting in a loss every time we enter a Clan Battle. any more information get back to me at any time preferably as soon as possible. look us up on the Clan search BSS or British Secret Service. Check out our Facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/1866730516943618/ Also Check out our Website https://www.wowsbss.co.uk/ I hope you consider joining us. Good Luck And Fair Sea's Captain's Renowned_Invader
  21. While I work on improving the algorithm. Here are the Clan Battles winrate. Have not included teams in lower leagues.
  22. So who else like myself can't play clan battles because of this three hour time window? Originally was 21:00-00:00 now changed to 19:00-22:00. Wargaming why a 3 hour window not 5 hours? why not rotate the time per day so more users can be involved? ohh wargaming why oh why?
  23. Chassadhi

    wirre Ideen für WOWS

    1. schöneres Fadenkreuz 2. Schiffssymbole + Lebensbalken 3. Matchmaking mit Aufstufung 4. mehr Teamplay 5. Schaden in "Schiffstötungen" messen 6. Alteractal Seeschlachten 7. Fantasie: Schiffe selber bauen schöneres Fadenkreuz Bei WOT hat man ein Ziel = eine Kanone, aber bei WOWS ein Ziel = viele Kanonen, und die vielen kleinen Gunmarker, die ausgerechnet das Wichtigste verdecken (das ZIEL), finde ich unpraktisch. Besser fände ich einen Fadenkreuzkreis, wo man das Ziel frei sehen kann, und die Gunmarker wie im Bild WOWS-Gunmarkers (unten), genauere Erklärung siehe https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/75795-gunmarkers-idea-is-it-possible-as-mod/ Der Fadenkreuzkreis könnte auch gern dynamisch größer werden, je weiter das Ziel weg ist und je langsamer die Geschosse fliegen (das wäre immer noch kein Aimbot, aber man kann sich schneller zwischen langsamen und schnellen Geschossen umgewöhnen, wenn man sein Schiff wechselt). Oder zumindest könnte man die Ladebalken für Kanonen und Torpedos (die unten in der Mitte sind) vertikal machen, das fände ich übersichtlicher, gerade wenn man 15 Kanonen hat. Und die Kanonen von A-Z nummerieren (so klappts auch für 15 Kanonen, und die Bismark hatte ja wirklich A-D) und Torpedowerfer 1-9. Im Bild WOWS-Reloadbars (unten) sieht man übersichtlich, ob gerade die linken oder rechten Torpedos abschußbereit sind (das wäre in der Kampfeshitze oft hilfreich^^). Schiffssymbole + Lebensbalken Dass die jetzigen Symbole für Kreuzer und Schlachtschiffe durch so diagonale Trennlinien zerteilt sind, macht es manchmal unübersichtlich auf der Minimap. Lieber ein ganzes Schiff als Symbol (Zerstörer = ganz spitz, Kreuzer = halb spitz, Schlachtschiff = fast stumpf). In diese Symbole rein könnte dann ein Zeichen für wichtige Spezialitäten des Schiffs: z.B. hat es Radar? Im Bild WOWS-Vertibars (siehe unten) hat z.B. der Kreuzer gute Flak (Halbkreis mit Stacheln nach oben) und das Schlachtschiff gute Sekundärbatterie (Kreis mit Stacheln ringsum). Außerdem wären vertikale Lebensbalken vielleicht besser – wenn viele Schiffe sich auf einer engen Stelle tummeln. Matchmaking mit Aufstufung Die Tier-Unterschiede im Matchmaking bereiten ja vielen Verdruß (ich verstehe nicht, warum WG das tut, den Spaß am eigenen Spiel zu vermiesen?!?), drum fände ich schön, wenn ich ankreuzen könnte "ich warte lieber 5 Minuten länger, wenn ich dann in ein Match nur auf meiner Tierstufe komme". Oder man machts so: In Guildwars 2 werden niedrige Charaktere aufgestuft, wenn sie Highlevel-PVP betreten. Wenn WG schon verschiedene Tier-Level mixen will, könnte es doch die niedrigen aufstufen (Überlebensfähigkeit und Angriffsstärke +10% pro Tierstufe oder sowas). mehr Teamplay Einer der Hauptmängel in WOWS ist für mich: Das Spiel ist sooo teamplay-lastig – fördert Teamplay aber kaum! Jedesmal kommt ein wildfremder zusammengewürfelter Haufen ins Match, wo jeder sein Ding macht (teilweise machen muss, weil sonst nix passiert). Vielleicht wäre gut, wenn im Match doch Divisionen aus 10 Spielern (=Clans) plus 3 zufällige Spieler erlaubt wären – auf beiden Seiten so... Dann würden sich quasi zwei Clans hauen, und die 3 Zufallsspieler haben Gelegenheit, Clans kennenzulernen, die ihnen gefallen könnten... Schaden in "Schiffstötungen" messen Oft muss man lange schießen, bis man einen DD tot hat - bekommt dafür nur wenig Damage, denn der DD ist nur klein, aber für das Match kanns genauso entscheidend sein, einen DD rauszunehmen wie ein BB ... Wenn man nun den Damage so messen würde: Jemand hat 30% eines DD weggeschossen, dann 20% eines BB, dann 70% eines Kreuzers und 10% eines weiteren Kreuzers = dann hätte er 30% + 20% + 70% + 10% = 130% = also 1,3 Schiffe getötet, summa summarum. Alteractal Seeschlachten Ach ja, als alter Alterac-Fan träume ich natürlich von Seeschlachten, die so episch hin und her wogen wie damals im Alteractal, nicht nur solche Match-Quickies... Eine groooße Seekarte mit viiiielen Schiffen, auf der Karte verstreut gibt es Werften – wenn man tot ist, taucht man dort mit seinem Schiff wieder auf (so wie die Friedhöfe im Alteractal), deshalb dauert der Kampf lange. Jede Seite muss versuchen, die Werften unter ihre Kontrolle zu kriegen, am nördlichen und südlichen Kartenende sind Inseln mit den Hauptquartieren der beiden Seiten – die gilt es zu erobern, um zu gewinnen. Es könnte Inseln mit Eisenminen geben – wenn genug Eisentransporte zum Hauptquartier eskortiert wurden, kann man dort ein monströses fettes Eisenschiff bauen – etwa so eins: http://tsushima.su/uploads/photoarhiv/ships/france/epoch_bron/ebr/carnot/photo/01.jpg - das die Gegnerflotte extrem beschädigen kann ... Fantasie: Schiffe selber bauen Wo wir schon mal beim Träumen sind: Wargaming hat ja auch das legendäre "Master Of Orion" wieder aus der Taufe gehoben – und der größte Spaß war dort neben dem Kämpfen auch immer, seine eigenen Schiffe zurechtzubasteln. Hach, so sähe mein Traum-WOWS aus: man fängt mit einem kleinen Kahn an, kann dann mit der Zeit immer mehr hinzubauen, kann selber entscheiden, ob man z.B. einen riesigen Motor einbaut = viel Geschwindigkeit, oder eine Mordspanzerung, oder dicke große Wummen, oder eine Unzahl vieler kleiner schnellfeuernder Geschütze, oder sein Schiff zu einem Torpedoteppichwebstuhl umbaut ...
  24. Trevor_604

    To many Destroyer in random battles

    5 out of 12 players in one team is too many destroyer. All most every battle