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Found 5 results

  1. Wij zijn wij en wat hebben we te bieden Voornamelijk een groep Nederlandse vrienden. We spelen graag competitief maar ook weer niet superserieus. Als je van humor houd, maar ook graag wilt leren van goede spelers, dan kan dit de clan zijn voor jou. Wij spelen graag in divisies, uiteraard. Clanbattles worden steeds meer belangrijk, graag willen we in de hogere league's komen. Spreek het je aan om clan battles te spelen en wil graag bij een Nederlandse clan, je hebt de clan gevonden! Voor wie het als muziek in de oren klinkt echter nieuw meld je zeker aan. Hoe dan ook kijk niet verder, doe een verzoek! Wat hopen wij van je te zien Ideaal je hebt: - een goed gevoel voor humor - goede stats - een wens om goed samen te spelen maar wel in een relaxte sfeer - kan tegen grappen, veel grappen - spreekt Nederlands - Discord https://discord.gg/hreZVQ7 - Heeft of wil graag Tier 10 cruisers ervaring op doen in clanbattles Over het algemeen bekijken we het op een persoonlijke basis. Laten we zeggen je stats zijn niet de beste, maar je bent bereid te luisteren en te leren? Dan nemen je toch erbij nemen, je kunt dan jezelf verbeteren met behulp van anderen spelers. Wij bekijken graag hoe of wat, neem contact met ons op. Hoe kom je met ons in contact - Reageer op dit topic (en waardeer het op voor gratis!) - Stuur een persoonlijk bericht naar Theller1947 of arber via wows of kom langs op onze discord. - Chat met een van de recruiters in Wows Behouden vaart en tot snel!
  2. If you want to play a lot of Clan Battles but worry that you’re not good/ dedicated/ lucky enough for a Typhoon league clan then HEATH may be the clan for you. We do insist that you use Discord, can speak English and will play for the team. We don’t expect you to turn up for 4 hours every CB day, attend loads of practice or fill in loads of forms. we’re all fairly mature, work, have real life issues and accept that you will too and that you probably just want to log on, shoot some ships with a team that vaguely know what they are doing, have a laugh and keep it all in proportion. this is a game, we want to play with others and hopefully that’s you. if so, please come along to our discord or send us a request.
  3. Palubarac

    Co-op Battles

    Alright, I've been playing a lot of co-ops lately as I find it more relaxing, at least most of the time. For the ones who play them as well I'd like to see what do you think of their current state? I know this is no priority to change among so many craziness going on but still... some inputs might be useful. If not now then maybe in the future. From my experience my main issue is that the co-op battles are too easy. At least when you don't have terrible players in your team that is, that die before firing a shot. However, when trying to improve your game with torpedoes (playing a DD or even a CA with torps) it's quite frustrating. I'm pretty sure they designed the bots in such way that they have some kind of permanent long-range hydro. Doesn't matter which ship you're trying to torp... if it's at any distance more than a few km, they will avoid most of those torps, if not all of them. When I started playing co-ops (recently) I've noticed this but i thought it's a coincidence or they are really using that hydro at the moment of torping. But after many games I'm confident that this is not the case. Doesn't matter if the ship has hydro or not, as soon as you launch the torps they start altering they course by putting the rudder in hard over position. It happens every time. Except when torps are coming from both sides, in those cases they usually don't alter the course at all because I guess the AI system of avoiding them gets bugged. Have you noticed this? There are obviously some other 'flaws' like using the consumables as soon as the game starts which helps you spot the ships (approximate position) as soon as they launch their spotting planes or fighters which is the moment the battle starts. Also the smoke is useless for them because they never stay hidden in it. As soon as they are spotted, they use the smoke but proceed straight ahead leaving the smoke behind them and not using it at all. I would really like to see improved co-op battles and better AI. That way you would 'train' better for the Random/Ranked/whatever battles, especially with the newly obtained ships. But also I'd like to remove the "permanent long-range hydro" from the bots as training with torps in co-op is quite useless. Unless you're extremely close or launch a ton of them at the same time, they will most likely avoid (almost) all of them which is quite frustrating.
  4. Tuccy

    Ranked Battles Season 9

    Captains, The Season 9 of Ranked Battles is coming soon - get ready and set up your ships! Start: April 27th, 7:00 UTC+2 End: June 4th, 7:00 UTC+2 Do you want to see more? Check out details in our portal announcement! Rules | Bonus Stars | Rewards | League of Sea Wolves | Ranked Ship Bundles What about trying the new season out? If you are interested, head to the Public Test for 0.7.4! Action Stations!
  5. until
    Commanders, There is a change in the skill / Upgrade reset conditions: Between 10 and 16 February, all players will be able to reset Commander skills and dismount the required upgrades for free. Condition to play at least one Clan Battle is cancelled. Enjoy and... Action Stations!