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Found 41 results

  1. I have suggestion, maybe some of players will agree with me. It would be nice if you could make timer how much time left until game finish when hover over contacts in contact list or something like this.
  2. Afghanicus

    Co-op Battles

    Alright, I've been playing a lot of co-ops lately as I find it more relaxing, at least most of the time. For the ones who play them as well I'd like to see what do you think of their current state? I know this is no priority to change among so many craziness going on but still... some inputs might be useful. If not now then maybe in the future. From my experience my main issue is that the co-op battles are too easy. At least when you don't have terrible players in your team that is, that die before firing a shot. However, when trying to improve your game with torpedoes (playing a DD or even a CA with torps) it's quite frustrating. I'm pretty sure they designed the bots in such way that they have some kind of permanent long-range hydro. Doesn't matter which ship you're trying to torp... if it's at any distance more than a few km, they will avoid most of those torps, if not all of them. When I started playing co-ops (recently) I've noticed this but i thought it's a coincidence or they are really using that hydro at the moment of torping. But after many games I'm confident that this is not the case. Doesn't matter if the ship has hydro or not, as soon as you launch the torps they start altering they course by putting the rudder in hard over position. It happens every time. Except when torps are coming from both sides, in those cases they usually don't alter the course at all because I guess the AI system of avoiding them gets bugged. Have you noticed this? There are obviously some other 'flaws' like using the consumables as soon as the game starts which helps you spot the ships (approximate position) as soon as they launch their spotting planes or fighters which is the moment the battle starts. Also the smoke is useless for them because they never stay hidden in it. As soon as they are spotted, they use the smoke but proceed straight ahead leaving the smoke behind them and not using it at all. I would really like to see improved co-op battles and better AI. That way you would 'train' better for the Random/Ranked/whatever battles, especially with the newly obtained ships. But also I'd like to remove the "permanent long-range hydro" from the bots as training with torps in co-op is quite useless. Unless you're extremely close or launch a ton of them at the same time, they will most likely avoid (almost) all of them which is quite frustrating.
  3. natswright

    Win Rate - Improving it!

    I've been playing 3 months now, and am still mostly below average to average, with a few ship exceptions. As far as I can see from stats, win rate seems to very much affect your score. I can have some influence over that stat, but as an average player, I cannot carry a game, so consequently my win rate is low, 42% I had 10 straight defeats yesterday, and then 6 wins! I score some defeats had me as the best player on the team, but the win rate still takes a hit! Any hints and tips to improve win rate?
  4. _Clyde__

    Scottish Naval Force (SNF)

    SNF looking for new members to join us. We are a level 11 clan with a very well developed clan base offering some excellent bonuses. Although we are a Scottish clan with the majority of our 44 players being Scottish we do have a few players from all over the world from Germany to Canada. We have a few rules but nothing too strenuous and these are posted on our Facebook and Discord. We like to take part in clan battles, naval battles and play in divisions. Although we do have a few members who just like to play solo which is also fine. If you are looking for a fun clan or different clan feel free to get in touch, stats not a major issue although we do prefer new players to have at least 1 T10 ship (or close to getting a T10) and we won't let rental ships into clan battles.
  5. All right. We're all here because we like to fight with these digital ships. More that this, players enjoy Clan Battles, a way to prove their worthiness in team battles, which could be a nice experience. Some players choose big ships, big guns and accept the idea of being spotted (almost) all the time, while some players choose different tactics/ships, strategies. That's ok, as long things are balanced. Personally, I enjoy fighting a skilled and honorable enemy. What I do NOT enjoy - are battles where players make abuse of game's bugs or lack of balance (or both in the same time). I can understand the appearance of a problem in WoW's behavior because it's about programming. What I do NOT understand is this: how you get payed and still do a poor job, when your job is to test ships and think the principles of the game? How hard can it be? Why we, the players, can see it, and you, Wargaming developers and testers... don't? I assume the persons responsible for all the problems we had to face as players/customers, are payed, Right? Let's start with the oldest problem caused by the lack of balance in Random mode, one that everybody knows - one team had 2 or even 3 CV's, while the other team had only 2 CV's, 1, or even NONE. It took many months, if not a year and some, for this to be fixed. Let's continue by touching the destroyers subject. One team had 6 or 5 destroyers, while the other had 4, or 3. Or 3/2 destroyers in one team, NONE in the other. Again, it took a very long time to fix this. All right. Not only we had to play in these conditions for a long time, we also had a horrible lack of balance between the planes attacks (manual drops) and the defense provided by the automatic anti-aircraft guns. For a time there was some balance. Of course, it didn't last. Then there was the Flint, which had a very, extreme short smoke consumable cool down. Basically, Flint was able to pop up smoke after smoke. Then it was the Belfast, capable of HE, smoke and radar, so efficient that it had to be removed from the premium shop (you can read "efficient" as "poorly tested"). And so on, and so on... Coming back to Clan Battles, it seems that someone hasn't done his job (again). Yesterday, our clan had a battle with a clan from NA. Now... our guys play pretty well, generally speaking. We won some battles and we also lost a few. Everything was ok until we met these NA guys. They came in this battle with 6 (SIX) destroyers (4 Harugumo, 2 Shimakaze) and a battleship. Even we had radars and hydroacustics, and we took cover behind islands, all our ships were destroyed in a matter of minutes. Torps were everywhere, Harugumo's were shooting continuously from smoke while Shimakaze's spotted us, not to count the battleship who had no problem picking targets. Why all these happened? We played badly? No, I don't think so. It happened because you simply cannot beat this lack of balance. Because some people in Wargaming are not doing their jobs properly. Let's make something clear. Most problems in this game don't come from the visual designers. The problems are caused by the people who make inefficient tests and which have a vary vague idea about what "balance" is. So, Wargaming, what is to be done? Call it "World of Destroyers" instead of "World of Warships"? For all of us to play with destroyers, or for you to do your job the way you should? Really now, how hard can it be?
  6. Hiya, I've just set up a clan, but am new to clan battles. I'm level 15 as are some of my clan members, however they dont have the same 3 Tier X rental ships I do. They have only just reached level 10, does it take time for them to be added to your account? I got them as soon as I chose a schedule! Any help appreciated!
  7. RoundToIt

    Winning Battles in Random.

    Has anyone else noticed a trend regarding players prioritising sinking or scoring points rather than trying to win the Battle for the team in Random Battles. Call me sus' but I'm seeing this more and more which doesn't lend itself to encouraging team players if there is no reward for winning, when scoring by hitting other ships gives a player what they need to progress. I think what I'm suggesting is a separate reward for Winning. Am I nutz and got it all wrong?
  8. The Grey Wolves are now recruiting. We are a small, english speaking clan looking for more active players who enjoy the game. We only play for fun at the moment, but might take part in Clan Battles in the future to gain resources such as steel. Anyone who wishes to join are welcome. Right now we mostly play random and scenario battles, and our primary goal is the ensure that all members are having fun and feel welcome to the clan. If you wish to join, just send a request or type a reply with your ingame name and we will invite you. Hope you will join us in fighting out on the high seas.
  9. Salut a tous capitaine; Les BB-FR/BBFR1 recrute, nous avons comme objectif de rassembler des joueurs sympathiques et motivé pour renforcer no troupes, les BB-FR est un clan Français Fun, et actif sur la scène compétitive avec une participation au batailles de clan, et au tournoi de la communauté. Profil de recrutement et conditions -Discord obligatoire avec moyen de communication. (casque micro) -Disposer d'au moins un navire tiers 7 au mieux 8,9,10. -Etre un joueur régulier 15/20 bataille part semaine. -Polis et courtois. -Etre majeur. (exception pour les mineurs mature) Procédure de recrutement -Nous envoyer un message sur le jeux.(au recruteur) ou sur le forum.(moi même) -Nous rejoindre directement sur le discord. https://discord.gg/d8fu5GT -Faire une demande directement sur le jeux dans la section clan/ recherche de clan/ BB-FR. -Période de test de 2 semaines. Les bonus -Des division a tous moment sur le discord. -Des événements Fun. -Des entraînements régulier. -Un suivie des joueurs. Recruteur: AdOS1691, keki972, Nuitaryana, bastos34660 korme90.
  10. NuckingFoob

    Soundeffekt bei Gefechtsergebnis-Screen

    Vor kurzem habe ich mir WoWs mal wieder installiert und dieses "Game-Center" untergeschoben bekommen. Seit dieser Neuinstallation (obwohl vermutlich unabhängig vom Gamecenter) erhalte ich bei Ende eines Gefechts und Erscheinen des Ergebnis-Bildschirms einen Soundeffekt (so eine Art "Tusch"), der unglaublich laut ist. Alle anderen Soundeinstellungen bzw. -lautstärken sind ok, so wie ich sie eingestellt habe. Nun meine Frage: Kann man diesen Sound entweder komplett deaktiveren oder leise stellen, ohne andere Soundlautstärken damit zu beeinflussen?
  11. Tuccy

    Battle of Kolobangara

    Submitted by @Jellicoe1916 In another pitched battle in the Kula Gulf, another edition of "Tokio Express" - 4 transport destroyers escorted by 5 destroyers and a light cruiser - was intercepted by Allied light cruisers. Same as in the previous battle, however, the Japanese ships were shown to be a dangerous opponent. While outnumbered, outgunned and losing the light cruiser Jintsu, their torpedoes found the nmark, heavily damaging all three cruisers and sinking destroyer USS Gwin - while at the same time providing enough distraction for the transport group to land the 1,200 men at Vila. USS St. Louis and HMNZS Leander firing. Japan: Covering Force (RAdm Shunji Izaki) Jintsu (flagship) - sunk Kiyonami Yugure Yukikaze Hamakaze Mikazuki Transport Force (1,200 soldiers for Vila) Satsuki Minazuki Matsukaze Yunagi Allies: Task Force 36.1 (RAdm Ainsworth) Cruiser Division 9 USS Honolulu (CL-48, flagship) - damaged USS St. Louis (CL-49) - damaged HMNZS Leander - damaged Destroyer Squadron 21 USS Nicholas (DD-449) USS O'Bannon (DD-450) USS Taylor (DD-468) USS Jenkins (DD-447) USS Radford (DD-446) Destroyer Squadron 12 USS Ralph Talbot (DD-390) USS Buchanan (DD-484) USS Maury (DD-401) USS Woodworth (DD-460) USS Gwin (DD-433) - sunk
  12. Submitted by @Salentine 9 July 1940 - On this in history The Battle of Calabria took place it was one of the first large battles between the Italian Royal Navy (16 DD's, 6 CA's, 8 CL's and 2 BB's including the Guilio Cesare) and the British Royal Navy (16 DD's, 5 CA's, 1 CV and 3 BB's including the Warspite) both forces were escorting vital convoys, the Italians to north Africa and the British to Malta, both sides exchanged fire and retreated. The Italians suffered damage to 1 battleship, 1 heavy cruiser and 1 destroyer and the British suffered damage to 1 light cruiser and 2 destroyers. The Warspite hit the Giulio Cesare at well over 24,000 metres (26,000 yd), which at the time was one of the longest-range naval artillery hits in history.
  13. Tuccy

    Battle of Kula Gulf

    As the Allies advanced through the Solomons island chain, a pattern evolved - US troops landed on a new island, Japanese destroyers - the infamous "Tokyo Express" - were redirected to new port to ship supplies and reinforcements. Exactly this happened on the night of 6 July, 1943, when a group of American cruisers and destroyers intercepted a convoy of 10 destroyers. The confused night battle did see sinking of two Japanese destroyers, while USS Helena fell victim to torpedoes after she expended all her flashless powder supplies and in turn was the most visible. USS Helena and USS St. Louis in action. Cover Force (Radm Akiyama Terou) Niizuki (Flagship) - sunk Suzukaze - damaged Tanikaze 1st Transport Group Mochizuki - damaged Mikazuki Hamakaze 2nd Transport Group Nagatsuki - damaged, beached, later destroyed by air raid Satsuki Amagiri - damaged Hatsuyuki - damaged Task Group 36.1 (RAdm Ainsworth) Cruiser Division 9 USS Honolulu (CL-48) (Flagship) USS St. Louis (CL-49) USS Helena (CL-50) - sunk Destroyer Squadron 21 USS Nicholas (DD-449) USS Radford (DD-446) USS O'Bannon (DD-450) USS Jenkins (DD-447)
  14. Tuccy

    Battle of the Espero Convoy

    First surface engagement between the Italian and Allied units in WWII - a small convoy of Italian destroyers carrying antitank units to Africa was intercepted by the 7th Cruiser Squadron. Order of battle: 7th Cruiser Squadron (VAdm John Tovey) 1st Cruiser Division HMS Orion (flagship) HMS Neptune HMAS Sydney HMS Gloucester 2nd Cruiser Division HMS Manchester HMS Gloucester 2nd Destroyer Squadron (Capitano di Fregata Enrico Baroni) Espero (flagship) - Sunk Ostro Zeffiro Result: Allied victory - Espero sunk On the flip side, remaining destroyers escaped and ammunition consumption halted cruiser squadron activities for some time, leading to delays in convoys to Malta.
  15. Seeing as I unlocked the Budyonny only a few days back, I've been taking it into co-op battles and operations to grind XP for the upgraded modules (as one does). Twice today, however, I've been thrown into the deep end and suddenly found myself counting down for the start of... a random battle? I am dead certain I queued for an operation when I was sorted into a tier VII random. A couple games later I was 100% queueing for a co-op when I ended up facing a host of angry tier VIII BBs in another random. Do more people suffer from this glitch?
  16. Kapitan_VLAD

    spaceship in normal battle

    is this normal a spaceship in regular combat??
  17. SkullBreaker007

    Next season of team and ranked battles?

    Hey I wanted to know when wilk the next season for team and ranked battle start, if it is not confirmed when does it usually start?
  18. DutchDelightsNL

    Battle of Arafura Sea January 15 1962

    The Battle of Arafura Sea (Indonesian: Pertempuran Laut Arafura or Pertempuran Laut Aru) or Battle near Vlakke Hoek was an incident in the Vlakke Hoek bay (Etna bay) of the Arafura Sea in Western New Guinea on January 15, 1962, between Indonesia and the Netherlands. The battle stopped an attempt by the Indonesian Navy to drop off 150 soldiers in Kaimana in Dutch New Guinea for sabotage and to incite the local population against the Dutch government. Commodore Yos Sudarso was in charge of the operation at sea, while colonel Murshid commanded the infiltrants. Three Indonesian torpedo boats left the Aru Islands in the middle of the night but were intercepted near the New Guinea coast by a Dutch Neptune reconnaissance plane, as the Dutch had anticipated the action for weeks. The torpedo boats responded to the flares sent off by the plane by shooting at it. The Dutch destroyer HNLMS Evertsen then joined the scene and sank the KRI Matjan Tutul, commanded by Sudarso. The other two ships, KRI Matjan Kumbang and KRI Harimau, fled, but one hit a reef and the other was disabled by shooting. The Evertsen was able to save most occupants of the Matjan Tutul, but at least three sailors died, among whom was commodore Sudarso.[1] The Indonesian action itself was an abject failure and General Nasution even refused to relay the bad news to Sukarno, forcing colonel Murshid to do this in person. However, the small battle was partially responsible for the subsequent involvement of the Soviet Union and the United States in the Western New Guinea dispute, and it is honored in Indonesia by "Ocean Duty Day" (Hari Dharma Samudera), an annual nationwide day of remembrance. Twelve years after his death, Yos Sudarso was officially added to the register of Indonesian heroes of the Revolution, while the KRI Harimau was made into a monument at the Purna Bhakti Pertiwi museum in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. !NOTE!This was the last time that ships were sunk by the Royal Dutch Navy!
  19. So I've been wondering about this for a while now and I came to the conclusion that I don't actually know what to do at the start of a battle. When playing DD this seems pretty easy as one basically just goes toward a cap and try to contest it. With cruiser I basically try to stay alive and support (especially the DDs). But with BBs, I don't actually know what to do at the very start and I basically just turn and sail towards the most furthest cap so I have more time to think about what I should be doing...which isn't really ideal I think. Does anyone know what I should do when playing BB? I'm asking this here since this is kinda a newbie question and because I'm kinda a newbie player still. Thanks in advance
  20. xX_KIRK_Xx


    Ma solo a me e al mio clan girano perché l'orario delle Clan Battle è 18:00 - 21:00?
  21. MS_Surface

    The Anti-Hero

    I really think this video is underrated. :D (watch till the last second!)
  22. Forum about the best and amazing battle results for both low and high tiers. When submitting, post a image of your battle results and add a comment. -created by [ADMRL] AdmiralSaipan, clan = Admiral's Sea. Join today at World Of Warships
  23. Leo_Apollo11

    Ranked #6 WorldWide Wrap-Up

    Hi all, In case some might have missed nice info graphics from NA... "Ranked #6 WorldWide Wrap-Up" https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/world-of-ranks/ Leo "Apollo11"
  24. Ok, I am bored. And as most bored people do when they are bored. They do random crap. World of Warships has a Soundtrack that is in its top class. And half of the enjoyment I get from playing world of warships is from the soundtrack itself. It makes slow paces normally boring battles feel much more intense and actionspacked. And then it's that style of music. something that breathes Epicness into it. And mostly it takes form of orchestral music. But it dosnt have to be pure orchestral. But there is hard to come with such emotional impact that a really well made orchester manage to do. So I'm going through my massive music library of stuff trying to find suitors for such. But since going through my many of my external harddrives a pain in the [edited], I'm going through stockpiles of different Groups i know are capable of making good music that would be fitting in such a naval game like this. Here are so far my list of songs that I've dug up. There are many other good ones, but theese are my personal handpicked ones that I personally find perfectly fitting for a naval battle game. Now many people arent fan of anime and might be discourage seing bunch of random anime girls on the pictures, but if you can ignore those and just enjoy and evaluate the music by itself. And to be completely honest, I only like this specific Touhou series for its music in all honesty. I dunno, something about its music that makes it wide, diverse and very memmorable, and not to mention the endless amount of remixes of all music genres that its been spread into. Now there arent just Touhou orchestral music that i have in totality. But I gotta begin somewhere. I'll be throwing updates for every batch of 10 songs I can find that would fit World of Warships. Following list is sorted out by what i personally imagine type of ships the songs would fit by. So far, here is the first list: DD, CA, BB DD, CA CA BB, CV DD, CV CA, BB, CV (Personal favourite, especially starting at the 1 minute marker) IJN DD, IJN BB (Warning, this one is abit quiet in the beginning, but thats just a intro, so dont turn your volume up more than you normally have it) IJN CA, IJN CV CA, BB DD, CA CA, BB BB Tell me in the comments below if any of them fancied your taste. And do post your own songs that you think would fit straight into a Naval Battle Game.