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Found 1 result

  1. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw

    RADAR JAM Device

    Hi...i m member in the WOW's community from August 2016 (I have another account too...Lady_godiva_s ) Back there the game was funny...generally you could distinguish a good player from a medium or bad one...we had some radars and many close range Hydro's but in most cases the battle resault depends in good or bad moves or mistakes of captains. RADAR's..CAN someone explain to a poor blonde female captain in which parallel UNIVERSE a RADAR can penetrate solid rocks,even entire mountains W/O even blind spot or corners? OK i understant,this is a arcade game.Back in 2016 its ok..we had 2-3 radars to fight against...NOW?At 2020? You bring the ridiculous Smolensk and other "ship's"like that to destroy any strategy,any gameplay,any fun of your game.Every bad player get one and suddenly became"Good"...Fake Xp's,fake captains! WE NEED RADAR JAMMERS,especially at your old DD lines(IJN German and US ),we need to push a button and we can jamming the radars for at least 15 sec.The time who needs a DD to gain the full speed,so he can have any chance to survive in a world of Radar's (WOR's,your new name W.G) OR make radars to behave naturally,like science demands.A DD should stay invisible when is in the other side of a big mountain island. I think Radar jammers its easier for you to make. And then consider pls in to how you remove the ridiculous "overpenetrated"from DD's....When A YAMATO fires at 6 Km to a DD....DD should evaporated with both AP or HE 460 shells...its SIMPLE...DD makes mistake and should pay for this....Hallands Marceu's and other arrogant DD's who came below 10 km from a BB- because they depend in overpenetrate -should pay the price! Thank you for your time Yianna