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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Someone calculated (thread on Reddit) the cost of fully upgrading the Clan Base with all new bells-and-whistles =782.300 Oil: And here is the spreadsheet itself: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ix8GH60J7cI0SUXiNqO6jqzOWmTXA8RkjeKUA2rvly8/edit#gid=0 This is tremendous amount of oil required and it would take months (if not years) even for big Clans to build everything... the small(er) clans will have very very hard time with this... Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Eshmun

    Nuevo mapa, con defensas.

    A ver que os parece una idea que se me ocurrió, la idea es hacer el mapa de captura de base como los que estan, una base en cada lado, pero esta vez con defensas, por ejemplo sería el mapa de "Pearl Harbor" o algo asi. Ya no solo sería capturar, sino que tendriamos que destruir las defensas, ademas los portaaviones estarían algo defendidos. A ver tampoco pido una base inexpugnable, sino algun añadido. Se podría añadir como otro estilo de juego si quereis. Ahora llamarme loco, xD.
  3. danimollinato2

    Primera imagen de la Columna Rostral

    WG no ha enseñado dicha columna y no existe imagen de ella. Hasta ahora lo cual acabo de descubrir y parece ser que ha sido pasado por alto. Si os fijáis solamente los que no tengan clan, al pasar lo que seria la introducción de la base hasta la 3 y 4 pestaña se puede observar dicha columna. Junto con toda la base al completo.
  4. Major_Damage225

    Comemorative Flags and Clan base.

    Today i had a chat with a buddy of mine about wows, and the subject came to the various comemorative flags you get over time and well, how many some already have, since on a ship you can mount one max two in the case of IJN now USA aswell, you are left with a collection of flags that you dont ever use/show, now, we had a idea about those. How dose it sound that clanmembers can use those flags to mount them in the clan base on a flag pole colonade or something similar? Something like this: It dosent do anything gameplay wise i know, it's just a way for clans to show theyr flag collection What do you think? Interesting idea or should i start runing now?
  5. First of all I want to congratulate very well balanced shipyard building, great job WG Shipyard buildings gives perm. -10% discount for all ships on certain tiers and everything would be perfect if this discount would apply only to buying ships. But it's not. Bassicaly we save 10% of credits when we buy ship but we also get -10% credits when we sell the same ship. You can say that still less money is needed to get ships and this is true but... If I buy for exmaple tier VI fuso for 3.670.000 credits then I get 367.000 credits but later when I will try to sell the same ship i get 1.651.500 instead of 1.835.000 - simply speaking the final profit from whole transaction is 183.500. It's not much but also you don't pay much for this bonus... anyway I see 2 big problems related this implementation: 1. If I build let say, tier 8 building, it means all current ships in port get sell discount what means people in clan lose money. Example: I buy North Carolina for 9.800.000 before building discount structure, then clan get t8 discount and later when I want to sell the same ship after finishing exp grind I can sell it for 4.410.000 instead of 4.900.000. This is 490.000 lose of credits, almost half of a milion. The same goes to other structures for tier 5, 6 and 7. Ok but what does it mean? It means that to catch up that lose, to be at "0" you need to grind another 2 ships of tier VIII in this case and moreover your clan lost 5000 of OIL just to stab knife in your own back. Da fuk? Seriously who invented it. 2. Fortunately there is a way to avoid sell discount! You just have to leave your clan, sell the ship and... profit! Great idea, well played. Seriosuly do we need to do some strange actions to not lose money? Is that what WG wanted? Its is not about "you don't need to be in clan" or "it is your problem", this is just pure logic of developers who made completely stupid situation... As addition I just want to add that it is not possible to destroy buildings so clan is not even able to fix such mistake. Wargaming please fix that. Thats all. If I made any mistake, correct me. //edit I fotgot about last thing - disocounts don't stack so all clans with built shipyard has -10% less benefits from all event discounts.