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Found 87 results

  1. i suggested before using a captin skill to level out the tiering problems in the mm before. but reading the forums today, i get the impression that having the mm spread actively modify ship stats at the start of a match would help a lot of gameplay balance problems. such as rudder, accelleration, sigma, rof and aa. possibly citadel damage(recieved) modifiers for ships that stand out a lot for cv this could be reflected in replenishment times, aiming time and plane armour. im not saying try and perfectly level, just have enough of a nudge for viability in the balancing. providing another tool to fix game balance and problems from player distribution across tiers.
  2. Ronchabale

    Press F to save your planes

    This needs to be sorted, finally bringing down some of the planes and the squad vanishes (klingon cloaking device perk )
  3. Alelos


    Me the past two days trying to have perfect drops etc. Me after this video just spamming torps everywhere ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................... If you guys having issues with your aim in the game( Conqueror braindead gameplay farming dmg etc.) I Recommend you a Haku.
  4. Nachdem ja die neue RU BB Linie geteasert wurde gab es ja einigen Aufschrei das von 10 Schiffen nur 1 Schiff wirklich existiert hat. Dieses ist zwar nicht mehr zu ändern aber wenigstens bei den Verbrauchsgütern könnte man ja etwas realistischeres als ein Radar bringen was nur 2 Schiffstypen entdecken kann. Und Tada: Politkomissar 3 Ladungen Standard mit Premium und Inspekteur 5. Wenn das Verbrauchsmaterial aktiviert wird, motiviert der Politkomissar durch Massen Exekutionen die Crew. Das hat zur Folge daß das Schiff einen 10% Buff auf alles erhält. Also 10% mehr Topspeed, kürzere Reloadzeit, kleineren Wendekreis, geringere Dispersion, Tarnwert etc. Und da ein Ru BB natürlich keine normale Munition sondern geheiligte Stalinium Geschosse verschießt auch ein 10% Buff für den Schaden der HA und Flak. Als (Balance) Nachteil verliert das Schiff bei jeder Anwendung auch 10% der Max HP da die Crew ja 'reduziert' wurde. Um deutschen Befindlichkeiten gerecht zu werden könnte man ja in der Deutschen Version Massen Exekutionen durch KDF Fahrten ins Gulag übersetzen.
  5. Will you keep playing World of Warships after update v.8.0. goes live? Vote and share your opinions :) !
  6. VeryHonarbrah

    Stalin, Stalin Stalin (CB discussion)

    WARNING!! : Biased rant incoming, easily triggered people be warned. Is it OP? Maybe, Can it be countered? To an extent, Is it a HUGE advantage for clans and players who have played 2enough seasons of CB to a higher enough level to get it compared to those who have not? 100% Yes. In every single top 24 EU clans only 1 runs ONLY 1 Stalin, with all others running more! It is a massive advantage to have this ship with a broken bow, USN AP angles and BB pen on a cruiser, in a game mode that limits bb amount to only the select few who got to high enough CB levels early on. It is a joke that this ship has completely replaced the Moskva, with not a single of the previously mentioned top 24 clans using a single bloody Moskva! The Moskva is by no means weak, its a very well balanced and strong ship, but is completely outclassed in its playing field by the Stalin. I plea that WG put stains within the bb bracket for CB mm or just ban them straight up from comp. I hardly think that anyone will argue that the Stalin has improved the gameplay for CB. Also here is the image that shows the stalins in the top 24 EU clans.
  7. a while back, I read on the dev blog that USN BBs from T3 to T9 will receive some love, I'm not against this, USN is one of the oldest lines in the game and they deserve some love, But what about Tirpitz and Bismark? yes they can be fun to play with secondaries but in the current meta I rather take NC because of the MM and facing T10s more often, guns are more accurate, reliable and hit harder and I dont have to start praying every time I see AP dive bombers. what so you guys think? Derpitz vs NC, which one needs more love ?
  8. So I started a random game and wargaming blessed me with this gem *edited* I see nothing wrong here, no matchmaking problem at all~
  9. The_TrashMan

    DE's, HE and their guns

    So I'm grinding the US BB line and doing Colorado ATM. Get in a game, our teams duke it out. I take out 2 enemy BB's, still at 50% health. I move to attack another enemy BB barely at 10%, when an enemy DD starts attacking me. No friendly cruisers around, because idiots don't play their role. Instead of escorting they ruin around like headless chickens. Either way, the DD launches torps, but I evade and nail him with my guns. They were AP rounds since I was preparing to fight a BB, so it doesn't kill him. He pops smoke and start peppering me with HE rounds. I can't see him, can't target him and the Colorado turns slowly, plus a tiny island in the way. I have to go around. All the while he peppers me with HE. There's no pause, those guns have a RoF that is insane. The DD keeps dealing insane damage to me and setting me on fire. I got repair crews and damage control, so I use em, but he just keeps going. By the time the smoke finally cleared, I was at 5% and he set me on fire, again. Long story short, a DD destroyed me, a tier 7 BB, with GUNS. Is it just me or is there something wrong with that image?
  10. So except from CloakingDonkey that for some reason seem to think Russian destroyers will be useless most tests I have seen seem to conclude with two things: 1) They SUCK up to and including T4 2) T5 Onwards they own! One example: This vid is special however as there are hardly any cruisers or DDs to challenge iChase while playing this round. So why are the Russian DDs overperforming? 9% chance to fire 9 - NINE - !!!!. I understand that Rus DDs are long range gunboats with sub-par torpedoes and that they need something to help them perform. But NINE percent is insane - and it will have the BB and even the CA players go on a ragefest on the forums. USN DDs have a 5% percent chance (T5 onwards) that can be buffed to 8% by a Captain LVL 4 skill (possibly at the expence of the LVL 5 stealth skill). If a Rus DD does the same it's chance for fire will be 12%! I might be wrong here but I belive the Rus DDs need to have their chance to fire skill reduced - even 7% would be very good out of the box. Fire is controversial enough as it is - and one of the reasons USN DDs don't feel OP is their bad chance to set fire to targets.
  11. Hi all, is it me or do BBs, CA,s and pretty much every ship in general feels a bit unbalanced? I meen the ships turning rate makes them at the moment to nimble that they can evade torpedo launches from about anything at almost every range. I have been playing with my Sims and tried the first tier Jap CV and these ships where almost ( in the case of the Sims ) turned useless as even aproaching a BB at 3Km range they can turn and avoid every single torpedo you launch at them. Is this intended at all? I meen i like playing CA's and sometimes BB's as the next player but this agility makes cruisers not needed in many cases to provide air cover and DDs are mostly just there to hunt other DDs or get swated by nimble CAs or to attack CV's. I feel like their turn rate pre patch was a tad more accurate then now as it made the ships classes depend on one another to play properly and now its more of a race to see who sinks who 1v1 or 2v1 and thats it. Anyone else feels the same way?
  12. That has never played carriers and he hasn't 100+ battles in Minekaze or Cleveland?
  13. Greetings. I am a little confused because of these two ships. First of all, lets talk about some interesting data: Cleveland: It was build in 1940, has 12 guns that fire 7,5 rounds per minute, it does 33 knots and has up to 127mm of armor. Currently it is a tier 6 Cruiser with 35.200 HP. Pensacola: It was build in 1925, has 10 guns (the basic 8 gun layout is wrong afaik), it fires 4 rounds per minute, gets the same 33 knots of the Cleveland but has only 76mm of armor and is a tier 7 Cruiser with 34.300 HP. Or in other words: The Pensacola: - is an older design, by 15 years - has less guns - has a lower RoF - less armor - less HP than the Cleveland So, why is the Pensacola the tier 7 ship? I dont know! Fact is, the Cleveland is widely regarded as "op" and I have yet to see someone that claims othwerwise. The Pensacola on the other hand struggles against tier 8 Cruisers and gets blown to smitherines by a Cleveland, wich on the other hand has no problem whatsoever to destroy even tier 9 Cruisers. So,why not switch both ships? Make the Cleveland the tier 7 ship and the pensacola the tier 6 one. After all, the tier 6 Aoba has 203mm guns and the tier 7 Mogami has (15!) 155mm ones. EDIT: Grinding 50k xp in the Cleveland would also be more pleasurable than in the god awfull Pensacola and her gun turrets made out of old newspapers.
  14. SovietFury43

    Welcome back to World of Battleships

    Hello again people! After a few months break i decided to resume playing World of Battleships! Boy do i already regret it. The first thing i am greeted with is the removal of stealth fire with nothing to compensate for certain ships that relied on it (Akizuki), and no commander skill reset to compensate for the skills that are now useless on certain ships. Next i come under fire from secondary's by two German BBs at 11km, YAY! German BBs are still the special needs class of World of Battleships! Next match i take the Belfast only to realize to my sheer horror that the smoke on the British cruisers is STILL bugged! What in the actual [edited]Wargaming?! Are you [edited]kidding me right now?! But ok, i manage to survive that somehow without losing to much health. Only problem is after that i get citadeled by a Colorado twice while angled right after that losing 90% hp. So i take out my Fletcher only to be greeted by yet another nasty surprise! Every time i even dare fire my guns my ship lights up like a god damn Christmas tree for the whole enemy team to see and shoot! Forget any kind of stealth play at this point, the moment you dare attack anyone the whole enemy team knows where you are! The BB population explosion has gotten even worse from what i can tell because literally every match has at least 6 BBs on each team (and over half of those are German BBs)! Carriers are still barely played at all. DDs now can't rely on stealth any more, i suppose Wargaming thinks DDs are supposed to slug it out directly with German BBs or [edited]around with torpedoes for half an our that the German BB is going to detect with his hydrophones and dodge with his cruiser level turning any way. And BBs STILL readily citadel cruisers while they are angled and dodging. At this point they can literally rename the game into World of German Battleships. There is no point in playing anything else any more. To hell with this game, i am going back to War Thunder. Wargaming you fucked it up! AGAIN!
  15. Well, this game pretty much sums up everything wrong with high tier BBs, and high tier gameplay... Decided to go full camp on the middle of Atlantic with Yamato. Total distance covered: <8 km. Still ended first on my team... https://wowreplays.com/Replay/30592
  16. Hello, I know its a hard topic but at some point it needs to be adressed. Since the introduction of the german BB line at the GamesCom 2016 we have a constant overflow of BBs. Its OK if a new line is in the game people want to play it and therefor the new ships are a dominating thing for some days maybe weeks. But GC2016 was more than a year ago and nothing changed. Well, thats not true, DDs got nerfed, BBs got nerfbuffed and CL/CA did not recive anything what could help them against their natural enemy the BB. As a follow up of the constant 5BB per side the cruisers start to lose intrest in the game. Beeing under fire from 5BBs is most likely a death sentence to a cruiser. With 12 players on the field from wich are 5BBs, one or 2 are CVs, 2-3 DDs there is not much space for cruisers, so u see 2-3 cruisers. CL/CA is the natural prey of the BB... now imagine the fun u have as a cruiser. I mean ur good against DDs... but BB AP is working pretty well too. Your good at AA(sometimes and if u have skilled your captain and equipped the ship accordingly) but BBs can do this too. BBs are pushing DDs in smoke cause they know they want get nuked, they can take it and heal most of the times and will kill the tiny annoying xp piniata anyway. Thanks to BBAP full pens and secondarie fire that luckiely got nerfed a bit. So what can we do about the constant 5BB each side thread? I dont want to nerf BBs, they should be the BigBoys on the block, a thread that noone can ignore. All i want is that we match at least for any BB ingame 2 cruisers against it. Just to balance the power a bit, and give cruisers a chance to not get focused instantly if he is not hiding behind a rock and just sitting there waiting for a tiny window to actally do something. so what about a MM like: 5BBs will not be possible anymore as we dont have 15ppl on the field 4BBs-8CL/CA-no DD/CV 3BBs-6+CL/CA 3 free spots for DD/CV/CL/CA 2BBs-4+CL/CA 6 free spots for DD/CV/CL/CA and a very special match for a shorter waiting time in queue all out BB super clash MM with any ship in the match will be a BB i guess that will be fun, im sure! belive me well, thats all folks, if u have any ideas how to work with it in other ways, please share it with us. have a nice weekend commanders, cu on the beach
  17. Cybernoodle

    P2W u went there, and died

    Consumables make the "game" pw2. I want my money back.
  18. Kuro1047

    Hipper and Eugen DPM problem

    Hello I usually don't post on the forums, however there is something I would like to tell the dev. team about. Recently you said that there are no plans on buffing Hipper or Eugen. It has been said that in your opinion they perform just right. Now i looked at their stats and immediatly noticed that both ships are underperforming in almost any way. The recent changes didn't help solving the issues the german T8 CA's have, which is terrible DPM. So my question is, can you look at these ships a bit more and make them at least competative to all the other T8 cruisers? They really need a bit love.
  19. nambr9

    MM really SHOULD consider RADAR

    Dear WG, Please implement some sort of team balance regarding radar ships distribution among the teams. This is just unfair to be honest (6:2), not to even mention the enemy had DD advantage.
  20. Masa2mune

    So what good is Montana now?

    Sure they got buffed at their citadel to make them less like pinatas and less paranoid, but now that Conqueror is coming with good or better AA, fire chance accuracy and concealment, is there any point to playing with Montana anymore? Sure you can still perform well on Montana as a good player, but aren't you just essentially handicapping yourself when you could pick the other superior Tier X BBs instead? When I try to make good points why picking Montana would be preferable, I feel like I am only grasping at straws. Can someone convince me otherwise, or is Montana ...dare I say it... simply and objectively inferior?
  21. Reaper_JackGBR

    CB Season Three; some points.

    So now that the season is over I wanted to put my thoughts about it here, as well as the thoughts of what seems to be most of my clan, just some pointers on good and bad sides to it all. - First of all, the points system, it seems to make very little sense, almost feeling like there's some RNG involved with it at times, for example, winning against a clan one group below you and getting say...18 points. Then you win against a clan in the same group as you....and get the exact same number of points. The only reason I'm aware of for this is.... - Bravo teams. A great idea in theory, but I'm sorry to say, implemented absolutely horribly. All this has actually achieved this season is Hurricane/Typhoon clans taking out Bravo squad with their alpha players and absolutely curb stomping those in the leagues below them in order to prevent advancement; there are however solutions to this. + Give Bravo teams their own set of leagues, separate from the alphas, the Clan's overall rank only uses the alpha team's rank. + Have clans designate Bravo and Alpha players at the start of the season, every two weeks a clan can move up to say...ten members from one team to another. + Abolish it completely if there is no way to stop people taking advantage of it. Not preferable, but I would rather not have a feature than have a crooked and unbalanced feature. - The matchmaker, as far as I am aware, a clan's ranking in the MM is counted as being a group or two higher than they actually are this season, what this has led to is a large number of clans continuously fighting clans that are reasonably better than them, and has made life even easier for the top clans who can't be matched against higher clans...because they don't exist, instead not even fighting each other much, and mostly clubbing less skilled clans. (Correct me if I''m wrong here, I don't really understand about the whole ELO stuff, this is just what I've been led to believe.) - Ship types. Releasing the Worcester within a week before CB's was game breaking for balance, as it's use in such an environment, or even the regular environment, was relatively unknown and as such very difficult to counter, especially as the ship in a competitive meta is very, very powerful. Honestly it felt like a cash grab to make people buy doubloons specifically so they could free xp to it to use it in CB's. Not cool. On a similar note, imposing a limit on multiple ships of the same class might be something to look into, a team running 6 Moskvas, Worcesters or anything similar seems to have caused quite a few balancing problems this season, and if the Stalingrad is available next season, that will only lead to more problems. - Maps, a little more variety would be nice, and I would especially love to see Ocean in the lineup, it would be interesting to see how people adapt to a map with zero islands, when the current lineup is incredibly island heavy. On the island note as well, some maps give blatant advantages to the team that spawns on one side as well, for example the North spawn on Hotspot makes getting the C cap a much easier job, as the islands they have are closer to their spawn and provide much better cover. I think that's about everything I have to say, though of course as ever feel free to add points if there's anything else anyone feels I haven't covered or have forgotten about. These are just my thoughts and those of my clans, I don't even expect everyone to agree with this.
  22. So today I watched Flamuu's latest video about these new WiP upgrades. I already know that they are being tested but nevertheless I was baffled at how such an obvious thing would fly over the heads of WG devs I know that no one of them play main CVs but whatever. Some of you may argue that I'm jumping into the wagon too early and that they'll sort this out but remember, this is WG we are talking about. Their inability to balance the game sometime astonishes me and probably most of you have been too with some of the decisions that have been done throughout the history of the game. First, for those who don't know, these legendary upgrades are exclusive and unique to each tier X ship. Here are the CV upgrades. - Hakuryuu. Enhanced Flight Control. 15% Extra health for your fighters 5% Extra speed to all of your aircraft This upgrade is placed on the last one, which is the one in which you can alternatively get the +15% attack aircraft health. - Midway. Reinforced Armor Protection for Attack Air Groups. 30% Extra health for your attack aircraft (torpedo bombers and dive bombers) -5% Speed to all your aircraft This upgrade is placed on the last one, which is the one in which you can alternatively get the +15% attack aircraft health. Now the problem should be pretty obvious for anyone who mains CVs. Hakuryuu is getting an straight improvement while Midway is having to exchange a pretty significant stat, the speed of its planes, for a bit more extra health. But let's try crunching the numbers a bit so it becomes more graphical. Aircraft Speed now Hakuryuu Midway Fighters 180 knots 178 knots Torpedo Bombers 164 knots 136 knots Dive Bombers 161 knots 156 knots Now let's apply the difference if both CVs took their respective legendary upgrade Aircraft Speed with both upgrades Hakuryuu Midway Fighters 189 knots 169 knots Torpedo Bombers 172 knots 129 knots Dive Bombers 169 knots 148 knots As you can see it becomes pointless to use this upgrade on the Midway when the Hakuryuu slots the upgrade. Not only do Midway Fighters become much more vulnerable to strafing and losing air control by Hakuryuu's 3*5 fighter squadron in the air but also they become unable to catch fully loaded Hakuryuu strike planes. A Hakuryuu can decide any kind of engagement as it wants. Things stay a bit less one sided when Midway decides to not slot the upgrade but it's still heavily on favor of Hakuryuu's side Aircraft speed with only Hakuryuu upgrade Hakuryuu Midway Fighters 189 knots 178 knots Torpedo Bombers 172 knots 136 knots Dive Bombers 169 knots 156 knots Now let's take a look at the health values of the planes. These values have been modified with the mandatory upgrades that a carrier player almost allways take (yay for variety). They are: Air Groups Modification 2 (+20% to fighter HP, +50% to fighter ammunition) and Air Groups Modification 3 ( +15% to attack aircraft survivability). They also have been modified with the captain skill Aircraft Servicing Expert ( +5% to HP of carrier-based aircraft. -10% to servicing time of carrier-based aircraft) Aircraft health now Hakuryuu Midway Fighters 2537 hp 2387 hp Torpedo Bombers 2532 hp 2052 hp Dive Bombers 2436 hp 2484 hp Now let's compare how they'd look with the new upgrades applied to both carriers. Take into account that in both cases the respective upgrade replaces Air Groups Modification 3 ( +15% to attack aircraft survivability). Aircraft Health with both upgrades Hakuryuu Midway Fighters 2842 hp 2387 hp Torpedo Bombers 2215 hp 2308 hp Dive Bombers 2131 hp 2794 hp Now, some of you may argue that it is a fair trade to lose 300 hp on both torpedo and dive bombers in exchange for the increased speed but at carrier gameplay the health of the bombers doesn't really matter outside their exposure to AA barrage. You can see it right now when a Midway can drop their fragile tier VIII torpedo bombers on BBs and other enemy ships if you know when to. This is further compounded by the loss of AA mounts all ships suffer from HE shells. And even so, in this field Hakuryuu's planes will come on top thanks to their superior speed which will enable them to capitalize enemies out of position much more quickly and eficiently than Midway. There are other factors to consider like aircraft travel time and aircraft servicing time. Which brings me back to my original question: Is there any point on sloting this upgrade on Midway? Is there any point on playing Midway once Hakuryuu receives this upgrade? Is there any point in playing Midway over Hakuryuu right now?
  23. Ich will ja jetzt nicht eine neue "aufkommende" Diskussion anstoßen, da das Matchmaking schon oft genug kritisiert worden ist. Aber hier aus dem Spiel "Total War Arena" habt Ihr mal das beste Beispiel, wie man es machen könnte und wie es aussehen kann. Den Rest kann man selbst dazu schreiben und ausdenken. Immerhin ist es genau dass wonach sich die Spieler in WoWs seit Jahren sehnen. Von daher die einfache Frage, warum schafft es TWA das zu testen und vielleicht (sicher) auch umzusetzen, aber WOWs schafft es nicht. Selbst wenn eine gute Divison aus T8 Spielern es schafft, sich gegenüber T10ern zu behaupten, wird man die meiste Zeit von denen eh nur noch zusammen geschossen... Von daher finde ich diesen Ansatz mal ganz interessant, wie Sies machen wollen oder testen. https://www.reddit.com/r/TotalWarArena/comments/90ety3/matchmaking_tests_2007/ Zuerst haben wir T8 aus dem High-Tier-Matchmaking-Band entfernt, sie existieren jetzt ausschließlich im T7-8-Tier-Band, ohne T8-9-Band, um T9s nicht aus dem T10-Band zu nehmen. First up, we’ve removed T8 from the high tier matchmaking band, they exist now solely in the T7-8 tier band, with no T8-9 band so as not to take T9s out of the T10 band. Also based on your feedback, we’ve increased the weighting of parties.