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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all. I recently bought the Fletcher and have so far greatly enjoyed her. One thing that crept into my mind, however, was just how much she does for her tier. The US dds are the second line of dds I have played up to the top tiers. With the exception of the Mahan, and a little bit of disappointment in the Benson I enjoyed the line. I do, however consider the Fletcher to be too good for its tier for the following reasons: - concealment: with the exception of the Yueyang the Fletcher will outspot any TX dd. Being that she is a fantastic gun boat this is pretty bad news for the Shima. Also, having just marginally fewer hp than the Gearing/Yueyang puts her into a position in which she can actually win the gun duel if she manages to get the first volley off unanswered. - torps: Up until this ship US torps always had drawbacks in form of low speed or short range. Fletcher torps however only have 1kn lower speed and 1.5km less range than the Yugumo's Type 93 mod 3s, while retaining 300m better concealment and just 4k less damage per torp. This combination allows her to get more hits on target than a dedicated torp boat. The higher alpha of the jap torps is mitigated by that, making the Fletcher the arguably better torp boat. - utility/versatility: The choice between speed boost and def aa is a compelling one. She becomes a ship a cv cannot easily strike out. On top of that she gets some of the best smokes in the game and quite a decent fire rate. This makes the torp -> smoke -> fire -> kill combination very easy. If angled correctly in the smoke getting torped becomes unlikely. Also, hardly any other dd will be willing to rush you. This is not me calling for nerfs, but this nasty combination makes the Fletcher the most OP silver ship I've ever played. Which were yours?