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Found 4 results

  1. Furius_Marius

    What is your cursed ship?

    One ship that doesn't matter how you play, bad, so so, good, great. You lose, and lose again. Mine is Ibuki. xD Some ships that I'm great the more games I play the more goes to between 50-60% WR The same for the the bad ones... Between 40%-50%. I don't have any ship with so many battles with this terrible WR. I think if I will get another ship and be AFK for all battles I will get better WR. xD Soo. What is yours?
  2. Youti_God_of_Pantsu

    Conteneurs of fame or fail

    Le topic qui regroupe vos plus beau lots ou vos pire lots reçus par les conteneurs . Mes 5 premières box Proba des drop dans les conteneurs epic 5M de credit : 13.1% 10M de credit : 8.8% 20M de credit : 4.4% 50K xp libre : 4.4% 100K xp libre : 1.1% 500 flag juliet charlie : 6.6% 250 flag Sierra mike : 6.6% 250 flag Victor lima : 6.6% 250 flag india x ray : 6.6% 250 flag juliet whiskey : 6.6% 100 flag dragon : 6.6% 50 camo ocean : 15.2% 250 conso dommage control : 10.9% 30 jour premium : 0.4% 1000 doublons : 0.65% 3000 doublons : 0.32% Premium tier 5-6 : 1% Premium tier 7-8 : 0.02% Premium boutique du jour : 0.02% Chiffre non officiel Liste officiel
  3. AnotherDuck

    Cursed Ships

    Sometimes you have that one or a couple of ships that simply performs far below your average. It doesn't necessarily mean the ship is bad, but one way or another, you just don't gel with the ship. For me, that used to be Nagato, with a below-50% win rate. For the record, my total win rate is 56%, and in the last half year or so is about 60%, so I think I'm at least a decent player. However, now I have Chapayev. I have a lousy 40% win rate in that ship. I just can't get decent matches in that ship. Pretty much always get half my health deleted in one salvo no matter how much I kemp island or snipe. Sure, my individual stats, win rate aside, aren't that bad, but I just seem to lose all the time in that ship, and most of the time it doesn't feel as if I can affect the games at all. When I can, it's all about the radar, which to me just shows how crap radar is for the game. It's an overly powerful gimmick that creates far more problems than it solves. You end up with a crappy ship with a DD kill button to have some semblance of "balance". As a side note, my standard Myoko does rather poorly as well, despite that I do well (and more importantly, have fun) with the ARP variants. No idea why there either, even if the standard should be better, as she can use camo. Does anyone else have those outlying ships that don't fit your usual performance?
  4. Toivia

    Tales of the damned

    Out of the need to share my terrible luck lately (after all: Misery loves company), I decided to start this thread. Hopefully it will make all the losses easier. Also, I don't intend in the slightest for it to become a rant, an angry argument or an attack on anyone. So, let's start. Overall, it's been a pretty underwhelming week. My favourite ships were either underpermorming or they were just unlucky. And my less liked ships were permorming more or less as usual, that is not great at all. Then came today's afternoon. I started off with the Amagi (one of the favourites) and it looked grim, hits were rarer than water in California these past few years. I don't believe I got a single kill in two or three battles. And my teams definitely weren't saving the day. It was in fact going even worse than before. So I switched ships and then, to my delight, the Aoba, the Kongo, the Kuma and even the Nagato performed great, vastly above their usual. And not only that, either I did so well that I pushed my team to victory or the teams were simply good and managed wins independently of me. But they were wins and I was almost ecstatic. After about a dozen battles came time to exit the game. I returned in the evening, hopeful that while maybe not doing as well as before, I could still manage sufficiently well to keep me happy. That turned out to mostly be the case. Namely the Kuma and Aoba were still hitting and sinking targets, maybe not as efficiently as before, but still well above my expectations. What changed however were the teams I started seeing. Many of the battles were lost from the very beginning when it became clear everyone was rushing headlessly in one direction, ignoring caps, advice, leaving own cap defenceless or even harder to understand, ignoring the enemy home cap when they reached it. So I was still doing fairly well, but many of the battles were losses despite my best efforts (to cap, to defend, ...), I'm no champion to win by myself afterall. Another dozen battles later, I noticed I had as any losses as wins on that one session. As it was time to go to sleep, I decided to play one last battle, hoping for a win to roughly replicate my long term winrate for the evening. I chose the Nagato again and i sure wasn't disappointed: lovely spreads, citadels, even two kills, what more could one wish for. And all that after I narrowly escaped an ambush by two enemy DDs. But all wasn't as perfect as it looked. The fact the ambush could even take place showed that once more, the bulk of my team was cowering in one corner of the map, rather retreating than pushing ahead despite larger numbers. But it hasn't been lost just yet. After some admirable fight from the remains of our team, winning seemed possible. By misfortune however, mere minutes (figure of speech here, it was only one minute and some 20 seconds or so) before the end of the match, two more of our team got sunk while only one enemy. That cost us the points and meant a loss. I really should have exited the game at this point. But as the battle actually went fairly well for me, I decided to try another one to try and equalize the wins and losses for the day. I chose the Fuso that so stubbornly refused to cooperate in the past week. Afterall, all bad luck must end at some point. Well, it didn't end at that point. The battle was an utter failure, both for me and for the team. Annoyed, i stubborny refused to leave the game after two losses. Once more I chose the Nagato, one that didn't fail me yet today... And it must be said, it wasn't really the nagato that failed me. It was simply by misfortune that the first great target, a broadside of a Fuso, attracted the shells of my New Mexico teammate faster than mine. By a mere second or two. Unfortunately, the second perfect target, a broadsiding Nurnberg that couldn't turn bound by islands from both sides, exploded from a DD torpedo salvo right as I was readying to fire. And thirdly, another BB that appeared from behind an island, again showing its broadside, didn't mean any damage or kills for me. Once more, while my incredibly tight salvo was heading exactly at the chosen spot beneath the front turrets, the BB exploded a second early. Again, my teammate in a New Mexico was able to land a citadel or two moments before my shells impacted. I sure wasn't lucky. And at that point, a teammate called to defend our cap. Me with the New Mexico being on the other side of the map, proceeded towards the enemy cap closeby. To my horror I observed as the whole other flank of our team, much closer to the cap, didn't seem to care the slightest about defending it. And what's more, it was getting decimated even though outnumbering the enemy. In short, another loss. Angry about the first truly bad battle in the Nagato, I quickly entered another battle. And this time, the odds truly weren't in my favor with several Tier IX in the mix on both teams. Nonetheless, I joined a Tirpitz and a cruiser to form a (weak) flank. One DD escorted us. All other teammates steamed in the opposite direction. To my dismay, us four encountered the bulk of the enemy fleet: two Colorados, one Tirpitz, another BB, one Mogami with another cruiser and at least one DD. Despite such inequality, we somehow managed to hold (mostly thanks to our Tirpitz) at least some 5-6 minutes. This game me hope our other flank will in the meantime crush the smaller enemy force at their corner and win us the battle despite our probable sacrifice. This hope didn't last. Even before our Tirpitz was sunk, the other flank lost two cruisers and a DD. When only the DD supporting our small party and me were left floating, the other flank lost another ship or two, while not sinking any enemy. How 7 of our ships (1 DD went alone in the middle of the map, eventually sinking an enemy DD) lost utterly to at most 4 of theirs (only DDs and CAs, also) frustrated me enough to just leave the game at last. And here I am. Well, I doubt anyone actually reads this, not that it matters. The point is I've gotten it out from me. And hopefully, tomorrow will be brighter than these four losses in a row at the end of the day. Good night and calm seas. EDIT: Wow, this ended up being longer than anything I've written in a very long while.