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Found 6 results

  1. AXCA - AXIS CLAN ACADEMY COMMANDERS! It is my pleasure to welcome you to our newly formed AXIS CLAN ACADEMY. Are you looking for a clan with: A community like spirit? Competitive but still relaxed about those wishing not to partake in clan wars? Well, then there isn't any reason why you wouldn't love our clan! Joining AXCA will also grant you access to our AXIS team speak and if you are good enough / dedicated player, you might go up to AXIS as we kicked out inactive players leaving you chances to progress. IMPORTANT - RECRUITMENT STARTS ON: 19/20 November 2018. If there is more info you'd like to know, please contact me (on forums) or write in the comments bellow. Thank you.
  2. Nur für Co-Op-Divisionsspiele, Spaß und Clanprofite... bevorzugt Achsenmächte; aber alles kann, nix muss! Anfragen am besten direkt im Spiel stellen! Gruß und viel Spaß, ob dabei oder auch nicht...
  3. Italy was the first major Axis Country that surrended, on september 1943......but an italian ship was the last that scores a victory for axis navies! This appened with the "Sommergibile Luigi Torelli", a submarine of the succeful Marconi class oceanic vessels. Built in "Oto" shipyard of La Spezia - Italy, was launched in 1940. Sended to Bordeaux in the second half of 1940, it fought in the BETASOM flottilla in the Atlantic Ocean untill the end of 1942. It sunk 7 ships for a whole 42,968 GRT. In 1943 it was modified to trasport valuable strategical raw materials and tecnological devices from/to Japan. First mission started on march 1943 and in august 1943 it arrived in Singapore with a load of Mg 151/20 aircraft guns, samples of Wurzburg radars, plans and personal (japanese high officiers and a german engineer). On 8th of september 1943, suddenly, Kingdom of Italy surrended and the ship became the german U.IT.25 with a german commander and a mixed german/italian crew. It continued to works among japanese occupied islands untill may 1945, when Germany surrended. Japanese Navy continued to use the submarine as I-504 with his mixed crew of italian, german and, now, japanese sailors and on 30th of august 1945 tha AA gunnery of the submarine destroy an american B25 bomber. In the same day the ship surrended to allied forces in Kobe. This was the last victory scored by an axis vessels in Second World War. Displacement 1190 tons (1400 full loaded), leght 70,04 mt, speed 17,8 knots (8,2 submerged). Weapons: 8 torpedo tubes 21", 1x100 gun, 4 x 13,2 Breda AA MachineGun. Pics of the ship: "Esso Copenaghen" hitted and sunk in 1942 by the submarine Luigi Torelli Standard profile of the "Marconi" class submarines: Regards.....
  4. Captain_Riley

    Allies vs. Axis Battle-mode

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see this battle-mode implemented. I'm not the only one who would like to see a US-only team vs. a Japan-only team, etc.
  5. CaptainNorse

    Historical Battle Mode

    My suggestion is an additional Game Mode (like Co-Op and Random Battle), in which one team would only consist of ships related to the Axis powers, and the other side would only be Allies related ships. So in the far suggested future: Team 1: German Kriegsmarine, Imperial Japanese Navy, Italian Navy. Team 2: Royal Navy, US Navy, Russian Navy. Would you like to play such a game mode? I feel it would press players even more to use the strengths of their faction, while trying to find a counter to their team weaknesses.
  6. AllanKieffer

    Minimap coordinates, please change them

    Hi, Just a quick feedback and suggestion about an annoying thing in the Open Beta (it was the same in the Closed Beta). The coordinates around the minimap are messed up. Maybe there is an option somewhere to correct this but i didn't find one. Can you put the coordinates like in World of Tanks by exemple ? The numbers and letters should be at the top and left side and not at the bottom and right side. It's really counter intuitive when you are in a platoon and try to tell a friend where a ship or a map location is without having to spam the minimap ping and annoy teammates or distract them. Maybe this is a nautical thing and it's done like this in the navies but for us average player and Wargaming games veteran it's not easy to read. I hope you would consider this feedback and suggestion. If you are a player and agree with me, please show your support. This is only a small issue and i'm greatly enjoying the game so far. ;-) Regards. Kieffer