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Found 5 results

  1. Europizza

    I love the new port :D

    Dear WG. I love the new port, it's awesome.
  2. TacticalBlitz

    Seamen looking for decent clan!

    Hello, since it is a bit hard to find a decent clan i am posting my details here. I am an experinced World of Warphips player, i am there since beta. I love to play in a team, and i am looking for a clan with TS, english speaking (please no american clans). I am open minded and focused player. My winrate is 54% and i am looking for a clan with at least a winrate of 50% since i want to learn new tactics and stuff. I was already in many clans in different games. If you want me in your crew just add me on steam philx2009 (Luxembourg, Summer Wars guy logo) or add me in game PhilippusMaximus. See you on the battlefield, Philippe
  3. SkybuckFlying

    Shot of the Century ! =D

    Hello, This is a replay you must watch ! It's the first time in this game called World of Warships that I yelled: "WOOOOEEEHOOOEEE ! =D" because "somebody (else) made the shot !". I am not going to give away any spoilers, just watch it with a client version If this doesn't amaze you then nothing will ! LOL. Story for the replay/movie (coming soon): "Time/points were running out... the enemy carrier was hiding behind a rock ?! Who will win ?! Watch this movie/replay at the end to find out ! =D" (For the record, this game/shot was made in season 4 ranked ! =D rank 14) Here is the file: http://www.skybuck.org/Games/WorldOfWarships/Replays/version%!!!.wowsreplay (I just viewed the replay, and this is definetly the best stuff ever ! Super Most Definetly worthy of a very special youtube movie/video, definetly going to make one yeah... maybe with some extra music or maybe I just let it be... music could be added later... one guy says "lost" at the end... but it was won ! LOL hint hint ! =D) Here is the video file ! (If somebody else can render a high resolution version than that would be much appreciated ! =D Not required but beats this lol): Bye, Skybuck.
  4. Scilya

    Had A fantastic game!

    Me and my warspite, which i love. of course i am biased bieng British. in anycase this game was so good i had to share. Firstly my warspite captin has: Basic Fireing training Expert Marksmen Superintendent Advanced Flack Training Ship Modules: Main Battery Modification 1 Seccondry Battery Modification 2 Damage Control Systems 1 Stearing Gears Modification 2 the map was this (ignore the red bits ^^) we started at the bottom of the map, i chose to go left, our CV and 4 or so CA's went ahead. the rest went right. i plotted my course sharply towards the enemy base so i would pass between the larger island and the smaller one. the crusers rushed on ahad and started to engage an enemy cruser, while i makeing my way dilligently albeit slower towards the battle. i spot a myogi heading towards the battle just out of range yet comeing closer. Iestamate where it will enter range and throw out a salvo. most miss however i get 2 hits and a fire.(switched to AP now) i managed to get one more shot off before i passed through the islands and had to put my attention on the enemy cruer that came in to view. allmost dead from friendly attacks and at only 6km away i decide to ignore it as my seccondry guns let out waves of fire and i instead train my main guns on the island to my right where an enemy cruser was emergeing. the roar of thunder as i fired my 16inch guns and a few secconds later the cruser had half his hp gone. however he did not engage me as my friendly crusers were raining down fire. i guess streams of HE shells looks far more intimidateing than a battleship salvo. in ancase i had to now divert my attention to the enemy myogi which had finaly reached the battle who then proceded to turn round and run up towards the top of the map, myself giveing chase. it was very much a war of attrition niether of us were getting good hits, i looked at the map and saw 60% of our team were dead we were outnumberd 4 to 6 or there abouts no one neer the cap because our friendly crusers were chaseing the myogi with me. i ask our crusers if they would return to our base for defence they said yes and turned round however we were a good few mins away and as this happend the enemy started to cap and our CV player started to call us all noobs. thinking the battle was lost, afterall our ships would never reach the cap intime i decided i was going to kill the myogi and he was neering the map boundry so he was trapped. in anyc ase when he got to the boundry he started moveing up and down it so i wasny hitting him very well. very frustrateing. however luckly there was anouther enemy battleship and a cruser aproaching. so ignore the myogi and turn round to engage the enemy ships. i do heavy damage to the cruser as it dissapeard round and island, as it was on its way to attack what wes left of our friendly crusers. then i saw an isokaze come round and island, my seccondrys start to fire and i mark him for more damage. i turn to avoid the eventual torpedoes and dodge 2 waves. i get a main cannon shot off at him and my seccondrys finnish him off, i start to turn incase he launched torpedoes but it was to late, i took 2 torpedo hits as i weved between the 3x2 waves of torpedoes. At this point i was just under half health. i had made excelent use of the repair consumable and had 1 charge left. the enemy wyomig and myogi were in range as i came arround an island and i opend fire. the myogi was just over half hp and the myogi was full hp, my first barage on the myogi was a good hit and got a citadel hit, i took moderate damage from his barage and used my last repair before finishing him off with the next salvo. the enemy wyomig was running straight away from me while fireing its rear guns, i gave it a broadside as i passed behind an island, got a few hits it had 75% hp left i had 9k hp left looking at the map i noticed it was the only enemy left, it was me and my CV against him i sailed across the map as the wyomig sailed towards his base and round an island. our cv launched his aircraft at him and got him down to 50%ish hp. he was about 3.5km on the outher side of the island comething round. i stopped and turned to present my broadside waiting for him to emerge as my cv called me a noob and to move and shoot. 3 secconds later the enemy BB's nose came round and i fired a full volly right under his front turrets getting a citadel hit and instantly blowing him up! ( im sure i left some things out but this is as best as i remember ^^)
  5. PhilipineNavy

    WOWS Fan page(for the awesome Community)

    Please kinda Like and share our New Fan page for WOWS . this page is for ALL THE WOWS players out there. If you have awesome moments or meme please send it to "https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarshipsUniversalFleet" and they will feature any contents that you share. here is the first content that will be featured. gotta love this BRAND NEW COMMUNITY hurray for the OBT.