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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, i'am looking for a RGB profle for World Of Warships for my Logitech G910 Keyboard working on Aurora or G-HUB. I found this topic but it's closed and the link is down. Tried google but found nothing. Does anyone have a cool profile to share ? Thx a lot, have a nice day and take care off all off you !! (Sorry for my bad english) See ya !!
  2. Thor1n


    Aurora je ruský chráněný křižník třídy Pallada, který v současnosti slouží jako muzeum v Petrohradu. Tak tady asi není třeba cokoli dodávat... Je podobná americkému křižníku St. Louis a v porovnání je jen o trošku horší. Ale pokud vás bavil St. Louis, tak vás bude bavit i Aurora. Je to krásná loď a kus historie.
  3. Hi there! I am one of the Developer behind Aurora an open source RGB peripheral lighting software. I and multiple people would love to see support for WoWs. That is the reason why I decided to try writing a Mod for it. This mod should send informations like health to Aurora and display them for example on you keyboard. We are normaly doing it with an json http post request. I tried to do that with the library "requests" but sadly I got the error: "ImportError: Module 'requests' was not found in standard library. Allowed modules: xml, Keys, datetime, xml.dom, time". Now to my main question: Is it possible to send a "json http post request" or does someone know an alternative way I could use to send data to Aurora? Thank you for your time and thanks beforehand. macer.
  4. bot_507

    Walk around on your ship

    Hello; I did not find any appropriate suggestion topic or subforum (if there is - or if any mod could think of a better place for this topic - please move it) so here it is. I think it would be a huge feature if you could walk around the deck of the ship, say in port view (and optionally in battle), as in first person perspective. Arguments: The ships are already insanely detailed, even with LOW settings It would look and feel incredible with VR The ports and weather fx already exist (and look awesome) The "bridge camera" (the last scroll position before binoculars) already looks great What do you think?
  5. Ben alors ? Je ne vois aucun post qui parle de ce petit croiseur tier 3 ! J'aimerai l'acheté en ce moment vu qu'"il y a une promo de - 25 % sur lui mais personne en parle ! Comment est t'il niveaux maniabilité / Blindage ou encore dégâts ? Si il y en a qui peuvent donner leur impressions sur ce navire c'est avec joie ! Allez a vous les studios !
  6. lordofhavoc

    Aurora vs. Mikasa

    Die beiden Schiff wurden beide etwa zur selben Zeit gebaut und nahmen beide an der Seeschlacht von Tsushima teil. Was mich aber hier frage, ist wieso ist die Aurora der Mikasa so haushoch überlegen. Die einzige Chance für die Mikasa scheint es zu sein, in die Kurzdistanz zu kommen, damit die Sekundärgeschütze das Feuer eröffnen können. Das ist aber kaum möglich, da die Pirmärgeschütze der Aurora mal kurz 1,8 km mehr Reichweite haben und so die Mikasa fröhlich abfackeln, bevor Mikasa auch nur die Chance bekommt, mit ihren miesen 12" das Feuer zu eröffnen. Mikasa als eines der modernsten Schlachtschiffe am Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts sollte eigentlich einem Kreuzer wie der Aurora der nicht mal die Hälfte der Tonnage hat, klar überlegen sein, aber davon merke ich in dem Spiel wirklich nichts.
  7. Thjan

    [Aurora] Wrong Skin?

    Ahoy Captains, on almost all photographs and drawings I could find of the Aurora the underwater hull is painted in green. In game it is unfortunately red. Which one is the correct version? I'd love to have the underwater hull of the Aurora and the two steam powered dinghies in green. I like green. Make it green please. ;P If some naval history buff could shed some light on this non-issue I'd be very happy. Thanks guys!
  8. Ich habe mal ein wenig mit der Aurora Schiffe versenken gespielt... http://www.twitch.tv/mdcommander/v/7076298 Viel Spaß beim zuschauen...
  9. Hi My Aurora now has 60K XP. Can I use that experience for anything? Can I convert it to "Convert XP" so that it has some value now? As it stands, showing it to me is only making me want to stop playing the Aurora and instead level up a ship where experience means something ....