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Found 5 results

  1. After a period of absence, i come back and thought to buy the t8 soviet criser to have fun, u know - mikhail kutuzov one. Today i had a weird experience and here is what happened: Suddenly in the chat someone start to complain ( in "ALL" section ) that aim assist mod now screw the manual aim and if anyone else have the issue. I was sure that people will curse him and threaten to report however on my surprise on both side people respond about like it was the most normal thing in life. I dared asked how many are using the thing and turn out most of them had. In a tier 9 match... about 18 of them were using it and i got advised to install it too. Now,in the next match in asked directly and again most of them were using it, the match was tier 6. Is this aim assist now legal AND mandatory ? I did a bit of research on forum, i could not find anywhere that is legal and mandatory.. Whats going on ?
  2. TomBombardil

    Mod Request

    Hey. Since wargameing does a lousy job of inproving there game in terms of setting wise and i realy cant program i would like to do mod request Any sugestions where i might post this request also for more probbabilaty someone great modder will make this will be helpfull 1. Normal crosshair scaling I use a 1600X900 settign becouse the crosshairs of 1920X1210 are just realy far off and bad. THERE TO SMALL! (i like to normal crosshairs) 1.1 UI scaling Or better A way to scale the UI becouse everything is just TINY, in better resolutions setting. 2. Darker Funnel smoke. For far away targets there funnel smoke is just not visable. so any speed they have is just a great guess. ofcourse i could just use an aim-assist mod. but i dispise those. ofcourse the longer the frustration the lesser this dispise becomes. Hopefully someone will be abel to make this and add to Aslans mod pack or a singel release. but this will help greatly with the UI frustration I (and probbably many with me) have. Yours Sincerly TomBombardil
  3. Patch version 5.0.1 has just gone in and I am really enjoying the Random Battles. This is not because the patch includes major changes to Random Battles, no! it is because the patch meant most mods no longer worked so the huge number of players using an aim assistance mod now have to rely on their shooting skill. The battles are longer and more fun to play. Long do I hope this continues.
  4. valkarianism

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    For reference regarding the latest Wargaming reply related to this, please read Ev1n's message on page 33 of this thread - Ectar Here's one mod that managed to ruin my game. Allow me to make my point. I sailed out in a Fuso, and the game was just starting. Thinking I'd go north and handle the flag that side, I raised my speed to full throttle and sailed on ahead. Enemies show up, two of which are opposing Fuso class ships, and we start engaging. I fire a ranging shot at him, and he fires a full salvo at me. He hits citadel, and this was over 15km away. "WOW! Great shot!" I thought to myself. "I'd better raise my game! Can't take too many more of those!" So I set rudder to half right, started an evasive pattern and began to return fire. I landed a few shots, and his next salvo came along. Another citadel hit, at approximately 13km! "Oh man! luck's just not on my side today! better get out of here and use some healing!" I then set full right rudder, and booked out of there, giving him as little to shoot at as possible. then, i exposed my other broadside, and returned fire. Immediately after, BANG! he lands another citadel shot. I did not last much longer after that, and sank on my way out. "Good shots there!" I said in response to his comment of "EZ Kill". I genuinely wanted to swallow my soreness and congratulate someone who had just landed multiple citadel shots. It had to be great skill. Then he said he was using an aimbot, and recommended me to this site. After which, all my illusions were shattered. Normally, a game in which leading markers were shown is all well and fine if the opponent was agile enough to continuously make it hard for you to hit. Well that's not how half of the ships in World of Warships works. Even when I was engaging on an evasive course, he could clearly see how I was evading, and plan ahead. This is not a feature of the game I have been playing and enjoying for the past weeks. Please issue a statement if the linked mod is illegal and if players will face dire consequences for using a mod that affects gameplay to this extent. Note: I support and love mods. But not those that will gave an unfair edge to those who have installed it. As proof of incident, player is seen in screenshot recommending site. Mod links and pictures have been removed by the gentle request of a fellow tester. To prevent unnecessary advocating of the mod. Jingles Covers the MOD quite aptly in this video at 25:55. WG Video Covering the use of firepower of your own ship.
  5. ChickenCheeze23


    Why are there no assist badges? Surely if I deal 90% if someone's hp and one of my teammates snipes the kill I deserve some credit for it. Seems unusual not to have any form of assists in a game like this.