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Found 13 results

  1. Zemeritt

    TVIII Premium Asashio

    ST, Japanese destroyer Asashio, tier VIII Hit points - 15100, plating - 19 mm. Main battery - 3х2 127 mm. Firing range – 10.9 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 1800. Maximum AP shell damage - 2200. Reload time - 9 s. 180 degree turn time - 30 s. Maximum dispersion - 97 m. HE initial velocity - 915 m/s. AP initial velocity - 915 m/s. Sigma value - 2.0. Torpedo tubes - 2х4 610 mm. Deep Water Type 93 (Nur BBs und CVs) Maximum damage - 20967. Range - 20 km. Speed - 67 kt. Reload time - 112 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Detectability - 0.7 km Maximum speed - 35 kt. Turning circle radius - 640 m. Rudder shift time – 3.6 s. Surface detectability – 6.6 km. Air detectability – 3.8 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 2.5 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Smoke Generator Slot 3 - Engine Boost Slot 4 - Torpedo Reload Booster All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.
  2. Zen71_sniper

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Hello DD captains.... I come here for an advice - I have ground all DD lines, except RN DD (busy with it....) and I have some doubloons left thanks to RN event. I think that Asashio should never be in a game, but it is in game. That being said, HONESTLY, I can't remember a game where Asashio made a good impression on me. They usually torp from 20km or die in first 4 minutes. Is it possible to play well with Asashio or is it a truly one trick pony? If you have it (experienced DD players only please....) would you buy it again? Thx!
  3. I simply want to ask WG what their thought process was when they could release a ship like the Asashio? I have met a bunch of them ingame now, and i have still not seen any that is doing what DD is supposed to do. Aka spot, cap, contest and so forth. Why release a ship that is so "anti teamplay"? Its worse having them on your team than to actually play against them. Don't get me wrong, the ship is probably very strong in the right hands, but it promotes HORRIBLE gameplay for the avg. player. You have 3 DD's on your team like i had today (before i decided to simply not play Wows until the weekend was over), 2 being Asashio's. They do not contest caps, they do not spot and all they do is sail at max range launching torps that will have no or little impact on the game itself. Does this type of gameplay remind you of anything? Yes, you guessed it! BB's! And what is even worse is that when those special BB players (which i'm guessing represent most of the BB players in the game these days) see that it's Asashio's on the enemy team they will play even more passive than they did before. So i'm asking, what is the point of releasing braindead idiotic ships like this WG? Could you not make it fun and good for teamplay. It is a DD after all and DD's are meant to be teamplayers. WG's words. Not mine BTW. Do you not listen to the CC's and supertesters advising you to not release the ship in it's current form? Many CC's predicted that this was going to happen. And it did. Ships like this should not be released at all IMO and before the snarky "git gud" or "learn to play" comments start raining in, the issue is not that does a lot of DMG to BB's. It negatively affects the little teamplay we had left in this game, which looks like its fading more and more with every patch and ship release. Keep in mind that this is just what i have personally experienced so far, and it might be different for you. And please do tell if you have experienced the same or something different. Rant over. Edited the title as RB confused some ppl.
  4. I was very hesitant before purchasing this ship but it turned out that it made a lot of people mad pretty fast. You know why. It has deep water torpedoes with excellent damage and they are difficult to spot. The torpedo reload booster only complicates the things more for battleship players. During the last two days I played many games with this destroyer and it really makes even tier 10 players mad. I wasn't able to tell what I enjoyed more - the gameplay or the players' comments when I sank their ships with torps. Some of the recent ones were: "Don't worry wallet warrior - you got your report. How did it feel doing nothing and spamming people with 20km torpedoes the entire game?" "Pay to win? What did you buy this ship with, Bulgarian? Eggs?" Been reported for just using this ship whose main purpose is to sink battleships is funny. I think that WG have made the perfect ship to piss off battleship players regardless of tier. What do you think? Can any other ship claim the title of the most annoying and overreported ship in the game? :)
  5. Hallo hallo, ich habe grade mein erstes Spiel gegen 2 Asashios gespielt und es war das schlimmste Spiel das ich je gespielt habe. Mein Team wurde aus allen Caps gepusht und ich habe das halbe Spiel auf der J- line verbracht. Jeder der versucht hat einen Flagenpunkt zu erobern wurde sofort versenkt. Es ist sowiso schon ein Problem, dass Niemand bereit ist einen Flagenpunkt anzugreifen. Die meisten BBs hängen immer richtig weit hinten und schießen auf max range. Das Schlimme ist, gegen eine Asashio ist dies nun die richtige Takik. Es gibt einfach keine Möglichkeit gegen eine Asashio zu gewinnen. Sobaldeinem das Matchmaking dieses Schiff als Ggner zuweist hat man schon verloren. Im grunde genommen kann man sofort zurück zum Hafen gehen. Ich habe schon ein wenig im Forum gelesen und die Leute die sich eine Asashio gekauft habe freuen sich richtig nen Ast, dass sie allen anderen das Spiel vermiesen können. Nichts anders ist die Asashio ein Schiff das allen anderen das Spiel versauen soll. Natürlich könnte ich mir auch selber die Ashio kaufen, allerdings ändert das nichts an der grundlegenden Problemantik, wenn ich irgendwann einmal ein anderes Schiff spielen möchte. Habt ihr irgendeine andere Erfahrung mit der Asashio gemacht oderteilt ihr vielleicht sogar meine tiefe Abscheu gegenüber diesen Schiff?
  6. Hi all, May I present "Asashio" king? :-) His record was 100% when I had honor of meeting him in battle (unfortunately he was in enemy team)... Random battles: Leo "Apollo11"
  7. Yes, I actually read one of their news items. But, aren't thse two ships at the same tier!?
  8. Hi all, As expected... with new Ranked season #9 the "Asashio" is now available in "Premium Shop"... Leo "Apollo11"
  9. The Asashio is perfectly balanced, and ready to release as is or with minimal adjustments, this I have concluded as counterargument to the naysayers. If it is OP all WG need to say is “we made a mistake” and pull it from sales. But not before players rush to grab themselves an OP toy. And a none-OP ship will never sell, no? And if it is not OP it is lauded as an “everyman’s ship”. WG is praised, it becomes a staple seller, and WG gains profits anyways. And no ship WG releases will ever be too OP that a pull-from-sale is insufficient to address. Think the old breed premiums and a few singular new premiums which were ... bit too purposefully designed to be “considerate” to the player/buyer. That is because they will always have the following traits: 1. A slight but obvious flaw or downside is designed right within their primary armament. A “tradeoff”. But otherwise performs “marvellously” against the “intended targets”. And no idiot will be trying to use it against “unintended targets” right. 2. Their primary armament will only cause significant stress for a minority portion of players at a time. And at least one portion of the population will be a direct counter to this ship. (OP CVs will only cause stress to other CVs. OP DDs will be hunted by other specific ships or the meta in general and OP CAs will always eat a citadel or two.) This means that at any given time the amount of players crying to WG will only be a minority, and thus unable to generate great disorder on forums or anywhere else. And their situations will also be a minority experience thus unlikely to garner much support. Especially CVs. 3. Its strengths may be spread out between polar scenarios and situations, but still OP in each. This is to prevent the statistics reflecting on how OP they are. (A ship may have great AA but it’s other strengths will be something far detached from AA. A ship strong against cruisers will be strong in another place as well but these additional strengths are unlikely reflective or active at the same time as the same situation it is in vs cruisers.) 4. Possibility of a common “critical failure” situation must exist for that ship, either via hard design or in “noob trap” scenarios where inexperienced players will choose an option or build for that ship which is inefficient and astoundingly failure. In this way WG can claim that the ship “is balanced and not OP”. Experienced players however will have no trouble using the ship to sealclub efficiently. In short the stats and examples of the inexperienced players becomes a publicity smokescreen for the real purposes of that ship. 5. Another premium ship in a completely new direction and different type will be envisioned and released to high publicity after the previous premium direction is “saturated” or at “high-publicity risk”. Via rotating between methods and redirecting players’ attention, based on careful analysis of prior situational feedback, WG is able to sustain a cycle of success. A purposefully “weak” or “show” premium is released every now and then to add variety and break the pattern of these cycles, and high-profile, historically esteemed ships are usually dealt with more cautiously and deliberately. 6. The premium ships are “MM” safe meaning they will be viable both undertier and as top tier. This is a highly attractive trait because it takes out a major stressor in the game. It is also part of the tactic of “far apart” OPness. Combined with economy and Captain training, this ensures players are psychologically soothed when using the ship to game. This trait is viable because of WGs philosophy of introducing purposeful stressors into their games, even to the point of purposefully “crippling” silver ships (with exception of T10s which will never have to face a direct premium competitor as WG does not release T10 premiums). In short, premiums are the ideal and obvious solution (too obvious) to the chaotic and toxic problem which is the game itself. 7. Good players cannot recognize or be sensitive to quite a lot of these traits since they are good and will perform and enjoy the game even through a lot of the negatives. They provide a kind of false advertisement and debased goodwill/positiveness on the purpose of premiums. To the point that we think “premiums are gimmicky, quirky situational ships that require skill to play well.” Amongst other understanding things. In short it is unwitting propaganda. But as I have made points of already, the purpose of premiums is not some scholarly venture at new possibilities and creativity in this game, but rather a highly controlled and engineered conundrum leveraged on players to elicit specific conformity and reaction. Premiums will always be OP and preferable, but not obviously. Just like the game will always be F2P but many other things as well. Now I must prepare for my trip to the Gulag. (But not before I give penance to all the seals I have clubbed with premiums.) Been nice knowing you all.
  10. T0byJug

    Asashio.. Please shelve

    The Asashio.. AS a DD player with almost 4500 DD matches in Random and 70 different in game (past and present) DD's played. I just fail to see how this Ship will add to the game. We get a Ship that is mediocre to useless against over half the ships she will meet in a match. She can CAP(but not contest CAP) and attack BB/CV anything ells? Well she is useless. DD players have the hardest job in the game (in my opinion) we Cap we scout and we attack enemy ships. Pan Asian DDs have deep water stealthy torpedoes and good guns to fight DD. enemy DDs have a big advantage of Torpedoes in any Knife fight they have against a Pan Asian DD. What will the Asashio bring to game.. We will get a destroyer that can do nothing against a CA/CL and and such Cruiser or any DD will just push you and kill you. She will struggle against any DD she meets as IJN DDs will have Torpedoes and all other DDs will have better guns and/or torpedoes. You are OP as hell against BB with her Uber stealthy torpedoes. So this will encourage BBs to hang back more and not support there team mates properly. Many Asashio players will just hang way back spamming torpedoes and not scout and cap.. (the same problem we had with the Shimakazee back in the day). The reason they will give "I'm too Vulnerable against DD/CA/CL). My opinion Asashio will just frustrate the team its in as the ship will not Scout/Cap.. Just hang back spamming torpedoes. Frustrating there team more as they will get Torpedo Alarms from behind them even if there are safe (CA/CL/DD looking at you). They will Frustrate the enemy team as the BBBabies will use the Asashio as a reason to camp at back. Having torpedo boost on a DD with 2 sets of launchers is just wrong. But having said boost on a DD with 2 sets AND Smoke, OMG wargaming what are you thinking My Conclution Serious DD players will probably not buy her as her role is too limited. BBBabies will buy her as they will think she is OP and be useless too there team as they do not know how to play a DD let alone one with such limited roles. Will have a few good successes and thing they are DD gods Asashio will predominantly played by bad DD players or a few good DD players that want to troll. These players I think will lose interest fast, as when there are no BB's Left they become almost useless Lets see if we can influence wargaming here. If you have account on any other Regions Server please feel free to copy this thread there.
  11. BarthalomewKuma

    Remove it NOW

    Yeah don't even rework it, just remove files for this ship from all servers. In short I was playing SINGLE game against asashio , he landed only one torp on me - since i did predict he will be camping bbs obviously. But that didnt stop him from 24/7 torping me and forcing me to hug island with 4 other bbs UNABLE to support my team. And hey it was not mistake as torps were passing near island 24/7. And you know what - we were lucky enough to fight on map with tons of islands and plenty of them. And those words come from someone that loves to push in and play aggressive in BB. Be proud WG you just forced me to be camper, had no idea i have it in myself. Generally speaking this will make current long range meta even worse as many youtubers mentioned, but now that I have seen it myself ... On top of that enemy team members actually agreed that this ship should never be in this game. I have 0 counterplay and it's even worse than Pan Asia cancer. I'm not BB main i actually main cruisers, so i should be happy since it cannot hit cruiser right ? Well not since i like to play dds and bbs too !! Ah last but not least t10bb i love most is Grosser Kurfurst ... and yes it's 2ndary build , since my Montana/Yamato etc are already concelament don't need 1 more. I love Kurfurst but ... how the hell i'm supposed to push against 16 deep water torps with 20km range ? Sonar won't be up 24/7 ... YES IT IS RANT. Ah of course Asashio topped scoreboard. Must be skilled player ... Edit : Ah in the end i got tired of camping (i hate it) so the first moment i led charge targeted by 6 and INSTANTLY torped by one of dds for not kissing the island. WAY TO GO.
  12. AbrahaM_fighter

    Asashio + DWT = niewypał?

    Drodzy współgracze. Jak wiemy z dwóch wątków, WG postanowiło wypuścić IJN Asashio. Na początku (według stanu z serwerów publicznych, tego co dostali CC) ta jednostka wyglądała "tylko" jak klon Kagero z takimi samymi parametrami (w tym 3 podwójne działa 127/50 z reloadem co 7 sekund i obrotem 26 sekund). Jednakże pojawiły się dwie informacje które mnie osobiście wprawiły w zdumienie. Pierwsza, to informacja od forumowicza @Marblehead_1, że dostaniemy jeszcze gorsze działa przeładowaniem 9 sekund i obrotem 30 sekund. Druga, to że ta jednostka ma dostać torpedy DWT wyrządzające szkody wyłącznie BB oraz CV, z wyłączeniem (jak dotychczas) DD oraz (uwaga nowość) CA. Wiem, że w ramach ST testowane są różne dziwne pomysły. Ale też mam świadomość, że zdarza się, że zdarzały się przypadki, iż ST opuszczały rozwiązania hm, nazwijmy to delikatnie dyskusyjne i były wdrażane finalnie na serwery W związku z powyższym, proszę uprzejmie o merytoryczną dyskusję co sądzicie o IJN Asashio. Jak dla mnie, wynikiem obu wspomnianych pomysłów (nerf artylerii + znerfione DWT przez brak rażenia CA) otrzymamy DD który realnie będzie osłabieniem zespołu ze względu na swoją niską użyteczność. Praktycznie będzie mógł albo puszczać rybki "na zasięg" licząc że samoloty lub CA (którym nic nie zrobi) ich nie wyspotuje, albo próbować polować na samotne BB gdy populacja CA w dalszej części gry (o ile do tego dojdzie) się zmniejszy. W międzyczasie unikając innych DD oraz CA. Czyli... czyli dostaniemy DD, który przez sporą część gry będzie "musiał" kampić by nie zejść bezsensownie. Zaś z czysto matematycznego punktu widzenia (na co zwrócił uwagę @Marblehead_1) ten DD będzie w stanie razić maksymalnie 7 okrętów przeciwnika (przy założeniu bitwy z dwoma CV TVI-TVII i pięcioma BB ). Z mojej osobistej perspektywy: "Kagero + DWT działające na CV/BB/CA" bym nawet może i kupił, bo to by było jeszcze grywalne, mimo nerfu w postaci DWT którymi się nie obronię przed innym DD, "Kagero + DWT działające na CV/BB", nie działające ani na DD ani na CA, już jest dla mnie nie do zaakceptowania, "Kagero + DWT działające na CV/BB", nie działające ani na DD ani na CA, z nerfem dział, wywołuje u mnie galopujące zdziwienie jak w ogóle można było o tym myśleć.