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Found 1 result

  1. So, WG removed the AS and Strike setups for every regular US aircraft carrier. Only balanced loadouts for everyone. Can't say I disagree much and I'm still too inexperienced with CVs to really judge the balancing on that. But what I can say is that I have serious questions as to why the Saipan gets to retain its AS loadout? Yes, yes it's a premium, I know. WG allegedly don't nerf premiums, except for global gameplay changes or whatnot (makes me wonder why the US CV rebalance wasn't considered a global change since it covered ALL regular CVs). Maybe the more experienced CV players can tell me how I'm supposed to play against an AS Saipan in a Ranger with its 1/1/2 loadout. He gets 3x4 (let's assume every Saipan player halfway worth his salt has the Air Supremacy captain skill, aye?) tier IX fighters. I get 1x7 tier VII fighters. He can strafe out of dogfights for free, I lose a fighter each time. Saipan also gets more fighter reserves. His fighter wing is more flexible, it's faster and he has the superiour number endurance. I also find that those tier IX fighters are annoyingly resistant to head-on strafes, with at times zero losses and the most I've got was two fighters (and if he also strafed head-on, I tend to lose two fighters on average). I'll win that dogfight (unless he simply strafes out and runs to safety with my slower fighters having no chance to catch them), but he can sustain those losses and chances are I won't be lucky enough to fight just one squadron most of the time but handling two, if not three at which point he can overwhelm my fighters with as little effort/skill as just clicking on them. No matter how I look at it, unless the Saipan player is a total potato and either let's me strafe his fighters indefinately without fighting back or sends his fighters over my team's AA, the math clearly tells that the Ranger WILL lose the fighter duel against an AS Saipan. Also, yes I know; if I get one good strike in, I already did more damage than he probably will in the entire match. Doesn't count much though, since CVs seem to get very little XP for damage, but much more for fighters, plus winning the fighter duel and ensuring ingame air superiourity is much more strategic value as it opens up those fighters to spot for the team, particularily helpful against any surviving DDs. By the end of it, the AS Saipan gets the better deal with his XP and credits just by shooting down my aircraft and doing whatever damage with his DBs compared to my few solid strikes I may or may not have managed to sneak past his fighters. In short: How on earth am I supposed to fight against an AS Saipan in a Ranger? I can handle a Hiryuu, I can handle a balanced Saipan, but AS Saipan ... nope. If there is a winning strategy, I'd like to know. If there isn't, I'd like to know if there's even a single good balancing argument in favour of the Saipan keeping the AS setup.