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Found 6 results

  1. Angler


    The Gneisenau is well documented as having three triple turrets of 380mm guns. Can someone explain why the ship in this game has a shortfall of armament in that there are three twin turrets instead of triples? In the interests of historical accuracy would the developers please correct this error.
  2. SkyvandrereN

    North Carolina vs Yamato artillery

    Just wondering, why is the North Carolina artillery stat listed at 91 when Yamato is only listed as 89?. Yamato has better more dmg per shots and shoots faster and has better dispersion. The Yamato's secondary artillery is also better don't you think? is it becouse of slow battery turn time? Thanks for incoming answers
  3. Hi, I had a question about the Skill "Advanced Firing Training". It's the Level 4 Commander Skill that is supposed to improve secondary firing range and AA firing range by 20%. It seems, that this skill does not affect the firing range of my secondary weapons of my Myoko (Tier VII Cruiser). The Firing range of my 122mm secondary guns is still shown as 4,5km in the ship artillery statistics. It doesn't change when the commander is removed either. Is this just an oversight and the stats always show the base value? Does this skill work in game as intended? As a note, the statistics of vehicles in World of Tanks change as the skills of crew members and modules improve. I expected to see the same behaviour in World of Warships. Thanks!
  4. The stock Hatsuharu (tier VII Japanese destroyer) comes with 3 main turrets: 1x1 and 2x2 guns. So in total 5 gun barrels. It has an artillery value of 24. The Hatsuharu 1945 hull upgrade reduces the guns from 3 to 2 and the artillery statistics in ship panel is reduced by 2 to 22. The 1945 Hatsuharu only has 2x2 main battery. No other changes are done to the main battery. The artillery statistics drop of 2 points does not match the actual reduction in the guns. if the stock Hatsuharu has 5 barrels and artillery value of 24, then the same ship with 4 barrels should have an artillery value of 19.2 as the ship now has only 4/5 of the original firepower. Similar changes are in other ship upgrades also, for example Farragut 1942 upgrade reduces the batteries from 5 to 4 and artillery from 28 to 25. Actual artillery value after the upgrade should be 22.4 as the Farragut 1942 only has 4/5 of the original firepower. In short, some of the upgrades are mostly downgrades but the actual amount of the downgrade is hidden by the false artillery statistic.
  5. CaptainNorse

    Mogami main battery upgrade

    I think something needs to be done with the artillery upgrade for the Mogami IJN cruiser. Why spend xp and cash to unlock a module that has a single modifier to ship stats: -4 to artillery. Basicly pay to make your worse. Stock guns are far superior to the upgraded ones. Should probably just skip the gun upgrade availability and look at presenting other options for players instead.