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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all, Info from WoWs Dev Blog: "Arsenal improvements and renaming" Source (Reddit): "Arsenal improvements and renaming" Leo "Apollo11"
  2. OM40

    Combat Flags

    WG mentioned that combat flags will be available in the Arsenal in bundles for credits, how much do you think its fair for a bundle of 10?
  3. GrummePer

    NO from Arsenal?

    Juliet Whiskey Unanone
  4. Warderer

    Arsenal ships and coupons.

    Hey everyone! So as probably most of you already know, on the 24th/25th the coupons for the Arsenal section are renewed. Do you guys think that we will get new ship options then? I am in an awkward situation where I dont have enough for the T9 ships and I am thinking about getting Aigle or Oktyabyarskaya. I am not completely sold on either of those ships but I dont want to loose the coupon. Yet again if there going to be new ships in the Arsenal soon I would wait for them. Help guys. What would you do if you were in my position?
  5. Zulufaksgiven

    coal for steel exchange

    Anybody knows how to exchange cal for steel in Arsenal, so I can get the flint??
  6. There should be possible to buy only one container in Arsenal section. I need to buy only one to finish a collection but I have to buy 4 containers more, which in fact I don't need. Please add option of buying single items in Arsenal.
  7. Spiegelhauer

    Jean Bart arsenal

    The Premium tier IX will be available for purchase until 23 of november. After this date, will it still be possible to buy with coal in the arsenal?
  8. I bought a couple of Dunkirk containers using Coal to complete my Dunkirk collection and get the Jack Dunkirk 10-point Captain. I have 7/24 pieces of the Bismark collection already, but not bothered about the camo reward. Is it worth my while buying containers for either the Vive le France, or 2-year anniversary collection? I understand that the French ones are considerably discounted since they were first made available to buy with Coal (12,000 Coal iirc, now 5,000). Any advice greatly appreciated :)
  9. General_S91

    Stahl zu Kohle eintauschen

    Im Arsenal heißt es doch, dass man Stahl 1:10 in Kohle tauschen kann. Und in den Patchnotes für 0.7.8 wurde dies doch auch nochmal ausdrücklich erwähnt. Bin ich nun blind oder kann mir jemand sagen, wo und wie ich das eintauschen kann?
  10. Aragathor

    Special Upgrade must have list

    With the coming of the Arsenal it will be possible to buy special upgrades. Now it is important to know where to put them, as buying them left and right would be dumb. So, which special upgrades should go on which ship? What are your personal favorites? I'll start with some of the upgrades I use or have seen used: Perth - Spotting Aircraft Modification 1 and Smoke Generator Modification 1, both really needed to make the ship viable. Hydro mod 1 would be nice to have upgrade, but not as critical as the first two. LoYang - Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1. Hands down one of the best combos in my opinion, giving an extra 18s of hydro to better kill enemy DDs. Kidd - Defensive AA Fire Mod 1. Nothing says screw you CV better than this. Des Moines - Surveillance Radar Mod 1. A competitive staple. Aigle - Engine Boost Mod 1. 3 minutes of 45kn cruising with Sierra Mike.
  11. (edited op with open and answered questions, see below) so, there it is, arsenal is in 0.7.6.... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/introducing-arsenal/ the line which somehow stroke: "[...] Your Savings Players who earned certain merits in battle won't have to accumulate Steel and Coal from scratch, because we thought about some bonuses for them dedicated to the Arsenal's launch. Firstly, when the Update with the Arsenal releases, players will receive a nice bonus for the Oil they have in stock—5 Coal for 1 Oil. After the release of Update 0.7.6, Oil is used only to build Naval Base objects and gain access to constructions. [...]"... simple question: ALL oil ever collected, or just the one shown atm per player (f.e. after clan switch)? because, if only taken current ammount into account i surely smell some pitchforks... --> EDIT: ALL OIL EVER COLLECTED (while being in any clan!) WILL BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT<-- on a second note might discuss anything about the article, so far i'm not sure what to think about myself. edit: what i sure like is being able getting stuff like signals and camos on demand! in the long run ships like salem, black and such as well ofc. dont ask me about the exchange rates, in whole i think it's a pretty awesome thing! just the lack of clarification on that rather big concern softens it all down lol. editedit: i don't like the coal pricings (imo too high in some cases) and i'd liked to see steel given out for stepstones in competitive modes, not only for reaching the top (so r10, r5 and single steps of typhoon mission). but maybe thats just me. questions answered:
  12. Hi all, From Reddit: v0.7.6 Arsenal catalogue (via PT I suppose) Leo "Apollo11"
  13. Hi all, How much Coal & Steel did you get in your Arsenal with new patch v0.7.6 ? I got almost 50.000 coal but 0 Steel (I hoped that my, albeit limited, participation in "Clan War" season #1 and #2 where we got to "Typhoon League" twice was worth something but apparently it was not enough). BTW, I also always ended my all "Ranked" seasons at #10 so no steel from that end as well... Leo "Apollo11"
  14. As the cards are currently on the table, it seems that the amount of oil a player has gathered will be taken into account for when determining how much steel/coal a player will receive when "Arsenal" will be implemented in the game in the not too distant future, paired with the player's effort during Clan Wars & Ranked Battles. Should being a participant in Clan-Wars & Ranked being rewarded? Yes, and it already does, with the benefits a well-built base brings and the rewards clan-battles bring in terms of in-game goodies, containers,... The latter is the same for Ranked battles and the final league for those who already ranked out that season. And there is nothing wrong with taking into account ones performances in Clan Wars & Ranked Battles when determining the amount of Coal & Steel. Good performance & perseverance have to be rewarded. While the "personal oil stash" it is a relatively easy and low-effort-required method of gauging the effort & time a player has put in the game, it is also highly skewed. Oil is a clan-exclusive token, that can only be generated if a player is a member of a clan at the moment of distribution. If you are not a clan-member, were only a member for a temporary time or only joined a clan yesterday, all your effort of opening containers in your non-clan days will not be taken into account. In the eyes of WG, you might as well not have played those days, or not even have existed for that matter. Sure, quite a lot of players are currently member of a clan, whether that is an A+ competitive clan, or a very casual "we're just in it for the base-benefits"-clan. But there are also a large percentage of players who are not a member of a clan (anymore), whatever their reasoning behind that might be. Those players are for the moment being left out in the cold, without any valuation for their effort & time spent in the game. In my book, it is wrong to make opting in an optional part of the game borderline mandatory in order to benefit appropriately from a totally non-related other part of the game. Especially if the outline of "what was to come" was not being made clear from the beginning. When clans were introduced, it stated this: "Personal player wallet (won’t be visible currently) – sum of all oil you’ve ever earned for any clan. You will be able to spend it on various things in the future". It does not say that it would be to spend on various things outside of the clan environment. I hereby urge WG to rethink their plan of using the "personal oil stash" as a gauge of how much coal/steel a player should receive when the arsenal is introduced. Sure, it can be that the effort of players is not tracked when not in a clan, but there are other methods available that give an accurate gauging of ones time in the game, whether that is as member of a clan, or as solitary player. XP earned, battles fought, damage done, ships sunk, miles travelled,... All those statistics are tracked and logged on the profile. All those can be used to form a formula that is fair for every player, regardless of their membership (or the duration thereof) of a clan.
  15. From the post about arsenal: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/introducing-arsenal/ So let me get this straight - 3x 30 wins in Typhoon and I still need to buy the ship? What happened to "earn rewards in one competitive mode, be able to buy them from the other one"? Definitely seems to still work in Ranked where you get your Flint, Black AND Steel which you can then use on whatever you want Worst part is - it says the same in the Russian article, so it's not even some wonky translation thing What the hell happened?! @MrConway @Tuccy @Crysantos
  16. Hi there, With the introduction of the Arsenal, ship upgrades (mods) are now available for coal. I admit I was quite disappointed to find that these actually take the slot of an existing upgrade. So I wonder, are any of them actually useful, and for which kind of ship / build ? Thanks ! DCP (slot 1, VI-X ships): +40% duration Spotting (slot 1, VI-X BB/cruisers): +30% duration Radar (slot 2, IX-X DD/cruisers): +20% duration Hydro (slot 2, VI-X DD/cruisers): +20% duration DefAA (slot 2, VIII-X ships): +20% duration Engine (slot 2, VI-X DD/cruisers, VIII-X BB): +50% duration Smoke (slot 3, VI-X DD/cruisers): +30% duration of generator, -5% duration for each cloud
  17. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Cant get into Arsenal

    Hi I wanna ask if some one has the same problem with his Arsenal - tab in the port. (OS WIN 7) When I click on it the battle icon can bee seen turning around for minutes and them "cant connect to the webserver". Is there a simply proven effective method...? I already degraded my graphics; I added Cef - line to exceptions of the fire wall. tnx

    coal and steel and arsenal

    Since the new resources have been introduced, should they not be added to the main menu next to XP, dubloons, etc? Not that i collected so muchg that coal would get me anywhere right now, just wondering.
  19. xsmilingbanditx

    Frage zu Kohle, Stahl und so...

    Guten Abend zusammen :-) ich hab jetzt nach einem Jahr Pause mal wieder angefangen Schiffchen auf's mehr zu bewegen. Nach den ersten paar Schellen mangels Gewöhnung läufts wieder so einigermaßen und ich habe zu meiner Freude entdeckt, dass man ja nun mit Kohle und Stahl schöne Schiffchen kaufen kann. Das finde ich in sofern ziemlich cool, weil man halt auch über die Zeit hinweg mal ein Ziel hat als Sammler der Pötte. Nun kriegt man ja Stahl aktuell nur über Clanwars und Ranked...ich hab zwar was bekommen weil ich irgendwann mal Rank 1 angetan habe (ging sogar relativ smooth). Beim zweiten Mal aber ich muss sagen, fand ich es schon ziemlich stressig irgendwann ich hab dann auf Rang 5 oder so aufgegeben - Nerven und so :-) Weiß jemand ob es Pläne gibt, zumindest jeden Rang irgendwie sinnvoll mit kleineren (und halt wachsenden) Mengen Stahl zu belohnen? Müssen ja jetzt keine Unmengen sein, das Verhalten in den Ranked Battles empfinde ich insgesamt aber als eher toxisch und unfreundlich (wobei ich mich da ab einem gewissen Punkt nicht ausnehme) und somit macht's dann über kurz oder lang eher weniger Spaß. Ich hab weiß Gott kein Problem damit, wenn die Dauerzocker dann ihren Kahn nach einer Saison im Hafen stehen haben und ich zwei brauche, nur so als Beispiel. Alternativ könnten die Schiffe ja auch nach einer gewissen Anzahl Seasons für Kohle statt Stahl (entsprechend "teurer") erhältlich. Schon World of Tanks verging's mir dann mit diesen komischen Aufträgen wo sich in einzelnen Spielen ganze Clans abgesprochen haben und irgendwelche Sachen zu farmen wie "Damage tanked" etc. Dadurch gab's dann nicht nur Unmut, sondern auch eine zunehmende Spaltung der Community. Empfinde ich mittelfristig eher ungesund für ein Spiel. Kurzum, gibt's da irgendwas, das man dazu schon sagen kann/darf? In einigen Kommentaren von Sehales (glaub ich) zu den Patchnew dazu ist ja mal was in die Richtung durchgeklungen. P.S.: Ich will nix geschenkt :-) Finde aber dennoch, dass man ohne alle Hobbies und sein halbes Leben aufzugeben die Möglichkeit haben sollte den ganzen "Content" auf absehbare Zeit zu "genießen" und dazu gehören halt bei einem Spiel mit Schiffen irgendwie auch die Schiffe :-) Ich möchte hier auch keine Diskussion lostreten bezüglich "nicht verdient" oder "erarbeiten" etc...Spiele sollten Spaß machen und keine Arbeit sein, das machen ich und vermutlich viele andere schon den Großteil des Tages um zu leben.
  20. Hi all, Is there something strange/wrong with "Arsenal" prices: "Musashi" = 176.000 coal = 275 "Equal Speed Charlie London" ? Arsenal: "Musashi" = 176.000 coal 20x "Equal Speed Charlie London" = 12.800 coal "Premium Shop" 100x "Equal Speed Charlie London" = 6 Euros So... the "Musashi" is just equivalent of 16.5 Euros !?!?!? IMHO the prices of signal flags in "Arsenal" are way way overpriced... Leo "Apollo11"