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Found 17 results

  1. So there may be others who have made topics about this but i noticed a lot of people playing World of Warships have watched kantai collection or played the game kancolle (same thing) and or watched Arpeggio of blue steel. So what i wanna know is Who is your favorite ShipGirl from kancolle or Arpeggio of blue steel? You can pick more then one. My favorites are the Kongou sisters 1st: Kongou (Kancolle) <---- waifu. (Im allowed to have one. i know they arent real take it easy) 2nd: Prinz Eugen(Kancolle) 3th: Ark royal (Kancolle) 4th Ajax (Azur lane) 5th Haruna (Kancolle) Laiter added: Suzuya (kancolle) Shoukaku (kancolle) Shimakaze (kancolle) Amatsukaze (kancolle) Hibiki (kancolle)
  2. _Kentinb57_

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel : Re:Birth

    Bon le jeu est sorti !! Et sur DMM aussi !! Est-ce que quelqu'un à le code à entrer dans la console Google comme pour Kancolle ?
  3. No ja wam powiem, że jestem w szoku. Gracze zaczęli odpływać, czy co? Jakie przewidujecie misje na ARPy może jakieś krążowniki do wygrania tym razem? Ogólnie cały ten miesiąc wygląda nieźle jeśli wliczymy w to wejście rankingówek.
  4. We have the Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships for quite some time now in the game. As a matter of fact, they have inspired me to look up for what this fictional universe even was. By now I’ve seen all the animated adaptations (honestly there aren’t too many) and I’m up to date with the manga. Now – the ships we got have their own voices and looks (although only colour-wise), so I thought to myself – why not make them have their own personalities? They are not meant for competitive gaming anyway, why not go a little bit crazy and create captain specs that reflect what the mental models behave like in the Arpeggio universe? Anyway, I’ve been trying to make those setups diverse enough, yet not overly ridiculous. (the missions took place before I had some of the ships required tier-wise), but I’ll describe what I think should be an option for such an approach. I’m not covering upgrades, consumables, and I leave the order of picking those skills to you. If need be, I may recommend something there as well later on. I don’t have all of them This presentation contains explanations, so obviously some spoilers are coming, though most of you reading this are probably keeping track of the Blue Steel. In case of conflicting information, I preferred to stick with the manga. First of all: the Kongō sisters. 1. Kongō As a flagship of the First Oriental Fleet, she is commanding and playing a role of a spectator, until the circumstances force her to deal with the I-401 herself together with an assembled task force. She covers herself in spatial distortion to call in Ise as support, and when she’s immobilised and struck by aerial-dropped warheads, her bow continues a descent towards Matsushima II, with an eye of capturing Chihaya Gunzō. She is usually judging the situation correctly, although her overconfidence in technical superiority can make her vulnerable. Her sinking by airplanes made me go for absolutely no skills that can be effective against planes. · Priority target – she’s the flagship, of course someone wants her down. But she also seems to have some kind of an insight into the enemy attack, much due to the information provided by her subordinates. Besides, Kongō’s ability to perceive threats is explicitly mentioned by Hyūga while creating a diversion against Hiei. · Preventive maintenance – not that easy to get to the Kongō herself, which is why it’s even harder to aim at specific parts of the ship. · Expert marksman – a good commander can react to enemy movement quicker, in fact I remember at one point she says something along the lines “Swift and decisive should be an ideal of a warrior”. She also has a very good sense of target selection, as stated by Iona in chapter 70. · Last stand – even after breaking into multiple parts, her bow continues chasing the Matsushima II. Do I need to say more? · Superintendent – additional flagship equipment can be introduced from the orbit. · Vigilance – see the comment on the priority target. · Basics of survivability – Kongō can adapt to the situation pretty well, a bit like in case of the expert marksman. · Concealment expert – while using flagship equipment, the actions of Kongō remained pretty mysterious for 401’s crew. In fact, they had to rely on Hyūga’s experience of what a use of this equipment might even mean. 2. Hiei Hiei is very strict and wants to rely on an analysis of the Joint Tactical Network resources, consisting mostly of past records of Fog experiences and engagements, that are being uploaded by all the ships. She admires Kongō, but lacks her insight. Incapacitated by Hyūga bringing a gun turret at her face. Not a very bright way to go. · Preventive maintenance – preventing damage to vital parts can be somewhat improved by analysis of damage sustained by other ships in the past. · Jack of all trades – Hiei surely has went through multiple pre-arranged scenarios, so in most situations she’s able to get her assets out a bit more quickly. · High alert – not really a good name for a skill for Hiei, but the thinking behind it is sort of similar: she has stored the things needed in an order that allows her to access them a bit more freely if an opportunity arises. That’s not en equivalent of a tactical flexibility however. · Superintendent – I’m sure they can find some spare space for additional nanomaterials being stored. And who would arrange this space better than Hiei does? · Basic firing training – purely because training, Hiei loves it. · Advanced firing training – just as above. · Fire prevention – even the Fog has to possess manuals for that. 3. Haruna Haruna seems calm. She usually is. Unless she gets into some serious combat for someone she wants to protect. Sunk by Hakugei 3’s torpedo at Yokosuka. In the defence of the Osakabe residence she has torn vehicles apart with her bare hands and taken out helicopters by hand grenades. A truly manual AA and close combat platform, isn’t she? Owner of a very large coat with plenty of spare volume underneath. · Preventive maintenance – a bit boring? Haruna doesn’t think so. She’s just the one responsible for technical calculations in her duo with Kirishima. Perhaps that’s why she survives the explosion at Yokosuka much better. · Expert marksman – at close range there’s a lot of aspect changing, better be prepared for that. And apparently she could outpace her adversaries easily. · Adrenaline rush – the only Fog ship who has gone berserk, almost annihilating Japan by overriding Maya’s fire controls in anger. It took an intervention form the Admiralty Code to stop her. · Superintendent – the coat! She surely has something extra hidden in there! · Basic firing training – when fighting multiple enemies at close range, every gun has to do its job as fast as possible. · Advanced firing training – being the first to strike is an advantage by itself. · Manual AA – you surely can handle those guns by hand, if you can throw grenades at aircraft! 4. Kirishima The most aggressive of all four. To a point she basically becomes target-fixated and doesn’t want anyone to interfere in her dealing with it. She doesn’t mind firing everything at what she wants to see go down. Kirishima doesn’t care too much about safety procedures or checking surroundings – target first. Sunk by Hakugei 3 in Yokosuka with Haruna. Further records might show a character evolution towards a calmer approach, a bit more like her twin sister, but as seen in the encounter with Atago, Kirishima is still willing to advance despite the odds not being in her favour. Or rather not considering them at all. · Expert loader – it’s better to take out a target fast, with a weapon that gives the best chance of success. · Expert marksman – every gun on target as soon as possible! · Adrenaline rush – she indeed has more fun the harder the situation gets. · Basic firing training – extra rate of fire. No need for further comment. · Basics of survivability – in case a turret gets knocked out, she will surely work hard to get it back into an operational status. · Advanced firing training – extra range for reaching engagement distance quicker. · Manual fire control for secondary armament – everything at the target, no distractions shall be given a thought! Then we have Takao, many fans’ favourite: Takao Takao is very mission-focused and has a “bad habit of putting firepower first”, as she describes herself at one point. Obviously caring for the captain, a ship that has weathered more than a single storm. When in control of herself she wants to pose as indifferent and elegant, though in reality not many ships outmatch her very emotional approach. Takao has gathered a fair amount of information about tactics and has developed a brilliant insight into what the next enemy move might be. Oh, and she loves heavy and destructive armament. · Priority target – in her battles Takao is aware of the enemies facing her. Only her sister Atago was able to outsneak her. Even so, this was some mental model adventure, not an actual combat. · Expert loader – this is one of the firepower skills. Takao likes hitting hard and decisively, which is hard to do with the wrong type of ammunition loaded. · Jack of all trades – having performed almost every mission conceivable, Takao has skills that allow using her specs to the maximum extent. · Adrenaline rush – for the captain she shall not fail, no excuses. · Basics of survivability – in a battle against U-2501, Takao has performed one of the most extensive repairs ever commenced by a Fog ship. · Superintendent – mostly for the sake of the additional heal, reasons as above. · Vigilance – she has a fairly decent record against torpedoes, but of course no ship is capable of taking them all day long. · Concealment expert – this is Takao when she sneaks up to watch Gunzō, or when she gets into Chihaya Saori’s house. And finally, four Myokōs, although those are the least developed characters, so I went with quite basic ideas as a base for my work here. I got somewhat compelled to rely much more on their versions form the movies, because that’s what made them more developed as characters. It became a weird mix of those as a result. In the manga they are quite plain and acting as a background. In fact, we’d be able to say much more about Lexington, Vampire, Yukikaze, Repulse, Chōkai, Nagato, Zuikaku, even though many of them haven’t fought so far at all. It’s not a criticism towards the original plot, as the animated version is already closed and it has created its own universe. The much more complex comic-universe keeps expanding, so it makes sense some characters seem incomplete for now. 1. Myokō Myokō is the most serious mental model of all, comparable in my opinion to some extent with Atago only. Keep the jokes away. She leads the other sisters into combat, maintains order amongst them, and keeps a large part of communication with Hiei. Because of this, I decided that she should get a pretty “boring”, purely utilitarian WoWs Myokō-class setup. · Priority target · Preventive maintenance · High alert · Jack of all trades · Expert marksman · Adrenaline rush · Last stand · Demolition expert · Concealment expert 2. Nachi Eyes and ears of a fleet. This lady will see you before you see her, transmit your location to everyone, and let them sink you once she stretches her back sitting calmly on a deck pillow she owns. No damage-wise improvements, every intel perk you could possibly imagine. · Priority target – there’s no way you get close to Nachi and aim at her unless she lets you to do so. Or unless you have a supergravity cannon with a horrendously strong tractor beam like Matsushima II. · Direction centre for catapult aircraft – 2 planes for double spotting of torpedoes and ships. · Incoming fire alert – a shot can be detected quite easily by her surveillance sensors. · Jack of all trades – not a straightforward pick at 2 points level, so I went with an idea that we’ll at least get the access to hydroacoustic search faster. · Superintendent – more charges of hydro or floatplanes per battle, less likely to get surprised · Vigilance – I don’t think I need to explain that · Radio location – some additional info as to what is the nearest threat or target. · Concealment expert – to make Nachi spot first, instead of being spotted first. 3. Haguro A racing boat of the Fog. You’ll have a hard time landing a hit, and if you do, the engines will probably be held in a decent condition by the operator herself. She likes to move. Got sunk by I-401 after mistakenly colliding with Nachi in a sharp evasive turn, which is perhaps partially in line with her reluctance of maintaining order or in this case – formation. · Priority target – for the very sake of dodging · Preventive maintenance – to reduce the chance of rendering propulsion or steering inoperable · Incoming fire alert – as in case of priority target · High alert – fix everything as fast as possible · Expert marksman – in quick engagements slow turret rotation would have been a liability · Last stand – let’s say she can protect her vital areas so that only a part of the crucial system may get disabled with one shot · Basics of survivability – for the times when it’s better to conserve forced repair · Vigilance – harder time for torps to hit as well · Concealment expert – coming in and out so fast you may not notice when 4. Ashigara A crazy mental model, a direct contrary of Nachi. She goes as close as you can to hit as hard and as often as you can. Always in the vanguard, always as aggressive as possible. But make no mistake – she’s still a part of the Fog and does not do it because of selfish desire for glory. If need be, she can take a hit so that other ships will be able to endure longer. Still – perfectly honestly – she loves doing things by herself. · Expert loader – as expected of a hyperactive ship skipper. · Direction centre for catapult aircraft – since we can’t equip double energy swords, nor a launched spike… · Expert marksman – at close range this is necessary. · Adrenaline rush – Ashigara is used to “stressful” working conditions, yet they still manage to excite her. An adrenaline addict, I’d say. · Torpedo armament expertise – as with expert loader. · Basic firing training – because more shots is what she really likes. · Demolition expert – some ships just want to see the world burn. · Advanced firing training – because Ashigara really wants to bring out every weapon as soon as possible. So it’s mainly a trait of impatience. (As an alternative you may even want to switch demolition expert and double fighter plane for manual secondary armament, but I just think this is starting to take too much toll on the in-game ship’s performance. Not recommended, but closer to the personality.) Maybe I’ll revise them as new chapters come out with additional information on the characters, but right now I feel like those options are the most relevant set I could make.
  5. Since we have moderators with the tendecy of junking topics with potentionally interesting informations, in the last case about Wargaming at events like the TGS2015 (Tokyo Game Show), I'm re-opening the thread about the official collaboration between World of Warships and Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars Nova-. TGS 2014 CM: 2015 WEB CM: TGS 2015: During this year edition of the TGS, attendants have been given permission to enter a "Special Themed Play Room", a sci-fi submarine-like room with anArpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- theme. But it wasn't just the decoration. These rooms featured specially modded game clients fo World of Warships, where it was also possible to play a special Co-Op mode as the "Fleet of Fog" ships Haruna, Kirishima, or Kongou. The entrance to the Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- section looked like an submarine hatch. Fans of the anime, did you notice something strange with Iona? Source: http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/onground-events/tgs2015-day1review/ I'll update the topic with additional informations in the case I find new videos or photo material from JP websites or blogs.
  6. I have 3 arp kongos now, but i only use one in battle so why can't wargaming allow players to sell their arpeggio ships ?? I now have 2 kongos that are utterly useless and i need credits to buy the iowa...... This doesn't make any sens, i mean you can sell the emdem or the kamikaze so why not arpeggio ships ?
  7. Nishizumi77

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    "-Added an option for selecting the Arpeggio voiceovers to be used throughout the entire game" So 0.5.8 patch brought this feature and I looked forward to it, it's a very good idea, I don't have to download voice mod to do this. But when I went to options to set I noticed only a few voices are selectable. Some already released older voices are missing like Iona, Kirishima and I noticed that this patch included all the arpeggio character sounds wich missed and even for upcoming future characters too: My question to WG is: What is the concept behind the currently selectable few ships, why only they are available and not the others too? Will they be added later? Funny because those voices are not available in the options what I'd like to use: Iona, Haguro, Ashigara Well at least Haruna is there. Anyway good job adding all these new voices for arp ships which didn't have their own voice until now
  8. Commander_Doom_

    Finally got them all

    Finally got kirishima, took sometime but i finally did it. (and people say nachi takes time)
  9. Hello, N'étant pas grand fan des navires Arpeggio, j'apprécie qu'il soit maintenant possible de masquer les camos ultra agressifs pour la rétine. Toutefois, on ne peut pas les vendre et quand on a des doublons (même navire en 3 exemplaires!) ça envahit l'interface. Typiquement, j'aimerais juste avoir le Takao et un des Myoko. Ce serait top de pouvoir masquer au choix les navires que l'on veut. Fonctionnalité à étudier?
  10. Dracarys_O_o

    Equipo [ARS NOVA]

    -ARS NOVA- Buscamos jugadores entusiastas de ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL que quieran jugar en equipo, pasar un rato tranquilo ayudando a hundir a la Flota de la Niebla, (en especial a esos molestos destructores). No pedimos que seas otaku, pero al menos que te guste sacar los barcos coloridos o quieras ayuda para sacarlos, tampoco pedimos que te conectes todos los días, pero si habitualmente. Las horas de más actividad serán de D-J de 18h a 24h. Las solicitudes de ingreso directamente en este hilo, o por privado, hasta completar el equipo. Usamos Raidcall en principio, pero podemos pasar a TeamSpeak 3 si se llega a un acuerdo. Si estas aburrido de jugar solo, no seas BAKA y unete, (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)
  11. Aradel12

    Arp Voices troubles. bug?

    I have noticed recently when trying to change the voice overs that most of the art voices had been removed for me. The only one not removed was the Kongo voice but i think that is because that is the only arp ship I actually have, but it I know that I defiantly had the ability to have all the possible voices which I thought we could now use since the arp event was over. But now they are removed for me so is there anyway to get them back? they must be in the files somewhere but I have no idea what to do with that stuff.
  12. Bonjour! Je viens de finir le palier 1 de la mission sœurs de la brume, Je fais comment pour avoir ma blonde? Elle n'apparaît nul part. Je précise que mon port était plein en navire 12/12 et que j'avais 4/4 capitaines en réserves lorsque j'ai eu la récompense. Je viens de faire le ménage et suis retombé à 11/12 et 1/4 respectivement puis j'ai relancé le jeu, mais toujours pas d'Haruna en vue. J'ai bien le bon port chargé (Yokosuka) pourtant. Merci de votre aide.
  13. tadaMonika

    Arpeggio Voices

    Hey guys, I don't really know where to post this, so I am posting this here now, f*** it. Maybe I am just really dumb, but I recently reinstalled WoWs, because I did a clean Windows installation and I just cannot select the Arpeggio voiceovers for my ships anymore. I last played on 0.5.12 and I could choose between Kirishima (Iona), Hiei, Ashigara, etc... But now, I can choose "Arpeggio" and it does not do anything whatsoever. Even with my Arpeggio ships I got the standard voice. I am really confused. Did they patch out the feature, or am I just really dumb? Thanks in advance^^'
  14. Bonjour, J'ouvre un sujet dans cette section, suite à d'autres discussions : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/47607-extraction-du-capitaine/page__pid__980701#entry980701 http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/48295-arp-girls-voices/ Il semblerai que la plupart des voix pour les divers capitaines de la flotte Arpeggio soient en fait les mêmes. J'ai extrait plusieurs fichiers au hasard avec ww2ogg et revorb, pour les avoir en *.ogg et les lire avec un lecteur externe (winamp en l'occurence). Or, il se trouve que Haguro, Hiei, Iona, Kongou et Myoko utilisent toutes la même voix, celle de Iona. Haruna a sa voix correcte. Kirishima_Bear a sa voix correcte également. Kirishima , je n'ai pas vérifié. Il faudrait donc vérifier tous les fichiers audio et remettre de l'ordre dans tout ça (Entendre Kongou avec la voix de Iona, c'est vraiment ridicule xD)
  15. Hey There Fellas, Before any of you ask why I'm asking this, I am currently writing a story, and I am stuck at a problem. since Normal Ships cannot harm arpeggio Ships without using a vibration warhead, I was going to implement the Imperial I Class Star Destroyer as a way of countering the Fleet of fog, but would It work? can a Star Destroyer's weapons Break through an Arpeggio ships force field, or a "Klein Field" ? Or maybe better stated, Can a Star Destroyers Tech overcome Arpeggio Tech? Thanks for any Info! Until Next Post, USSARIZONA_2015 PS, I'm an Idiot for asking this :S
  16. Commander_Doom_

    When the fleet is just right.

    just one of those games where the mm decides that the fleet of fog get's to be a thing
  17. Arpegio de acero azul. O Arpeggio -Ars nova- (Referido al estilo de animación o a la nueva manera de hacer la guerra) fue uno de los animes más interesantes del 2013. Producida por el pequeño estudio Sanzigen está basada en el manga homónimo de Ark Performance. Es una serie de ciencia-ficción de doce capítulos y dos películas, la primera resumen de la serie y la segunda ampliando la trama. El asunto es como sigue: En el futuro el ser humano provoca cambios climáticos y una cierta subida de las aguas... Entonces, surgidos de la nada, aparecen los navíos de la flota de la Niebla. Con la forma de los buques de la II Guerra Mundial y casi indestructibles, destruyen las flotas humanas y cortan las comunicaciones entre los continentes. Desesperados, juntan los restos de todas las flotas en un solo ataque contra la Niebla, y... a pesar de las ingeniosas tácticas del almirante fueron terriblemente derrotados y el almirante desapareció. Años después un submarino de la niebla aparece en Japón y se desactiva... hasta que el hijo del Almirante desaparecido entra en contacto con él y vuelve a la vida, proyecta una jovencita y le dice que no tiene más órdenes que estar a su servicio. Con ella... Chihaya Gonzo intentará romper el estancamiento al que se ve sometida la humanidad... si la niebla se lo permite...