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Found 17 results

  1. WeserBlitz

    0.9.7 Armory interface bug

    Vertical Menu Bar is consistently overlapping the main Armory page, as well as all the subsections. The bug appared after updating the game client today, 06.08.2020. See the attached screenshots.
  2. martas54

    Armory visual bug

    Visual bug - When inspecting a ship from armory, the amount of resource needed does not update with coupon Attachment - video 22mb World of Warships 2020.06.19 -
  3. Markos_Flytzanis

    What is your Favorite STEEL Ship????

    Follow up with my previous topic about STEEL Ships lets see your suggestions in a more collective topic!
  4. Markos_Flytzanis

    What STEEL ship should i Take???

    I have managed after 3 years of playing the game to collect the STEEL required to buy one of these 3 ships STALINGRAD, BOURGOGNE, or SHIKISHIMA, and i dont know which one to choose...i am a BB main but i play cruisers also...can somebody give me some suggestions?
  5. Question for everyone. I would value your opinion. I have a stock of Doubloons and a voucher for Ships for Doubloons that is expiring in 5 days. I have have identified three canditates - the Mainz, Bayard and Wichita. I like USN CAs, KM CAs - love both the Hipper and the Prinz Eugen and I can have fun with the Fr CLs - but I can't say that I'm good there. What do people think? Which do you like? And why do you think I'd like your choice?
  6. So, yesterday i unlocked access to the Armory on my Alt-account. When i open the armory now, it fades to black and stays dark. The only visible UI part in the armory is the information button in the bottom right corner, everything else is black. Apparantly, i can stil click on various buttons in there, cause when i press escape, the screen changed to whatever i was able to click and before it fades back to the port the armory UI becomes visible for a second. Anyone got an idea what causes this? It does NOT affect my main account, not does it affect my NA account. It's only the Alt account here on EU. @MrConway@Crysantos pls HALP! EDIT: I did try logging out and back in multiple times. All other areas (missions, prem shop, whatever) works fine! EDIT2: I can log into the armoyr via web browser, however the first screen i see is the Sub tab (but no Token!). That's odd cause when i enter the armory via browser for my other accounts i see the "starting" page. It seems as if the screen is "stuck" on my alt-account. Logging in and out has no effect whatsoever.
  7. so, next is coming to join armory party.... and.... nah, nevermind .... i won't disclose my own opinion here now, just having a look what others think . thx 4 voting if u do , njoy.
  8. Ebii91

    Armory Commander Coupon

    Dear WG, Sub, anyone who this might concern, Is there any chance that in the future we will see coupons for commanders in the armory? Given the fact that they are becoming very common in the armory lately, this seems like it would be nice for the players. Kind Regards, Ebii
  9. So for the last year I've been spending coal on the Dunkirk Containers found in the Armory hoping to get the T6 premium destroyer Gallant. The Premium version of these containers in the premium shop does not mention the possibility of getting a destroyer at all. So my question is: does the normal dunkirk containers found in the armory have a misleading description of possible content, or is it the premium version found in the prem shop that are missing this information?
  10. Jethro_Grey

    Halloween camos in armory?

    I'm not at home atm, so i can't check the game. Are the Halloween camos (Mogami, NC, …) in the armory available too? I hope they are, i want that Mogami camo but i don't feel like spending tons of cash for a lottery ticket and getting camos i already have, or in that case, the credits for them.
  11. BattleshipGunner

    Coal ships - armory

    Should I save my coal for a tier IX ship or the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya or the Aigle?
  12. ShampoTanker

    Armory available but it looks empty

    Hello all, I unlocked the account level allowing scenarios and armory,but after loading the last one,it looks empty even if I know it's not since I received several stuff from containers,is it a bug? Thanks in advance for your replies
  13. Butterfield8

    Commander Transfers

    Are there any other available commanders in the game that can be assigned to Commonwealth, Pan Asian, Polish, ect… ships? Perhaps purchasing experienced commanders through the Armory might be an option?
  14. AwesomeBoat

    T6 Aigle, good?

    Hi, I'm saving up my coal in the armory and was thinking about getting the Aigle, since its t6 and I don't want to get the OR. but before I spent 1-2 months of saving coal, I'd like to know the opinions of those that own it. Thanks
  15. Hi What do you think is the best option? Should I go for Murmansk cruiser or get (non-premium) soviet crates? Thanks
  16. Hi all, All ships in new "Armory"... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Erroneous "stitching" issues fixed (i.e. "double Atlanta row)...
  17. Garfield4

    Belle Epoque containers in Armory ?

    It has been 3 months at least since the Belle Epoque event was held. Now I would like to complete that collection. 2 questions for @MrConway : 1. why do/did these containers not appear in Arsenal/Armory directly after an event finished ? 2. what is the ETA for Belle Epoque containers - available for coal - in Armory?