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Found 2 results

  1. I'm a CV main, and after months of suffering from the awful lies spouted by the DD mafia about how they're supposed to be defenceless against us CV players, I've decided to debunk the myth once and for all. Destroyers have extreme anti-air potential against aircrafts of all kind, and any decent destroyer player can easily annihilate even the most advanced aircrafts. But here's the difference between me and the torpedo-spamming monsters who indulge themselves in bullying larger ships: I bring PROOF. The kind of scientific proof that is undisputable, showing once and for all how competent players bully us carriers. I will now accept the apologies of DD main players who realized their conspiracy to hide the truth has been brought to light. And if you come here to claim that you can't do the simple maneuver shown in the proof, then my only answer is to git gud. And just dodge (TM).
  2. Hey guys, been out of the game for around 3 years. After logging back and realizing i cant play tier 8 or below battleships because carriers. So then I thought I could counter their shenanigans with a fully AA decked cruiser. Guess what? I was wrong, they close in and get me spotted, entire enemy team spots me, planes vanish into thin air but i get no planes shot down cause apparently when a plane says "screw you i'm going home" it means they become invulnerable. Thanks for making carrier vision control even more risk free than it already was, cause that's what the game needed. I played a lot of DD's too back in the day but apparently every new ship has a more fancier than before powercreeped anti DD mechanics and gimmicks. 3 Questions. Why are carriers even more oppressive and uncounterable than before the glorious rework? What's the point of playing a gunboat DD when every new addition to the game (including these assholes in the air) just make you want to go back to port? Why do ships have anti-air when click of a button gives your planes force fields and invisibility?