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Found 7 results

  1. The premium destroyer Anshan has recieved a turret rotation of 30 seconds. That is the same rotation speed as some battleships. Before the update the turrets were much faster. As it is now, I can turn the ship around faster than I can swing the guns in the right direction.
  2. Kauvana

    Anshan torps

    Greetings, Seeing as I've taken a liking to the Pan-Asian line, and this thing is now on sale for spare change: Did the Anshan get deep water torps with the introduction of the full tech tree, or does it still have "normal" ones from before? Best regards
  3. Hey, haven't done a DD commentary in a while so decided to feature the Anshan, a very fun ship to play.
  4. ==> MESSAGE to Developpers (not for players) I have 8 premium ships and i think that you should modifiy the capabilities of the following ships : 1) Anshan : - Its range of detection is too high : i think 6.2 km would be more raisonable. - The delay for relaoding torps is too high : i think 60 sec would be more raisonable. 2) Mikhail Kutuzov: - The damage power in HE and AP is too small, compared to others ships of Tier VIII. - The delay for relaoding torps is too high : i think 85 sec would be more raisonable. I hope you will take in consideration theses remarks for a new version of WOWS. Thank you !
  5. Da Steam Versioni del Capitano con 6 punti, con spazio porto e la Anshan anche 1500 dobloni. Ne ho preso 2, la Graf Spee l'avevo già. https://steamcommunity.com/games/552990/announcements/detail/3786843201285697333 3 DLC sono ora disponibili! 10 maggio - WoWS
  6. Widmooo

    Premium ship to 3000 dublons

    Hey! I'm looking for budget premium ship - 3000 dublons. I heard Murmansk is very good, but by now it has worse mm 6-7 tiers battles. So it's so weak for this tiers. I'm thinking about Anshan - i like to play DDs. Anyone can help?
  7. This is a multiview edit of a 3 player domination map.