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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, Have you guys seen the chances of specific loot in "Super Containers" collected after around 600 reported container openings for Anniversary event? Our fellow @black_falcon120 did absolutely SUPERB job collecting our data - many many congrats to him! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18WtWfK3o9p1nBbrw_GIB8yoQBk21uNfXUYIaSxgpqqs/edit#gid=1176897760 Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Hallo Freunde, in der Vergangenheit gab's doch immer, wenn man ein Jahr in WoWS voll gemacht hat, einen Coupon (20% oder 30%) für den Premium-Shop. Dazu gab's im Hafen ein Pop-Up-Fenster. Gibt es diese Aktion noch? Ich frage deshalb, weil ich laut meinem Profil seit dem 25.07.2015 dabei bin. Das Jubiläum ist nun rum, aber diesmal gab's leider nichts. Juli 2015 war aber auch noch die Beta. Vielleicht zählt das vom Datum her erst ab "Release". Vielleicht irre ich mich. Weiß da jemand was Genaueres? PS: Ich möchte keine grundlegende Diskussion über Coupons und Antworten a la "dafür hast du jetzt 70% gespart", ich wollte wirklich nur eine Info von Jemanden, der es wirklich weiß. Vielleicht hat ja jemand schon dieses Jahr seinen Jubiläums-Coupon bekommen?
  3. I received 45 camos and a 30% discount coupon. thanks. :)
  4. Tuccy

    Supercontainers for Tier X ships

    In celebration of the Anniversary, we are set to launch a unique offer for those who prefer playing with Tier X ships. From September 14 to September 28, play a battle with any Tier X ship to get a supercontainer! You can complete this combat mission only once for each of your Tier X ships If you have more than 1000 battles - you will receive an additional 10 "Anniversary camos". And for every 1,000 battles (up to 15,000) - 5 special signal flags of every type. Action Stations!
  5. It is a bit confusing - I remember reading that @MrConwaysaid that all coins must be spend before update.0.7.9 (20th) but according to event announcement, you can still earn containers until 21st? Can you please clarify - I will have 146 coins by Thursday and 154 by Friday - obviously makes a huge difference, as I need more Dasha!
  6. Hi all, Did you guys all receive 5x "Special signal flags" for every 1.000 battles you played and additional 10x "Anniversary cammos"? https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/three-more-years/ https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/september-missions/ I was unable to play on both Friday and Saturday and I played just 1 game (Tier X "Des Moines") today (Sunday) but I only got 25x "Anniversary cammos" and 1 "Super Container"... I should have gotten 35x of each "Special signal flags" as stated above... Is there, possibly, some other requirement? Leo "Apollo11"
  7. until
    Commanders! We are celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of our favorite game—World of Warships! In the festive spirit, we've prepared some special combat missions, discounts, and rewards for this momentous occasion. Bookmark and return to this news article, as further combat missions and discounts will appear here later. September 14–21: World of Warships Anniversary World of Warships is 3 years old! We invite you to celebrate this event in unison. From September 14 to September 21 win a battle to get one Day of Premium Account time along with a set of festive camouflage patterns. Complete the "333"combat mission three times to receive 1,000,000 credits! Discounts and bonuses: +200% to XP earned in a battle for the first victory of the day –60% to the cost of Port slots in doubloons –50% to the cost of researchable Tier II–V ships in credits –50% to the cost of available Premium Tier II–V ships in doubloons –30% to the cost of researchable Tier VI–VII ships in credits –30% to the cost of available Premium Tier VI–VII ships in doubloons –15% to the cost of researchable Tier VIII–X ships in credits –15% to the cost of available Premium Tier VIII–X ships in doubloons Exchange rate for converting doubloons into credits is 1,500 2,000 credits for 1 doubloon You can convert XP into Free XP at the cost of 1 doubloon for every 25 35 XP exchanged –60% to the cost of Premium consumables in credits and doubloons –60% to the cost of "Type 1", "Type 2", "Type 5", "Type 6", and "Type 59" camouflages in credits and doubloons "Let's Celebrate" Win a battle Reward: 1 day of Premium time, 25 "World of Warships Anniversary" camouflage patterns Ship restrictions: Tier V–X ships Available types of battle: Operations, Random, Ranked, Clan, and Co-op Battles You can complete this combat mission only once "333" Destroy at least one enemy ship in battle. Reward: 333,333 credits Ship restrictions: Tier V–X ships Available types of battle: Operations, Random, Ranked, Clan, and Co-op Battles You can complete this combat mission up to three times.
  8. Ilsina

    Missing Captain Dasha

    So, I bought myself some Anniversary crates and unlocked the camo for the Edinburgh and Z-23, then I decided I'd get myself a couple of 10pt captain with the remaining tokens... Now I am part of the community that thinks Frankenstein ships and space ships mixing with historical vessels is daft and turns them off - no problem with others having them I just don't want to have to see them!, so that ruled out the starship captains immediately.; so I thought WTH Dasha is good looking - she can get to grips with my Lo Yang... Here is where the problem arises; when I tried to get the second Captain Dasha she doesn't exist, why isn't there a Dasha for ALL the nations, I assume WG are going to tell us they haven't made a Polish Dasha, a Commonwealth Dasha or an Italian Dasha because they don't possess a tech tree atm... so what? Make Polish Dasha trained for Blys, the Commonwealth Dasha trained for Vampire (as the lowest tier CW ship) and Italian Dasha trained for GC (again as the lowest tier ship of that nation). Long story short... I want an Italian Dasha captain so she is ready with 19 points once the full Italian line finally makes it into the game, I own all 4 premium Italian ships in the game surely WG has invested enough in Italian warships to merit another Captain Dasha? Maybe they ran out of 1940s outfits for Dasha to wear? Maybe Alena would like to become an Italian, Polish and Commonwealth Captain?
  9. From reddit: The rewards from the 3rd anniversary collection have been presented on the PTS. And they are as follows: -10x WoWS Anniversary camo (+100% XP) -10x Basilisk signal -10x Scylla signal -10x Leviathan signal Final reward -Flag -1x SC The previous anniversary collection gave out permanent camos with +50% to commander and free XP and a Flag. The ships that received the camos were: -Z-23 -Kiev -New Orleans -Charles Martell -Monarch Valuing the camos at the standard T8 price of 3.000 doubloons the total value would be 15.000 doubloons. Unless anything changes the 3rd anniversary collection will give out significantly less than the 2nd Anniversary collection, with not a single permanent item save the Flag. I'm disappointed but not surprised, as this follows the current trend of WG reducing rewards. If the crates with the collection items are as hard as some of last years achievements, then this will certainly lower the value of the collection even further. Outside of the collection the Arsenal will have a special anniversary section with items sold for tokens, but the prices on the PTS server are most likely quite lower compared to what we will see. Available items are: -Dasha captains -Space captains -Anniversary camo -Special signals (Basilisk, Leviathan, Scylla) -Patches There are also 2 permanent camos: -Edinburgh -Z-23 These can only be bought for copper.
  10. So I've been slowly grinding towards the tier 8 ships with the anniversary camos from last year. Very recently I've finally finished the grind of that quite dreadful Pensacola (I really tried to like her...but no), for which I don't have a perma camo, obviously. Now I've finally unlocked New Orleans and one of the benefits of a perma camo is that I don't have to purchase a camo for credits every battle. I don't often have premium account so I'd rather not waste credits unless I have to and was looking forward to a full tier 8 grind with its perma camo. But of course the cruiser split is on its way and everybody seems to know that any perma camo that ends up being on a ship that is changed, will basically be doubled. But I don't know if the anniversary camo will also be moved from tier 8 to tier 7. I'd really not want to not having grinded with the anniversary camo through tier 7 and through tier 8, I'd probably have stopped at Pensa and waited till the NO with permacamo got moved to tier 7 instead. Obviously I can't change the rules and if the anniversary camo gets removed from tier 8, I would be kinda vexed about it because I did my part to earn it with that collection and the camo kinda moves away from my grind (sorry, not native English here). But...does anyone actually know if the anniversary camo will also be split like the paid premium camos, or will it stay at tier 8 or will it move to tier 7? So 7+8, 7 or 8?
  11. DenmarkRadar

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievement List

    From the US Forums: WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List thanks to SyndicatedINC
  12. The premium shopkeeper just tried to talk me into buying a 50-set of snazzy anniversary camouflage patterns. Only, he didn't tell me which, if any, bonuses this camo will provide, if I apply it on my ships... or did I miss something?
  13. Okay, so with these hidden missions, does anyone already know any of the requirements for them? So far I've gotten this one "Death by baguette". I'm almost certain it was after getting 100 hits in a french ship
  14. until
    Get ready to blow out the candles and grab a slice of cake, because World of Warships is turning two years old on 17 September! It's hard to believe that two years has already passed—two years of non-stop, pulse-pounding action on the high seas—and we want to thank you, the players, for being there every step of the way. But what would a birthday be without some presents? Get ready to light up the sky as we host a virtual fireworks show in the Warships team's home port of Saint Petersburg, and keep an eye out for special Easter eggs hidden throughout our maps for you to find. That's not all we have in store! Celebrate the good times, and even remember the bad, as we present a special set of achievements and a new Collection focusing on the key moments in our second year of development! For more details check out our portal article. I Achievements and Collection I Saint Petersburg Decorations | Birthday Gifts |
  15. Every time there is a dev Q&A I forget to ask this question. Will there be a reward like last year based on number of tier 10 ships? Back then I had one T10 and felt I rather missed the boat (hehe). I have played/paid hard this year and now I have 11 t10's so I am really hoping rewards will be linked to this again. Any chance of an answer from the devs on this? I would particularly love it if this was not a salt fest so please, no insults. I would just like to know. Cheers!
  16. Blue_Qbe

    Premium Shop Sales

    Hey guys, just like in topic i'm asking about discounts on premium ships and premium accounts. Is it worth buying now or it would be better to wait for Wargaming Anniversary. If so, what could we expect?