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Found 2 results

  1. Not sure where the right place for this is, but i just go with the place with the most attention. Why did u introduce those smilies to react to post? I can understan positive feedback, such as Cool (alltho what does cool mean?) and Funny. And then we have 3 Negative smilies. All this does it creates hostility in the Forums, without any need. Ppl running deliberately after your posts, voting Boring/Bad because they disagree with you as a person. Its one thing to argue about it, but now we have "karma" system in the forums, where u actually see who is targeting your posts. I mean fine, obviously sometimes ppl piss each other off, but giving the possibility to vote posts will only make things worse in the long run. It should be judged what u say, not what the other one thinks of u because u said something he doesnt like once, thats why we dont need any Bad smilies for Posts! Helpful-smiley would be much better, and yet it doesnt exist. Cool and Funny can stay as far as im concearned. @MrConway @Tuccy Any insight why it was implemented like this? Any possibility to revert or change the current ones?
  2. sjff

    i need get this out

    Sorry if sentences can be weird used translate for this i need this out why this hat i know wg got rid of again with cw / cb but i have tired of all hat from the comunity always is hate something something new smoke macanic everyone just gets sour because they can not camp more or that their DD becomes uncovered about 500 mater sooner than for! when an enemy is 3KM from one then it's time to start moving and why does everyone like to hide in smoke how are you funny you're doing what's when you reload? see wet color drought? and this is for you who stands at the edge of the map and snipes in BB! what it's got to be is over there you have the most life's biggest guns and have pans you can hurt but you insist that you are doing something good for the team but you do not mean you're just afraid to meet. you treat your BB like a new Ferari or a lamborgini but it's not a luxury car It's a bloody damn battleship you're going to fight against the enemy do not polish your ships! All complaining is a problem in this game. this is a game you can not get all you want i think wg is working hard to get it all well but everyone sets so ridiculous requirements so it becomes impossible for them to make everyone happy i know attacking games have shortcomings. but whining at WG will not help I can not talk about making games but I think it's hard even if they have a team. and it's probably not the one that makes WoWS wrong that it's the way it is. it's the bosses wrong that it's like these are often the chrfers who do not play games what they want is to make money it's not the wg team wrong it's the bosses at the wg they do not care about the game but it does those who work with this judgment works hard with a little buget. and anyone complaining about premiums. they are not P2W they do not have any special MM (except nicoli) but they meet everyone and the reason they are achieving OP is for those who drive them often know what they are doing to know the ship's weaknesses. and one more thing YOU NEED NOT BUY PREMIUN SHIP EVERYTIME A NEW COME OUT !!!!! this is an arcade game stop comparing the game with wartunder which is more a simulator thet is a completely different kind of game sigh sorry if you get angry About this but this is the weight of my heart so much has kept this for a long time and I did not feel well with it so I hope you understand that I would not insult anyone or hurt someone I usually keep calm and quiet of me but the last time has just been hate to my favo game that has give energy to will to live and I believe in a good future with this game and we should stop complaining about the team making this game and start complaining about their bosses who just see money complaining about the boss but please hate less. It's a game that can still be found WT was on the same track but managed to make it Maybe WoWS can also if we stop hate. and are more clear with what bother us. Having said that have a good evening