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Found 5 results

  1. Since this thread is so popular on the WoT EU forums and there are more and more testers joining who are not actively on the forums it might be time to start this one up here as well. I'll start off: Was in a battle with Jingles (the one and only) tonight, he was in his Kuma and I was in my Phoenix. We had a pretty intense engagement with the enemy on the right flank after which I was severely crippled and Jingles unfortunately sunk. One enemy was raging in the chat and got reported to support by Jingles with screenshots which kicked off a nice discussion (truly) between both teams in the chat. Unfortunately the match ended pretty quickly. Haven't seen Jingles in WoT in all the time that I've been playing so it was nice running into him. Cobra 6
  2. MortenTardo

    This is getting [edited] old WG

    Two games in a row i have detonated now. One whilst fighting a Z-46 with my Z-23. Full HP. Boom dead. Next game in my Blyska i get dropped by a CV that hit me with one DB. Full HP. Boom dead. Do you guys seriously think this is fun? Do you enjoy this [edited]? It's like playing a FPS and every game there is a small chance when a potato hits you in the foot, he headshots you. Does not make any [edited]sense. Don't start with using a useless module or the flags. You only get max 10 pr. day, so you can't use them for every game and the module is not an option for DD's unless you want your guns and torps to constantly break. I do not use India X-Ray flags unless i have deto flags on. It's getting [edited]old WG. And it's starting to piss me off to the point i don't wanna play and support your game anymore. I know it's not a big issue for BB's and cruisers, but for DD's it's a BIG problem. It's just pure RNG. No skill. Even the guys that detonated me said "i'm sorry" like it's their fault. Fix your crap WG!
  3. Aotearas

    Detonated twice today ...

    So how about WG removes the 24hr cooldown on recieving the Juliet Charlie signal flags after a detonation? Because if RNG decides to f*ck me that hard, I'd damn sure like to at least get the anti-detonation signal flags for it too! That or simply remove this blasted nonsense already ...
  4. Aotearas


    If the game decides to screw over a player with random OHKs, can we at least make it a BIG boom that's aesthetically impressive with a giant burst flame, smoke plume and explosive shockwave racing over the water surface? The smoke plume in particular might just stay for the remainder of the match slowly spreading as a poignant reminder of my or anothers untimely demise. I'd at the very least like to look fabulous if RNG gives me the stinking finger, thank you very much!
  5. Akagi_Kai

    Start Battle bug?

    Hi guys, might possibly need alittle assistance. My game was working flawlessly up until today, after I finished updating to the latest patch and was able to successfully log in and readjust my captain skills I decided to play a game and it loaded as per usual, however, it never displayed the 'Start Battle' button for me to actually enter the game? So I force closed the game, relogged and it immediately brought me back to the loading screen with the same results. You can notice that ships are being sunk etc, the battle is progressing and i'm basically a free meal in the size of ship i'm in. So... yeah. I'm not sure if this is just me or whatever, so, um... any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a screenshot of what I mean, you can see no button at the bottom and the loading animation is still working around the logo just above it. I should probably mention, that I can hear the battle behind the loading screen too. Edit: Also the second image, we just won the fight and I could cry lol... as it rarely happens with Izumo. There goes my daily 1.5xp and probably got a thousand reports due to my apparent 'afk' too. :'(