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Found 9 results

  1. Just making this post to draw some attention to the fact that Air Groups Modification 2 now gives +50% fighter ammo on the 0.6.0 PTS server. As this is module is the default choice for any aircraft carrier that isn't a USN strike CV, this means that almost all fighters will now have 50% more ammunition than before - even 65% when also accounting for the fact that Dogfighting expert now gives +10% to fighter ammo and is only a single point now.
  2. HMS_SideSwipe

    New suggestion since release of RN

    Maybe, just maybe a new way of thinking is required.... since the release of the RN cruisers with AP only shells, it got me thinking - What if; Before you go into battle ALL SHIPS had to choose either AP or HE as the ONLY ammo load out they could take - - NO MORE SWITCHING in battle just 1 type selected in port.
  3. Since we can configure each ship (in 0.5.9) by activating or deactivating the circles on the minimap and the game remember the settings, I want to make another suggestion to ship configuration: Current State: Lets take a New Mexico as example. In the game you load AP, this gets remembered an in the next game AP will be loaded by default. But if you fight at the end of the game for example a destroyer with HE and the round ends, HE gets loaded by default for the next game. Since you are used that AP is loaded you forget to check and screw up your first salvo. New system: You buy your New Mexico. You go to modules and to ammunition & consumables. You choose your preferred ammunition (HE or AP) by just clicking on it. The ammunition now gets loaded at the start of every game you play until you change it again by either clicking on the other shell type or the same type again to deselect it. If no ammunition is selected the current system will come in place, loading your last used ammunition at the start of the game. This will help players to set up their ships for the game and prevent from wrong ammunition use at the start of the game. The same method can be applied to the "hold fire" option for secondary and AA guns by adding another icon to the left of the HE shell icon. Illustration: I like to hear your thoughts on this one. Would you like it? Do you disagree with me? Lets discuss! I'm crap for example and very often forget to check my ammunition at the start of the game. With this system it would never happen again! And if you don't like it you can just use the old system by not clicking on anything. Hope you like my idea. Cheers Black
  4. Hi there you guys. With the new Arpeggio Update (which brought a lot of confusion with it, but that is another topic) I began to be very active again and with the new refined armour models I expected a much better experience on cruisers than before. Please take a note that this is my experience so far, so you may be in a complete different mood about everything right now. So after I played a bunch of games so that I reached the 1 Million damage points and around 1200 hits already I summarized my experience what changed. And actually something “weird” became a fact. HE surpasses AP performance in almost every Tier. Earlier it was normal that a Zao did 10000 damage per salvo at an angled ship and you often couldn’t pay her back with AP properly (Maybe your turrets were knocked out?!). Which in my opinion was not very amusing to look at but ok, something will change in the future I thought. Something did change but it’s very strange. With the refined armour models you get less damage with AP due to over penetrations. In my battleships I over penetrated other (USN) BBs and cruisers of any type of nation lately. Also In my Cruisers with the 8 Inch Guns I hit a Myoko in the Center as she moved around 90 degrees to my salvo. Imagine what I got? One citadel and 8 over penetrations. Remember that were hits in the Center of the ship, so the area with the greatest armour along the ship. Then as I needed to angle myself and tried to get away, I was pretty confident that my armour on my heavy cruiser Indianapolis would bounce the shells. But that wasn’t the case I suffered heavy and critical damage from the Myoko and a 180 mm Russian cruiser by penetrating my armour at very flag angles like 35° to 20°. So I died in seconds what wouldn’t be the case if the armor was like it was before. This also happened to me in other ships like Zao, Ibuki or Atago. Also I got to admit that I triple citadelled a Zao with my Atago in an angle of 45° and in the same salvo I hit 7 penetrations with it. In my opinion and due to my experience I'd say that this is unusual. But at this point I need to give Wargaming the credit for the impact model. Because what happens with the over penetration is actually pretty accurate, because the fuse is not armed after the impact on the hull. But if you hit the ship at a sharper angle the armour is thicker and the fuse will be armed and should explode inside. Everything is correct at this point, but it’s actually rather questionable why this happens, because before 0.5.9 a shell would have bounced or not penetrated the armour. But wait a minute. The armour model was refined right? It should be more “precise” on calculating the impact of a shell. But the Armor was not “redesigned” like recalculated on the thickness etc. So what changed? Honestly I don’t know but I also had scenes where a battleship penetrated me with AP in an angle that was pretty close to 90° leaving almost no impact in the form of damage and then she tried it again with AP at a sharper angle (50° to 70°) but that didn’t work either. So suddenly I saw HE flying at me and that wasn’t the only case it occurred in multiple games. And I can’t blame them honestly; they’re only doing their best to have the biggest impact in the game and trying to defeat their opponent. But something is not as it was before. I really see much more HE flying and this is fairly understandable, because angling doesn’t work against this type of shell it does very comparable damage to the AP shells and it even causes fire by hitting rather ridiculous points on the ship like the flag mast. “THE FLAG MAST”! So basically the HE shell won over the AP if you dare to say something like that. There’s no real countermeasure to it, because no matter how you angle it will do damage, knock turrets out - what I never understood (Turrets are one of the best armored parts of the ship, so a shrapnell rain wouldn't even make the care. Rather a hit with AP in the horizontal drive would cause a big issue), and cause fires by hitting any kind of spot with one single shell that eat your ship. I hope you can see that I find this kind of mechanic kind of unrealistic and partially ridiculous. And there’s the new factor now, that our AP shells mostly over penetrate the ships and cause rather little damage. I think Wargaming should investigate the armour patterns and check the penetration value of the shells as well (maybe the value increased due to a bug). But now it’s really not nice to get incinerated by every salvo that hits you, and it really makes me feeling helpless when I try to shoot them with AP shells and get 2000 damage out of 10 over penetrations in the middle of the ship.
  5. First of all, I'm well aware of the fact that ammunition should be switched depending on the situation, to get the most effect...for this discussion I want to avoid fast-reloading ships like DDs or CAs and focus on battleships, especially high-tier. For most people, the best reason to play battleships are those devastating strikes, annihilating one ship from full health completely. But once you reach higher tiers, the average gamer gets smarter and you rarely see full-broadside ships (angle-and-reverse-tactic, anyone?). In this case, you can't really do something with AP, except against some cruisers who are stupid enough to offer their broadside long enough without maneuvering. And even if you get to see a juicy broadside target and you hold your fire long enough, you still have to pray to rngesus to guide your shells into the right spots, or you get 3 overpens and some watersplashes. Meanwhile, those cruisers torch you with 5-10k HE-salvos and the fire itself. So my question is: In overall gameplay at high tier, is it on the long-time battleship-reload smarter to use HE against anything, because of the more consistent damage-rolls and maybe overall more damage? Despite the neat damage you can get on structures, you still have the advantage of a very nasty dot you can apply up to 4 times. I am curious, if the devs ever try to test flooding for AP-hits at the waterline (with much smaller chance than fire, of course)
  6. Before battle i have 236692 credits ...after battle: Received: 66440 Auto Repair : 58000 Ammunition Auto-Resupply: 3555 Total +4885 credits So i should now have 236692+4885=241577 instead i only have 219077 (minus 17615) What "expense" is this? The battle after that one i earned (total) 105259, payed 58000+3285 (repair, ammun.). "profit" 43974 So 219077+43974=263051. Instead i got 240551 (minus 22500...) I had 0 fines/compensation in both battles, i'm not accusing or anything, it may be in front of my eyes but i can't find the description of that value. Cheers
  7. Hello everyone, over the last two days the spread of new threads about different classes and ships increased rappidly and even topics that were not really old and discussed only some days ago are now at page 10 or further behind in this forum because of all those discussions. A fair ammount of them is about ships or classes and how they perform in the game. Their strengths and weaknesses. How to play them and how not to play them. How to play against them, how not to play against them and so on. Nerf them and buff them are general terms and there are many different ways in which a ship or a class can feel overperforming or underperforming, can feel overpowered or underpowered. So feel free to explain why you think some ships require rebalancing. In addition to the ship classes I want to ask you about the two ammunition types we currently have ingame (AP ammunition and HE ammunition) and how you think about them in terms of balancing. Every question has two parts. The first part is the general balanced or not part. The second part is about what you need to do to remove the imbalanced things in case you choose not balanced before. Because of the poll system I put them together in one questing with multiple answer possibilities Example: Q1: balanced Q2: not balanced, nerf all Q3: not balanced, buff some, nerf some ... To give you an idea about how you could answer those questions I will go ahead and start with my personal opinions. Q1 - DDs: DDs suffered from a number of nerfs in the past and are now at a point that most of themself are ok to play except for one main point. The smokescreen. Both duration and activation time were reduced heavily in the past and need to be buffed again. Not to a level where they were before as it was obviously over the top but 5 to 10 seconds extra activation time of the charges and a increased duration time of around 10 seconds throughout the different tiers would help them a lot to become more interesting for players again. Together with that there is Mutsuki. Not only does she suffer a slow turret traverse speed but her torpedo reload time of her tripple mounts is also too high compared to the double mounts and with the last patch her top speed also got nerfed so she tends to feel inferior compared to the ship before her in almost every aspect. Q2 - BBs: I have never played the Izumo at the Liveserver so I can't really say if she is balanced or not. As an enemy she was not really that impressive and appeared to get cittadelled really easy. An increase in armor might be required and maybe a slight buff for her reload time. Even though playing the Kawachi felt horrible I did surprisingly good with her according to my profile stats. Even the Fuso which felt so far over the top in past versions appears to be more balanced than she was before. Imo she is still overperforming and a increase in reload time by 2 or 3 seconds would help reducing that further but she appears to take much damage now when you have to close in to avoid draws and push your team. Another ship that didn't do too well before the wipe was the Colorado which didn't recieve a buff with the last patch according to the patchnotes. She suffers from the same problems Nagato has together with an even slower speed and slower reload in top configuration as well as her shorter range. It would help her if you could reduce the reload time in the top configuration as it is possible for the Nagato. Q3 - CLs/CAs: You all know what is comming now. Right, it's Cleveland and Des Moines. Cleveland lost a lot of it's punch with the updated armour mechanics and can be citadelled rather easy. If not for the current HE ammunition I would consider her more or less balanced. With more HP and her historical reload time she would also be a good ship for higher tiers for another tree if needed. And then there is Des Moines. While the firing arc is high and the shells are in the air rather long at higher distances she still has an incredible dpm and while Senjo/Zao was able to give her a good fight in the last patch every BB is melting away under her rapid firing 203mm guns. Lower penetration, longer reload and less HE damage are ways to reduce the supremacy in that area and with the last reload time nerf of Senjo there shouldn't be a problem to also nerf DMs reload. Last but not least Senjo/Zao. That last nerf of her reload time was not needed and will maybe prove to be a bad decision in the future (read as: when people got her in this version). I wouldn't have seen problems with this if she in exchange got back her long-lances or the chance to shoot unspotted from closer than 15.3km but a clean nerf for her like that one was absolutely not required and the slight speed buff doesn't change that. Q4 - CVs: The balancing here or how you want to call it is a total mess and would probably require an own thread of itself so I will give only a short comment about it. Imo the biggest problem is the balancing between different tiers while having only one CV in a match might balance itself out at a point where we have enough CV players available and not only those few we have now. A possible way to fight that could be to introduce more planes for both nations and make the top planes of one CV slightly better than the stock planes of the following while being still worse than the top planes of those. Another way would be scale down the differences between the tiers to give the t10 planes the specs of the current t9 planes and make all planes get closer to each other by rebalancing planes to this new and lower boarder. Also the maximum torpedo and bomb damage should increase from the lower tiers to the top tiers and should not be equal. Q5 - AP: I have no complains about that. Q6 - HE: While the damage output itself appears to be fine the number of fires caused by the fast fireing guns of Cruisers and damage taken by those is exceeding what it should do. The chance of fires for Cruisers has to be lowered throughout all excisting ones we have ingame. From my personal experience I would suggest a reduce of somewhere around 15% to 20% as well as a reduction of damage through fires by another 5% to 10%. After that there might be a need for a slight buff again but the current HE spam is far over the top. And now, what are your thoughts about the balancing?
  8. A lot of the discussions on the forums lately is about HE vs AP ammunition. With much of the rage being regarding the HE (supposed) superiority over AP, with it's ability to cause (supposedly) constant fires as well as consistant damage. So my suggestion is: let HE not be consistent, but affected by armoring. This goes especially for BBs (and if you look at my profile, I'm not just another whining BB driver), that adopted the All-Or-Nothing philosophy to armor (almost all dreadnoughts and true battleships of WoWs). AP shells can do high amounts of damage (either by penetrating and detonating in the citadel, or by over-penning and ricocheting inside the target before exploding) against medium and heavily armored targets (compared to their caliber). But if they hit the unarmored parts of the ship they will overpenetrate, doing minimal damage and just leaving a nice entry and exit hole, perhaps ripping away a few crew memebers of components on it's way. HE shells can do high amounts of damage if they hit the same lightly armored targets (even medium armored targets for higher calibers), it's large amount of explosive ripping apart light structures, shredding components and crew alike, and setting fires. But HE shells hitting heavy armor will just ecplode on the outside, leaving a scorchmark and nothing else, effectively doing little to no damage. For light calibers, even medium armor would prevent much damage from HE. These hits would also have next to no chance of starting a fire, as most fires were started by shells entering the superstructure to find smaller munition stores, fuel stores or crew quarters. The thought of the saltcrusted, wet wooden planing beig the thing that burn on a BB is wrong. Yes, given enough time exposed to other fires (i.e fuel, munitions etc) the deck will also burn, but the deck bunning is in no part vital.
  9. Nekomancer

    Choice of ammunition

    So, i'm currently at Tier 6 with my highest ship, the wonderful, wonderful Cleveland. Love this thing. Generally i use AP but heard that Overpenetration is a thing in this game, so, when should i use HE instead? Currently i do the following: DD: HE CA: AP CV: HE for fire, then AP BB: AP Anything you can add, or is that about right?