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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there guys, I am running around with a thought about the main battery turrets and guns. Now, you load a kind of ammo for the whole 'ship', for all the turrets the same. But, what if: You are on a whatever kinda boat, and you have 4 turrets, 3 barrels per turret. You can load each turret differently, so A has AP, B has HE, C has AP, D uses HE. Or: You can load each barrel with AP/HE. Outer 2 barrels AP, inner barrel HE. Or whatever. First thing Wargaming will say it will be too difficult for the players, which is understandable. But how many WW1/WW2 era warships/warplanes/tank/#everythingthathastodowithwar fans/enthousiast are playing this game? I'll guess there is also the term 'OP', because you will fire 2 kinds of ammo, if selected.. Let's sign a petition! ~ Jacco
  2. remove AIM MARKER a lot of players i know think the destroyer needs nurfing the idea that it can 1 hit any crap every 20 seconds makes it a killing machine and Iv seen players saying the torpedos need nurfing and the smoke including myself but after thinking about it when playing the destroyer i think the best thing to nurf it but keep it able to go toe to toe would be if they take out the marker telling you where to shoot your torpedos this makes it more down to the players skill of being able to line the shot up you don't get a marker in WOT when playing arty and for a good reason as all new players would be able to hot the same amount of shots as a long time player that has only ever played arty reload. i think this could do with some nurf's as i said above the destroyer can 1 hit almost any battleship or ship in the game and with a reload of 20-30s this make it the same as a batchat 25t with a 6 round autoloader 183 gun from the FV215b (183) in world of tanks limit the ammo. this would stop the destroyer being able to kill every one with the same 1 hit wonder durp it loves to do and means it would be up to the player to use it for more of a mid-scout type role not the durp your face off role. I'm not saying all its torpedos but give it 24 torps giving it 4 chances to kill its targets before change to main guns. this is just some points i think would help with balance.
  3. horvath6th

    [Suggestion] Enemy Detection & Ammo

    Just a quick note from the author, me. This is a long-ish thread and I hope people don't just post tl;dr. I also hope that this can be discussed in a civil manner. Cheers Part One: Enemy Detection & Camouflage I’m not entirely sure how these particular mechanics works at the moment but here is my suggestion(s) as to how I think it could work in an alternate gameplay environment. My comments / suggestions do not necessarily need to be considered as being implemented to the current game modes but rather could be added to a different, ‘Realism’ game mode which is slower but more in-depth. To start I believe the detection ranges need to be adjusted with more parameters being added to the specific ships to further increase realism. To start, maximum detection range should be calculated using four (or five!) factors… Note Ship 1 is your ship, Ship 2 is the enemy ship you’re detecting.. Height of Ship 1 Distance from Ship 1 to Ship 2 Size of Ship 2 Camouflage used Technology? To expand on the five points, first we have the height of your ship, Ship 1. This determines how far you can see across to the horizon. As you probably know, the horizon is based on the curvature of the Earth and changes depending on how high you are. If you’re standing on the coast and you are of average height, your horizon is only 2.9 miles (4.7km). But if you’re atop the observation mast (or whatever you call it) of a huge battleship, this will increase dramatically. If you know the height of your observation area then you can calculate the distance you can see using this equation (d in km, [1000m], h in m) or in the second image (d in miles, h in feet) Or For more information on the horizon - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon Next we have the distance (point 2) and size (point 3) of the enemy ship, Ship 2. These two factors should be considered together for all intents and purposes. The smaller and further away the ship, the more difficult it will be to detect and thus the closer is has to be to be detected. This however must also factor in the size of your own ship and if applicable (point 5) the technology historically employed on your vessel to aid in detecting enemy ships such as more advanced optics, scout planes or RADAR. This would become more valuable as you go through the tiers but could also be used as possible upgrades as a separate modification or as part of the Hull Type. All of these factors must be used to calculate the base distance in which a specific ship can be detected by your own ship. It should not be simply a base detection range for any ship to be detected by any other, but a more realistic system based on multiple factors. Lastly we have camouflage, which would basically modify the detectability of the enemy ship (Ship 2) by your ship, Ship 1, lowering it by a percentage. The more complex and or effective the camouflage, the greater that percentage. With this new system, I believe aircraft in particular, as well as larger ships, prove more useful in detecting the enemy fleet’s position(s). As a result I believe the ship responsible for detecting another ship (and thus informing the team of this) should receive points for sightings as it greatly increases the team’s ability to effectively manoeuvre and engage the enemy. I hope this first part has made sense to those who could be bothered to read it. I believe in the current set up these suggestions would not be feasible for WoWs, but in a more realistic mode on larger maps, they would be a significant boost to game play. Part Two: Ammo The next part should go a lot quicker. I believe it would be great to see historical ammunition used to label the ammunition used by our ships. AP and HE is so very arcade and I feel is a bit lazy on the part of the developer. At least put (for instance) 356mm HE and perhaps have some information on that shell. This would also open the door for advanced forms of the shell(s) employed based on historical data. If say, the US Navy started using more advanced 152mm AP shells in 1943, this should be seen as a possible upgrade in the game for US Naval ships that operated at that time with those guns. Once again, this asks more from the developer, but I believe this would open the door for some great historical and realistic additions to the game. That’s all for now folks, sorry for typing too much.
  4. seiseki

    HE or AP vs light armor?

    I've heard arguments from both sides. Personally I've found that AP can be way more devastating, but maybe I'm just aiming better now. HE seems to be better for disabling a ship.. So I want to hear the arguments from some of the old alpha players.
  5. I was in a tier 8 game in the German battleship Tirpitz and I was firing HE against an Yamamoto and a Missouri and i got abuse for it. Now I had an issue with lag last night that caused me to hit a rock and I got mild abuse for it so maybe he was venting. But he accused me of being a noob for firing HE at tier 9's and 10's. I swap between HE and AP in my ships all the time so it's not I'm a HE spamming idiot but I honestly thought HE was the only ammo of choice against targets with that armour. We won the game I survived and was half way in the list of players but my question is was HE the wrong choice here??? Thanks in advance.
  6. TheDarkUnicorn

    Furutaka uncontrollable ammo changing

    sometimes when i am shooting AP shell ,the ship will change the ammo to HE without my operating. it happened several times already. anyone else has such a problem?
  7. Supersubway

    Changing main gun ammo - bug

    Hello all, when changing ammo from HE to AP or from AP to HE, if I have 3-4 turrets ready to fire and open fire with one single turret, all turrets get to change the ammo, and not only the one that shoot. In this way I loose one shot per turret... because I have to wait for a complete reload and in the meanwhile I havent shot anything... this has to be fixed