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Found 4 results

  1. Hyperion84


    Hola people, I have just got the Amagi and I am looking forward to playing the ship. However I'd like some advise on how to drive her. I figured with her low amount of armor she ain't a frontline ship, just like her previous sister ships. Now I didn't like the Nagato much, never seemed to preform great in it and it is my hope Amagi at least with the increased loadout might preform a wee bit better in my hands. Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Scrumb

    Amagi XP

    So one thing that botherd me somewhat lathely, like i have been gridning xp in both the NC and Amagi, just got to Iowa like 2 days ago and Amagi xp gain just going so slowly. Like good game with NC i could get like 6-9k XP easy but with amagi a good game bearly nets me 4-6k this is with premium etc. Just me or dose Amagi get less xp than NC like some crap modefiers or something?
  3. ButterflyHunter2019

    Opinion on the best Amagi setup for Team battles

    Hi guys, what do you think are the best skills for Amagi for team battles? I took:1. Basics of Survivability2. Expert Marksman3. Vigilance4. Advanced Firing Training?. Now I have 4 skill points and need 80k exp for 5th one. I was thinking, that maybe beacuse of lack of AA I will take Manual Fire Control for AA - but no sure how much effective it is on Amagi, she has 8x2 127 mm with 82 dps and 6 km range. Manual Secondary Control seems interesting too, Amagi has 16 guns per side, seems more situational but maybe lifesaver in close range battles for extra damage and against suicidal dds. __ Also please include what upgrades you suggest with your choice, I currently have Main Battery Modification 1 (survivability of main guns) and Gun Fire Control System Mod. 1 (accuracy, is it -7% max dispersion?) Thanks for any advice and opinion
  4. Flavio1997

    Amagi's turret bug

    as you can see in the attachment, the turret number 1 is inside the turret number 2, and it is turning in the wrong way, it also allow me to fire trough my ship and destroy the enemy BB