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Found 23 results

  1. wot_2016_gunner

    Amagi: early impressions

    So, as you guys already know, yesterday i got the Amagi. I took her out today for some battles and... she's pretty good, a bit underperforming, but it think it's because she's still stock, but the guns do hit hard tho. Overall she's pretty good if played properly and with support (which you hardly get these days). The only issue that I have with her is not really about the ship, but it's about the "late tiers" economy. Tier 8, 9 and 10 economy s**ks in my opinion, I'm not complaining, i know that it's this way to kind of lead you into buying premuim account and such, i mean, form a 42.000 credits service cost from the Nagato, to the 75.000 credits of the Amagi (and i have the clan bonus) it's a bit too much, but i think that the problem it's another. Now, i'm not complaining, I'm competely fine with it, but here is the main problem with the game economy: I put the numbers together, and i found out that: the XP needed from researching ships (not counting the modules), the credits that you need to buy those ships, and the service costs, follow an exponential curve, they don't follow the same function, but the curve is similar. There is nothing wrong with that, but, here is where the problem lies (quote from the wiki): Each ship has multipliers to XP and credits. The multipliers of premium ships are known to be higher than those for tech tree ships. However, the values themselves are unknown. The multiplier scales with the tier of the ship. For XP, a two-fold difference is possible between Tiers I and X. E.g. a Tier I ship may have a multiplier of 1.0 while a Tier X ship has a multiplier of 2.0. For credits, the difference may be even greater. Based on this, it shows that it follows a straight line, and here is were the problems with the economy are: you see, you don't feel it that much in the early tiers, because you are in the shallower part of the curve, but as you move up in tiers, the need becomes more tangible. I think that if that multiplier would follow too an exponential line, even shallower than the other ones, maybe we wouldn't have that many problems with the economy (even from F2P). Anyway, Amagi... pretty good.
  2. Hyperion84


    Hola people, I have just got the Amagi and I am looking forward to playing the ship. However I'd like some advise on how to drive her. I figured with her low amount of armor she ain't a frontline ship, just like her previous sister ships. Now I didn't like the Nagato much, never seemed to preform great in it and it is my hope Amagi at least with the increased loadout might preform a wee bit better in my hands. Thanks in advance for your help
  3. I understand and get why the game has repair costs and re-arming costs, and that the higher Tier you go, the high those costs get, but aren't they a little too high for Battleships at Tier 8 and above? Recent match where I probably lost about 10K of health and did alright in it, yet the costs where 50k+. Anyone else feel the same way? Or is just a case of learning to deal with it when using High Tier BB's?
  4. Scrumb

    Amagi XP

    So one thing that botherd me somewhat lathely, like i have been gridning xp in both the NC and Amagi, just got to Iowa like 2 days ago and Amagi xp gain just going so slowly. Like good game with NC i could get like 6-9k XP easy but with amagi a good game bearly nets me 4-6k this is with premium etc. Just me or dose Amagi get less xp than NC like some crap modefiers or something?
  5. Merhaba arkadaşlar 8. seviye japon zırhlısını AMAGİ'yi az önce açmış bulunmaktayım, gayet pahalı bir gemi Bu zırhlının yükseltme ve kaptab becerileri nasıl olmalıdır acaba ? İkincil silahlara mı yönlenmeliyim yoksa başka bir türlümü olmalıdır en ufak bir fikrim bile yok. Yardımcı olursanız sevinirim, hatta resimli olarak anlatabilirseniz çok müteşekkir olurun iyi oyunlar herkese.
  6. Commander_Doom_

    Finally managed to do it

    It took some time but i finally broke 200k dmg, so decide to just make a quick little post. Ps. i would personaly like to thank scottelli in the edinburgh for deciding to sit broadside to all my guns within 10km in the last minute of the game when my team would have lost on points. so yeah today's a good day.
  7. Hunny

    Need some Amagi help.

    I am having a hard time against Bismarck "and the two other high tier german BB's", smoke generating ships and long range cruisers. My Amagi's captain is skilled for secondaries since she used to have good secondary befor the Germans came, so against a secondary build Bismark I stand no chanse, shes faster, have better armor and longer range on her secondaries. Against the cruisers I cant hitt them cos they just turn and keeps me on fire 24/7 and the smokers, well, they are hidden. I am short on credits so my equipment is only the Magazine and Secondary Battery Modifications. Help is needed
  8. nurbsi


    Hey, liebe Mitschiffer. (*hur-hur*) Das mag eine blöde Frage sein, aber eine Antwort hab' ich darauf noch nicht gefunden: Bringt es finanziell einen Vorteil, B-Rumpf zu überspringen und direkt C einzubauen oder werden die Kosten für B auch auf C angerechnet? Ich möchte meine Amagi ungern Stock spielen, hab' aber auch keine Lust, knapp 70k freie XP für C auszugeben ^^ Grüße nurbsi
  9. This is from a game I just had. I have a standard account. The thing is that I ended this game with 15K to 20K Hit Points because I was fighting multiple ships during the game. How's even possible to loose credits in a tier8, not dying and having such good stats into this one battle? My brain sometimes explodes to nonesense like this. Thats why I usually dont play my amagi, cause I know I'll end up loosing credits even if I end up first in the classification of my team and doing loads of damage... Edit: sorry that the thumbnails are in spanish but I guess you can differenciate whats written on the screen cause you play this game.
  10. I just can't help but feel like the Amagi is no longer earning credits as much as before. And to emphasize, I do not mean the sum after repairs, etc. (I know August had reduced high tier repair costs). I mean the amount of credits I get for doing damage, capping/defending flags, etc. ... beforehand I used to get around 200k credits for a good game but recently I hardly break past 150k even with decent damage done (100k+ and yes, I also know damage rewards are based on health percentage, not total number digits!). As an example this game from today: That's ~130k damage done, one full flag capture (all by myself) and a partial flag capture. 2281 base XP ... I vaguely remember that I typically broke the 200k credits earned when I got over 2k base XP, but since a couple weeks I can't help but think I'm earning too few credits in this ship. Fair enough, roughly half that damage was the Iowa (juicy broadside, om nom nom), but I also put the majority of health off a Baltimore and nicked one Tirpitz nicely. So overall I did around 80% damage to the Iowa (which should net me bonus XP and credits for it being a tier higher!), 70% to the Baltimore, ~33% to the Tirpitz plus a couple snippets of damage to other ships. That combined with the base captures amounting to only ~175k credits seems a bit low to me. Sadly I can't compare it to previous Amagi games since I had recently cleaned up my screenshot folder so I have no means to directly compare it to previous games of mine. Is that just me being whack or is this something someone else noticed too?
  11. ABED1984

    Scharnhorst and Amagi

    I guess the Scharnhorst will behave the same as the Amagi in terms of speed and good guns, Am I right?
  12. OK, so whats up with this? Last few days whenever I was in a battle against t9/10 enemy battleships, my amagi did next to no damage to them. And no, I'm not talking about sniping them from 20km into the bow, I'm talking about 13-15km salvos into broadside that deal virtually no damage... Few battles ago I was literary spamming HE shells into a broadside Iowa from 13-14 km because I couldn't deal any real damage to him... (getting 10k HE salvos) Anyone else experiencing things like that? btw example from my last game (as noted, basicly all of shots were fired into broadsiding enemies, not angled ones.) Izumo - 16 shells hit from ~13 km into broadside (even incapacitated his gun because i was aiming below his turrets) - result: 20k damage Iowa - 13 shells hit from 14-15 km into broadside - result: 7.9 k damage Iowa - 3 shells hit from 14 km into broadside - result -2.5k damage
  13. R4in3r5


    Is it me or is the disperson on the amagi as horrible as the myogi? Everyone keeps saying its a badass ship, but I cant hit the broad side of a barn from the inside, even at optimal ranges, my shots go everywhere except where i aimed them. I do give the correct amount of lead, factor in wether the ship is approaching me or going away, but they seem to go wherever they please, or so it seems. I honestly liked the Nagato better, i could at least hit something lol.
  14. cro_pwr

    Amagi stock / upgrade prices

    Ok, I've grind enough exp to get Amagi few days ago, but was short on cash. Now i've grind enough cash to buy Amagi, and god damn, i can't stress out how lucky I was to actually check stock stats for the ship... on top of the normal price/exp you need 6 MILION CREDITS and 83 000 exp to make that ship usable??? seriously WG, what the actual F*ck! inb4 paywall to milk money (i understand that), but THAT MUCH???? are you guys F*cking crazy? then put B hull as a stock and increase the price for it or something, this is just completely misleading... Fuso was a joke as stock, but quite low price / exp to make him good, nagato was quite bad as stock, but amagi? what the F*uck are you even thinking... I've grind USN cruisers to t10, and 4-5 more lines to t7-8 and i don't remember any ship to suffer that much from stock config as IJN BBs... its simply a bad joke...
  15. This series of guides goes to very detail about ship behavior tactics and stats. Videos include port view + captain skills + modules + stats comparisons + gameplay action Tier 3: Tier 4: NIKOLAI Tier 5: NEW YORK KONGO Tier 6: NEW MEXICO FUSO WARSPITE Tier 7: COLORADO NAGATO Tier 8: NORTH CAROLINA TIRPITZ AMAGI Tier 9: IOWA IZUMO Tier 10: MONTANA YAMATO

    Tips on playing Amagi?

    I'm having a tough time in this ship. Every shells that lands on me does 8k damage while my shells mostly bounce or do 1k damage. Feels like its made of tin foil. Also the bad range doesn't help... currently at 18km. Not to mention this ship is extremely expensive to repair. What is your tactic?
  17. Fonfalks

    So i returned to BBs...

    Long, long time ago in far far away sea i quit BB tree entirely at Nagato (was going via IJN tree) due to its crazy dependency on RNg, but today because i had somehow accumulated enough money to buy brand new BB i decided to try Amagi to see how are BBs after all these patches (been like 4 months since i last played BBs). Long story short - stock Amagi is unplayable and BBs are as much RNG based class as they used to be, patches have changed nothing. Shells fly where they want, this "BB" has no armor, guns have range almost same as cruisers and overall its a really really bad ship. My advice to anyone considering it is this - dont buy it and if you really really have to because of Yamato use free XP and just skip it. AMAGI is like tier 3 DD made 10 times bigger, with Nagato guns, but with less range. Enjoy....
  18. Hi guys, what do you think are the best skills for Amagi for team battles? I took:1. Basics of Survivability2. Expert Marksman3. Vigilance4. Advanced Firing Training?. Now I have 4 skill points and need 80k exp for 5th one. I was thinking, that maybe beacuse of lack of AA I will take Manual Fire Control for AA - but no sure how much effective it is on Amagi, she has 8x2 127 mm with 82 dps and 6 km range. Manual Secondary Control seems interesting too, Amagi has 16 guns per side, seems more situational but maybe lifesaver in close range battles for extra damage and against suicidal dds. __ Also please include what upgrades you suggest with your choice, I currently have Main Battery Modification 1 (survivability of main guns) and Gun Fire Control System Mod. 1 (accuracy, is it -7% max dispersion?) Thanks for any advice and opinion
  19. So relaxing You can watch the rest of my videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFzHgJ94BCwmjzmCMBKXf-XJ8yZG9EJ1-
  20. CV2305_SkyMarshal

    Amagi vs NC

    Moin Community, ich habe seit einigen Tagen nun die Amagi, die NC habe ich bereits etwas länger und auf ihr auch die bisher meisten Runden aller BBs. Bisher war die NC mein absoluter liebling, doch seit ich jetzt die Amagi voll ausgebaut im hafen habe, hat sich das bild zu gunsten der Amagi verändert. Für mich ist die Amagi ganz klar der bessere BB auf Tier 8, zwar ist ihre maximale Reichweite mit 19,1 Kilometer geringer aber ein wirkliches "Problem" stellt das in meinen Augen nicht da. Wo sind die Vorteile des Japaners? - Bessers Schadensbild, weit bessere penetrations leistung - Agiler -Schneller - Bessere MA Nachteile: - Weniger AA - Weicher als die NC Besagten Nachteile haben für mich allerdings bisher kein Problem dargestellt. Besonders der Damage mit der Amagi ist nicht nur Gefühlt höher, er lässt sich nachweisen. Die Stats sprechen hier eine ganz deutliche Sprache. Auch gereichen der Amagi drei Geschützte im Heck bei Rückzügen ganz klar zum Vorteil, gegen über nur einem Geschützt der NC. Und auch wenn die AA schwächer ist, so holt sie trotzdem das ein oder andere Flugzeug vom Himmel. Bei den Vorteilen kommen ganz klar ihre Geschütze zum tragen. Durchschnittstreffer machen mehr schaden als die der NC, Citas kommen ebenfalls viel öfters vor. Insgesamt scheinen die Granaten auch eine weit bessere durschlagsleistung zu haben. Wo ich bei der NC schon mal verzweifl, das, trotz treffer, null schaden rum kommt, haut die Amagi mit 5-8K Damage rein. Und sollte sich mal jemanden in den Nahbereich der Amagi trauen, bricht die Hölle los. Die MA der Nagato war schon episch, die Amagi steht hier in nichts nach. Bei der NC kommt es auch mal zu treffern und sogar abschüssen der MA, aber auch hier punktet die Amagi. Ich muss es leider einfach sagen: Die Amagi ist in allen belangen der NC überlegen und macht, zumindest mir, ganz klar viel mehr Spaß als die NC. Wie sieht es bei euch aus, liebe BB Kevins? Meine Stats dazu im vergleich: Amagi: Erfahrung 1.815,75 Schaden verursacht 77.214,67 Zerstörte Kriegsschiffe 1,42 Flugzeuge abgeschossen 4,25 Trefferleistung der Hauptbatterie 26% Basiseroberung 0,00 Basisverteidigung 0,00 NC: Erfahrung 1.665,34 Schaden verursacht 53.506,62 Zerstörte Kriegsschiffe 0,91 Flugzeuge abgeschossen 5,86 Trefferleistung der Hauptbatterie 28% Basiseroberung 0,00 Basisverteidigung 0,00
  21. CruetlyKing

    Japanese paper BB

    I played the t8 Japanese BB Amagi and I just want to turn off my computer forever. WTF am I suppose to do in it? I can't snipe with the BB terrible dispersion, I can't brawl because even the gun Destroyers can penetrate the armor and get citadel. I'd rather have the nagato at t8 with 66500 hp than the amagi. One extra turret for the armor to be turned off? The North Carolina have 9 gun and can just citadel me anytime, when I shoot the NC turret and broadside, it bounced off. FK this sh!t.
  22. Flavio1997

    Amagi's turret bug

    as you can see in the attachment, the turret number 1 is inside the turret number 2, and it is turning in the wrong way, it also allow me to fire trough my ship and destroy the enemy BB