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Found 1 result

  1. wot_2016_gunner

    Amagi: early impressions

    So, as you guys already know, yesterday i got the Amagi. I took her out today for some battles and... she's pretty good, a bit underperforming, but it think it's because she's still stock, but the guns do hit hard tho. Overall she's pretty good if played properly and with support (which you hardly get these days). The only issue that I have with her is not really about the ship, but it's about the "late tiers" economy. Tier 8, 9 and 10 economy s**ks in my opinion, I'm not complaining, i know that it's this way to kind of lead you into buying premuim account and such, i mean, form a 42.000 credits service cost from the Nagato, to the 75.000 credits of the Amagi (and i have the clan bonus) it's a bit too much, but i think that the problem it's another. Now, i'm not complaining, I'm competely fine with it, but here is the main problem with the game economy: I put the numbers together, and i found out that: the XP needed from researching ships (not counting the modules), the credits that you need to buy those ships, and the service costs, follow an exponential curve, they don't follow the same function, but the curve is similar. There is nothing wrong with that, but, here is where the problem lies (quote from the wiki): Each ship has multipliers to XP and credits. The multipliers of premium ships are known to be higher than those for tech tree ships. However, the values themselves are unknown. The multiplier scales with the tier of the ship. For XP, a two-fold difference is possible between Tiers I and X. E.g. a Tier I ship may have a multiplier of 1.0 while a Tier X ship has a multiplier of 2.0. For credits, the difference may be even greater. Based on this, it shows that it follows a straight line, and here is were the problems with the economy are: you see, you don't feel it that much in the early tiers, because you are in the shallower part of the curve, but as you move up in tiers, the need becomes more tangible. I think that if that multiplier would follow too an exponential line, even shallower than the other ones, maybe we wouldn't have that many problems with the economy (even from F2P). Anyway, Amagi... pretty good.