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Found 3 results

  1. Fellow sailors, the first German Battleships have been leaked through a chinese Website: http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=9471962&_ff=441 We can see: - KÖNIG ALBERT (last of the 5 Kaisers) on Tier 3 with 10.8km main artillery range (remember Kawachi...?) - potential premium? - KAISER with HORSESHIT fantasy upgrades that look like sh**** Even though I know this is preliminary and only a snapshot I am hugely disappointed. Why is it so difficult to implement these ships in a state as they where in 1919? Nerf König Albert to death to shoehorn into 3 and making Kaiser ugly as hell with stupid funnel caps, huge Bridge, new bow section misfit and 1930s antennas and rangefinders? I am really sad about the way WG is apparently taking here! I enjoy the game a lot but this is spoiling a lot for me. In my opinion there is absolutely NO need for this paper-sh*** up to Tier 6 or above. WG please go back to the drawing board and redo this line - even if it takes more time. Is it just me?
  2. TomaszuJerzy

    König Albert first impressions

    Very accurate bb for tier 3. I easilly put like 4-6 shoots in campbeltown 8km away. Good turning, you can easilly avoid torpedoes, especially from cv players on this low tier. Maybe it's my bad luck but it burns like crazy, had fights vs nassaus when i come out victorius just to burn down 20 sec later from multiple fires from their secondaries. I think it's going to be my favorite tier 3 bb, but i just got it today for aircraft carrier weekend and i'm going to leave it till it's over. Out of 12 torpedo planes i shoot 1 with the help of nassau. Theres no chance vs cv, especially now, when there's 2 in enemy team. You can dodge, but you can't dodge forever, and there's no point in pursuing running cvs. Some port pictures below. You can see hidden painting in the stern. http://imgur.com/a/WJDR6
  3. Perth and Duca D'Aosta are now listed for 3 days on the webshop as part of a WG Anniversay Sale. König Albert has also returned to the webshop for 6 days. If you cannot see them, make sure you are logged in. I have been waiting for Perth for months! And i missed Albert the last time she was on the shop. But i am sitting on a sh*tload of doubloons, why can i not spend them on anything good? Of course i understand that WG wants customers to spend more real money instead of doubloons (for which we already have spend money). But at some point it must become of interest to WG that such players do spend their horded doubloons on something, otherwise they stop spending real money at all until the doubloons are gone (like me now). I really do want to buy Perth and Albert, but for doubloons. WG why not please enable atleast one of them ingame for the Anniversay? Please! Pretty sure i am not the only one.