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Found 22 results

  1. Now Best to Us aircraft carrier is that nothing is touched, but none of what they have imagined will be accomplished,It is up to us to adapt,because they have changed everything in relation to them,it will be difficult to control,just to do as little damage as possible, and to give up as much as they do with artillery in WOT.
  2. Munition

    how to rework CV's

    Please Moderators, move this to Development Section -> Discussion Hello everyone,I thought about aircraft carriers and how they are represented in the game and came up with some ideas. I want to say I'm not a strict CV hater but sometimes they annoy me. Mainly I'm writing this because I'm a little bit disappointed how carriers play as I expected something different. For those who now check my profile: Yes, I haven't played a single game in a carrier yet, but I played them in the closed Beta.Please feel free to comment on every single idea as I'm curious about your opinions. Also I'm sorry if I open the 500th thread about this but I want to show you my ideas. A) Removal of the "Flight Control" as a module of the carrier. Replace it with "Deck Crew"Players can mix their general aircraft-setup the CV carries into battle in the harbor like granates in WoT. Number of fighters carried should forced to be 1/3 of plane-load.The new module "Deck Crew" determines how many aircraft can be prepared by the crew simultaneously and thereby reduces the whole preparation time. B) Removal of pre-set squadrons. Replace it with custom squadronsNow you can create bigger formations. IJN CV's can increase/decrease the strength of one squadron by 4 planes per step and USN according to this by 6 planes per step. This way you can avoid too many small squadrons per CV at one time. C) Add control over the squadron's altitudeMax. altitude should be limited to 5km but if your planes fly this high they can avoid much of the light/medium AA. On the other side dive-bombers are diving longer (but are more accurate) towards their target and torpedo-bombers need to circle down before they can attack and thereby they are longer a target.A good player could use this for example to overfly some of the cruisers AA, than lower the altitude and attack the battleships. D) Massive increase of preparation time before squadrons can be launchedThis is the payoff for your new freedom but it also preserves you from spamming and losing all your aircraft early in the game. E) Add the danger of being attacked while you prepare you squadrons and end in a massive fireballThis makes the gameplay more depth as you have to think strategically. F) Add the option of armor-piercing bombs with massive damage for dive-bomber G) Higher the point of bomb release for dive-bombers and thereby lower their accuracy H) Increase the closest point of torpedo release to circa 1km G) and H): Diving to long and/or get to near to the AA is suicidal I) Increase the time torpedoes need to be armed a little bit J) Removal of the "Blue Angels"-like squadron-attack for torpedo-bombersThis is even to unrealistic for an arcade game - also it's unfair for BB's.They shouldn't drop their torpedo simultaneously and also not perfectly parallel.If you think twice about this it even could increase the chance for a hit as the torpedos don't run as predictable. K) Add the possibility to deflect torpedoes if they hit you with something like 15°or less To complete my statement I want to say I don't think this reduces overall effectivity but makes playing a carrier more strategically and more balanced. I'm really looking forward to your opinion!
  3. Echecs_nicolas

    Utiliser la DCA WoWS

    Salut la compagnie ! Tout d'abord, je suis désolé si je ne suis pas sur le bon sujet, mais voila. Je viens vers vous car ça fait maintenant deux parties ou je me fait asmater la gueule par des avions torpilleurs ou des bombardiers en piquet. Pourtant, mon petit cuirassé possède des défenses anti aériennes, et j'aimerai bien les utiliser. Cependant, bah, je ne sais pas comment faire, et quelle touche cliquer. Pouvez vous m'aider silvoupley ? :] Ah, et j'y pense, j'ai une autre question. A ce qu'il parait il y a des cuirassés Français dans le jeu, mais pourtant, impossible de les trouver dans l'arbre technologique, et ça me fait [edited] car je suis très chauvin et que je souhaiterai jouer des cuirassés Français. Est ce normal ? Merci beaucoup, Cordialement, A French Chauvinist
  4. HexTq

    Performance drop

    Experiencing heavy performance drop when 3+ higher (tier V+) carriers and their aircraft on map. Frame drop, lagspikes and sound issues.
  5. Rarely do I see cruiser captains actively try to protect battleships, at least after the first couple of minutes of a battle. So how can we get those pesky cruisers () to want to stay with their heavier comrades? I haven't been to these forums for a while, so this may have been suggested before. Anyway, here it goes: If a battleship is inside a cruiser's AA range and that cruiser shoots down a bomber or torpedo bomber (this does not apply to fighters), the cruiser gets an extra XP and credit award for that aircraft kill (compared to a regular aircraft kill). Maybe even more credits and XP if said aircraft are on a bombing\torpedo run. I'm not talking about thousands of XP here, just a small amount, but still enough for cruisers to want to stay closer to their BBs. If that isn't enough, how about an award? Kill X bombers\torp bombers when a BB is inside the cruiser captain's AA range, and the captain gets the award! Are there any downsides to something like this? I sure don't see them... Maybe WG does...
  6. AkaZecik

    Cruiser's squadron

    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to control e.g. Omaha's squadron (activated by T). If so, how can I do it? Can I fly away from my ship and attack the others?
  7. Burnsyy

    Queen Elizabeth Class

    The Queen Elizabeth class is a class of two aircraft carriers being built for the Royal Navy. HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to begin sea trials in 2017 with an initial operational capability in 2020; the decision whether to operate HMS Prince of Wales will not be taken until 2015. The Queen Lizzy is already being built and by god it is big :) so here are some photos design Progress... She will be the pride of the navy :) Size So there are some pictures :D So The HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) she will be the biggest ship yet. her motto is Semper Eadem ("Always the Same") she is being built in HMNB Portsmouth. she was laid down in 2009 and will begin sea trials in 2017 General characteristics Class & type: Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier Displacement: 65,600 tonnes (64,600 long tons)[2] Length: 284 metres (932 ft)[3] Beam: 39 metres (waterline) 73 metres overall Draught: 11 metres[4] Decks: 16,000 square metres Speed: 25 knots (46 km/h) Range: 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km) Capacity: 1,450 Complement: 600 Armament: Phalanx CIWS 30 mm guns and mini-guns to counter asymmetric threats.[5] Aircraft carried: Tailored air group of up to 40 aircraft: F-35 Lightning II Chinook Apache Merlin Lynx Wildcat Aviation facilities: Hangar below deck and two aircraft lifts. as you can see this will be an awesome ship :) Wiki :) Design and construction On 25 July 2007 the then Defence Secretary Des Browne, announced the £3.8bn order for the two new carriers.[8] On 11 December 2008, Defence Secretary John Hutton announced that the two ships would enter service one or two years later than the originally planned dates of 2014 and 2016.[9] The in-service date was further extended to 2020 in The Strategic Defence and Security Review 2010 Construction of Queen Elizabeth began in 2009. Her assembly is taking place in the Firth of Forth at Rosyth Royal Dockyard. She will be built from nine blocks built in six UK shipyards; BAE Systems Surface Ships in Glasgow, Babcock at Appledore, Babcock at Rosyth, A&P Tyne in Hebburn, BAE at Portsmouth and Cammell Laird (flight decks) at Birkenhead.[11][12] Two of the lower main blocks, together weighing more than 6,000 tonnes and forming part of the base of the ship, were assembled and joined into one piece on 30 June 2011.[13] On the 28 October 2012 an 11,000-tonne section of the carrier began a lengthy journey around the south coast of England (to avoid bad weather) from the shipbuilding hall at Govan, to the Rosyth dockyard; it arrived on 21 November. Weapons system Defensive weapons will include the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence; also 30mm Automated Small Calibre Guns and Mini Guns for use against fast attack craft. Highly Mechanised Weapon Handling System (HMWHS) Incorporated into the first two blocks is a sophisticated handling and deployment system for air weapons, with the aim of achieving a sortie generation rate which is about six times faster than any previous Royal Navy aircraft carrier. The system will require only 50 people and could be operated with as few as 12 in an emergency; it is estimated that 160 would be needed to produce the same efficiency with conventional equipment. The system will move munitions on pallets by means of remotely controlled electric vehicles and lifts.
  8. QuintenCK

    Carrier EXP

    Hi everyone! I've noticed something in the game lately. And to no suprise it is the CV EXP system. I have sent a ticket to Wargaming, and they directed me to here. So why not make use of it? As you can see on the picture, I earned less EXP in my Essex, than in my Fuso, altought I did better in most ways in my Essex. And I bet I am not the only one complaining that we have to use premium camo, for CV EXP to become relevant. Take note: On both ships, I ran no other economy flags than the +50% EXP bonus. Both were not my first victory of the day. I don't have a premium camouflage on both ships. So my ideas on it, and how we can improve CV gameplay a bit, by rebalancing CV economy. Some of my ideas: Plane kills give EXP, not much, but they do. So what I would do is increase the EXP earned by these ribbons, after all, your team loves you for killing enemy planes. Example: If we say a single plane ribbon gives 10 EXP, then we could increase it by halve, to 15 EXP. I would increase the base EXP gained by CVs overall a little bit, maybe with 5-10%. The credits earned is very poor, I got more credits in my Fuso than in my Essex, yet the Essex has higher maintenance costs. So I would seriously buff the credits gained from CV gameplay. I don't know how the algorithm works for CV credits, but in general, I would buff it with a serious 20%. Lower the maintenance on high tier ships in general, not by much, but maybe like 5-10%. It would not only please the CV community, but all high tier players. These were some of my ideas. I am open to other ideas and to people who know how to balance it more, write a comment! Thank you.
  9. unauwen

    Myogi B no aircraft info

    The Kuma a -> b tells you it will give you an aircraft With the Myogi a -> b it does not (in the module section) edit: wrong subforum, can I move this myself?
  10. Hello Everyone!!! I am just starting to play with aircraft carriers. I have Hosho and very soon i am going to get Zuicho ... And i am starting to think about planes group setups... What is better setup? with fighters or without it? ... How do you use (especially in IJN) fighters? To protect our bomb/torp planes or to attack enemy? Please share with me (and others who want to know ) your experience about your tactic and all that stuff Thank you and have good luck and great fun in game!!!
  11. MSDOS

    HMS Venerable (R63)

    HMS Venerable (R63) was a Colossus-class aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy. She served for only the last few months of World War II, and in 1948 she was sold to the Netherlands and renamed HNLMS Karel Doorman (R81) and taking part in the military clash in 1962 in Western New Guinea (now, Papua and Papua Barat, in Indonesia). Subsequently she was sold to Argentina and renamed ARA Veinticinco de Mayo, later taking part in the Falklands War. HMS Venerable was laid down at Cammell Laird in Birkenhead on 3 December 1942, launched just over a year later, and commissioned on 17 January 1945. As with others of the class completed just before the ending of hostilities, HMS Venerable immediately headed to the Far East to join the 11th Aircraft Carrier Squadron (Colossus, Glory and Vengeance) of the British Pacific Fleet. Each carrier had around 40 F4U Corsair fighters and Fairey Barracuda torpedo bombers on board. After the end of hostilities, HMS Venerable repatriated prisoners of war to Canada and Australia, before returning to the UK. Venerable only served three years in the Royal Navy before being sold to the Dutch as HNLMS Karel Doorman. In 1968, after a boiler-room fire, she was sold to the Argentine Navy and renamed ARA Veinticinco de Mayo (V-2). Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman (R81) General characteristics Class & type: Colossus class light aircraft carrier Displacement: 19,900 tons Length: 192 m (630 feet) Beam: 24.4 m (80 feet) Draught: 7.5 m (24.4 feet) Propulsion: 4 boilers with steam turbines 2 shafts 40,000 shp Speed: 24 knots Complement: 1,300 Armament: 12 x 40 mm AA guns HMS Venerable
  12. RyanUK600

    japanese aircraft

    This is really pissing me off, why am I constantly being beaten by american aircraft? They seem to completely dominate the sky and take most of my planes down before they can actually land hits. I have ground my way to the tier 6 Ryujo and it's been awful, the Japanese feel quite under powered IMO. I'm pretty sure IRL that it was the F6F Hellcat that changed the game for america and anything before that got eaten by the Japanese aircraft. Sure Japan have "better bombers" but this is obsoleted by the American fighters that chew them up on the way to their target. This is purely opinion so please don't be mad :3. Regards, Ryan
  13. I know this is a Warships forum; but, when talking about the Imperial Japanese Navy, one of the subjects that comes to mind is its air branch, with iconic aircraft such as the A6M series. So, this topic is about the naming procedures for japanese aircraft by the IJN; land based aircraft of the IJNAF will also be included. Take in account that this post reflects the short designation system adopted in the 1920s, some of the aircraft named with this designation system also have an equivalent in the older nomination system; being the aircraft designed between As always, feedback welcomed and be civilized when answering. And now, lets get to it! FIRST CHARACTER, THE AIRCRAFT TYPE LETTER The first letter on an aircraft in service (or predicted to be in service) in the IJN, always indicates the aircraft type; or so to say, the function that aircraft will have in the operations. LETTER AIRCRAFT TYPE A Carrier Based Fighter B Carrier Based Torpedo Bomber C Carrier Based Reconnaisance Aircraft D Carrier Based Dive Bomber E Reconnaisance Seaplane F Fire Director/Observation Seaplane G Land Base Bomber* H Flying Boat J Interceptor K Trainer L Transport M Special Seaplane N Seaplane Fighter P Land Base Bomber Q Anti-Submarine Patrol R Land Based Reconnaisance S Land Based Night Fighter *The designation "P" and "G" doesn't seem to have a clear distinction. Some sources state "G" as attack bomber; not really correct since not all of the aircraft following such designation serve that purpose (G4, G5, G8, G10). Not only that, but the G4M and the P1Y serve mainly exactly the same purpose; the main difference being that the P1Y is a fast bomber, and it was also designed with guided rockets in mind as part of its loadout. SECOND CHARACTER, THE AIRCRAFT TYPE NUMERAL This one has not a lot of science behind it. This number indicates the number which this machine occupies in the aircraft serving the same role. For example, A6M: Means it is the sixth aircraft to be accepted as a carrier based fighter. Bear in mind that for an aircraft to carry this numeral (and thus affecting the ones which will come behind it) IT DOESN'T need to enter service. For example, the J4M Senden carries the number 4 in the Interceptor series, despite never leaving the design board. It also affected the aircraft coming behing it. The J7W Shinden, for example, entered service (only "technically", since the aircraft was ordered into production but none mass-produced units were finished). So, the "7" of the J7W was affected by the "4" of the J4M. THIRD CHARACTER, THE DESIGNER COMPANY LETTER This letter indicates the company or enterprise the designer or team of designers which created the aircraft worked for. Foreign aircraft in japanese service had aswell their own manufacturer letter, but in the following table, only japanese companies are listed. LETTER MANUFACTURER A Aichi D Showa G Hitachi Kokuki H Hiro J Nihon Kogata Hikoki K Kawanishi M Mitsubishi N Nakajima P Nihon S Sasebo W Kyūshū Y Yokosuka Z Mizuno Guraida Seisakusho FOURTH CHARACTER, THE MODEL NUMERAL This number indicates the version of the aircraft, starting with 1 (usually the prototype ot pre-production unit designator). The model of the aircraft referenced major or notable changes between different models. For example A6M2 ; the said "2" indicates that is the second model of the A6M series. (OPTIONAL) FIFTH CHARACTER, THE SUB-MODEL LETTER This low-caps letter, is not always present, but if so, represents a sub model of the current version of the aircraft stated on the previous character. It is sometimes found in letter ranging from "a" to "d", representing the grade of the sub-model, but can alternativelly be found as short names, each one equivalent to a grade. To list the first four ones: "Grade a" - "Ko" "Grade b" - "Ōtsu" "Grade c" - "Hei" "Grade d" - "Tei" And as an example: A6M5c , the "c" meaning is the third (or grade c) sub-model of the fifth version of the A6M series. (OPTIONAL) SIXTH CHARACTER, THE ROLE-CHANGING LETTER There are sometimes when the aircraft's role doesn't match its initial designation; this is due to a change in purpose for the said aircraft. This can be either done by direct engineering on the aircraft, changing its characteristics and converting it into a new aircraft; or simply reusing a version of such aircraft with a different role. Whatever the reason, when an aircraft begins to fullfill a role it was not designed to, the new role letter designation (look at the first character table), is added at the end, preceded by a "-". Likely, the most famous example would be the Shiden; whose designation is N1K1-J (for the first version). Acording to the first character, this aircraft should be a seaplane fighter (which is what it was in its original version, the N1K1 Kyōfu), but it is not, it is an interceptor. The last character, the "-J", nullifies the first letter, adding a new role for the aircraft. That is not the only example though, many more purpose changes were made by the IJNAF to various aircraft during the war. Well, this is it for the time being, hope you enjoyed this little guide on naming procedures for IJNAF aircraft. I will be adding more information in the near future, such as the "nickname" naming convention for IJNAF aircraft, a list of all aircraft, special designation cases (such as the MXY7) and double designation aircraft (such as the A6M). Thank you for your time!
  14. As above, there are multiple types of US spotter planes Curtiss SOC Seagull (Omaha) Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher (Every cruiser from Cleveland up) Curtiss SO3C Seamew (Battleships Collorado and North Carolina) and Curtiss SC Seahawk (Battleships Iowa and Montana.) But every Japanese ship seems to have the Mitsubishi F1M. It'd be nice to have a bit more variety here. I know for example the Mogami should actually have Aichi E13A scout planes. And I've found records saying the Furutaka should have the Kawanishi E7K. and that Kongo should have either Nakajima E8N or Kawanishi E7K scout planes. I've not found any more specific examples yet, but I'm sure there could be a little more variety to the spotter aircraft on Japanese ships. They definitely did not all use one type.
  15. ylven999

    Spotting aircraft

    Hi, Does anyone know, what type is the spotting aircraft on the A hull of the Richelieu? Up until now I was quite successful in identifying even the lesser known aircraft on WOWS ships, but this one I cannot fine anywhere.
  16. piritskenyer

    Catapult aircraft question

    I'm curious, why can't the Omaha and the Cleveland (and maybe their IJN counterparts and their higher tier sisters, idk) embark spotter planes instead of fighters? I don't see a reason why they couldn't have one, but maybe if you'll explain I'll understand
  17. I own the ranger myself, and often find that the Hiryu is capable of dominating with it's two fighter squadrons able to counter your fighters, while attacking your strike group or utterly decimating your fighters while your strike group tries to run. Carriers aren't played often, so less people run the AA defensive fire ability, and no sensible/sane CV captain will fly over one of these ships (ie: Cleveland, Atlanta etc). And often times you're left circling your aicraft around not being able to do much or they end up destroyed, or you have to sacrifice your fighters just to squeeze one full strike group through, before losing 60-100% of your strike aircraft. It's utterly unbalanced from Tier 5-8 with carriers, and I've seen many people say this over the years as well. No update seems to have an answer or solution to this & IJN carriers are just out right better in this tier, before USN carriers become competitive at Tier 9 and 10. Feel free to vote in the poll, post your findings, opinions, thoughts and such below. It'd be good to see some positive change result from this thread so carrier gameplay is actually balanced again, rather than being an RNJ slog hoping you're against another Ranger while playing yours.
  18. Greetings, I have been playing this game for a couple of weeks (coming from WOT) and have been enjoying the carrier gameplay so far. I'm still learning , and have a couple of questions for the more experienced CV skippers: 1. Is there any way to assign hotkeys to the grouped airplane unit (a la RTS games)? 2. When faced with another aircraft carrier on the enemy team, is it always a good idea to try taking it out at the beginning of the game? Or is it better to focus on taking out the nearest battleship to be more efficient? 3. What strike package is the most optimal to use, especially on high tier Japanese strike setup? Is it better to split the group into 3 x 2 planes, or 2 x 3 planes, or 1 x 6 planes? 4. How to ensure the most efficient queue of the planes? Does stopping the ship helps speeding this up? 5. Is there any noticeable benefit in aiming the dive bombers manually? 6. How does the AA mechanic works in this game, assuming no manual focus from the AA? do 3 squads entering the AA range at the same time get suppressed individually less that 1 squad at a time? 7. How to deal with ships that are hugging the map edge? (since it's difficult to manually drop the torps there?) 8. Is there any benefit of playing the fighter over the strike setup on both nations? (I can only see it as negating an enemy carrier at best?) 9. What is considered "average" and "good" results in terms of damages and kills on a CV? (say, a Shoukaku) and how does this compare to an "average" and "good" player in a BB or CA in comparable tier? Personal or global statistics would be welcome. Thanks!
  19. akagikancolle

    CV and control of planes

    I wonder how is the control of planes in this game because carriers were aimed at long distance attacks, so i wonder if it is well simulated in terms of distance and control too. Thanks!
  20. Serenissima

    Aircraft Models

    Anyone yet had the idea of replacing the aircraft models, particularly at lower tiers, with the appearance of aircraft that actually served in WWII? It really, really bothers me seeing the ugly yellow peacetime colours on those ancient biplanes flying off a Bogue or Independence from the Second World War. Seems like it's definitely something that'll be needed for any kind of immersion, at least. I suppose this could be done either by just replacing the models ingame with later aircraft models from this game, or better, perhaps ported from World of Warplanes to add a bit more variety?
  21. boomaster

    Aircraft Carriers.. A change....

    My proposal is this (and links to an earlier comment I made). Currently a CV Captain selects his Air Wing composition (or which planes he has) in port, prior to selecting "Battle" . I would like to suggest a change to this, allowing the CV Captain to choose his Air Wing composition once he has seen the team lists. Why? Well, as a budding CV Captain (and everything else) I find it frustrating to select say a fighter heavy air wing only to find out I'm the only carrier between both teams (happened twice this weekend). Or the enemy have only 1 carrier which I am a higher tier than. If CV Cap's where allowed to select after seeing the team list it would prevent these incidents leading to carriers which have a lower than expected effect, for instance.. 1 CV on our team, none on theirs (our CV is fighter heavy). To compensate the enemy team have an extra top tier BB.. I know where I'd put my money on most benefit (most of the time). So my question is, what say you forumites?
  22. (FYI, I have also posted this topic in NA) I had a thought one day thinking, were there any torpedo bombers that dropped 2 torpedoes at once? It turns out, such a craft does exist. It is Known as the russian Tu-2T (ANT-62T) Bomber. When the russian Aircarriers are added into the game, there will be one problem, as far as I can research, during the period of WWII, russian had NO designs on aircraft that would be Aircraft Carrier ready, regardless of their number of blue-print designs on carriers. Even when russia did acquire an aircraft carrier (The German Graf Zepplin, the only German Aircarft carrier built in WWII) it never got equipped with aircraft (as far as I am aware) and was used as a mobile command post, and later used for target practice, sinking the Graf Zepplin. This means that, when Russian Aircraft Carriers are added, all air-craft equipped to them will HAVE to be theoretical adaptations from Russian land based aircraft. So, thus, we bring in the TU-2T (ANT-62T) (Not OP in the least xP) The TU-2T (ANT-62T) was a variant of of the Russian TU-2T, which had many many variants, and serverd in the russia's forces from 1945-1947, with the first prototype to fly in 1941. Of all the variants of the Tu-2T, the "ANT-62T" was the only one equipped with torpedoes. What type of Torpedoes I cannot tell, the only factor I can tell is the External bomb carrying weight limit for this plane was 2,270Kg. Gameplay: I cannot say much on its gameplay factor, as we do not as of yet know how many planes are in a russian squadron of planes, comparitvely to Japanese which have 4, and Americans that have 6. These bombers I would guess are easier to shoot down due to their size, but would be more devestating then the current Tier X Torpedo Bomber Aircraft The Hitch :/ Currently, in game the largest aircraft on any Carrier has a wing span of 14 meters, from what I can find atleast. The Tu-2T (ANT-62T) has a wingspan of 18 meters. HOWEVER, there is a counter point to this, which may still make this aircraft viable in world of warships for its authenticity, according to the thread by mr3awsome on upcoming ships, the likely candidate for the Russian tier 10 Aircraft Carrier is the Projekt Kostrominitov (as suggested by WG's Q&A), which, in my research, would of been 300 meters long, and 35meters wide, putting it at being bigger then the Midway and Hakuryu. Which, in theory, might allow it to accommodate an aircraft 4 meters wider. The Kostrominitov: (The ships design was based off the graf zepplin, just bigger, 'cause russia) Why bring this aircraft to the game? -To give something more unique to Russia, - 'cause Russia is Stronk Sources: http://russian.warbi...up.org/tu2.html https://en.wikipedia...ki/Tupolev_Tu-2 http://forum.worldof...062015/#topmost