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Found 37 results

  1. So I managed to grind out Hakuryu, ending up with a 62% winrate on the Shokaku and feeling relatively confident in it. Moved on to Lexington - which I've always had a poor winrate in - and I'm just sucking so bad. Main issue is killing DDs. In the Shokaku the rocket groupings are tight enough to land solid hits on enemy DDs no matter how they angle and the planes nimble enough to get the recticle on the enemy strike after strike. In the Lex, the enemy can just go head-on and instead of a 5k strike that I'd expect from Shokaku, I'm getting 1-2k strikes with HVARs. Even if I get a broadside on a DD and landing a dozen or so rockets, I'm still looking at 3-4k - presumably due to modules absorbing all the damage and / or damage saturation. Tiny Tims are a bit better in terms of the hits actually counting for something, but frequently bracket the target to deal 0 damage, and even a little adjusting to react to last minute evasions makes the recticle bloom. A compounding issue is the slow speed of the planes - even battleships have all day and all night to evade incoming (accelerated, no less) torps due to how slow the attack runs are; against the rocket planes and dive bombers ships can counter-orientate against me because of how long it takes to close to target, travel through the attack run, wait for the aimtime to debloom, and then finally strike. I'm hoping things will improve when I get a few more captain skillpoints (currently at 10, so lacking Survival Expert; and torpedo acceleration is robbing the skillpoints that would otherwise be in Improved Engines), but I can't help but feel I'm missing something about the play style.
  2. Widar_Thule

    Authentic "GRAF ZEPPELIN"

    AUTHENTIC GRAF ZEPPELIN Instead of taking their current approach to representing historic warships, I advocate that WOWS would strive to represent historic ships following an "AUTHENTIC" approach. To be sure, I do NOT mean a "SIMULATOR" or "REALISTIC" approach, but an "AUTHENTIC" approach. For those that do not understand the difference between the concepts: · AUTHENTIC - "Conforming to an original and/or the real world so as to reproduce essential features". · SIMULATOR - "A computer simulation (or "sim") is an attempt to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer under real world conditions". · REALISTIC - "Resembling or simulating real life (conditions)". WOWS is NOT striving to be REALISTIC and I do NOT advocate that WOWS should be REALISTIC. Instead WOWS can and should be AUTHENTIC in their approach to historic ships, because if WOWS is not even that, then one might as well start playing some fantasy space combat game and not a game featuring historic ships whose statistics and performance are based on essential features of the real world historic ships.A ship in WOWS can be both AUTHENTIC and GAMEPLAY BALANCED, the two are not mutually exclusive. THE REASON FOR THIS TOPIC I post this topic for the benefit of the WOWS developers and graphical artists who are involved with the re-design of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN. When looking at the outward appearance and characteristics of the GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN it becomes clear that the definitive study on the GRAF ZEPPELIN published by author Ulrich H.J. Israel in 1994 titled "Flugzeugträger Graf Zeppelin" has been overlooked by the WOWS developers and graphical artists. That book is probably the best single source on all aspects of the ship and her armament. Because Ulrich Israel his book in is German and there is no English language translation of it I have made an effort to translate and present key parts of that source, combined with other excellent source material from authors such as Siegfried Breyer, Gerhard Koop, Manfred Griehl, Adolf Galland, the detailed book series "Die deutsche Luftfahrt" (which consists of 35 volumes) and many other sources into this single topic. My goal is to provide as much overlooked data on GRAF ZEPPELIN to the WOWS developers as possible in the English language so that it hopefully is used during the re-design process of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN. It is my goal and interest to see GRAF ZEPPELIN, which from a military technological point of view was a truly unique ship, depicted in WOWS in an authentic manner. RELEASE DATE OF THE REDESIGNED WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN It would be best to NOT AGAIN RUSH GRAF ZEPPELIN TO COMPLETION LIKE WAS DONE FOR GAMESCOM. Instead it is better to take the time to get the ship right and display it in an AUTHENTIC manner before release, because experience shows that WOWS ships rushed to stores are usually never authentically corrected in order not to "hurt" the feelings of customers which have already bought the ship. I have bought the ships during GAMESCOM on release date but I do NO want to see the redesigned GRAF ZEPPELIN rushed to completion again, take the time to get her authentic and right! AUTHENTIC GRAF ZEPPELIN An AUTHENTIC German aircraft carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN in a 1943-1945 configuration, which is the equipment state that WOWS representatives have stated will release the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN in, has some unique ESSENTIAL features which should be represented. These features will be described in the following topic. In WOWS increasingly we see more and more concepts to try and come up "national" characteristics for new ships and ship lines to try and make them unique and interesting. For GRAF ZEPPELIN these "national" characteristics do not need to be made up, since the ship really was a unique design, the main points of which will be listed here. One thing to point out before we present the list is about the Hanger Deck space of GRAF ZEPPELIN, since this is usually overlooked when this ship is discussed. The GRAF ZEPPELIN was a very large Aircraft Carrier, the largest purpose built Aircraft Carrier up till 1942 and arguably up till the end of the war. The real world 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN at 33,550 tons had 5515 m2 of Hanger Deck space, which was double that of the 36,000 tons LEXINGTON (2674 m2 hangar deck space) and the 25,500 tons ENTERPRISE (3195 m2 hanger deck space) had only 58% of the Hanger Deck space that GRAF ZEPPELIN (5515 m2) had. On 30 May 1942 the Supreme Commander of the German War Navy (Erich Raeder) ordered that the Air-Wing (including reserves) of GRAF ZEPPELIN in 1943 was to consist of 48x naval Me 109 G-6 (later designated Me 155 A-1) and 54x naval Ju 87 D-5 (later designated Ju 87 E-1). Given the Hanger Deck space on GRAF ZEPPELIN of 5515 m2 storing up to 102x Aircraft would certainly have been possible. The Hanger Dimensions are hard indisputable facts when you study the Hanger Dimensions of the Hanger Decks of GRAF ZEPPELIN, LEXINGTON and ENTERPRISE. In WOWS the LEXINGTON gets 72x Aircraft, the ENTERPRISE gets 96x Aircraft and the GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN gets 72x Aircraft. The ENTERPRISE in WOWS gets to use her RESERVE aircraft which were carried on board in a disassembled state, these RESERVE aircraft however the WOWS ENTERPRISE is allowed to use in a naval battle so there is NO reason to not also allow a redesigned GRAF ZEPPELIN to do that as well in WOWS then. Giving a re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN the 102x Aircraft (including RESERVES) that were in real life ORDERED for her on 30 May 1942 and which her huge Hanger Deck space could store would be authentic. Balancing could be done for the 102x Aircraft GRAF ZEPPELIN, just as has been done for the 85x Aircraft KAGA and 96x Aircraft ENTERPRISE. Since the Tier 8 Carriers are also often as a result of WOWS Match- Making forced to send their Tier 8 Aircraft against the superb Tier 9 and 10 AAA of Cruisers and Battleships. Having a high number of reserve Aircraft makes both a 85x Aircrft Kaga and a 96x ENTERPRISE fun to play, in like manner a 102x Aircraft GRAF ZEPPELIN will be fun to play which is a good thing for a 50+ real world money ship. Based mainly on the excellent and most probably definitive GRAF ZEPPELIN primary source study published in 1994 by former Fregattenkapitän (Commander) of the DDR Volksmarine Ulrich Israel the following authentic characteristics for a WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN can be listed. Since the book by Ulrich Israel is in German I have translated some of what is in the book into English to make this information available. Converting the authentic characteristics of the real world GRAF ZEPPELIN into WOWS requires making some compromises in order to let the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN both fit in with the other Tier 8 Carriers and still have the a decent balance between authenticity and game play, the following points are such a authenticity/game play balance compromise which would enable a unique and powerful but not overpowered re-design of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN: In 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN would authentically launch an IN-AIR Carrier-Group (Strike Force) consisting of: 6+8+8 = 22x Fighter-Aircraft (Me 155 A-1) and 8+8+8 = 24x Multi-Purpose-Aircraft (Ju 87 E-1). This authentic data can be translated into WOWS terminology which fits into the current Tier 8 Carrier design. An IN-AIR Carrier-Group for the re-designed WOWs GRAF ZEPPELIN is proposed which consists of 4+4+4= 12x (5+5+5=15x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) Me 155 A-1 Fighter-Aircraft and 5+5+5=15x Ju 87 E-1 (6+6+6=18x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) Ju 87 E-1 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft for a total IN-AIR strength of 27x Aircraft (33x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill). This is still less than ENTERPRISE which has 36x IN-AIR Aircraft in WOWS. In WOWS game terminology the authentic GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 IN-AIR Carrier-Group strength (Strike Force) would translate into 6x Squadrons total: 3x Fighter-Squadrons each with 4x/5x Me 155 A-1 = 12x/15x Me 155 A-1 and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons each with 5x/6x Ju 87 E-1 = 15x/18x Ju 87 E-1. The size of 4x/5x (Me 155 A-1) and 5x/6x (Ju 87 E-1) IN-AIR Aircraft per WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Squadron is therefore not fully authentic but as close as possible when compared to the other Tier 8 Carriers in WOWS and as such a game-play compromise. GRAF ZEPPELIN would authentically have launched 5x Squadrons with 8x Aircraft per squadron, and 1x Group-Staff Squadron-Flight with 6x Aircraft. The authentic total launched by GRAF ZEPPELIN: 46x Aircraft. It is proposed that in WOWS the GRAF ZEPPELIN would only launch 27x Aircraft (or 33x Aircraft with the AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) in order to fit in with the other Tier 8 Carriers in WOWS. Authentically GRAF ZEPPELIN's 2x Fighter-Squadrons and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons each consisted of 12x Flight-Aircraft and 6x Reserve-Aircraft. It is proposed for WOWS to make that 4x/5x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Fighter-Squadrons and 5x/6x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Multi-Purpose-Squadrons. Authentically GRAF ZEPPELIN's Group-Staff Squadron-Flight consisted of only Fighter-Aircraft: 6x Flight-Aircraft and 6x Reserve-Aircraft. It is proposed for WOWS to make that 4x/5x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Group-Staff Squadron-Flight. GRAF ZEPPELIN's 1943 authentic Total Aircraft strength: 54x Ju 87 E-1 and 48x Me 155 A-1 = 102x Total Aircraft. Of that number 8+8+6= 22x Me 155 A-1 and 3x8= 24x Ju 87 E-1 would authentically be IN-AIR and 26x Me 155 A-1 and 30x Ju 87 E-1 would be ON BOARD. That is the authentic real world data. The proposal for the re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN (with the "AIR SUPREMACY" Captain's skill adding one more Fighter/Dive-Bomber Aircraft) is 3x Fighter-Squadrons with 3x4/5 = 12x/15x Me 155 A-1 Fighter-Aircraft IN-AIR with 36x/33x Me 155 A-1 ON BOARD RESERVES and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons with 3x5/6 = 15x/18x Ju 87 E-1 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft IN-AIR with 39x/36x Ju 87 E-1 ON BOARD RESERVES. Since ENTERPRISE in real life had only 58% of the Hanger Deck space of the 8000 tons larger GRAF ZEPPELIN this is both authentic and workable in WOWS. Especially since the smaller ENTERPRISE in WOWS has 96x Aircraft (36x Aircraft IN-Air) and the KAGA has 85x Aircraft in total. So this proposal would give GRAF ZEPPELIN a maximum of 33x IN-AIR Aircraft and 102x Aircraft total, compared to ENTERPRISE with 36x IN-AIR Aircraft and 96x Aircraft total. The Supreme Commander of the German Armed Forces and the Supreme Commander of the German War Navy in 1942 ordered that torpedo bombers would be GRAF ZEPPELIN's main armament (when she was to be commissioned in 1943). The Me 155 A-1 was the naval version of the Me 109 G-6 Fighter-Aircraft and in 1942 it was ordered to supply GRAF ZEPPELIN with 48x of these Aircraft by 1943. It was designed to be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN catapults and specified to have foldable wings. The Ju 87 E-1 was the naval version of the Ju 87 D-5 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft (to be used in the roles of Torpedo Bomber, Dive Bomber, Smoke Laying Aircraft, Mine-Laying Aircraft, Reconnaissance Aircraft) and in 1942 it was ordered to supply GRAF ZEPPELIN with 54x of these Aircraft by 1943. It was designed to be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN catapults and specified to have foldable wings. Based on the real world information the AUTHENTIC WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Air Group setup should DEFINITELY be 3/3/0 (anti-capital-ship) with possible variants being 3/2/1 (all-round) or 3/1/2 (all-round) or 3/0/3 (anti-minor-ship) as alternatives to the authentic 3/3/0. All four options would be interesting to have as permanent options for the ship when the ship is re-released for sale. Releasing GRAF ZEPPELIN with an Air Group which can only fight Capital Ships (Battleships) well is to be avoided, since an Aircraft Carrier like every other ship in WOWS needs to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and Destroyers and Cruisers also need to be be targeted effectively for self-defence. GRAF ZEPPELIN's designed Top Speed in 1943: minimum speed 33.80 knots, maximum speed 34.25 knots. The re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN should use these authentic values. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to launch and land aircraft AT THE SAME TIME. This was probably the most UNIQUE feature of GRAF ZEPPELIN compared to other WW2 Carriers. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to launch 1x Fighter-Squadron and 1x Multi-Purpose Squadron AT THE SAME TIME and in HALF the launching time of other Carriers due to the 2x Compressed Air Catapults. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN could authentically launch her Aircraft from her 2x Catapults without the need to turn into the wind as practically all WW2 Carriers had to do. This again translates into faster Aircraft launching times because GRAF ZEPPELIN could avoid the time consuming turning into the wind manoeuvres. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to land 1x Squadron at a time even when Aircraft are being launched. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN could have a faster rudder response and smaller turning circle than the GAMESECOM GRAF ZEPPELIN due her the 2x Voiht Schneider Shaft Propellers under the keel which could propel GRAF ZEPPELIN at maximum 4.5 knots IN ANY DIRECTION. The inauthentic 2x German War Flags painted on the Flight Deck of the current WOWS GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN should be removed and replaced with the authentic BRIGHT YELLOW bars which GRAF ZEPPELIN would have had painted on the Flight Deck. See details below. The wrong camouflage colours and pattern which is used by the WOWS GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN aircraft should be replaced with the authentic camouflage scheme and colours which the GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft would have had. See details below. The wrong Aircraft Markings and Emblems on the WOWS GAMESCOM ZEPPELIN (fighter) aircraft should be replaced with the authentic GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft Markings and Emblems. See details below. For the authentic lighting arrangements on GRAF ZEPPELIN I refer to the details below. The re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN should get an authentic splinter camouflage scheme which should be similar to that of the 1942-1943 TIRPITZ, with which she was scheduled to operate together from her ordered berth at Faettenfjord, Trondheim in Norway. Images showing relevant TIRPITZ camouflage will be added to the topic. The 1939-era Fi 167 A-0, Ju 87 C-1, Me 109 T-1 were all outdated by 1942 and the German Air Force had no production lines for these aircraft and their outdated engines any more. The Air Force stated in 1942 that they would not build these aircraft and not equip GRAF ZEPPELIN with these aircraft. Instead the 1942-era Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1 were developed from then current models, weapons and engines. The torpedoes used by the Ju 87 E-1 were the 650-kg 450-mm German Torpedo Typ F 5 b (40 knot speed/2000 meter range) and the Italian Typ F 5 W (W for Whitehead-Fiume) (40 knot/3000 meter range). The main practical differences between the two torpedoes types were mostly Torpedo drop speed and Torpedo drop height. The 1942-era Ju 87 E-1 could be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN Compressed Air Catapult with a bomb load of at least 1000 kg (1x 1000 kg or 2x 500 kg), the older 1939-era Ju 87 C-1 would have been launched with 1x 500 kg and 4x 50 kg bombs. GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft would not take off under their own power from the Flight Deck as with most WW2 Carriers, but instead they were launched from 2x 21-meter long Compressed Air Catapults at a rate of 8x Aircraft per 3.5 minutes per Catapult at a speed from 0 km/h up to 140/155 km/h in 3 seconds, so 16x Aircraft would be launched in about 3.5 minutes. At the same time Aircraft could still land and be processed down to the 2x Hanger Decks due to the 3x 6.5 ton Elevators which could still be used when Aircraft were launched and landed. This in WOWS translates into faster Aircraft launching times, launching of 2x Squadrons at the same time and landing of Aircraft while launching. This makes the GRAF ZEPPELIN unique in WW2. German Aircraft used a special starter fuel mixture which allowed their Aircraft to heat their Engine Oil etc. temperature ready for flight in about 3 minutes. This saved both Aircraft fuel and precious time. On USA and other Carriers the Aircraft would have to run their Engines for 20+ Minutes in order to heat the Engine Oil etc. up for flight, wasting both valuable time and fuel. The German starter fuel mixture translates in faster WOWS launch times. Since GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to also be able to operate alone, so in WOWS it would be authentic to give her 15-cm guns the same range as those of Tier 8 BISMARCK and TIRPITZ especially because she is so easy to spot in WOWS. The GRAF ZEPPELIN 15-cm guns were also intended to be used in an Anti-Aircraft role in case of a massed enemy Aircraft attack. The 15-cm guns would then be used in "Zonenschießen" (=Zone Fire) via "Sperrfeuer" (Barrage Fire). It would be authentic to let the re-designed GRAF ZEPPELIN use her 15-cm guns also in an Anti-Aircraft role. In WOWS the GRAF ZEPPELIN Commander can only be used on GRAF ZEPPELIN since there will be no other German Carriers in WOWS. It would make sense to therefore make that a Unique Commander, a possible name candidate is "Helmuth Brinkmann" the Commander of PRINZ EUGEN. In real life Captain (Kapitän zur See) Helmuth Brinkmann was chosen to command GRAF ZEPPELIN. The GAMESCOM WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN has 2x Shields on the bow and an Eagle on the stern. In wartime not one single German War Navy ship went to sea with these, they were removed and kept ashore and were only to be used in peace time. So since WOWS is an arcade wargame the 2x Shields on the bow and Eagle on the stern should be removed. The Me 155 A-1 was armed with 1x MG 151/20 and the Ju 87 E-1 was armed with 2x MG 151/20. This was a 20-mm 750 RPM auto-cannon which could take down a fighter with only 3-5 direct hits. This weapon and the ammunition it used was harder hitting than any weapon used on the Carrier Fighters of other nations at the time and that should be taken into account when determining Damage Per Second for the Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1. Another key issue is that the Me 155 A-1, like the Me 109 G-6, would have all the armament in the nose. With nose armament is it much easier to hit an enemy target and fire accurately, that translates into higher DPM than wing mounted armament like on practically all USA fighters for example. Another key issue which translates into higher Hit Point Values for German Aircraft is that the 1942-era Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1 German Carrier Aircraft (like USA Carrier Aircraft) had both armour plating and self-sealing fuel tanks, while practically all Japanese Carrier Aircraft did not have this. Even the 1939-era Me 109 T-1 and Ju 87 C-1 had armour plating and self-sealing fuel tanks. GRAF ZEPPELIN had an armoured flight deck as well as some other interesting armour arrangements which I will add here when I have time to do so (To be continued...). GRAF ZEPPELIN RELIABLE SOURCES AND AUTHORS WOWS AND ULRICH ISRAEL'S GRAF ZEPPELIN STUDY CHARACTERISTICS OF AN AUTHENTIC 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN An AUTHENTIC German aircraft carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN as she was scheduled to be commissioned on 1 April 1943 and scheduled to be ready for operations from December 1943 at the earliest and Spring 1944 at the latest some ESSENTIAL features which will be discussed in detail below as well as other relevant data. EDIT: PROPOSED WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN AIR COMPLEMENT AND AIRCRAFT DATA GRAF ZEPPELIN FLIGHT DECK PAINTING EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN FLIGHT DECK LIGHTING EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT CAMOUFLAGE AND COLOURS EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT UNIT EMBLEM EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION MARKINGS GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC AIR COMPONENT 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN HANGER DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITY NO OUTDATED 1939-ERA Me 109 T, Ju 87 C NO OUTDATED 1939-ERA Fi 167 GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC IN-AIR STRIKE FORCE EDIT: AIR FORCE ORDERED FIRST PRODUCTION SERIES OF 220x NEW Me 155 A-1 and 115x NEW Ju 87 E-1 CARRIER AIRCRAFT IN 1942 WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN SQUADRON SETUP GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC ORGANIZATION OF CARRIER-GROUP GRAF ZEPPELIN 1942-ERA Ju 87 E-1 MULTI-PURPOSE-AIRCRAFT GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 AERIAL TORPEDO TYPES FOR Ju 87 E-1 GRAF ZEPPELIN 1942-ERA Me 155 A-1 FIGHTER-AIRCRAFT EDIT: HIGH-ALTITUDE FIGHTER Me 109 H, Me 155 B, BV 155 GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 MAIN ARMAMENT: TORPEDO BOMBERS GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 Ju 87 E-1 BOMB LOAD GRAF ZEPPELIN COMBINED LAUNCHING AND LANDING GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT LAUNCHING GRAF ZEPPELIN CATAPULT LAUNCHING PROCEDURE GRAF ZEPPELIN ELEVATORS GRAF ZEPPELIN SPECIAL AIRCRAFT STARTER MIXTURE GRAF ZEPPELIN NO TURNING IN THE WIND GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT ARMING AND FUELLING GRAF ZEPPELIN PROVEN TECHNOLOGY AND TRAVEMÜNDE GRAF ZEPPELIN ARRESTING CABLES GRAF ZEPPELIN ARRESTING CABLE TESTING GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 TOP SPEED GRAF ZEPPELIN VOIHT SCHNEIDER SHAFT PROPELLORS GRAF ZEPPELIN OPERATING ALONE GRAF ZEPPELIN 15-CM ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNS GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 OVERPOWERED GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC 1943+ HULL CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN GRAF ZEPPELIN DESIGNATED COMMANDER GRAF ZEPPELIN NATIONAL FLAG ON FLIGHT DECK GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO NATIONAL EAGLE ON STERN GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO NAME PLATE ON SHIP GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO COAT OF ARMS ON BOW MG 151/20 AUTOCANNON ON Me 155 A-1 AND Ju 87 E-1 COLLECTION OF RELEVANT DATA ON WOWS TIER 8 CARRIER AIRCRAFT JAPANESE NAVY WANTS TO BUY GRAF ZEPPELIN IN 1942 AERIAL TORPEDOES AND THE BRITISH, JAPANESE AND GERMAN WAR NAVIES 1941+ GERMAN AND JAPANESE NAVY COOPERATION 1940+ GRAF ZEPPELIN DETAILED HANGER DECKS ANALYSES GRAF ZEPPELIN COMPARED TO USA AIRCRAFT CARRIERS FROM 1936 TO 1945 GRAF ZEPPELIN ARMOUR ARRANGEMENT
  3. hello guys, i am one of those guys that like to play aircraft carriers. i usually play the new hakuryu with quite decent results(average dmg around 120k, usually top 5 player). overall the game experience is fine, but i would like to point out 2 things: 1) when you are driving the planes, you cannot reinforce the anti-air gun sectors of the carrier. i think that this is quite "shitty" because i can't properly defend my ship from incoming planes. the only way i can do it is to recall my planes, reiforce the sector, and re-start the voyage(crap). it would be nice to have 2 different keys in order to reinforce the left or the right side of the ship without leaving the flight squadroon. 2) improve the auto-pilot. after the new patch there have been a lot of improvement on this topic, but still, is quite hard to go backwards and sometimes the ship collides with islands.
  4. Quick youtube video of the "Graf Zeppelin" wreck: Link to the Graf Zeppelin wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_Graf_Zeppelin
  5. Herman_German


    Moin; Kann es sein das, das Niveau der Carrier Spieler immer schlechter wird? Ich bin noch nicht lange dabei, aber was ich in den letzten Wochen mit höher Tier Carriern sehe, spottet oft jeder Beschreibung. Die wissen teilweise nicht mal das Torpedos mit Vorhalt geworfen werden und zielen hinter das Schiff. Die wissen nicht das sie in höheren Tier Fighter " droppen" können, usw. Ich hab selbst in COOP eine Carrier (4), aber ich komm damit nicht zurecht und will das keinem in anderen Gefechten zumuten. In Zufallsgefechten trainieren ist m.E. falsch, weil es da um das Team geht. MfG
  6. vojtaruner

    HMS Ark Royal

    Hello everybody, I have put together history and possible implementation of aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal in World of Warships. Please keep in mind that this is just fan made, not official news of upcoming new ship. Also I apologize for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. I think that aircraft carriers of the Royal Navy are little bit in a shadow of US and Japanese carriers. Although Royal Navy didn't have that many carriers and they weren't as huge as US and Japanese counterparts, they had great influence on creating and shaping the modern carriers of that time. They have good potential to become next aircraft carrier branch in World of Warships (at least to tier VIII, like Akizuki branch). HMS Ark Royal History Creation HMS Ark Royal(91) was an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy. HMS Ark Royal was designed in 1934 and she had to fit the restrictions of Washington Naval Treaty. She was build by Cammell Laird and Company Ltd. at Birkenhead in England and fully completed in November 1938. Due to smaller budget of the Royal Navy was HMS Ark Royal first aircraft carrier since 1930 (when Royal Navy received HMS Glorious). On the other hand thanks to a lot of time engineers put into designing her, she had well-resolved hull and become inspiration for next aircraft carriers. She was the first ship where flight deck and two deck level hangars were an integral part of the hull, instead of an add-on or part of the superstructure. She was equipped with modern equipment, such as arrestor gear and compressed steam catapults and 3 lifts. Althought it was used welding for 65% of the hull instead of riverting (this saved 510t), the armoured flight deck (that was planned) would increase ship's displacement, and she would have more that 22 000t and therefore she would exceed the weight limit set by the Washington and London Naval treaties. Armour plating was limited to belt, engine rooms and magazines. She was also equipped with three layer side protection system based upon a void-liquid-void scheme that was designed to protect against torpedoes with 750-pound (340kg) warhead (similar system was used on King George V-class). The ship was fitted with six boilers, which powered three Parsons geared turbines. The turbines were connected via three drivesshafts to three propellers. This allowed Ark Royal to sail with speed up to 31,2 knots. Cammell Laird and Company Ltd. calculated the cost of the hull at 1,496,250 GBP and the main machinery at approximately 500,000 GBP. (This is equivalent to 95,320,000 GBP for the hull and 31,850,000 GBP for main machinery in 2016) Career Hunter-killer groups Although intended for Far East , events in Europe (Italian invasion of Abyssinia, Spanish civil war) caused that she remain in with Home and Mediterranean Fleets. After her crew joined at the end of 1938, she underwent sea trials. The outbreak of the Second World War on 3 September 1939 had been presaged by Germany's U-boat fleet taking up positions off the British coast, where they could intercept British shipping. Ark Royal was deployed with Home fleet in the North Western Approaches as part of 'hunter-killer' group. On 14 September, Ark Royal received a distress call from cargo ship that was under pursuit from the surfaced U-30. Ark Royal launched aircrafts but was spotted by U-39 which launched two torpedoes. Ark Royal turned towards the attack. She dodged the torpedoes and her aircraft began depth charge U-39 and forced the submarine to the surface. U-39's crew left the submarine, than she was sunk. This was first destroyed U-boat during WWII. Then Ark Royal's aircrafts reached the cargo ship but the attack failed and she was sunk by U-30. After the succesful attack on Courageous on 17 September, carrier-centred hunter-killers groups were abbandoned. Near miss On 25 September, Ark Royal helped to rescue the submarine Spearfish. When she was returning with Spearfish and battleships Nelson and Rodney on 26 September, she was located by three Dornier Do18 seaplanes. Four bombers Junker Ju88 later appeared. Three of them were driven away, but the fourth dropped 1000kg bomb at the carrier. Luckily the bomb missed the ship and fell 30 meter away. Splash from the missing bomb near HMS Ark Royal Hunting the Graff Spee In October 1939 she was deployed to Freetown to operate off the African coast in the hunt for the German Admiral Graff Spee. The carrier was assigned to Force K. On 9 October her aircraft spotted the German tanker Altmark, which supplied Graff Spee. On 5 November Ark Royal captured merchant SS Uhenfels. Meanwhile Graff Spee arrived to Montevideo to repair damage received after battle of the River Plate. Two Royal Navy cruiser followed Graff Spee and guarded the harbour entrance. Ark Royal and Renown were dispatched to join these cruisers, but they were 36 hours away. British attaché came with a plan. They ordered fuel for Ark Royal in Buenos Aires, 140 miles away from Montevideo. This information leaked and convinced German embassy in Montevideo. Graff Spee's captain later made the decision to scuttle the ship. Return Shortly after Graff Spee was sunk, Ark Royal escorted damaged heavy cruiser Exeter to Devon Dockyard. They arrived in February. After carrier was resupplied, she was assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet for exercises. On 31 March she departed with aircraft carrier Glorious and headed to Alexandria. They arrived on 8 April. However the exercises were cancelled a day later. Then they sailed to Gibraltar. Norwey After German forces had invaded Norwey on 9 April, Royal Navy needed air support for their ships and therefor she was assigned with Glorious here. She arrived on 25 April 1940. Her planes provide air support against bombers ,submarines and targets at the shore. On 27 April she returned to Scapa Flow to refuel and replace lost aircraft. On the way back Ark Royal was attacked by German Junker Ju 88 and Heinkel He 111 bombers. The carrier wasn't damaged and resumed position on 29 April. However situation here was untenable and evacuation began. While she was covering the retreat, several bombs were dropped at the carrier, but none of them hit. Once she was refueled, she provided air support for operations around Narvik. At that time German advanced to England channel. Ark Royal again covered evacuation of Allied forces. On 8 June Glorious with 2 destroyers detached to return to Britain, but were later attacked and sunk by Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Ark Royal's planes searched for them but unsuccesfully. On 9 June she left Narvik with escort. On 13 June her aircraft attacked Scharnhorst. The attack was fiasco. The escort destroyers collided while Ark Royal was launching aircraft and had to return to England for repairs, 8 of 15 planes were shot down and Scharnhorst didn't received any damage. Gibraltar After return she was assigned to Medditerranean fleet. She and the fleet (Hood and 3 destroyers) arrived at Gibraltar on 23 June 1940. Here she joined Force H. After capitulation of France there was the possibility that French might fall under Axis control at Mers-el-Kébir. Ark Royal's captain was sent to negotiate the surrender or scuttling of the French ships but French admirals refused to agree to the offered terms. After rejection, Force H opened fire on French fleet. During attack, Ark Royal's planes provided spotting for British ships. Two days later, her aircraft attacked Dunkerque. On 8 July Force H sailed out of Gibraltar. After 8 hours, they were attacked by Italian bombers. Althought they weren't damaged, they were ordered to return. From 31 July to 4 August, Force H was deployed to Malta. Carrier Argus delivered Hawker Hurricanes to Malta while Ark Royal provided air support and launched successful air attack against Italian base at Caglairi. On 1 October sailed out of Gibraltar and escorted reinforcements to Alexandria. En route, attacks were carried out on Italian bases at Elmas and Cagliari as a diversion. From Alexandria, Ark Royal was sent to West Africa to support British attempts to convince Vichy France to switch to Free French. Negotiations failed and supported unsuccessful attempt to take Dakar by force. After this mission, she returned to Liverpool on 8 October, escorted by 3 destroyers. Here she received new flight deck barrier and was repaired. Then she sailed again to Gibraltar. With Force H, she escorted convoys from Gibraltar to Alexandria and Malta. Giulio Cesare and Vittorio Veneto were dispatched to intercept the convoy. Italian battleships were spotted by Ark Royal's planes and later attacked (with ships from Force H). During this fight Italian destroyer was damaged. After that she searched for commerce raiders in Atlantic. If Spain chose to ally Axis, Gibraltar was likely to be lost. Royal Navy wanted to show power to Spain, so Admirality planned to use Ark Royal's bombers in raid agains Italian targets. The first bombing against Tirso Dam in Sardinia was unsuccessful. More successful was 2nd bombing- port city of Genoa. Her plains covered battlecruiser Renown and battleship Malaya while they shelled the port. Next mission, to attack oil rafinery and lay mines in harbour in La Spezia, was succesful. Searching for Scharnhorst and Gneisenau In February 1941 Scharnhorst and Gneisenau headed to Atlantic. They were to disrupt Allied shipping and draw capital ships from other areas. On 8 Force H and Ark Royal were ordered to the Canary Islands to searched for them and cover convoys from United States. On 21 March Ark Royal's plane found them at sea. Thanks to radio malfunction, Fairey Fulmar had to return to report their position. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau escaped before Force H could find them again. HMS Ark Royal and Swordfish Malta convoys Ark Royal spent April alternating between covering convoys and delivering aircraft to Malta and forays into the Atlantic to hunt commerce raiders. By May 1941, Erwin Rommel and his forces were driving towards the Suaz Canal while they forced Allied forces to retreat. British High Command sent convoy with reinforcements to Alexandria. This was risky move. Ark Royal, with battlecruiser Renown, battleship Queen Elizabeth, cruisers Sheffield, Nainad, Glouster and the 5th Destroyer Flotilla, escorted 5 transport ships. They left on 6 May and were detected by Italian aircraft. This large convoy was juicy target and Axis didn't want to miss. On 8 May, convoy was under attack by Italian and then German planes. During the engagement, 12 Ark Royal's fighters drove off over 50 aircraft. The convoy survived without any serious damage, only Empire Song sunk after hitting a mine and Zealand Star was damaged. On 12 May, Ark Royal was attacked again by enemy aircraft, during her return to Gibraltar. After that she and HMS Furious carried Hawker Hurricanes to Malta. Bismarck On 18 May 1941, the German cruiser Prinz Eugen and battleship Bismarck began operation Rheinübung by breaking into the Atlantic to raid shipping. After sinking battlescruiser Hood and damaging battle ship Prince of Wales, Bismarck set sail to French Atlantic coast. Ark Royal, Renown, Sheffield with their escort-Faulknor, Foresight, Forester, Fortune, Foxhound and Fury- started searching for Bismarck on 23 May. On 26 May, Ark Royal's Swordfish found Bismarck. Swordfish followed her while the Home Fleet was mobilized to pursue. At that time, British ships wouldn't catch Bismarck before she reached French coast. Fifteen Swordfish bombers were sent to delay the ship. Sheffield, also shadowing Bismarck, was mistook for Bismarck and bombers attacked her. Luckily, Sheffield evaded the torpedoes and the only one that hit, didn't explode. After the bombers returned, they were resupplied and sent again. At the sunset, they attacked Bismarck. Two torpedoes hit engine room and one hit the steering compartment and jammed the rudder in 15° port turn. Thanks to this attack, British ships caught up Bismarck and sunk her. Malta convoys Force H with Ark Royal terurned to Gibraltar on 29 May 1941.The war in Mediterranean was going agains the Allies. Greece and Crete had fallen and Africa Corps was preparing to push into Egypt. Malta remained important island. Under pressure from German and Italian air attacks, Malta couldn't be supplied from the east since fall of Crete. Throughout June and July, Ark Royal was delivering aircraft to Malta and she escorted convoys of Operation Substance (July) and Oúeration Halbert (September). Despite losses, convoys kept Malta combatable. This was problem for Africa Corps because they were loosing about 1/3 of supplies from Italy, thanks to submarines and bombers from Malta. Adolf Hitle decided to sent here U-boat flotilla to attack convoys. Final voyage On 10 Novermber 1941, Ark Royal ferried planes to Malta. After this, she was returning to Gibraltar. On 13 November, at 15:41 she was hit by torpedo from U-81, between fuel bunkers and bomb store, directly below bridge island. The torpedo created hole below water-line and caused flooding of the starboard boiler room, oil tanks, main switchboard and starboard bilge. The rear part of the ship lost power. After torpedo struck, Captain Maund ordered the engines to full stop. The ship's continued motion enlarged the hole in the hull, and by the time she stopped, she had taken large amount of water and began to list to starboard. Considering the list of the carrier, and the fact that other carriers, including Courageous and Glorious, had sunk rapidly with heavy loss of life, Maund gave the order to abandon ship. The crew were assembled to flight deck and was divided to two groups. First group would remain on ship and try to save her and the second group was taken by Legion. As a result, comprehensive damage control measures were not initiated until 49 minutes after the torpedo struck. The flooding spread, exacerbated by covers and hatches left open during evacuation of the lower decks. After water got to centreline boiler room, ship lost all power and Ark Royal didn't have any backup diesel generators. About hlaf an hour after the attack, Ark Royal appeared to stabilise. Admiral Somerville ordered damage control parties back to the ship. The damage control parties re-lit a boiler, restoring power to the bilge pumps. The destroyer Laforey came alongside to provide power and addicional pumps, while Swordfish aircraft from Gibraltar began anti-submarine patrols. The tug Thames from Gibraltar arrived at 20:00 and attached tow line to her. Flooding caused the ship to list more and the rising water again shut down the restored boiler. The list reached 20° between 02:05 and 02:20. When ship's list reached 27°, it was decided to abbandon ship. The crew avacuated to Legion by 04:30. Only one man died thanks to explosion and the 1,487 officers and crew were transported to Gibraltar. The list reached 45° before she capsized and sank at 06:19 on 14 November. Ark Royal then broke in two, the aft sinking within a couple of minutes, followed by the bow. Summary of history Ark Royal was modern aircraft carrier of that time. She participated in many operations and she has rich history. HMS Ark Royal last voyage HMS Ark Royal in World of Warships: Class: Aircraft carrier Tier: VI I think that she could be part of new British aircraft carrier branch or premium ship. General characteristics: Lenght: 800 ft (240m) overall 721 ft (219,91m) at the waterline Beam: 94 ft 6 in (28,895m) Draught: 27,8 ft 9,6 in (8,717m) Displacement -standart: 22 000t -loaded: 28,160 t Maneuverability: Engine power: 76,816 kW Maximum speed: 31,2 knots Turning circle radius: 840 m Rudder shift time: 16,2 sec. Armor and hitpoints: Hitpoints: 41 200 HP Armor: -belt and hangars: 4,5 in (11,4cm) -deck-over boiler rooms and magazines: 3,5 in (8,9cm) Torpedo damage reduction: 6% Secondary armament: 8x2 4,5 in (114mm) L/45 QF Mark I Anti aircraft defence: (after modernation in May 1941) Long range (5km): 8x2 4,5 in (114mm) L/45 QF Mark I Medium range (3km): 6x8 40mm L/39 QF Mark VIII "Pom-pom" Short range (2km): 8x4 12,7mm L/62 MG Mark III Ark Royal would have slightly better long range AA defence than Ryujo and Independence, but worse mid-range AA defence than Independence and worse short-range AA defence than Ryujo but slightly better than Independence. Air group: Air group is the main strike force of an aircraft carrier. Ark Royal is the same. Fighters: Fairey Fulmar-speed: 158 knots -average damage per second: 42 -loadout: 65 -hitpoints: 1,180 HP Torpedo bombers: Fairey Albacore -speed: 128 knots -maximum torpedo damage: 8135 HP -hitpoints: 1 140 HP Dive bombers: Blackburn Skua -speed: 122 knots -maximum bomb damage: 4400 HP (HE bomb) -hit points: 1 150 HP Ark Roayl's planes are slightly inferior to Ryujo's or Indepedence's planes but are little bit better than planes from lower tier. Why? There are 2 reasons: -historical, if we compare British, US and Japanese planes: - Fairey Fulmar is worse that A6M2 Zero and F6F Hellcat - Fairey Albacore is slightly worse than Nakajima B5N2 and Douglas DBT - Blackburn Skua is worse than Aichi D3A1 and Douglas SBD-5 -balancing- see hangar capacity Flight control: I suggest that Ark Royal would have 5 groups of planes with 4 planes in each one of them. Only flight control mod:- 2 fighter group - 2 torpedo bomber groups - 1 dive bomber groups This is balanced flight control mod. I think that Ark Royal would have only one flight control mod because she has 5 groups of planes, 1/2/2 flight mod or 3/1/1 flight mod already has Ryujo and playing aircraft carrier with same flight control mod and not that much different planes wouldn't be original. Hangar capacity: Ark Royal was designed to carry 72 planes. However, planes were getting bigger and heavier and took more space. Therefore the real hangar capacity was up to 60 planes. I wouldn't give her 60 planes, but 55 instead because 60 is too much. Still, this is more than any CV at tier VI. Ryujo has 48 planes and Independence has 37 planes. With hangar capacity of 55 planes, Ark Royal has 14,58% more planes than Ryujo and 48,64% more planes than Independence. But still it is less than Hyriu (72) and Ranger (73) at tier VII. Concealment: Surface detectability range: 12,9km Air detectability range: 10,2km Ark Royal-blueprint Summary: HMS Ark Royal would be bigger aircraft carrier with worse concealment, rudder shift time and turning circle radious but nice speed. She would have more aircraft at the cost of their quality, with universal flight control mod. Her AA defence would be good, but not fantastic. As I have said at the beginning, I think that British aircraft carriers have good potencial to become next carrier branch in WoWs. But only time will reveal, if they will be in World of Warships or not. I will be glad if you leave your comment below. I hope you enjoyed this article and have a nice day. Resourses: Informations: Book- Encyklopedie Válečných lodí od 2. světové války až po současnost, Robert Jackson, Naše Vojsko Forum.valka-HMS Ark Royal Wikipedia- HMS Ark Royal Pictures: Wikipedia-HMS Ark Royal The Blueprints- HMS Ark Royal
  7. I don't know if a topic was previously done before about this topic, but I think it's something we should care about as the Graf Zeppelin was really the only aircraft carrier done by the german Kriegsmarine. This project was intended so that the power of the Kriegsmarine would go further than just the confines of the Baltic seas. This carrier if it would have been finished it could of have been capable of transporting 42 fighters and dive bombers- 12 fighters and 30 dive bombers. It was expected that it would either carry 12 Junkers Ju 87, prepared to land on carriers, and thirty Bf 109 and Fi 167 torpedo bombers. This carrier was 262.5 meters long and an beam of 36 meters, its max. speed was of about 38 knots, about 62 km. The carrier was laid down 28 December of 1936, and it was launched the 8 of December of 1938, when it was 85% completed. Armament The armament was rather simple and did not fit any battery bigger than 15 cm cannons to defend themselves against other warships. 16 × 15 cm SK C/28 guns 12 × 10.5 cm SK C/33 guns 22 × 3.7 cm SK C/30 guns 28 × 2 cm FlaK guns Armor The Graf Zeppelin was finely defended, as at the belt the amount of protection was of 100mm (3.9) in. The flight deck was protected with 45 mm (1.8) in. Now the main deck was a bit better protected than the flight deck with 60 mm (2.4) in. Now my question is, will it be present in the German Kriegsmarine branch tree of World of Warships, or will it just remain as an iconic ship?
  8. JuneauEu

    Midway Economy - Needs a tweak ASAP

    Playing the midway at the moment is "interesting" if not - difficult depending on the number of AA ships and "don't come near me zones". But putting that aside I want to cover something quite damaging. The economy of basic credits. Every game is a loss without premium. Win or lose, top of team or bottom. T= Torps, B= Bombs hit, R= Rockets hit, P= Planes destroyed, I= Incaps, D= Destroy, F= Fire, C= Flooding, Def= Defended, S= Spotted,= Game 1 - Victory - 2nd on team Battle performance 3 T, 24 B, 31 R, 4 I, 1 D, 4 F, 1 F, 5 Def, 14 S, 7 P Credits received 232K vs Credits spent 256k (with -25%) -24K Game 2 - Defeat - 1st on team Battle performance 5 t, 8 B, 14 R, 34 P (11 ship, 23 with fighters) 5 i, 1 D, 5 F, 2 C, 2 Def, 14 S Credits received 247k vs 277k Spent (with -25%) -33K Game 3 Defeat = -102K - 3rd on team Game 4 Victory = -63K - 8th on team Game 5 Victory = -17K - 5th on team Game 6 Victory = -33K - 2nd on team Why am I not breaking even? It's costing me credits to play, am I missing something obvious here? ps. yes I'm aware im not using a camo/flags for credits mainly because I thought it was odd that I had a great game yesterday despite forgetting to put flags/camo on and getting -24k.
  9. I'm going to keep this very short, since Mr. Conway has already stated this: "If our players deem this necessary, we can always re-implement this feature" in the very first CV Rework Livestream. We NEED (!!!!!!!!!!!!) manual ship control!!!! Period. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Constructive" feedback, for the people who absolutely don't understand my (our/us, CV players') frustration: Fellow CV players will understand what I mean. Properly positioning your carrier, and estimating distances and whatnot is near-impossible on minimap (auto)pilot, and I got myself killed countless of times since went Live because of my bow sticking out behind the island or whatever spots me due to the unavailability of manual steering, manual control, manual what-the-[edited]-you-want-to-call-it. Personally I don't understand ANY SINGLE THING of WG's reason to remove this essential key feature from aircraft carrier gameplay. The only way of manual steering is to recall your squadrons with F, then basically do nothing to help your team to spot or deal damage, no, you're simply positioning your damn ship, which got me reported multiple times with my teammates stating "Go play Ship Simulator", or "Bot CV"........ Seemingly WG developers haven't played CVs since they would know how essential such a small feature is. I like the CV rework, but I am unable to properly play without this feature. I've been spending thousands of Euro's on World of Warships since June 2015, when I started playing, and I was planning on getting Kaga and Graf Zeppelin day one after they'll be on sale again, but maybe you'll wake up after you'll flush about 200,- Euro's through the sink: I will not spend anything related to aircraft carriers without proper ship control! Angry regards, Sirion PS. I know that I'm not the only one with this problem, yet I haven't seen one single player that properly addresses this issue and why this shouldn't have been removed from the game. People say WG "dumbs down" CV gameplay while the CV players themselves could CHOOSE to USE or NOT USE this system; if they think it's too hard to manage, then they DON'T HAVE TO use it!
  10. hi captains sorry for the bad english and i will try to make it short. 1. deleat fighters alt (straife) attack and just have them enter fight mode and not being able to straife anymore then we wont have these unicorn cvs owning potatos cvs 2. tweek dmg /floding and the drop range for torpedos with a white line so you se how far you need to be away in order to make a hit and make it longer so bbs have a chanse to evade some torps if possible make it far away for bb middel for crussiers and short for dd so you might be able to hit others ships. 3. for bombs might need some teeking don't know about this one leave a comment for bombers if it's good or bad 4. as the leaving a fighter over a dd to make him spotted al the time have it so on other players radar/cpu have it so it dosent render in and only shows on radar until they come close enough this way you can still spot a dd but people will have a problem to actuly hit it and for dds you keep ship spoted with out being in danger and your torps are a real pain for bb player s don't compain to much on a cv and remember a cv was over powerd in real life and i understand that it need to be some what balanced in a game but right now i see the dds as overpowerd cause you never see a cv in game as much as a dd. and yes theire will be skill diffrent but it's the same with dd bb and cruisers but theire are so many on these ships so you don't realy see the skill betwen them as you see in cv and yes a cv does realy hurt and thats why i think you should tweek the dmg on torps and bombs before doing the rework and try this if it's possible or you might have already try i don't know. just a consern cv player since beta coming with a suggestion and yes i play all classes im not just a one pick player Mvh lillmulle and remeber to leave a comment what you think about these have a nice day and weekend peace out.
  11. vojtaruner

    IJN Shinano

    Hello everybody, I have put together history and possible implementation of heavy aircraft carrier Shinano in World of Warships. Please keep in mind that this is just fan made side, not official news of upcoming new premium ship. Also I apologize for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. Shinano History: Creation Shinano was laid down on 4 May 1940 at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal as the third of Yamato class battleships. After battle of Midway in May 1942, where IJN lost 4 fleet carriers, it was desided to convert Shinano into aircraft carrier. Shinano had great armored protection and with 72 000t displacement she was the heaviest aircraft carrier in the world until post-war US aircraft carriers. She was one of two aircraft carriers with armored flight deck and large island on starboard (like Taiho). She had only one hangar. She shared great armor belt and anti-torpedo bulges of the Yamato class battleship. However her hangar sides were unarmored (for better stability). Shinano was supposted to be a heavily armored aircraft carrier with reserve aircrafts and fuel because she too slow to be a fleet carrier. Short career On 19 November 1944 she was commissioned at Yokosuka. After U.S. reconnaissance aircraft had flown over it was desided not to risk and finish fitting out Shinano and crew training in Kure. On 28 November Shinano departed with 3 destroyers (Isokaze,Yukikaze and Hamakaze). She and her escord were forced to make nighttime run because Navy General Staff could not provide air support. She carried 6 Shinyo suicide boats and 50 Ohka suicide flying bombs. At 20:48 American submarine Archerfish spotted Shinano and her escort on radar and pursued them. At 22:45 Archerfish was spotted and Shinano and her escort increased speed to outrun Archerfish. Around 23:22 Shinano was forced to reduce speed to prevent damage to the propeller shaft. At 03:15 Archerfish fired 6 torpedoes. Four of them struck Shinano. Due to inexperienced crew and not finished equipment of the ship, she was flooded and at 10:57 she capsized and sank. With her 1,435 officers, men and civilians were lost. Escort managed to rescue 1,080 men. Photo of Shinano during sea trials in Tokyo Bay Shinano in World of Warships: Class: Aircraft carrier Tier: IX I think that she could be premium ship just like Missouri or Musashi- with research prize of 750 000 XP. Tier VIII is for her too low, while tier X is too much. General characteristics: Lenght: 265,8 m Beam: 36,3 m Draught: 10,3 m Flight deck lenght: 255,9m Flight deck width: 40,1m Displacement (when fully loaded): 72 000t Maneuverability: Engine power: 111 855 kW Maximum speed: 27 knots Turning circle radius: 900m Rudder shift time: 22,4 sec. Armor and hitpoints: Hitpoints: 62 000 HP Armor: -waterline armor belt thickness: -400mm - abreast magazines -160mm - elsewhere -strake below: 200mm to 75mm (at its bottom edge) -armor deck over machinery and magazines: 100mm to 190mm -armor towards the main armor belt: 230mm (sloped) -external anti-torpedo bulges -armored fuel tanks (with concrete->prevents fumes from escaping) -armored flight deck: 80mm (some sources claim it was 75mm) Torpedo damage reduction: 41% Secondary armament: 8x2 127mm Type 89 Dual-purpose guns Anti aircraft defence: Long range (5km): 8x2 127mm Type 89 Dual-purpose guns Medium range (3km): 35x3 25mm Type 96 AA guns (some sources claim it was together 145, not 105) Short range (2km): 12x28 120mm AA rocket launchers Shinano would have better short range AA armament than Essex and Taiho but slightly worse long range armament. She would also have Defensive AA Fire ability with 1 charge and 360 sec. cooldown (same as any other tier VIII+ aircraft carrier). This way she won't be that easy to sink her in early game. Air group: Air group is the main strike force of an aircraft carrier. Shinano is not different. Fighters: Mitsubishi A7M1 -speed: 176 knots -average damage per second: 73 -loadout: 35 -hitpoints: 1,830 HP Torpedo bombers: Aichi B7A2 -speed: 156 knots -maximum torpedo damage: 8,567 HP -hitpoints: 1,950 HP Dive bombers: Aichi B7A2 -speed: 156 knots -maximum bomb damage: 4600 HP (HE bomb) -hit points: 1,860 HP I suggest that Shinano would have same planes as Taiho but instead of groups with 4 planes, she would have groups with 6 planes. However this will decrease number of air groups so istead of Taiho's 7 air groups, she would have 5. Flight control: I think that Shinano could have 2 flight mod controls. 1st flight control mod: - 1 fighter group - 2 torpedo bomber groups - 2 dive bomber groups This is for aggressive playstyle. 2nd flight control mod: - 2 fighter groups - 1 torpedo bomber group - 2 dive bomber groups This is more balanced control mod. (I was thinking about 3/1/1 flight mod but then I rejected it because it has weak anti-ship capability...) Hangar capacity: Here are things little bit difficult. Historicaly Shinano is heavy support aircraft carrier, not fleet carrier. At first Shinano had 18 planes. This was later increased to 47 planes. Let's consider that Shinano in WoWs has 47 planes. This is good for tier VI aircraft carrier (Ryujo has 48) but at tier IX it is terrible. 1st solution: I suggest that Shinano could have special consumable which will repair lost planes. Something like repair party for battleships but instead of repairing lost hitpoints it would repair aircrafts. Shinano could have 3 charges of this consumable (4 with superintendent). It would repair from 10 lost planes in hangar up to 12 planes. This gives us total number of planes that could be put into action: from 77 to 83 planes (depending how effective this consumable is used). With superintendent would be total number of planes from 87 to 95 planes. For comparison: Taiho has 83 planes and Essex has 90 planes (when fully upgraded) This is my suggestion if we want to stay historically accurate. 2nd solution: We ignore that historically Shinano had only 48 planes and simply (instead of giving Shinano special consumable) we'd calculate maximum hangar capacity. I think it could be about 96 planes because it is bigger that Essex but it can't be much higher (for balancing reasons). Concealment: Surface detectability range: 17,3km Air detectability range: 15,7km Blueprint of Shinano Summary: Shinano would be heavily armored aircraft carrier with bad concealment, bad rudder shift time and slow acceleration. On the other hand she would have great air group and large hangar capacity with decent AA defence and premium status. I will be glad if you leave your comment below. This is my first article on WoWs forum so I hope it was good enough and I hope you enjoyed it. Resourses: Informations: Book- Encyklopedie Válečných lodí od 2. světové války až po současnost, Robert Jackson, Naše Vojsko Pictures: Wikipedia-Shinano The blueprints-carriers-japan-Shinano
  12. Not posted on here for a very long time, am sorry if this has been asked before. I watch the video of how to line up the Torp Bombers manually with the ALT key, but I cannot get this to work. Also how my spread changes from wide to narrow I cannot find the button. Sorry for being a Noob, and thanks.
  13. I have played a fair share of battles now in a CV, and my stats in a CV, ain't to bad. Granted i am no expert and there are still times when i forget to order my fighters to engage because i am busy lining up a torpedo run, but with that said i do see a massive difference between the way cv's from other nations hold up which is backed up by the average stats of the ships them self(all stats come from wows-numbers.com). below i have listed the stats of all CV's green number means top of its class compared to its rivals, red number means bottom of class. Tier 4 Hosho: Nation: Japan, Win Rate: 52.55%, Average Kills: 0.87, Average damage: 39,351, Average EXP: 763 Average Planes Destroyed: 7.73, Kill/Death Ratio: 2.57 Langley: Nation: U.S.A, Win Rate: 48.69%, Average Kills: 0.56, Average damage: 26,878, Average EXP: 702, Average Planes Destroyed: 10.2, Kill/Death Ratio 1.22 As we can see at tier 4 the Hosho dominates the Langley in every department apart from aircraft destroyed. Tier 5 Zuiho: Nation: Japan, Win Rate: 52.56%, Average kills: 0.88, Average damage: 43,182, Average EXP: 943, Average Planes Destroyed: 8.36, Kill/Death Ratio: 2.64 Bogue: Nation: U.S.A, Win Rate: 48.44%, Average kills: 0.46, Average damage: 24,203, Average EXP: 858, Average Planes Destroyed: 13.93 Kill/Death Ratio: 1.01 Apart from planes destroyed the Zuiho trumps the Bogue hands down, almost a 20,000 Damage difference at Tier 5. Tier 6 Ryujo: Nation: Japan, Win Rate: 51.54%, Average Kills: 0.76, Average damage: 41,235, Average EXP: 1098, Average Planes Destroyed: 9.54, Kill/Death Ratio: 2.87 Independence: Nation: U.S.A, Win Rate: 48.91%, Average Kills: 0.53, Average damage: 30,404, Average EXP: 1046, Average Planes Destroyed: 13.26, Kill/Death Ratio 2.01 Again apart from planes shot down the independence is dominated in every category, the most interesting thing i find is the tier 5 Zuiho beats the Ryujo in terms of damage and kills yet earns lower average exp guess shooting down planes does award a decent portion of exp which might explain why the exp award is so similar for the Ryujo and the Independence. Tier 7 Hiryu: Nation: Japan, Win rate: 51.09%, Average Kills: 0.85, Average damage: 49,097 average EXP: 1192 Average Planes Destroyed: 15.65, Kill/Death Ratio 3.75 Kaga(Premium): Nation: Japan, Win rate: 55.68%, Average kills: 1.23, Average damage: 64,140, Average EXP: 1351, Average Planes Destroyed: 15.18. Kill/Death Ratio 5.56 Ranger: Nation: U.S.A, Win rate: 46.99%, Average kills: 0.69, Average damage: 42,294, Average EXP: 1147, Average Planes Destroyed: 16.31, Kill Death Ratio: 2.07 Saipan (Premium): Nation: U.S.A Win Rate: 51.29%, Average kills: 0.72, Average damage: 42,556, Average EXP: 1371, Average Planes Destroyed: 20.31, Kill/Death Ratio: 3.83 I think the first thing that stands out here is the Kaga with 64,140 average damage and a kill death ratio above 5.5 is more than over powered compared to the Ranger more than a 20,000 damage difference and more than double the kill/death ratio. The ranger's win rate vs the other three CV's in its tier clearly shows its under powered, Where it currently sits is bottom of class in 5 of the 6 measures and excelling in none. Tier 8 Graf Zeppelin (Premium): Nation: Germany, Win Rate: 48.37%, Average kills: 0.69, Average damage: 46,790, Average EXP: 1305, Average Planes Destroyed: 15.53, Kill/Death Ratio: 3.07 Shokaku: Nation: Japan, Win Rate: 51.68%, Average kills: 0.86, Average damage: 56,651, Average EXP: 1315, Average Planes Destroyed: 16.30, Kill/Death Ratio: 4.58 Lexington: Nation: U.S.A, Win Rate: 47.27%, Average Kills: 0.75, Average Damage: 52,116, Average EXP: 1229, Average Planes Destroyed: 15.75, Kill/Death Ratio: 2.98 Enterprise (Premium): Nation U.S.A Win Rate 53.39% average kills 0.89 average damage 64,311 Average EXP: 1418 Average planes destroyed 18.15 Kill/Death Ratio 5.75 The enterprise at this tier clearly dominates its rivals top of the class in every department, yet interestingly its average damage is still less than the Kaga a tier lower than it. Where bottom of the class is split between the graf zeppelin and lexington. Tier 9 Taiho: Nation: Japan, Win Rate: 51.97%, Average Kills: 1.18, Average Damage: 82,652, Average EXP: 1460, Average Planes Destroyed: 18.25, kill/Death Ratio: 7.38 Essex: Nation: U.S.A, Win rate: 47.07% Average Kills: 0.97, Average Damage: 72,116, Average EXP: 1346, Average Planes Destroyed: 20.81, Kill/Death Ratio: 4.67 The Taiho Trumps the Essex in almost every area the exception being in planes destroyed Tier 10 Hakuryu: Nation: Japan, Win Rate: 48.43, Average Kills: 1.3, Average Damage: 98,179, Average EXP: 1657, Average Planes Destroyed: 20.26, Kill/Death Ratio 7.42 Midway: Nation: U.S.A, Win Rate: 46.74, Average Kills: 1.21, Average Damage: 94,838, Average EXP: 1759, Average Planes Destroyed: 27.35, Kill/Death Ratio 6.92 While the gap between these two is smaller the Hakuryu does come out slightly on top in terms of damage and kills yet earns less exp, interesting. Looking at all of this information there is only 1 conclusion i can come up with Japan CV's are out performing there U.S.A counterparts at every tier if we don't include premiums. Speaking of premiums the Kaga appears to be OP as hell in its current tier. The Saipan while only getting 3 fighters in a squad there tier 9 fighters with a captain with the extra fighter skill that is 4 tier 9 fighters per squad with the 3 fighters 1 mega-dive bomber squad that is 12 tier 9 fighters vs say a rangers 6 tier 7 fighters (7 with captain skill). Even the 2 fighters 2 torp bomber set up the saipan decimates any fighters in encounters with retaliative ease. The Graf Zeppelin Could do with a slight buff as it like the Lexington are under performing at its tier compared with its rivals The Enterprise well what can we say about this famous and iconic ship.....its over powered at its tier is what it is best in class across all measured factors.
  14. Rooke_1704

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Very happy to see HMS Queen Elizabeth arriving in Gibraltar today. Its the first time Ive seen her in the flesh... WOW!! :D Took a video but The file size is too big so I will upload somewhere else and link it for anyone interested. If anyone else has any pictures of the QE they'd like to share feel free to add them.
  15. I'm hoping to have a civilized discussion about current high-tier CV gameplay. I'm not suggesting anything that would be yet-another-rework - I'm sick of those. I'd just like to see some consistency other than consistent losses and salt mine MM. I'm on a ~20 battle Essex lose-streak right now. CV mechanics seems to have become very heavily RNG-based. I don't want to have ships that are there as a nice fantasy only to make you lose interest and incentivize grinding other branches. I don't claim to be a good CV player, (going by overall stats, I guess I'm average - save me the "git gud kid" lecture, skills an practice will only get you so far on a less-than stellar PC with the current net-code and UI fluidity). However, I get thrown into matches where (1) my strafes are extremely ineffective, from every angle, while the enemy decimates me even on head-on strafes with few planes in their squadron; (2) my planes get chewed up by outer AA auras while the enemy seems to be able to loiter above multiple targets to line up good runs. I can't go spot because even destroyer AA wrecks my planes in a matter of seconds; I can't do much damage because even average T7 battleship AA widens my drops. If this was a flash in the pan, offset by meh games or ones where it's the other way around, I'd say "screw it, grind through, wait it out" - but loss after loss after loss it's the exact same symptoms from different people. I know that (1) people play strangely when they're focusing on weird achievements and that (2) the still new Steam users are making their way up to top tiers and they're offsetting baseline competence and may be throwing the meta off, but come one! Most of the time it feels like a combination of insane RNG disparity and a good deal of de-sync: I get pings of 30-37 ms, but enemy planes often dodge my strafes at the last second and I lose 3 planes as soon as their strafe appears to start (and I try to be tricky, but it's like they have a sixth sense or they see things a fraction of a second sooner). Visuals are jerky, even on reduced graphics (medium / DX9 / small object animations OFF). FPS drops when side-scrolling or setting up manual attack runs. (For the record, I'm running an AMD FX 8350 with 8GB DDR3 and an AMD Radeon HD 7850 - I keep my software up to date, clean and light - no bloatware utilities, no snake-oil optimizations, etc). I seem to be doing OK with mid-tier CVs like Hiryu or Saipan, it's higher tiers that seem to be a constant pain. On my Essex, I dropped from decent matches and a ~50% win-rate to constant utter sh*tshows and a 42% win-rate. I sold my Lexington, even though I bought her permanent camo, because of pretty much the same experience, constant up-tiered MM to T10, and not wanting to have my stats and memories with her tarnished (plus I needed the captain on the Essex). I know there are probably plenty of things I'm doing wrong, but for the last few dozen high tier games I'm getting punished ridiculously, while the enemy teams seem to get a pass. I suspect WG gathering much richer player-performance-related data than stat-tracking sites do, to then use for match-making. It would make sense. I figure it's well within the realm of possibility that seemingly equal teams are pitted against each other in fact in a way that one team has a clear situational advantage: (1) more competent players who are likely to lane with decent AA cover everywhere (2) better spotting, better charging, better surviving DDs (3) more accurate, more aware, quick-to-click-planes, competent hydro- and radar-using cruisers (4) non-campy/non-potato/non-lemming BBs. I started using Matchmaking Monitor to figure out what the hell is going on, but I don't mean to sound like a stat-whore. In fact if anything, MM seems to have tilted scales based on much more than the superficial stats gauged by tracking sites: below-average players charging better, benefiting from reduced damage, have better AA RNG while even our average or above average players do nothing but camp and disperse from the spawn and then are force to play defensive. Just to be clear, this would be par for the course if I'd see this randomly, every now and then, on any ship, but I get this almost constantly in CV, to the point where running in a division doesn't seem to balance anything either. It doesn't matter where I spot, it doesn't matter who I protect, it doesn't matter who I bomb, it's most often like an uphill battle while our team's just there for target practice. Could we PLEASE have lesser RNG variance for CVs??? At least for those that have lost their different loadouts. It used to be the case that you were at the mercy of MM due to the choice of loadout you made before hitting "BATTLE", but now you're at the mercy of MM setting you up for an "R"NG roast.
  16. To the point: 3 main bugs which I bet no one will be able to explain how did they got pass testing Major bugs: 1. After clicking on the map to send planes somewhere a selection square will appear and will stay there until a new order is given to the same plane! You see, you can not select a different squadron or anything else because this bug is blocking everything. You must give another point for that same plane to go to in order for the selection square to disappear and for you to continue to play. This happens 2-5 times each game! 2. When you give a squadron a new point to go to on the minimap or the big map very often it will instead go to protect the nearest ship, this happens even if the nearest ship is 10km away from the position I clicked on the map. This happens 4-10 times each game. 3. This is a new bug that came up in the last week or so and is the worst so far. When I try to draw a square in order to select several squadrons it will not detect that I am holding the mouse button continuously instead with stutter like I am clicking the button very fast. This happens 0.5-1 times each game. And it is in periods like for 4 minutes it is happening then 4 minutes it doesn't but I face it almost every game Minor bugs: 1. This one happens rarely less than 1 time per 5 games I think. But is irritating still. So sometimes when I press the left button in order to drop torpedoes or bombs it will not register my click, and will register it after 2 seconds. Now do I need to explain that 2 seconds is enough for my planes to be completely out of position for the drop and very often to make a second attempt means to loose even all of them to AA especially if I attack cruiser. 2. When nothing, no planes no ship is selected and I click somewhere on the map the ship will take the order instead!! This happens when I am in a hurry and very fast click on a squadron but don't manage to click on it instead next to it and then give him an order to go somewhere. This will send my ship to that position and if I don't see it in time will die. This happens very rarely to me and it might be done intentional by WG I don't know but the point is: It is a bad idea and it should be changed. If it is a bug it needs to be fixed as well.
  17. HMCite

    Air Craft Carriers

    Air Craft Carriers are the seriously ignored class of Ships in the game. These are the reasons Why 1- In lower tiers its playable, but as one advances , the insane AA makes it impossible for CV players to maintain interest in the game. 2- Every now and then Buffs are coming for different ships except for CVs 3- New ships/lines being introduced are having such insane AA. Others have Defensive AA. 4- Every Player has the ability to increase his captain skills to Be able to increase his AA DPM by basic , advance and Manual skills, yet CV doesnt get any Captain skills for improvement of Squaderent health and endurance. 5- BBs and cruisers who are AA specked are already untouchable, add to that new DDs like KIDD and Grozovoi and US DDs Defensive AA, so CV can actually have no impact in the start of the game. 6- CV does spotting, Defends allies and also at times harldy manages to strike on enemy despite all defensive AA and enemy CV AA planes and at the end the Reward for CV is the worst in all the ship types. 7- New changes to DDs AA is further Humiliation to CVs. Either CVs need to be buffed or AA needs to be nerfed with good rewards at the end If wargaming keeps the same trend , one day people will say, remember when there used to be CVs in the game??
  18. So what are you guys are planning ? What are you planning to change ? What about rework that promised since BETA TEST ? I think you have absolute zero idea about balancing aircraft carriers. You made CV players' day harder to harder, tougher to tougher every day since the release and today you guys complaining/crying about "We dont have enough good CV players to compete eachoter :(" You are the only reason of this WG. Now, you are excluding entire ship type from clan wars. There won't be good players to come and yet you already losing good/legendary ones. Enjoy your mess and be proud guys, you did one of the worst management of gaming history.
  19. 13Ninjas

    Please Identify this CV

    I was watching the World of Warships: A British Breakfast video, and saw this CV in the background, does anybody have a clue which ship this is? The Island appears to be on the port side. I re digitised the image of CV to clarify its outline, in the Video it is quite blurry. EDIT: My thoughts on it being the Ark Royal proved to be wrong,
  20. Hello , I want to suggest for some impovements. We have to make cv's a little bit more comlex so players can have multiple options in the way inflicting dmg. That will improve the rpg experience . Ofcourse restrictions will ballance the gameplay. 1st . There is an option in controls , Select next squadron but in the other hand there is no option to select previous squadron. 2nd. A carrier is a floating airfield and that means great armory. You have to add more than 2 type of weapons . As example light torpedos , heavy torpedos , ap bombs , incendiary bombs , standar bombs , rockets etc. (the choise of weapponary will taking place ingame from inactive buttons ) 3rd. a special consumable to be add. Long range air radar that will be somthing like an rpf for airplanes. 4th. kamikaze attacks for ijn cv to be available when the team is close to lose. 5th. Add to Fighters 3 alter role. 1st Air superiority (heavy ammo ), 2nd reconnaissance ( light ammo , greater speed , 3rd multirole ( rockets for soft targets(dd's) and low hp enemys will added ) 6th. Evolve map to a tactical level so we can make active planing to avvoid enemy aa bubbles.
  21. I just unlocked my Bogue and I'm trying get better. I've understood that you can manually target your torpedo bombers to get a narrower spread, but when I press the alt key nothing happens. I have not bound the key to something else, it just doesn't work. PLEASE HELP!
  22. I know that I touch hornet's nest with this, but I have to ask what you think about kamikaze on IJN carriers? Of course, only at a higher tier, for example, from t9. Since I am not a player who plays with the carriers I can only calculate with numbers, but I'd like to hear your opinion. 10 to 20 kamikaze planes on an aircraft carrier (too much?), and the damage should be HE, just higher than that done by DB. (Now I am waiting to BB players throw me to the lions, crucified on the cross or stoned.)
  23. Cleveland AA-guns are insane I go with my torpedo squad on him and he kill my 4 of 6 airplanes and radius of AA-guns fire is crazy 5+ km, and WHAT DAMAGE I CAN MY MAKE??? 2-3 attacks like this and I don't have anymore airplanes. American line of Aircraft carrier need buff, they are horrible damage makers. For example tier V Bogue american aircraft carrier useless in 70% battle's with terrible mix of airplanes :/ I must say I rather play with tier IV Langley then with tier V Bogue. How I can defend ageist ships like Cleveland? Nerf Cleveland or buff airplanes HP pull. Cleveland really need nerf AA-guns.
  24. Fragmuvi of random battles (RU server). Enjoy watching. Thank you for attention. Link on my profile: http://worldofwarships.ru/ru/community/accounts/751163-Tub/!/pvp/overview/
  25. As an aircraft carrier player, I, like a lot of other people using aircraft carriers sometimes end up without any airgroups left(primarely mid tier) And I personally would love to actually being able to make a final stand where you controll your damn secondary armament yourself instead of being raped by destroyers that has evaded the battleline. It's so annoying at the end of those matches when you can't do a lot other than being a decoy, atleast with usable secondary we could make a tiny impact that may save us instead of letting us sink without a fight. At the moment all you can do is to target the nearest ship and see 5-15 rounds being wasted missing that ship hunting you What do you think?